Why White Nationalism Will Fail 2: Mythology Mistakes

by Firepower

Mighty Myths:

Newsreel Nazis can’t get over the hotness factor of those uniforms and helmets.  They romanticize it by focusing solely on the stuff they like, and (this is where I part company) completely ignore the bad stuff.  Little teeny-tiny failures like…Stalingrad, Kursk and the Afrika Korps.  The reality is: Today’s Murkan Jordie wears the helmet resembling the Stahlhelm – not you.  Ignoring things – like that lump in your armpit – is bad.  Rational thinkers and adults do not ignore problems.

There can never be Nazis again. That is a German word. Foreign words are inapplicable to American concepts – especially political words. It would be like calling a new American political party “Tories.”  “Nazi” holds too much weighted meaning by virtue of the damage/death it caused in filling American war cemeteries.

There is a similar failure for a US political party naming itself the Taliban – or even Black Panthers. It’s just the way it is. You may hold the same beliefs as the original, but you’ll just have to pick another name.

Peter Panzers refuse to grow up and realize Mr. Dolfie lost. They prefer the ShouldaCouldaWoulda foolery of 20/20 Hindsight. VRW is particularly silly: The Germans didn’t even dress up the Hitler Youth in little Viking Horns for marches. They’d look fucking stupid and besides, they invented their own symbolism. The didn’t rely on the past, nor live in it.  Your Germans did not base their political ideology on Norsemen.  It’s like your goofy old pot-smoking 59-year-old uncle who never grew up and out of his Ronnie James Dio black light posters.

IRL, Vikings were more likely to fight and kill other Viking clans – like Scots did. Nobody wanted Scotland, Sweden or Norway because they’re cold, have few resources and limited crop potential.  IOW, they’re wastelands nobody wanted, not noble bastions of unconquerable peoples!  Nobody wants Somalia, either.  Braggarts crowing about “their unconquered heritage!” living in arctic shitholes look just as stupid as a bag lady’s pride in keeping intruders out of her cardboard refrigerator-box house.

Lil’ Vikies never achieved anything because ……they were disorganized and ended being assimilated by Saxons and the real ass-kickers: Franks and Normans.  Vikies were as organized as Apaches or Zulus.  We all hear Mighty Tales of Ribald~Glory in regards to Viking Raiders, but that was against depleted, feeble Britons in monasteries armed with wooden pitchforks.  Think of white suburbanites cowering in their kitchen when the first coloreds move in…

You don’t hear the glory of comparable rousing raids on Frankish Kingdom sites because Charles Martel, Pepin or Charlemagne would have burned them (and their entire villages) alive.  Vikings targeted defenseless townspeople – like the black does. Vikings were excellent partisans, raiders, pirates and guerrillas.  When they eventually settled, they were finished.  Emulate the guerrilla aspect, nothing more.  The proof is any wn can blab for hours on Erik The Red, but doesn’t know who Charlemagne was – and he was far more important to you today. Yet the ultimate discrepancy is emulation of Viking mythology and “tribal structure.”

You – and even today’s Swede – are not “Norse.”  You, are Greek.  Everything you know is based on Greco-Roman origins. Government, Law, politics, philosophy, medicine, mercantilism,architecture, cities, technology and your language.  While Romans used aqueducts to bring fresh drinking water to flush out the shit – the vikes were in the forest baying at the Great Wind God of Färtenmüch.

The sad reality is today’s descendant of Nordic Wötans and German Aryans are… manscaping euro-faggots with female Prime Ministers – and pretty fucking happy about that.  Face reality and base your next step on that, not fantasy.

When Rome fell, it was a grand ideology degenerating into this new Barbarian dominance.  That was called the Dark Ages.  People returned to religious superstition and its fantasy.  Barbarians barely had written language.  Same today in Murka. You have video games based on iconography of Myths played to rap tunes. Trite Troopers Using outdated terminology universally make its practitioners look foolish. The Left’s terms are not immune and also look foolish when using “Segregation” and “Reparations.”  Those were rendered obsolete and you see the metamorphosis in “Diversity” and how it also became a tainted word. The SPLC cried wolf about the KKK and now nobody gives a squirt of shit about them or the (‘lil) kkk.  Even the all-time champ “racism” lost much of its sting.  ZOG is the example of embarrassing because its use had no effect on the United States government.  It’s an outdated, outmoded term that outlived its usefulness.  You might as well be talking about alchemy or UFOs. It’s time to switch to a new term and see if it sticks.

Call zog what it really, honestly is: The United States Government.  That has more shock value.  Zoggery is just releasing impotent rage hurled at a King safe behind castle walls.  Do you get angry when David “Manboob” Futrelle calls you a nazi? It actually makes the King laugh.  Anything amusing him is to be eliminated.

No matter how much you bleat about rahowa and vikings, rahowans have been hopelessly chanting that mystical incantation since 1979. If jack shit hasn’t happened in 35 years, time for a new strategy.  Vikings took action.  They got in longboats and rowed. Vikings made their enemies bleed – not bleat on keyboards.

rahowa-rahowa-rahowa your boat
gently down the drain
merrily merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a Dream..

Racial?  More whites are Your One True Enemy. War? …the online kind?  Wow, that’s funnee. Holy? Believing in something “holy” means you depend on religion to justify a necessary ugliness required to accomplish your mission; some Sky-Guy to ease your conscience with absolution for bloodshed.  Killing for Gawd is OK-Approved!  Muslims do it just like the Knights Templar.  But, you might as well expect Baby Jesus to come down, wave his magic wand and get your Christmas shopping list filled.  If you need a god to act, you are limited to act only on his command – as interpreted by some preacher charlatan.  Does Murka today, look like God’s Great Plan?  If it makes you feel justified and you need it to operate – fine.  Just stfu and operate.  Fear the man who needs no God to kill. If today’s Murka is Gawd’s Great Plan he’s a fucked-up retard.

These are the same slobs who identify with Murkan Eagle t-shirts and lone wolf  VRW avatars.  IRL, Lone wolves get run to death by packs of hounds, shot, skinned and mounted on a wall, then need BiGGov Pro-tection to ensure they’re not rendered extinct…again.  I won’t have misplaced pride in silly, symbolic Lonewolfery; I want allies – lots of them.  Foolish pride in Lone Wolfism is bragging about your noble standards – when nobody else will fuck you.  They are some of the stupidest idiots I’ve conversed with and wouldn’t trust them to clear a minefield with a shovel much less ally with them.

Admit it: wn has a taint about it – a stink.  It’s been mocked and dragged through the mud so long it is dead. The concept must be reinvented.  If not, it’s like expecting followers to take Eric Cartman or Bugs Bunny seriously enough to be their leader.

Next: Lackluster Leaders

24 Responses to “Why White Nationalism Will Fail 2: Mythology Mistakes”

  1. OK, mostly agreed. Is anything explicitly white WN? Do we need to be implicitly white only? Elite implicit whiteness is anti non-elite white. Non-elite implicit whiteness is heavily attacked, although not to the extent explicit whiteness is.

    The Vikings/pagans vs. Charles Martel/Christianity is my pragmatic argument for Christianity.

  2. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Time for something completely different. Like my religious/political ideology.

  3. “Racial? More whites are Your One True Enemy.”

    IIRC H-Dog aus Austria mentioned that racialism was too narrow a plank to build a movement on. Even loon supreme Harold Covington got one thing right in that “it always boils down to a civil war between Whites.”

    We’re Life, they’re Death. We’re the leukocytes and the USG is the AIDS covered needle. Are jews the thumb in your FFOL?

    • They are the wrist – the Axis of Evil and foundation on which all other fingers/phalanges manipulate …and operate.

      They are the binding commonality in each phalange. They are all the media’s sectors: Hollywood, TV & News. They back, finance and orchestrate all the Colored Movements. They are behind feminism and homo activities destroying marriage and the military.

      They are the nerves and nourishing blood flowing through all the fingers.

  4. The most common names in country is a way of finding the dominant culture… What are the most common names in the Western countries? Jack, Jacob, Joel, Daniel, Matthew, Rafael, Mary, Maria, Marie, Peter, Pedro, Pierre, John, Juan, Jean, Yannis, Joshua, Elisabeth, Rebecca, Rachel,… All them come from the “Jew Book”… Heck, my whole Family have Old Testament names.. ancient Greco-Roman names aren’t that common anymore with exception of Alexander, Phillip, Mark, Dennis.

    Germanic names still are well represented: Robert, Albert, Karl,… even typical Italian names like Luigi (Ludwig) and Guido (Widon) have Germanic origin.

  5. I have no problem admitting wn has a stink to it. The stench of 50 years of failure. I’d follow Cartmen or Bugs Bunny if they got results.

    Sometimes its good to be in the shit. It may smell, we might be dirty, but we can’t fall any lower. I don’t think there’s anything on Earth more taboo or difficult than wn. Anything else I might do would be easier.

    We’re looking for people who can push past even what we can do here. 90% of all wn pages are TDO or NAJ. But everyone will emulate the thing that works.

    [ed note: there is still freedom in Murka: the ONE freedom remaining is to NOT be stupid. nobody forces goobers to buy a horned hat and wolf saddle. the problem is not a lack of individual publicized ideals, but the larger reading body’s general disdain for developed thinking

    in simpler words, its not preaching to the choir that is the problem, but rather that the choir is picking its nose. listening to iTunes and looking out the window at dogs fucking]

  6. Many of the articles–such as the one here–are so poorly written that it takes some time to understand what has been written.

    [ed note: you’re just unaccustomed to punctuation outside of “$” and actuarial tables. I know you’re upset about the digs at today’s effective “super viking-nazis.” so now is your cue to plop out a B&W Leni Riefenstahl Hallmark card to gorgeous SA marchers in 1937 Munich. Go ahead – you’ll feel better]

    • No, I’m serious.

      Much of the time your essays simply don’t make sense.

      And I write this as someone who mostly agrees with you. That is, I agree with what I can decipher.

      Btw, “actuarial tables”? I’m not in insurance, and I’m not a quant. And I didn’t notice the digs (?).

      [ed note: perhaps your confusion is a structural language difference, due to your primary education in english/euro-type academies, for you are the only one with cypher issues. the proof being drunken foreign shithouse sods like Pat n’ Cam and local harridans like Moreen understand me so well, they spit hate back at the reflective clarity. try thinking of my style as deliberate methodology of stylistic parables designed to paint indelible pictures in the mind of noble trailer savages]

  7. It’s apparent, even after the only time somebody explains it to you.

    The Trite Troopers – flailing away at each other, still. Who in their right mind PLUS an IQ over 90 would want TO lead a group of Bible-thumping invisible man worshipers fighting a clan of NewsReel Nazi PeterPanzer Fanz fapping to 1940 Black & White Messerschmitt videos fighting a mob of pagan Odin adherents who bitch at MRM faggots?

    The feminist and The Colored just walk into your house, steal your TV and fuck your daughters while you’re all screaming at each other in the Backyard Whaaat Sue-premm-ussie Picnick.

    It’s like The Springer Show – with KKK guests.

  8. You need to be more direct, then talking in code IMO. 😀

  9. It is not even racial for me, just that the culture I admire happens to be 98% caucasoid based. I can barely imagine a Chinese humorist, let alone a Zambian natural philosopher.

  10. Excellent post. goonybreath faggy is a cancer upon nationalism. Thank you and good luck.

  11. Spot on with this geuss, I really believe this then explains YOUR also lack of sense with english as perhaps YOUR web site needs a great deal more attention to not sounding foppishly gey.
    I’ll probably be returning to read through more!

    One cannot live his life based on The Scarlet Pimpernel motif

  12. Eric Cartman is literally the most reasonable voice any racist group could ever hope to have on their side.

    • It’s true – and that in of itself creates a problem: The mentality of even “our” side is so stunted, it depends upon a cartoon to lead it.

      And worse…that toon’s been around for almost two decades…and nothing’s improved nor even changed.
      SEE: Cartoon Philosophy http://wp.me/p2kmGE-gX

      • You have a movement that very virulent feelings like I do when I was spamming this site about Jews.

        It can fare well, when you can’t think rationally.

        Further, most WNs probably don’t understand the art of war, whether it’s from the gooker – Sun Tzu or Machiavelli.

        [ED NOTE: i listed both sun tzu and mac in ‘books 2read’ category on Eradica and…99% readers do not. time is coming. soon, they’ll be on their own to retread ground already covered eons ago. that proves stupidity. stupidity proves worthlessness]

    • Perhaps that is why I’ve never heard of him.

      Reason alone is not enough. Reason backed by force is. Who is Eric Cartman?

  13. Epic piece, something i wholeheartedly agree with, the cyber vikings are a joke, a bad one at that.

  14. This is different to the current economic fantay of increasing prosperity how?


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