Firepowerian Methods of Interrogation

by Firepower

MARVY¹ Jordies get extensive training in SERES. Problem is: It doesn’t work. How many Jordies do you see captured and lingering as POWs today?  No cheesy bracelets or dismal/dopey black flags. When they’re caught, they divulge everything under harsh torture – and then they’re killed.  Fear works. When you know your captors will yes indeed-fucking-kill you if you do not divulge, the threat of death is the prime mover and you will betray all, even if it means one more night of life – especially one more. This is why “hard” Murkan interrogations failed.

The other successful way is… Being Nice. It worked well on The Gitmo Guys. It works well on everybody. Murkans are great at giving away free goodies to pets; they can afford it.  That, and the burgeoning growth of technology means….…. surveillance everywhere to get what they want. You will find Bugging Hitler’s Soldiers very interesting – as well as the foolish comments from Not-So Stormy Front ShutzStaffel types on Disqus:

The captors got all the stuff they wanted and more – with things they never even thought to seek as the cherry on top.

The majority of any training has a sure practical value. However in our situation, where no concrete action is undertaken or even practically planned, it is tantamount to expecting failure over victory. Operatives trained to kneel in the corn row with their hands tied will never run and fly.  If you get caught, you’re as dead as John Allen Muhammad.

Kamikazes were not trained to endure interrogation. Their backs were against the wall and they were outnumbered. Same thing with those Fabulous Flying Manhattan WTC Camel Jockeys.  Damn A-rab SandNiggers!² – we’re much more valiant with our Freedom of Speech as Freedom of TV TALKYTalk..

Uncle Ho said:

Even the tiniest of fleas can drive the largest dog mad…

Like the Informed Rednecks so effectively say: Silly gooker²: What did he know…

¹Marines, ARmy & naVY
²Niggerspickikery of the highest, most effective order achieving 100% real objectives. Gets REAL results!

31 Comments to “Firepowerian Methods of Interrogation”

  1. Few people can resist niceness. It’s good psychology. If the US really wanted to destroy the Muslims, they’d airdrop computers with free wifi. You can use a person’s own vices against them.

    I’ve found alot of insight from interrogation training. From one POV, the US is a giant prison. Like living in a a glass house. One has to learn to operate in such an environment.

    We don’t have the numbers the kamikazis had, or even al Queda do. We have very few WNs built to be able to do direct action. Each is precious.

    The only op an untrained person can pull is a suicide mission. If things get so bad that he has to choose death or capture, his preparation was bad. He didn’t do the work. You should never be put to the wall like that. It’s too much time in the kill zone, lack of escape plan or not planning for contingencies.

    Interrogation….is the worst possible outcome. Getting shot is much easier. If you can endure interrogation, everything else on Earth is easy. The training becomes routine, the studying becomes routine.

    If you want a different sort of fighter, you need a different method. To me, WN begins in the box. You have to learn how to escape prison and become active. It’s a symbolic act which has great relevence for the journey. You have to be able to break your chains – the mental ones, the physical ones. How to resist your captures, even when you don’t have the gun.

    • Be aware, if you operate independently, you end as McVeigh’s wimpy Army conspirator: Nothing left worth divulging, rotting until your death imprisoned forever with rotating colored gang kingpins, each who parole 30 years ahead of you.

      You never want to be caught. Plan for that instead of imagined Heroica Nebulung McCainiac resistance in some Hanoi Hilton/Harrisburg Hilton USA. You will be forgotten until you are too aged to warrant fear.

  2. If we see the ideal interrogation as one inducing us to spill plans and actions for the creation of WN while our savagely zealous enemies attempt to destroy these creations before fertilization THEN the obvious tack would be total realization. The WN ideal can never be reached. But the less than WN ideal IS ALL ABOUT and that is the best we should expect. And with this simple and truthful flip of the frame there will be less to give the enemy. He must decide whether in his lost cause (WN is already created, here and now) is just the wanton desire to murder? The principle of radical autonomy must allow white Supremacy or “it” self-annihilates.

  3. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    And that is why a religion that promises the faithful the opportunity to TORTURE the enemies of God WITH THEIR OWN HANDS is so powerfull…

    • The emasculated Xtian,
      prancing about in pissy diapers,
      trying to hammer his erections away with G-Ziss

      Is a far inferior warrior than the Muslim who gleefully beheads such repugnant abortions

  4. It seems that the “emasculated Xtian” is a contradiction in terms and jihadists who behead are just one notch more radical than Western Liberals. The problem is that the most subversive elements within Christianity are white liberals who aren’t about to behead jihadists in the name of Christ so as to bring us “equal” to Muslims.

    [wrong: it is NOT contradiction: “emasculated Xtian” IS a redundant term. I give less a flying fluck about esoteric verbiage and care only who wins]

    • Define win, objectively and subjectively?

      Christianity is a Supremacist doctrine. It can be re-interpreted by its modern adherents. But this does not change the fact that Christianity is a Supremacist doctrine. The ONLY genuinely Supremacist doctrine. Such that all other “doctrines” are anti-Supremacist in relation. If you are in the business of predicting outcomes while subsequently manipulating fragments of the physical now then it is important to understand this when conducting business. The process of perpetuating self-annihilators is a fragile one and always susceptible to rapid idealization overcoming any external effort at perpetuation.

    • You don’t seem to understand that a Christian taking the fight to a self-annihilator means to save him and not kill him BUT it does not suggest for one second that a Christian must die at the hands of his murderer without a fight. There are clearly duel roles with most “Christians” pondering neither. They neither think of saving self-annihilators or engaging one in a life or death battle. A real Christian would clearly think and train for both both eventualities.

  5. If this is a war of attrition then the goal of perpetuation is shared by all. But we know that just like Western Liberals, jihadists are self-annihilators, also. This is crucial. Perpetuation of self-annihilators is fundamentally parasitic. But as it stands, it is just parasite feeding off parasite for the most part. This process is young though. There is much blood sucking to be had and of course for those seeking to avoid self-annihilation… That’s it. Everyday. Ducking and dodging self-annihilators and their destructive ways. Protecting. Propheteering. Bending, mending, willing. Playing their game to my advantage. Giving their type of radical autonomy a bad taste in your mouth while giving my kind a real sense of freedom. Psychological warfare. Among family and friends. Strangers are the backdrop. Internecine at the root.

  6. I think to envision interrogation as in “under the heat lamp ready to be slaughtered” is far more improbable than being under interrogation by a mad media seeking to destroy your livelihood. I think the former is to many a self-fulfilling prophecy that then stands as pretext for an “any means necessary” modus operandi. But this has to be granted by any healthy minded white man. If you envision death on account of your “good actions” then your means are wholly justifiable. But I could never trust you. That’s the consequence of radical liberation. There is no loyalty and so one can’t expect trust from anyone. And usually doesn’t if he is intellectually honest.

    But make no mistake… It’s not impossible to perhaps find oneself in the worst case scenario. But real world resources are limited. How much training can you give this highly improbable, but not impossible, future scenario? Each white man who thinks he might be pushing the envelope need decide with the faculty and experience he has acquired how his training resources should be allocated. I think being under the interrogation of hostile media is something worth contributing more training to and of course being ready to physically fight to death is a given until it just isn’t feasible anymore.

    But pain works… And unless you are willing to hurt yourself in painful ways then you really aren’t training for the worst kind of interrogation. It’s almost impossible really. Something in the mind has to overcome the pain to overcome the interrogation.

    • The main point is:
      There is NO way to resist interrogation.

      Your captors will make you talk.
      It also works both ways: If I were to interrogate an enemy, I’d learn his office mate’s address in two days – and his family’s address before the weekend. If I had the time, I’d go the route of the PBS story and dig into the goldmine of unintended revelations.

      Plan another strategy.

  7. Jaeger,

    Self-annihilation is nihilistic. Jihadist VALUE self-annihilation ESPECIALLY when committing mass murder of infidels with fellow Muslims as collateral damage.

    Self-annihilation is a very exalted pathway to Allah. Make no mistake.

    • Most “Muslims” are their enemies in the same way most whites also need to be eradicated. As for martyrdom itself better to die standing than live on your knees that’s a virtue only warriors embrace and despite large bounties on Muzz terrorists they never betray one another either as loyalty is again a warrior virtue.

      • There is a bit of truth and a bit of fluff, but otherwise, assessing the individual natures of Muslims in order to make life and death determinations is simply untenable. If you worship a radically autonomous god then you declare yourself radical autonomist. This is to be feared or imitated. BUT never trusted. The true liberationist… The one who will mass murder fellow jihadists in order to murder one infidel in an act of self-annihilation to attain 72 virgins… He is not to be exalted. In fact, it could be argued that the wars in the ME were won by attrition as the jihadists mass murdered sufficient numbers of fellow Muslims to have the American-led forces essentially withdraw.

      • There is no fellowship in the old world clans, cliques, class, and caste dominate Europe/Asia.

        You view their politics from an altruistic Anglo-American perspective the mistake of an outsider.

    • Martyrdom is nihilistic? Dying for your Faith is nihilistic?

      Christianity and autonomy? You one of those christian libertarians or something?

      You know the thing about white male liberals? They have a problem with death and pain.

      if you have a son you have done your duty and can die, Spartan style.

      • Jaeger,

        You have a particular understanding of “dying” that inexplicably exalts self-annihilating acts of murder. In the hierarchy of jihad, simply murdering infidels is a lesser act of pure jihad than murdering infidels via an act of physical self-annihilation. Clearly then, SELF-ANNIHILATION in worship to an autonomous god IS MORE VALUED than simply killing “unbelievers” on his behalf. Self-annihilation should not be exalted ESPECIALLY when motivated by a false understanding of reality. In fact, it is the embrace of a false reality that is self-annihilating.

  8. The best outcome of a relationship with an enemy would be inducing Stockholm Syndrome in that enemy and then sending him back as a spy against the people who sent him. If the Symbionese Liberation Army clowns can do it to heiress Patty Hearst, it can’t be that hard.

    Speaking of which, that would make some great rading. I think I’ll buy the book:

    Not that I’m planning to induce Stockholm Syndrome in anyone, but it’s one of those things worth knowing.

  9. The understanding that your enemies have an insatiable desire for self-annihilation is one of the most paradoxical questions facing the white Supremacist. Self-annihilation is clearly infectious. Highly infectious. Save and Kill. Save and Kill. But it has to be done truthfully. Yet, do nothing but hide and the problem self-annihilates. This is where so many white male liberals find themselves.

  10. Defensive warfare in general is a waste of time. The best defense is a good offense.

    We’ll see shortly if security at the winter Olympics in Russia stops Umarov’s militants.

    • I’m recommending FP add you as a writer, PKS. There’s just too many things for one man to look at. I’m still working on the Brazil movies. You should specialize in the Doku dude.

  11. FP, what is your recommendation if captured?

    Captured by police, captured by military, and captured by irregulars.

    • First, never get captured.
      If you do…well, there’s a reason highly trained professional CIA/KGB personnel carried Cyanide.

      Always keep the last bullet for yourself.

      In a “civilized” society, police must respect Constitutional Rights. It’s a game that those vids of yours showed how to play. However, in a decaying society, police become Honduran Death Squads.

      The military will torture you with sleep deprivation and waterboarding etc. Watch the opening minutes of Zero Dark Thirty. It is improbable to withstand 30 interrogators who’ll get medals and corner offices in the Pentagon for doing so, while the interrogated get lifetime blindfolds in Gitmo.

      Irregulars will use a blowtorch on your balls. It’s best to try a 20/80 chance and convince them you were tricked to fight for the enemy. Most likely, they’ll kill you anyway.

      It’s better to die than be captured. Look how Abe Lincoln’s Wondrous Union treated Confederate prisoners of war. We didn’t even do that to WW2 Japs.

      Don’t think of it like being captured by the FBI, but settlers being captured by Apaches.

      • That is a good comment. Perhaps it would lend an air of sobriety if it’s understood that if you’re in danger of capture, you have to kill yourself. Maybe then people would take their escape plans more seriously.

    • Jay,

      So you are telling me that if you donned Christianity in the manner it what made to be donned that you would be weaker in harassing Uncle Beast? How so?

  12. I understand what you are saying. I lament what so-called Christianity has become.

  13. Despite all the material shortages in Fortress Europe, the Nazis also could be nice:

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