Winning By Attrition

by Ryu

The white liberals are dying. The most liberal generations were the baby boomers and WW2ers. Much like how the most liberal whites live in non-diverse areas, liberal whites also tend to live in times when everyone was white.

You don’t turn over a new leaf at 60 years old. The book of human moves says no one is going to run around saying how wrong they were, how foolish, praising what were their enemies. They’ve got too much invested in the old ways. No one wants to feel……. bad about himself.

WN will progress as the older liberal generation dies off and the younger nihilists grow. The next generations don’t care about much. That’s a step up from a negative. Even Fight Club looks like an indulgence to them; at least those guys in the movie had $50K/year office jobs to escape from.

History has a weight. There may be nothing new under the sun, but people need to FEEL as if they are breaking new ground. Rather than presenting whites as a great race fallen, maybe we ought to try the idea of an oppressed minority awakening. Not appealing to the system for pity, but to the people themselves.

How can a kid today relate to the Nazis? They look unreal to me. ET and I are more closely related. WW2 is ancient history. These kids are growing up in a post 9/11 world. A big mother surveillance state is all they know. They are not going to believe tales from the past. Uncle Adolph will understand that winning is the ultimate reason; he’ll forgive us the lies we need to tell.

We need radicals – not just WNs to challenge the system, but who can challenge orthodox WN. After investing enough time, the movement begins to feel like a living organism. Something feels heavy in it, as if it’s being dragged. I don’t know what it is yet, but there’s a great deal of inertia to overcome.

“To get different results, you need a different method.” Our current WN model produces alot of angry internet people. We’d like people who are dedicated, smart, patient, aggressive, internally motivated, and hungry. Men who can operate inside of a surveillance state naturally without illusions.

We’re willing to help anyone who can move the ball down the field. Alot of whites really seem to love Breaking Bad. MW has done alot of work covering this. Heisenberg seems to be the new white ideal. A man who sets his own rules, makes money, does things his way, and wins. We can use that. Greed and envy will work where duty fails.

WN must fulfill the desperate needs of whites. The lower on Maslow’s hierarchy, the better. The most compelling item on the white mind is their bills. Next comes family, then friends, then whatever we’re selling. When WN actually becomes profitable to its members, then you’ll see WN really become popular.

The power we are dealing with is immense. All the fanaticism one sees going into sports-fandom should be going into race. It’s what we could have. Just a portion of it would suffice for us.

My message to other WNs: be more creative! Think outside of the box, even our box. Whatever it takes to win, do it. The enemy is dying off and making mistakes. WN is about us, not them. The most important of WN is what’s going on inside your head.

Never lie to yourself. Even park rangers work…yes, for the government. Not for you. They would shoot any American if ordered. When you employ a man, you own him. It goes for your local librarian, professors, public school teachers, cops, firefighters, and everyone involved with government.

16 Responses to “Winning By Attrition”

  1. One of the main subjects a white woman interested in helping her race should study is midwifery.

    With the cost of child-bearing so high for young, employed whites, midwifery can break the yoke the hospital-system has, while at the same time delivering a healthier, more autonomous child.

  2. This is your best post yet.

    Congratulations on growing, from thinking tactically, to learning to plot strategically. It’s not substituting the later for the former, but learning both. There is no need to discard knowledge. It doesn’t displace earlier subjects in the mind; brain capacity is near infinite.
    Today’s Barfdon™ has proven they can be taught anything and led anywhere. They parrot robotically the MLK/Green PC-isms taught by their FatFemineist Teachaz despite their peril at being left behind as GenStupidest – without jobs even.

    The biggest problem is their Bottomless Expectation of Entitlement. That is tragically mated to a congenital laziness totally blunting their anger – in disappointment at not getting that $760,000 a year job testing WoW 25.0

    They have the reason to rebel and the capacity of youth, but their laziness trumps all. This lot is a veritable GenLumpenBrandon; only these useless slugs’ selfish neglect of their future babies will breed the Barbarous AnimalGen suited to act upon their anger, their hatred of The System.

  3. The laziness is a problem. BTW I saw a grossly obese button mashing faggot become a hyperkinetic tweaker running around the streets looking for drugs. He lost a lot of weight. Addiction to stimulants and cigs has been a huge improvement for this kid! It probably added 20 years o his shitty, squalid life.

  4. There needs to be some REAL positive reason for the children and grandchildren of White ‘baby boomers’ to do the obvious and advocate for their own race. Scary statistics won’t do it, neither will explaining how Whites are targeted for extinction won’t do it. Every other race but the White race advocates for itself. Some of the problems that have contributed greatly to this phenomenon is the propaganda in the mainstream media, the educational system, and the churches. The biggest reason for Whites not advocating for their race is the ‘government’, which has made it ILLEGAL for Whites to do so. Whites are forbidden–by Federal ‘law’– to have White advocacy groups, White-only neighborhoods, White-only schools, White-only businesses, White-only social clubs, etc. Every other race is allowed, nee, ENCOURAGED to do so. The Federal ‘government’ gives these groups financing to do so. We’ve gone from a White country to an anti-White country with the help of our political employees and enemies in the Federal government, who are using the money that’s paid for from our tax dollars.
    What can we do, as individuals, in our own communities? We could be like the Golden Dawn, and give clothing and food to needy White families that are turned down by the Federal ‘government’ and it’s Social Services programs. Unlike the Golden Dawn, we should do it quietly, under the guise of ‘Christian’ charity. We could visit hospitals and VA centers, visiting the sick and lonely. We could do it by providing free daycare for needy White families. There are several ways to do a lot of good for our race, but it will have to be done quietly–without fanfare or self-promoting ego. When the people whom we help start wondering about such ‘good’ people and asking questions, THEN we can promote our views. That’s how Christianity grew, and that’s how the White advocacy will grow.
    Practically, we also need web-savvy people to help. We need lawyers. We need community political leaders who will run for office under the radar. We’re smart enough to do this, but it will only succeed if we work together.

  5. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Bitching, whining. Simply ask which Jews have “white privilege”, and see the house of cards tumble.

  6. The small liberal arts schools still turn out the delusional white libtard gurls. If you ask me a cynic to the core, they are merely human sacrifices to the colored orcs, but that will be their problem, no white knighting from me.

    And FWIW and IMO those gurls are basically a two question interrogation from the usual gurly breakdown, don’t waste your time with essays they never hear them. That is if you have to waste time with them, if not ignore them or help them find the public transit to the colored ghetto.

    [see glossary: here, we label “delusional white libtard gurls” with a conceptual name of Today’s Britnees!®]

  7. Animal rights and the gay bullshit have been created to be able to place Britnees in a nice safe environment for them to be useful to the organized left. Urban uplift amongst the orcs is not a nice place, but the Britnees remember their cult indoc and that was some scary shit so they still mouth the “anti-racist” party line. Myself I would sell a Britnee for two AKs to some mino, no white knight BS from me.

    True story, many years ago I worked across from a Humane Society kitty and puppy shelter. While most folks were there to walk Fido or shovel shit from Tabby there was gurl Britnee in her lefty uniform holding a seminar for 5 white girls and teaching them the religion of animal rights. Britnee even had a prayer ritual for the girls to humiliate themselves into. Any way to make this short these indocs were conducted on Sats and the first Saturday it was 5 white girls (and one very bored blonde girl twirling her braid), second Sat it was 3 white girls (blonde gone) and third Sat it was one brunette girl left to listen to Gurl Britnee indoc them into “niceness.” Moral of story, its not completely hopeless.

    Any way you guys are smart worldly types, do you think two AKs for a Britnee is a good deal?

    [ed note: before trading with coloreds, ensure Britnee’s snatch has been filled with your jizz. then, pick the trading spot. put a good shot – or two – in the bushes to retrieve those AKs and reuse Teh Britnee. Repeat as necessary. Look up and research thoroughly the concept of: “Stalking Horse”] Keep Britnee undamaged so as not to damage the merchandise.

  8. The WW2 and Boomer generation was unsurprisingly liberal. They were a product of the paradise white America, where even if you were dirt poor family farmer in Missouri, you felt optimistic about the future. The Southerners knew the score on race, but nobody listened to them. Lack of eloquent speakers on the subject was part of the problem.

    So America went along with Civil Rights. And this is important, and something I haven’t seen mentioned by those who decry the 50s/60s liberal acquiescence: when you are a 1954 American, you feel sorry for the skinny little pickaninnies you never actually see or hear, and all you know of them is that they say “yes suh, no suh” a lot, humbly and old black men tip their hats to white teenage boys. So you, a 1950s resident of a nuclear superpower with a bright future for your kids, throw the hateful inbred Southerner under the bus and you reason, “what’s wrong with a little bit of Civil Rights?”

    In a way, you wouldn’t be al that wrong, knowing what you know then. Blacks were concentrated in the South, and in a few ghettos in cities you ever visit. They were 10% of the population. Thrown them a bone, America will go on and your future is till glorious. If that were all there was to that unpleasant business of Bull Connor’s fire hoses, you would not be wrong.

    But the WW2 and Boomer generations didn’t expect this:

    – 1965 Immigration Act, which put ugly brown faces everywhere come the 1990s.
    – Affirmative Action
    – Removal of Christian symbolism form the public sphere
    – Bill Clinton’s Diversity Visa lottery
    – Section 8 destruction of white suburbs
    – Middle class’s loss of immunity to diversity
    – Mudsharking
    – Anti-white propaganda
    – Hey Hey Ho Ho western Civ has got to Go!
    – In-your-face nigger grins on TV and in printed ads
    – etc.

  9. (That was me – PA, BTW)
    – biggest one: Mexican/Central American invasion that began in the 80s and exploded under GWB.

    [you have THE most fucked-up menagerie of spam-marked email addies in Internet History…]

  10. Firepower and MW write extensively about boomers and millennials but they rarely ever attack Gen X.

    You can easily tell which group they belong to. What people avoid talking about can also be revealing.

    Gen X might not make anything worse but the present itself is so bad that containment is not a solution.

    • Perhaps, you mischievous minx…yet:

      GenX gets so little attention from me because never has such a highly touted “rebellious” generation done absolutely nothing but serve as Establishment Bootlickers to Clintone-0-bama – then also serve up their kids as Junior PC Shitler Youth.

      GenX are the filth that raised Today’s Brandon!™. The filth that cheers when PC Government Hiee Skool awards Today’s Britnee!™ her 12th place Football trophy. They coo when Britnee brings home her swollen womb filled with a Pickaninny.

      Latter GenX ‘rents who demand a fresh bay-bee to cuddle (after Brandon & Britnee become unrecognizable from tats and ear stretchers) also pump out Tomorrow’s Justins™.

      You’ll never determine my cohort… by detecting whom I do not hate…


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