Why White Nationalism Will Fail

by Firepower

White Nationalism (wn) is given small letters for a reason: It has not earned the right to Big Boy Letters to get called “WN.”

It will fail for a myriad of reasons.  They are the same reasons why whites in general have let the country slip away, with eternal, daily  predicaments of re-claiming their power.

These same issues infecting wn (no caps) are the same infecting PUA, the Men’s Rights “Movement” (MRA) and even Propaganda Media darling Occupy Wall Street (OWS).  The TEA Party also flops impotently under the same fate; combine them all and you have the entire white political spectrum of failure.  The man-ohnoes!-fear is barely a fart in the wind, for it’s only a bunch of talk – merely online, no less; they are contemptible. Actions speak louder than words.  Talk is cheap:  Online talk – is fucking worthless. Do I know how to fix it?  You bet I do.  More importantly, so do you but to prove…

…you’re so stupefied, you ask me questions instead of doing what you already know needs doing…

These yappings are the sideshow to the circus – they are the right-of-center big top carnival ring of Bread & Circuses.  Politics without bloodshed is talk.  Does it look like Rush, O’Reilly n’ roissy scare Barack?  Annoying your enemy is not victory – no matter how much you say so. I explained similar reasons in Why MRM Will Fail.

Why wn will fail:

  1. No leadership
  2. Dim followers
  3. Reliance on fantasy
  4. Claims of “activism” …by those who don’t even act

Trite Troopers:

Both wings are guided by products of The Murkan Skool Systim.  Spew impotently all you want about Obama and Harry Reid: They lead.  They make their enemies suffer.  They…project power. They’re just letting you throw a tantrum before they spank you, feed you and tuck you in.  Politics is the most cynical of all the Dark Pragmatic Arts. Perhaps no rightist leader has emerged for fear of Big Sister: If so, that means Big Sister won…long ago.  If you don’t have the balls to fight back, going coy to plan for future “stuff” means you’ll be 89 by the time you do.

It was stated (and revealed) by the OWS and TEA Party “spokespeople” – with foolish pride – that neither has a leader.  The resulting shambles is what you get: It is what you will get repeatedly over and over for all eternity when using the same tactics. Americans are so PC Egalitarian that they “don’t need them no leaders!”  The left, thinks differently.

The “most pressing issues of Our Time” foolishly declare themselves to have no leaders:

  • No MRA Messiah,
  • no TEA Party Titan,
  • no more Prince of PUA –
  • …no Wizard of WN

The Follow-ship Troops develop a toxic, structural problem of mental incapacity to select a leader.  How so!?!…you demand.  Are W, McCain and Romney “leaders” to you?  Are King Maobama or Hairy Reid leaders to you?  No – but the Liberal Nazi Leadership are leaders to a majority. They are leaders to those in the FFOL. Would you fight King George with them?  These are the dregs fit for a Murka deserving such non-leaders.

They want easy pickings.  They want The Daily Outrage. They vent and get spent, then Mr. Interim Leader tells them “it’s OK gang!” so they stop whimpering and get some sleep to repeat it all the next day.  It is a recipe for failure.  It is why you see the failures of today, the failure that brought us here to this point in history.  Nobody wants to offend their readership. Hah!

It is an uncomfortable fact; most people are dim.  Of these, it is wrong to blame most followers; you can’t blame a retard for being stupid.  Yet, even the few educable segments stall.  They have no leader; they choose No Leader.  Movements need followers to display bravery.  You never hear of Patton’s personal bravery – but plenty examples exist of the bravery of his troops.  Generals don’t win medals of combat valor.  Leaders plan, and the followers execute the executive’s vision.  There is glory in the trenches – glory in bloodshed.  Hollywood movies exist on it.  Jordies and SWATZIS seek its dose of action.  Leaders have a crucial vision – not a mere message.  Messages are the realm of lesser leaders modifying The Vision to fit a particular circumstance.

Fantasy is a dangerous snare.  It makes you hesitate to leave LaLa Land and its comfy fuzz.  It makes you believe you actually invented the term “Pretty Lies” – when the Ultimate Pretty Lie is writing/acting the same things repeatedly – without effect – because you get off on the popularity of doing 10,000 Broadway performances of Cats.

That I have to break this up into parts to maintain The Modern Murkan’s attention bodes ill for the future…

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55 Comments to “Why White Nationalism Will Fail”

  1. I don’t want to seem like a negative nancy but the PUA shtick is long in the tooth, yep they broke taboos but then essentially became more right wing bad boys in the basement of Big Momma’s Daycare Center. I’m going to put it to bed, here it is in a nutshell, stop puppy dogging females and don’t take the bait offered by the gay bitchy misogynists.

    But it is true these taboo breakers for the most part will want to become bad boys begging for smart badges from Big Momma, but one day perhaps not, perhaps something comes along that basically says Big Momma should be sold to the minos for AKs and loaded mags. Let us assume that the Raiding model of life will have become dominant prior to this happening.

  2. You are talking about current American generals.
    Leon Degrelle won two Knight Crosses of the Iron Cross. He won the Hand to Hand Combat medal when he was a brigadier general.

    • Please tell me that is not the central point you gleaned from this.

      More will be published soon regarding this very subject and you won’t “like” it:

      Peter Panzer-ing about Aryan SuperFriends is precisely the failure I wrote about – because such references got you only to this point you are at today. If fifty years of the same tactics result in Barack Obama – twice – you ARE doing something wrong.

  3. Robert in Arabia…I recognize that name. Welcome.

  4. I think wn will fail. But that’s okay.

    It’s hard to make something from nothing. There will be false starts. What we do today isn’t working. We have to try other things. I’m not afraid to throw away wn if it’ll lead somewhere good.

    There’s still alot of unexplored territory. Any WN could get into the MRM or PUA and be the best. A man could really push it in those areas. No MRA or PUA is under surveillance. They’ve got almost no heat.

    Hey, I like short articles too! But that can work for us as well as against us. What is the holycost going to matter to a kid today? Short attention spans can be good.

    [short attention spans, stupidity, degeneracy and ignorance MUST be the tools you use when they’re all you have left. People and nations are like milk, more versatile when fresh, but when they spoil, you’ll have to make sour-milk pancakes. an army of Intellectual Visigoths didn’t beat Rome – it was the grunting, dim barbarian who hurled himself into the fray]

  5. I agree with your proposition. If so, then the real battle is for leaders, not followers. Right now, the potential leaders are mostly on the other side because that’s where the smart money is. But when the last “assistant deputy intern for transgender culture” position is filled, you’ll still have loads in line. That’s when they will look for alternatives. It isn’t about principle or racial consciousness etc (it should be but…)– it is about the social nature of the beast.

    That’s why what you’re doing here is so important because when that last position is filled and that discouraged lefty is looking for social credentials, they’ll need a new home– a place where they can exercise their natural leadership abilities (yes, they have them). We started to see a bit of this w/the OWS. Yes, they were execrable BUT many of them represent a generation unmoored from a future they perceived was about a protected status for themselves. We already have disenchanted former acolytes of Conservatism Inc (me for one) looking for alternatives. Watch the lefties that didn’t make the cut start to peel off and look for greener pastures. All they need is a morally plausible alternative and we’ll have them (note: we still don’t have a fully worked out moral system though– that’s the key. ideological yes, moral, no). Speak to their needs, hopes and desires and you’ll start to see a broader massing I think.

    • Producing Eradica gave me a unique perspective in reacting and communicating with like-minded individuals seeking a greater plane than ignorant consumerist lackeys of inferior, derivative JAN & TDO.

      The Horror it inadvertently reveals is: There really are no smart shooters on the watchtowers. They are…merely consumers. Gimmeez. Gibsmedats – both left & right sides are schooled by both by PC BiGGov School Indoctrinators. Our TrailerPark Foot Soldiers of skinheaded Flea Farmers really are just as stupid as the Left’s hippies, Obamabots and SlutWalkers

      People are stupid and getting stupider. This makes for a stark future, as the trend is clear, as I’ve oft repeated:

      Murka Either…

        1. Gets Better
        2. Stays the same
        3. Gets worse

      The trend of which one it is, is clear to you. The Stupids who’ll need be degenerated into mindless cannonfodder throwing themselves at the barricades of DHS MRAPs and BiGGovArmy triggermen must grow into desensitized animals in 40 years before the guns are taken – or forgotten.

      It’s not that a worthy one, such as you, can use the word “execrable” properly – but that you know when to do it.

      When Uncle Beast realized he~she couldn’t realistically confiscate all the guns, it taught GenBrandon to simply forget them – that’s true GENIUS. Chimps don’t shoot AKs. Future Chimp sits in the corner and sucks its BiGGov Ration of Corn Syrup while BiGGov parties in Golden Penthouses with Elites.

      Future America must be enslaved, whipped and made to suffer
      BEFORE it earns the right to re-erect statues of Thomas Jefferson from the rubble of MLK God Shrines.

  6. I still believe that there is a good chance for a “wn” revolution coming from Greece or the Slavic nations in the next few years.

    It won’t come from the Anglosphere or Germany, and this is the problem… The “anglosphere” is in fact the Judeosphere and Germany has been permanently gutted by their Anglo-Saxon brothers.

    • I see the rationale in this, but be warned any White Challenge to the NWO of Liberal Nazism will suffer stark reprisals of the sort that destroyed little South Africa and the former Rhodesia.

      With the MINO Master Machine in total control of MurkanGov, the revenge of the colored bureaucrats will be more violent than the comparatively mild PCism of traitor-white Jimmy Carter’s War on Apartheid.

      Weaker nations will suffer the relentless Wrath of the Murkan Mino Machine, so it is the fall of the FFOL – Colored Murka’s fascist police state – and military regime of power that brings Western restoration.

      To kill The Beast, you must pierce the heart or lop off its head. Murka MUST fall completely before lesser states can be free of our PC Yoke.

  7. I like it. But it’s too early to claim it’s failed. Most likely it will appear under different label.

    The right leadership will emerge under the right circumstances, black swan events that are unpredictable to us now. In modern America history moves at speed of light. These random variables will play a role. When, where, how– we can’t know. But we should be ready for them.

    As far as PUA/Game community is concerned, the focus on self-improvement is most valuable aspect. Fucking girls is secondary to realising your potential and transforming yourself into a man.

    The key is to train and be prepared. There’s not much else we can do for time being.

  8. I agree with you. As a WN female, the most logical thing in the world is for WN men and women to get together; but I have come to see WN men hate WN women. Well, that kind of put the kibosh on that, doesn’t it?

    WN men cry into their keyboards, pretend Asian women are white, and are obviously gonna do nothin’ about it. We WN women however, are moving to whyt majority areas, getting together with others, etc. and doing something about it.

    Wish WN men would get off their butts and join. But….

    • Tina, if a man feels anger, the best thing to do is leave him alone for awhile.

      White men need to learn to accept and use their hate. It’s a fantastic thing to have. It’s not about logic or reason. Women should be better at understanding human moves than men.

      I say hate whoever you want. Get strong enough to be able to do something about it. There is one rule in this world: power.

      As a woman, you understand that better than anyone here. Women will do anything for an alpha. When white men get their act together, white women will follow. And if he wants to fuck a gook or two, fine. Men live by a different standard than women. We make the rules, you follow them.

    • Tina wrote:

      …I have come to see WN men hate WN women. Well, that kind of put the kibosh on that, doesn’t it?

      The killer for our side is: Our unity is oblivious to what makes the FFFOL so formidable. Diverse factions of leftists are united simply by hating Whites; specifically White Men.

      White Males are The New Nigger. Everyone is encouraged to hate them and the FFOL makes that possible, acceptable.

      A valid assertion I support of the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) is the hypocritical double-standards of legal preference favoring women over men. Where the MRM fails is its policy of suicidal non-active-activism. Preferential treatment is what Affirmative Action is and they rightly declare women get this advantage – but ignore that coloreds unfairly get it also. That, IS the basis of DISCRIMINATION.

      Men are such Niggers now they are slaves to Alimony and child support demands of “liberated” women. The female also demands WN types’ loyalty when they snipe, bitch and say things that would make me punch them in their fucking mouth. Maureen is the perfect example. If a man spoke so to my face, I’d knock him the fuck out, like the Hunky Viking Chieftain she creams over. Yet in Murka, if I did that, she’d call the hated SWATZIS on me, have me arrested and imprisoned with monkeys then take my kids and demand I pay Child Support when I was paroled. My responses remain the same, but a female’s change with differing conditions. Smart Males realize this and resent it. They know you’d sell us all out for an Alimony Payment: What’s more – The One True Enemy does also. And they utilize that.

      WN men cry into their keyboards, pretend Asian women are white, and are obviously gonna do nothin’ about it.

      There is no Joan of Arc/Boudicaa vision coming soon, to a reality near you. This is because of all the pampered Murkans fouling Today’s GENBrandon!™ there is none so pampered, decayed and degenrate as the Modern American Woman. Blame Affirmative Action: It lied to you when it said “you can have it all!” So…you still demand it all – all the time – even unto your senior years.

      You all want to be hot~sexy PornStars~Jenna Jamesons – but at 175 lbs – and still get dinner bought for you by A Sensitive Brad Pitt while on your way to giving the keynote address of the TEA Party as a recognized intellectual.

      It is this innate sense of detecting double-standards that arouses mens’ suspicions. The ultimate proof is you will stomp off (hurt) like a little girliekins and hate Hate HATE me “like forever!!!” simply because I addressed you equally as I would a man, without malice even. If you need an example of what my real, deliberate malice looks like – read my articles on Matt Foney.

      Eradica is the ANTI-CryING forum free of bullshit and excuses. If we could unite neocons, mrms, bible-fappers, skinheads and TEAS the way the FFOL united feminists, the black, homos, jews and mexicans…we might have a chance.

      • @FP For the record, I’m not a cop-caller. You don’t know a thing about me.

        In real life I would say things differently to you and you would probably like me just fine. My real life WN male friends do. So you probably wouldn’t punch me in the face. But if you did my boyfriend would beat the tar out of you. Just so you know.

        YOU are exactly why WN fails. You are one of a long line of boring, bitter cranks who fancies himself a leader from his armchair.

        Newport Beach Fogey has a much more balanced way of seeing things. Wish HE would blog.

      • Actually, with you a lifelong single mom, I’d embed something stronger and permanent in both your faces. Yours, and whatever Step-Daddy-in-training to your litter is shacked up with you in the trailer.

        You women seriously must now shut the fuck UP. One of the proofs is: You DEPEND UPON your boyfriend-of-the-week to conduct violence on your behalf to prove silly female “points” after your big mouth gets you in trouble. Ovaries make stupid politicians – like Hillary. No Man will ever follow a female into battle, so only pussies obey her commands to… fight for the right to die for her.

        So… follow your Foney~Piggies and Wizards of Wormfarms. Stupidity suits you.

        History proves The Stupid clamor – to successfully enslave themselves – so no clodhoppers ever managed more than being slaves to Lenin, Castro and Mao.

        If she be the 0.04% that can hack it, she may speak after proving herself worthy. Other than that slim minority, female speech must be restricted, lest we return to the disgusting FeMerica that brought us here in the first place. In Viking societies, women were silent.

      • I don’t tell my boyfriend to do anything. He would do it of his own volition.

        My children are all grown so no step daddy stuff for him either.

        So many assumptions, you make.

        Anyway, as long as I can read Ryu and a couple of the other guy’s stuff here I don’t care if you ban me. Obviously the only thing that would impress you is someone going breivik on Murka and I’m not going to be doing that any time soon.

        [you got a man, ryu, to chivalrously approve your comments. that’s SOP for you girls. limit your comments to his articles in the foreseeable future]

      • So do I! I have a lot of amusing things to write about.

    • I’ve noticed this too. Like most men most WN men are beta and therefore have had bad experiences with girls in recent years. It comes with the territory. You bitches are hard-asses. But it’s how you’re wired.

      The beta males, having been lied to to and brainwashed for years, don’t know how to react to this–but this is where Game comes in! However, for most of them, instead of initiating a programme of radical self-improvement to make themselves more attractive to females, they double-up on the self-pity and negativity. It’s disgusting to watch.

      I recently observed a very attractive female Nationalist (think she worked for David Irving) leave the US for a chap in Australia.

      I currently know of at least two young White women who want to leave the US for Australia because they find the guys there more masculine.

      • That’s Jeanelle Antas and it’s true, she’s a very pretty lady. Sadly, if you read any of her writing (yes she writes) you may notice she is a feminist first, then a WN. Hopefully she gets a clue and makes some babies before her eggs dry up. I’m thinking she must be pushing 30 or beyond (can’t remember).

  9. “Murka MUST fall completely before lesser states can be free of our PC Yoke.”

    I agree. Therefore more mino masters in every branch of the government and especially in the armed forces means that it becomes more ineffectual.

    • There’s alot of rot in it, PA.

      The survivalists have been saying the same thing for 50 years. No collapse has come yet. It may take alot longer than any of us believe.

      I’d draw the line at when resistance can “safely” organize. Clearly lone wolfs can operate with impunity. All their airport action and campus shootings show that. We cannot win without an organization and leaders. Right now, only groups of 1 work.

    • Ryu, true. But how much rot was there in the Soviet Union? It collapsed suddenly. My attitude is to have hope where I have no control over things, and work hard where I do have some degree of control.

      We are not alone. We have powerful Machiavellian allies. Russia. Maybe Germany.

      • PA is so naturally adorable, so in the 65 years it will take, we in the Future Lone Viking Wolf Party will appoint him Official State Storyteller To The Children!

        Then, for extra bucks, we’ll put him in a Santa Claus outfit during the RaHowlliday Season!

  10. Today is simply junk, everything about and in Big Momma’s Daycare Center is junk. Junk people following junk culture in a junk economy of junk.

    I want out of Big Momma’s but therein arises the difficulties cuz BM controls the bags of sweet treats and smart badges.

    • While we smarties all know that WN will fail, the evil left is expanding it and your everyday SP gear queer is now a “White supremacist.” Enjoy folks


      [ed note: I laugh at SPs now, the same way I did at MRMs years ago when I warned them of the FFOL and how they must unite (and fight) the total forces of liberalism. The SPs deserve to be shot in the back by coloreds & jewish SPLCs while they ignorantly fixate ONLY upon Uncle Beast]

  11. So is a course of prescribed action to follow all of this? Are you going to tell us how you think success will start?

    • The foremost problem is people are
      Content to Vent

      They already know what to do.

      But, they’ve atrophied and are too ignorant to act. A people that meekly obey tyrants really aren’t ready for a leader foolish enough to Braveheart an army of bunnies. The Jews were the same in 1930’s Germany: Shuffling around, counting their possessions, but bitching about their disappearing neighbors. Not one even blew-up a Nazi Party building in protest. They simply obeyed their government and got in the boxcars.

      A foe too afraid to instill fear in its government-enemy will lose.

      Thomas Jefferson said:

      “the tree of liberty must* be, from time to time, refreshed with the blood of patriots – and tyrants”

      There’s a reason for that word “must” in there. It means if it isn’t refreshed, Liberty is lost. That’s what you have today, and why it feels so disturbing. It is that “indescribable” feeling that angers you.

      The method of success is quite simple and would only take half a decade to restore America. All the loss would be wiped away. You could wake up every day and once again, feel true hope for the future.

  12. la gooney faggot: Does your website have a content? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email.
    I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing.

    Either way, you are a tumor on the bunghole of Nationalism!

  13. To Ryu’s Nov 5 comment to me, and to Firepower’s Nov 5 comment to me:

    Ryu, we WN women are following you nowhere, cuz you’re pussies. I ask you to actually do something, or actually outline a plan of action, and you whine like a little girl. Why on earth would we follow you, when you can’t lead? You say “when we get our act together…” Well when the hell is that going to be?”

    In six months, I will have moved to a majority white area, I will be working with groups that are successful in bringing back the US Constitution (talk about a group of alpha white males-yes!, the founders, that is), I will be involved in many different groups, working on eradicating Common Core in the schools, fighting Agenda 21, and investing and storing “lead”, against the day, if you get my meaning.

    Why not do this where I am now? Cuz the Mexican flag has been hoisted over the state I live in. All I can do is carry the American flag out with me.

    That’s dealing in REALITY, not fantasy. You live in a fantasy world: you dream of men in capes and boots saving “damsels in distress”

    Firepower: you’re too chicken to even stand up to what I’m saying: I say ‘do something’, and you run off screaming Ivory Tower theories about women talking too much, blah blah, and stupid PUAs.

    Looks like us WN gals are the only men here- cuz WE’RE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    I see all of you crying about what kind of gov’t: The US CONSTITUTION is the best there is- why did it fail? CUZ WE LET IT FAIL. Now the real men and me are gonna put it back on its feet.

    That is called REALITY, not fantasy.

    I raised my niece and nephew, who are white, to be proud of it, to understand that the fine USA is the way it is (was) cuz we’re WHITE.

    Have either of you got a penis, and a set of balls? Use those things for making babies: Now.

    OK, Eradica, let’s see if you have the nerve to print this.

    Get with VB, she can e-mail me, and I can tell you the name of the groups I work with.

    You guys could start with your local militias.

  14. Futuradellanazione, your Nov 7. You asked the most important question of this discussion; apparently you are the only one brave enough to ask: “what the hell are we gonna do (paraphrased)?

    Here is mine:

    You move to where it’s white. Make it whiter. Have white babies, starting now. YES, YOU CAN HAVE WHITE BABIES WHILE YOU’RE POOR. Only purchase from other whites. Your doctors, lawyers, accountants, pharmacists, etc should all be white.
    Buy from small, white Mom n Pop stores only. Do your research, and buy your homes together, ALL AT ONCE, to form a white neighborhood. Find a way to take over the local city council, or MAKE YOUR OWN.

    Grow your own foods, be as independent as possible.

    And for the real men among you: form a militia, and block the US/Mex border. Oh, our gov’t will come after you, but you go down In glory, and the rest of the nation will WAKE UP.

    That way you will die in giory- and give me the names, I will make sure my family remembers them forever.

    • Futuradellanazione, your Nov 7. You asked the most important question of this discussion; apparently you are the only one brave enough to ask: “what the hell are we gonna do (paraphrased)?

      Horseshit: I did that elsewhere long before starting Eradica, then presented many defining concepts explaining the problems. I will destroy any (and all) rumor-mongering twisting the Truth into cheap sentiment.

      Apparently, “The Way” is for smart ass viking cunts to be Joan of Arcs & Boudicaas riding Female-She-Wolves with sparkly eyeliner and lipsticked fangs to the Automatic Victory Parade in some New Zion 2, Montana 59901.

      Your ignorance in imagining yourself vacating to idyllic White Co-Op-Villes to shop exclusively at “WhiteMarts” is as stupid as UAW union fools “buyin’ Murkan!” during the Japanese takeover of 1980s American hi-tec manufacturing. You think boycotts are a substitute for action. How did those auto industry workers end up, again?

      You ignore the fundamental problem of certain white elites preying on you. I’m sure the Irish coal miners, Italians and Pollocks just loved working 90 hours a week by gaslight for their millionaire WASP sweatshop owners in 1910.

      You think all whites are your pal and coloreds are your only enemy. You are blind to the other FFOL fasces of BiGGov Unions, Teachers, Media Homos and…feminists.

      You presume success in election to city councils, when the voters are now so stupid, they vote themselves tax increases.

      You presume “White Solidarity” when you can’t even behave cooperatively on a fucking blog.

      • to Firepower’s comment Nov 12: Firepower, both Maureen and I stand in amazement at what you “think” you know about us.

        Oh, you write cute, but quit ‘telling’ us what we’re gonna do once we get there. I’ve been studying what’s going on for some years now, looking at blogs written by people 10 times more intelligent than yourself. You honestly think I don’t know what you know? You’re pathetic.

        [ed note: just think! in another 10 years, those grandkids of your will feel free enough by then to push you around in your wheel-chair draped in Aryan Runes & Swastika-embroidered Dependz]

        I’m sorry failure scares you. When you fail once, you learn from your mistakes and keep going. I don’t see YOU doing anything at all, except whimpering like a pussy.

        Real life is like that, but you wouldn’t know. You tell me you wrote solutions to our problems long before starting Eradica,- well, where are they? When people come to your blogs years after the fact, you do have to keep repeating them, like any GOOD BLOGGER, to educate people as to what you’re about.

        [nope. i predicted you’d get all crabby from hurt feewings. so, i’ll expand and say (without anger) that if they’re like you – and refuse knowledge – they can all fade off and repeat forever The Glorious Fappery you champion…that has brought you to exactly 2013]

        You think I don’t know about unions, teachers, media homos and feminists? Sweetie, they’re being dealt with as we speak. The conservative, white states are slowly, but surely becoming more white and conservative, cuz people from Beanerstan, etc, have had enough and are moving there (I know these areas from living there). It’s hilarious reading the liberal press (such as it is) in those areas, crying that they’re getting more conservative.

        You don’t know what the f*ck I presume, so don’t tell me. “Behave cooperatively on a fucking blog”- oh, that’s rich.

        Well, my little basement dweller, I’m signing off. I know where there are real men, and they are NOT on this blog.

        [you’ve failed to respond in any form other than the stone age, “Real Men Haz Big Cocka!” retort. it is insipid and tiresome. go screech at your bf. he’s a real man who obeys when nagged]

        And wow, you’ve got your big man panties on for calling me a cunt, and hiding out on the keyboard-


        [i bet…thousands of times. can’t imagine why…]

      • Yes. Show me how …the adults
        do it.

        You already know full well “what to do” about the problem. You just won’t do it. Or your string of Brave Boyfriends. Call me irresponsible for not divulging my full Strategic & Tactical Recipes with you, but something kinda tells me not to. You’ll accuse me of “making up” some guy named Ho Chi Minh, cut off my pussy privileges then hit me with yer rolling pin.

        You fail to see America already once had All-White Cities: They were called LA and Detroit.

        All you see is they’re now black and mexican, so you Niggerspickike™ repetitiously about that – while knowing nothing about their past, how they got that way and how they fell.

        Painting a Swastika on your ass – plus a target on your back – to move to Ruby Ridge II was done before. It’s the same Standard White Ranter Strategy #503 of “movin’ to them suburbs fer away from them DAMN NIGRAS!” That’s just loading-up the AR-15 in your living room and waiting for The SWATZIs writ large on a groupthink scale.

        It’s called “white flight” – it’s been around since 1950. Don’t flee The Coloreds: It is a sign of weakness and shows them they’ve won; that a family of 3 Nigras can chase away in one year, 3,000 whites who’ve lived there for decades. Victory is achieved by being close to your enemy.

        I’m sure you’ll fit right in with your jolly rational Spirit of Cooperation & Teamwork. It shall impress the many male faggot leaders you’ve yet to criticize for not living up to your standards.

        Viking lasses and Goebbels Gals were historically known to have built their empires by calling their men “faggots” with tiny dicks.

        YOU PROVE many of my points why white rationalism fails and will fail: The trite troop is now far too stupid from “self-esteem building” schoolhouse indoctrination to even listen to potential leaders, thus…real leaders want nothing to do with a gaggle of screeching bigmouths in camo baseball caps.

      • Firepower: you changed my script without leaving an editorial comment that you did- I don’t use words like doody-head, wee-wees, and poopy-pants. Next time, indicate that you changed it- would be a bit more honest.

      • Yes, dear – your scripts add so much to intelligent, rational adult discussion.

        To honor your gentle request, it will be my pleasure to include such a lady’s refined commentary on your rational contributions declaring me an asshole-munching cocksucking faggot.

  15. Uh, that’s MY list of what to do… where’s all of yours, guys? I’m waiting………….lol

    • Commenting over a week ago
      Then demanding an immediate reply
      To Universal Feminist Standard Attack Plan A of:
      “You pussies have small dicks!

      Verifies my belief (yet again) on why females must be silent on political matters.
      Once all the Pretty Young Cock disappears and the next stage of Baby Raisin’ has passed
      You spread dissent as soon as you hit 40, having noting left to do with the empty moments of your day.

      You come as a new guest to my project – the sole place dedicated to rejecting the wheel-spinning of TDO and JAN. By your third comment you unleash The Cock Size Argument: Joyfully, that only works on guys you’ve fucked, because as an experienced witness/participant to The Cock, it gives your attack plausibility.

      Maybe The Argument works on those who want The Pussy, or it works your sons. It surely wins you no new followers, hence why females are not great war leaders or crime bosses. You may win White Knights In Wifebeater Nation, but you repel anyone with an IQ over 100. That is FAIL, for you are supposed to win both because you need both – one as troops and the other as leaders.

      You snarl a provocative argument, but proof lays in your own children’s absence in participating within a cause you value so dearly. If you cannot win those you raised from diapers, why should Eradican Tumescence & Length matter?

  16. @Tina I applaud the things you are doing. As far as what these guys are doing…I suspect many are doing more than they let on. It would be retarded to put some things on the internet. Do you get me?

    If you want to know the name of a hero, it is JT Ready. He and his crew defended our border. The mainstream media claimed he killed his family then himself but the truth is his group confiscated millions of dollars in drugs so he was offed by one of the cartels. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/05/04/exclusivebreaking-arizona-massacre-jt-readys-email-prediction-of-doom/

    • Maureen, thanks for the reply. Glad to know there are some real men out there.

      [ed note: i’m sure you boys all swap Macho Menstrual Cramp Stories together]

      But again, they’re not on this site, are they?

      I came to these sites to see if there were comrades-in-arms, but apparently not. I don’t know if I agree with you, that they are doing things without saying. They would at least allude to it, but I don’t see that.

      See you back at VBs, where the ‘real men’ are, lol.

      [don’t let those wolf-saddles chafe you in the cunt]

      • You make the grave mistake of presuming me a copy of the traditional 1940 patriotic American Gentleman, playing by those rules.

        You mistake me as The Wagon Master you shriek at when Indians appear on the Mesa.

        I have long-transcended that Obsolete~Ideal. Instead, I’m that Indian on the Mesa who massacres the wagon train. The noisy old squaws stay home with their mouths shut, chewing rawhide for my boots, thus I am actually unencumbered by what you purport to “think” from the depths of your tiresome feminist ploys.

        Good Girls like Kate, Jen & Jeni sit at the honored round table of respect; you get to sew and stfu.

        I’d tell you the below is based on Heart of Darkness, but you don’t know wtf that means:

        For your female harping, attempting to taint Eradica with nonsense and hormonal stabs at “argument,” go back to your Grrl Cave until you persuade Ryu to let you have another shot at making The Man’s Football Team.

        It’s back to the WNBA for you.

      • Then you’re not real man, you’re just a faggot and a loser. And I’m beginning to see some mental probems on you now….

        It’s hilarious, in your delusions, how you think I’m gonna ‘sew’ for you. Love that fantasy of yours, with the squaws.

        A rich fantasy life doesn’t make you crazy, but you flirt with it pretty good. lol

        [ed note: HEY – ONLY girls without gray pubes get to derail my threads]

      • Yr derailed already

        [nope. your silly behavior actually provides me ever more examples of why “wn” has failed and will fail.

        It was NOT Vikings that holed themselves up in rural Zion agri-forts – it was Monks hiding in monasteries. Niggers & MIGGERS are the modern vikings, you – a village sheep awaiting slaughter, granny]

  17. What you said I called you, is also a lie. How low-rent. Gonna damage your already ‘good’ reputation that way.

    [ed note: it is what you said:
    it makes a great blurb. you should thank your patron saint Ryu for still letting you linger – like flaky pussy juice on my cock the morning after]

  18. Tina, you ARE a lesbian faggot and a 200+ pounds fugster. Your ovaries shriveled up 30 years ago so nobody gives a FUCK what some dumb bitch has to bleat.

    [ed note: it’s “tina the teuton” NOT Tina the “two-ton”]

  19. Well…you got your ass handed to you.

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