No More Nationalism

by Firepower

Humans have cried out for freedom since the dawn of history.  They also like reliving the past.

They can return to the ostensible limitless strength of youth they now know is lost.
For a time, they fantasize about, what I label, preferred outcomes: They see with their now experienced eyes the mistakes they could’ve avoided to make life better.

It’s the same as reliving that chance meeting with the Playboy Bunny or Hollywood actress that ended with No Lay; you get to fix things to satisfy your gnawing conscience.

Nationalists (I’m increasingly repelled by the defunct term “wn”) are susceptible to these same faults. They VRW and fap to whoopie Whermact Whet Dreams as distraction from the ugly business they must face…but, do not face.

People relive their past to fix it.

wn is reflective of a failed movement – an embarrassingly…… failed one. It has a taint, a stench. It was fouled by The Slobbering Bubbas, many of which you’ve seen try foul Eradica. We must be careful who we let in. We must be selective and not accept just any bellowing wolf-riding Viking. If so, you get the ranks of those who’ve departed Eradica.  If you can work with them – good luck.  You will only succeed with them after they’ve lived for a few years in back alley refrigerator boxes.

No: A Nationalist must now earn his title. Would you describe forny-piggis as wns?

Of course not. The title must now be earned for it to mean anything.

I’ve long said idiots will never accomplish any positive achievement – no matter how many idiots you have in the group. They’ll instead foul things up, which is exactly why you see the current state of failure today.

Just use Nationalist.

It’s simpler and concise; Mr. Hitler’s Kids didn’t redundantly call themselves “German Nationalists” or White Germanic Nationalists.

However, it is now a moot point. There is ever-diminishing chance whites (small “w”) will ever accomplish anything; they are simply too stupid with too few smart enough to avoid VRW and TDO.

If anything were to ever “happen” it won’t even start until the Harsh World of my Hunger Games/Soylent Green vision forces them to act in 30 or so years. Being forced to act when you’re on your knees is the Stupid Way. Either way, I won’t care by then.

I am disappointed “bloggers” (that you all know I loathe) post lame TDO re-re-re-re-links of:

Detroit – IT’S… Bad!!!
and how blacks “Really Hate The Legend of Zelda“

…but worse, get 124 comments by the ECOF – Echo Chamber Of Faggot idiots.

Whites simply prefer to play with their goo-goo toys, safe within the brain slug of Ostrich’s Disease. There’s 2% I’d link up with – and toss the rest of the 98% in with the colored targets for raiding – and delectable sport.

I know this depresses you and therefore, gets filed in the circular file.  Tough shit.

I can no longer ally myself with such stupidity. Fuck – it’s impossible to even motivate such true idiots. They’re successfully debilitated (look it up) by BiGGov PC Gummint Schoolhouses and therefore, irredeemable – lost.

You get mad and depressed when I show you the ugly truth. The proof is in the link I gave…compared with the REAL World you actually see, feel and deal with every day you leave this keyboard.

17 Responses to “No More Nationalism”

  1. Well, I’ll try dumping WN for nationalist. I’ll try anything if it works.

    There are different levels of ability in racism. I know there are nationalists who are better than I am. The very best are the direct action guys like Breivik or McVeigh; they are the most commited. Under them are nationalists with 30+ years experience who’ve been in all their life.

    No one fights for liberty. No one fights for things they can’t see or touch. When a man knows he’ll get something for what he does, THEN he’s interested. People have to profit from what they do. Contractors trip all over themselves to work in Iraq for 500k/year. For that much, they don’t care what they’re doing.

    I’ve been wondering if there was more I could do with blogging. How much further can I take it without crossing the line?

    I have come to believe that the elect will know what to do. The others will need to be instructed. There’s a very clear delineation. I think it’s genetic and the “impulse” just isn’t present in large numbers of people.

  2. Ironic as nationalism was considered a Lefty meme in the pre-industrial era. And you’ve also got border and cultural issues as well (unless you consider yourself more akin to an Allan West than Jonathan Bowden for example).

    Still I suppose we know what it means and refers to.

    But isn’t there an identity a bit more exclusive than “nationalist”? I sympathize with your comments regarding the 98%. So what’s the tribal name for the 2% who can see? The marketing adage is the narrower the base, the stronger the appeal. Why not just use “White” or “Whitist” in the same sense the commies are Reds? American Whites would link to a White International grouping which would contain other white Euro & o/s nationalist groups. Anti-white whites would be repelled by the label and thus it would be easy to “out” the anti-whites amongst the moderates and trad conservatives (who are no more for us than any other antifa group). White as a color is powerful. White is light and dispels the darkness.

    Or just go w/nationalist– just wanted to post as I enjoy this blog.

    [ed note: I speak for all other authors and declare I’m glad you enjoy. re the names – suggest more names and post them. i sense it will take many attempts to avoid a negative name. “White” is an acceptable start]

  3. Time is up.

    The time for jordies are up.

    All empires rise and fall. For a century and half the Caucasians played with the world as their toy and did whatever they felt like it.

    Now it is time for the coloreds to return the favor.

    I do think no matter what is done it is too late. Raspail saw that on 1973 but few listened.

    Feeding the third world to subsidize some megafarm corp will be remembered as the greatest folly of human history. Nobody ever fed his enemies until last century.

  4. I’m a free speech activist, how is that for not being a WWII re-enactor having whet dreams? I also enjoy it immensely so I take it some miserable bastard will hate that that I don’t share his and his current basement crew’s latest fad (maybe twerking or fly farming or the latest gentle disagreement with a nice jewtard lib on twitter)

    Liberty I am all for it, its the necessary precondition to actual nationalism or tribalism or whatever comes next. FTR I do not want the White Mega State of Righteous Facism to Rule the World crap. In my Plato’s Republic whet dream fantasy it would be smallish yet defensible nation states consisting of people who can actually get along. In the real world Austria minus its anti-white whites is the closet example I can think of at the moment. (I might be totally ignorant of what Austria is at the moment since I assume its Liberal NS)

    • I’ve long told Ryu, in order to be The Greatest White Nationalist
      One will need to first eradicate 40 Million whites
      before even starting with the
      34 million coloreds

      • Basically right wing politics in ‘Murika is Granny Conservatism, listen to Limpdick, rail against “Great Leader”, send one another TDO messages, but never ever challenge the libtard next door and especially never ever think that said libtard is actually responsible (and we know what needs to be

      • I’ve had a few hours to digest that comment and although I’m a woman so most of you won’t give a frack what I think, I want to go on record as saying, that’s a really f-d up idea.

        IF, and I mean IF I were to promote any eradication, it would certainly not start with European people. It would start with the chameleons.

      • It’s not the woman part that is the problem:

        It is that structural Femin-ninny Blindspot reactionary “belief” that types like Chris Matthews, Bill Clinton & John Kerry will leave your “rahowa” alone because you’re “fellow” whities.

        You haven’t internalized my essays on the FFOL. While you’re busy in your fishtank world with chameleons, the diverse Fasces NOT under direct attack – Media, Feminism and BiGGov Unions etc. – will shoot you in the back, neutralizing you.

        Until it is absolute in your view that you must simultaneously fight ALL Fasces of the FFOL you will lose.
        It is the very reason why we’ve failed.

      • You didn’t say simultaneously. You said kill Whites FIRST.

        Course, I can’t promote killing anyone because if some rap star gets killed this week, I might be blamed for instigating it.

      • Who has more power? Rev. Al Sharpton, LA beaner gangs – or the “Jewish Cabal” you rage against? The Elite WASP media/Wall St. types?

        If you can’t promote something, then there is no American Freedom of Speech – it must be a lie.

        If that is a lie, so is all the rest of the lipservice Constitutional Myth we’re led to believe; that is the dogma keeping the Military Cannibal Eye full of hick Jordie cannon fodder filling its jackboots.

        If George Washington couldn’t say “King George and his Redcoats must go” – then what?

      • Of course it’s a lie but there’s no use getting yourself thrown into prison for talking is there?

        [ed note: then you are finished, and there’s no future worth hiding away for]

  5. Thanks for your kind comments. What about White Union– White describes the constituency and Union is welcoming and inclusive. Union is the the social promise– the antifas fail when they try pretzel logic to describe white organizing as racist but most whites DO think it should be perfectly fine to have a place of their own (it just makes sense). Union speaks to middle and lower middle class whites, many who still associate unions with the old anti-com AFL-CIO, not ACORN. Reaching out to this disengaged group is key– they rightly see Republicans as in the bag to Wall St and the system. Just a thot.

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