Why the ALT-Right Will Fail: the altright is SWPL

by Firepower

Tweeting… Takes Itz Toll!

Actually, the ALT-Right (AR) has already failed.  The entire right has failed: Look at “Mitt Romney” and look at who’s in the White House.  Does that look like WINNING to you?  And why must I need point that out??

ARs are chicks.  They’re the chick who’s madly in love with you one second , then when you tell her “hey, babe: don’t wear your Slutty Nurse Costume to my grandma’s Halloween party”  they suddenly hate you and never call again.  It’s the MySpace/FaceBook/Twitter-sphere mentality of instant befriending & defriending.  I hate that you like Pokémon and The Beach Boys so therefore…I hate you and goodbye forever.

ARs are Feudin’ Rap Stars.  Arguing about who’s got the most bling and who called who’s momma a bitch.  Stupid shit.  Girl shit.

They just lost their caps:

Other ar “heroes” banned me instantly for disagreeing with them for longer than a day.  Piggy, Roosh (temporarily)  and Foney Ferdinand.

The modern ar has zero tolerance for disagreement.  It’s either True  Love Always! or Goodbye!! Forever!!!  Either response is full of Drama.  Even that was long ago already better described as histrionicsliufy

This is how chicks reason – how children think.  Dude Drama is ridiculous.  Far worse, this hypocrisy is just…merely sensed by the recently dumbed|down as something they cannot quite describe, but “fee-yull!”  Brandons & Britnees© were never taught the definition of hypocrisy.  Certainly not by Their SupreHero Women:  Single Mommy & Super-Teacher.  They feel it, but cannot get their degenerated brains to act on it.  Thus, they respond in maniacal ways.   They’re ADD and Bi-Polar Syndrome all wrapped up in a quivering bow of politics.  You can see it here, in the behavior of The Ex-EradicansBoth Left and “alt right” are the product of Fucked-up Murka.

I’ve only “banned” three commenters – and not for mere disagreeing.  Most don’t dare disagree with me but these twerps got so mad during battle, they became sockpuppets and started the stupid “Firepower is a cum-guzzling cock sucker!!! nyahh nyah waaah!!!!”  Yes, I mean you, Pat Hannagan. The other is an insane Manboob Drone. Curiously, both these divergent sides of the political spectrum resort to the same tactics.  I forbid childish tantrums to embarrass Eradica.

I normally keep correspondence confidential, but this fella hates me now – so why give a shit.  Besides, it’s nothing he should’ve kept hidden; he should’ve written about it here.  (Men’s Rights Movementers, please note the proper use of the word should...also: please stfu until you actually accomplish a positive action.  oh, then look up what “action” means…)

This is the perfect example of why alt-blight has failed.

Here’s the latest in The Rule of Total Agreement:

I wanted to shoot you a note formally to let you know I’ll stop contributing to eradica. Thanks for the opportunity. A couple of guys invited me to write for them at their site, and I like what they are trying to do, and will be sending stuff there. Because of this, I did not want to post to your site as well. I’ll still check your site because you have some good ideas. I also wanted to let you know that I got tired of the WN stuff and you ripping on the other guys within the realm of the alt-right. I’m not WN, and sniping at others’ work is off-putting. Your idea of the five fingers of liberalism and the feudal enclaves stuff is smart work that people don’t publish elsewhere. Your commentary on the devolution of men into Brandons/Jaydens is smart. Your theory on what the elites are trying to do culturally is a good one, and I buy your view that cheap money is the key (it’s my thought as well). If you build on that, you’ll reach a wider audience, if that is your goal.

 Besides the other guy’s inviting me to work with them, this feeling started with the anti-Chuck post and cemented with the anti-Roosh post. A post ripping on Chuck, Ferd/Matt Forney, Roosh or Roissy/Heartistse is just annoying and sounds like sour grapes, junior high crap. There is something annoying about everyone, myself included, but posting about it is childish. Having exchanged emails with Chuck, he’s a good guy trying to hustle out there doing investigations and getting published. He isn’t selling himself like the multiple d-bags that populate the PUA writers. His work on the Oberlin hoax blew up big time, which takes effort and dedication. It’s old timey reporting, revealing something that is hidden and covered up, not progressive propaganda. For you to allow a quick hit to publish sniping at him and insinuating things about his sexuality and other shit is fucking ridiculous. Outright claiming it or hinting at someone being gay or bi as a way to denigrate or chip away at their position is weak. Slam someone on their actions or behavior. By posting on them, you define yourself through others. We’re on this planet for a reason or purpose, and we all have to find it. I know mine, and I walk that path. I’ll never measure myself versus someone else because by doing so I let my value be defined by another, therefore I will never find true happiness. You have good ideas, develop those, personal attacks just make you look petty. Thanks for the opportunity at a wider audience, and good luck with eradica.


The Old Derbyshire

I wrote anti-piggi anti-ferdiChrist posts long before I invited sobl.  Heresy! I’m the blog that dare shouted  “umm…wait a minute” to the heart of HRH Foney World and then, he banned me.  I didn’t even sprinkle my responses with “fuck and shit.”  The Foney-Piggi Nexus is the SPLC of ALTRight’s version of its own PC world, with AmRen leading the quest to fill the entire Internet with comments from five years ago.

I have contempt for sobl’s heroes because they’re ‘grecyclers. I wrote of it long ago in:

So, here’s the reply I sent to sobl1:

Your comments are appreciated.

You take things much too serious. Invective against The Sacred Big Three is the same as invective directed against anyone on the left. It’s just nobody likes it when it’s their ox being gored.

Piggi merely filters Coulter/Krauthammer ideas and recycles the same. If I wanted to read The Daily Outrage, I’d skip the B Team and just read the original writers – or waste less eye strain and listen to Rush; I don’t. It’s the same old gripes from the Clinton Era; nothing’s been done about those decades-old sins, so there’s your proof of ineffectiveness. AmRen is a bottomless comment Echo Chamber of venting. Their News Cycle of Gloom brings in reader$. Comments there 3 years ago do nothing. They merely add senseless volume to fill the ocean of Dead Comments and clog the sewer. AmRen is a graveyard of gripe.

I never heard of Oberlin and had to google it. It was such a blip it didn’t even warrant a FOXNews Sheppy bleat. If folks forgot about Christopher Lane in 2 days and Trayvon in 5, Oberlin was forgot 3 weeks ago.

Those guys you blogroll all want to be published. That’s what the internet is for. It’s what it does. Their words did get out. You are letting them confuse you when you accept their rationale at face-value of “getting published” when it is fame they really seek. A guest spot on Hannity.

You calling me childish and other names does not bother me as I have no need to use the tactic. I did expect you to contact me (but long ago) and not just because you noticed I removed you.

I got the impression that you understood these things.


As much as I despise copycat hacks, I actually despise their stupid flocks of gullible MooCow Brandons more.  They are both straight out of Idiocracy.  They are Beleibers – that their state (status quo) is the Bestest Special Snowflake Ever! – when all they actually do is sprinkle MOAR BRAWNDO on the corn.

I see it as pretty stupid when The ALT-Right Rule of True Love Always Phase kicks in and sobl admires his new girl piggi for “The Oberlin Hoax.”  I never heard of it and had to google it:  when I did, I saw clearly that sobl admires Ross for an incident that Michelle Malkin, National Review, Gawker and The Daily Caller also wrote about.  Ladies & Gentlemen: Grecycling Personified.  I rest my case:


Big Time Writin’ Stars® like Michelle Malkin or Rich Lowry won’t stoop to piddly in-person reporting tp put out every “mini-Oberlin fire” that pops up:  That game’s called Whack-A-Mole.  Besides, they’d never deign to leave the luxury of their $15 Million Manhattan Penthouses.  D’nesh D’Souza created the most successful documentary ever – Obama’s America – and nobody remembered him… until I just mentioned it.  He got Derbed before there was a Derb – and Derb-Derbing.  Worse yet, nobody gives a shit about “The Derb” anymore, either.  Sick and unemployed, Piggi should “investigate” how much FedTit Cash Our He-row|Derbo collects for his disability.


Use your SAT analogy test skills.  Relative to what I name the AltBlog Media™ – Foney is to FOXNews what Firey is to Foney.  I haven’t been counting:  Have I used any “fucking fucker cocksucking cum-guzzler faggot-fucker!” epithets yet?  Keep counting…

Devotees of blog recycling love the “inimitably insouciant, delicately refined chic of Piggi/Foney topicality embodying today’s… blah bla” as The New Derbyshire.

BFD:  We already have the Old Derbyshire.  They love the “reasoned restraint of their gentle persuasion and delicate reportage”.  Guess what:  You already have that too – it’s called the Republican Party.  You already have “civilized” argument from both sides.  THAT is called “Presidential Elections” and look what ya got.

I have learned a new concept, that The Brandons aren’t only “the reader” but also the ostensible “guru writer.”  They are elevated by a Personality Cult mentality that The PC 1980’s lousy parenting “skills” created.  The overarching failure you experience in today’s Murka is the reality come to fruition from the past warnings of what happens when you don’t spank your child – and give him the “time out” instead.  The contamination of Murka is complete:  First the Leftists’ coddled children explored toddler life in Hippie Communes and now the Alt-Right plugs its ears when somebody disagrees.

Unlike sobl1’s thin-skinned idols deploring and banning dissension and critique, I lack that fear.  He is free to comment but he won’t.  Nor will Conchi or Hips etc.   In 30 years, these will be the “wise” old men – and God help them with the crop of sub-literate youth that’ll surround them in the future.

All this type wants to do is Yap-MOAR.  They’ll be the perfect candle-light, cow-patty heated reading material for Tomorrow’s FlyFarmerz™.  More writing about the writing.  Writing about the investigating that another investigator is writing about a writer who’s investigating writing an investigation of what Rush talked about.  Then, you get a joker like HR who does  Saturday Night Live! skits about it.  Yep, all this will really change things.  The only change is: In 50 years you’ll be wearing fully loaded Geriatric Depends Shitpants while listening to Brandon Extreem 2000’s opinion on “politics and like, stuff.”

Amazingly, I now even see smart people creaming themselves on resurrected posts/articles written in 1999.  Just what is there about a 14-year-old “letter to the editor” preceding your present views that resembles victory?   It’s fourteen years of the same shit with your thumb up your ass.  Those thumbs must be black, atrophied & stinky by now.

They are the same tainted product of Murka as are LNs and OWSKidz; they are all cut from the same degenerated cloth. The only difference is The Right are powerless and helpless.

Those on the right are scared to act, so they placate themselves with using more writing as a substitute for change.


60 Responses to “Why the ALT-Right Will Fail: the altright is SWPL”

  1. I’m scared to act, FP. I’ve got to overcome misinformation about the nature of the enemy. My own laziness. Contraints on my own ability to train and study.

    Action is hard. I would never put someone down for not acting. Very, very few people can do it. The first thing one has to overcome is your own fear. That’s a huge hurdle.

    And then of course, those who do act are not accepted as heros. Kaczynski, McVeigh, Breivik, bin Laden – these are the heros of our age. But almost no one publicly admires them. We don’t have to love them, but we shouldn’t condemn them.

    If you can’t do it and get away with it, don’t do it in the first place. We are all going along for the ride until the enemy makes a mistake or we gain some sort of ability.

    • That is understandable.

      Thus if you were in a prison serving a life sentence, you may have valid fears escape attempts would provoke beatings from the guards.

      This is a rational conclusion, but you nevertheless remain in that prison until you die. So, you live your remaining years in captivity. It’s just the way it is.

      You can expect nothing from inaction but more of the same things that aggrieve you.

  2. “Amazingly, I now even see smart people creaming themselves on resurrected posts/articles written in 1999.”

    Which ones?

    {I propose you a Modern Riddle of the Sphinx:
    What goes with its mind in the clouds at morning
    It’s head in the sand at noon
    And its knees in the dirt at evening?}

  3. I lolled at Richard Spencer aka (Wiliam F. Buckley Jr. jr.) getting himself a hostile write up in Salon.

    The face of urbane WN got suckered by an attractive reporterette who then proceeded to slice and dice him in her write up.

    Don’t talk to reporters. Don’t do journalism period. Reporting is Anglo-bs All third-world papers do propaganda, not journalism.

    Informing people of the facts is b.s.You win the mob’s heart by showing, not telling.

  4. It is true.
    Action is the cure to whining. Or whatever ails you.
    Sitting down doing nothing – no mattter the reason – will net you what inaction always does – decay and decline.

    You want something to change you have to do something…or adjust your attitude and be content…or delude yourself that you are doing something when you aren’t.

    That hard and that simple.

  5. I dunno, Spencer got his message out there to a lot of people through that interview.

    It wasn’t as much of a hatchet job as I expected. I don’t see how it could possibly hurt the cause, it probably helps it a little bit. So it’s much more valuable than what I did today… posting on the internet.

    • Elaborate on your assertion.

      Explain how Salon ever benefited “our side”
      That’s like expecting a 1950’s Pravda article to help HUAC

      [from your name, i expect you to get the reference]

      • Simple, Salon intended the piece to be negative but they didn’t do a very good job of writing it, so Spencer didn’t come off all that badly. Spencer was able to use the piece to get some more publicity for his ideas.

        Sometimes bad publicity is bad publicity but sometimes bad publicity is good publicity.

        WN will not be damaged by this piece (there isn’t much to damage) but it may get a few people interested in the movement as it gets passed around the web.

        It’s not much, but it’s not nothing.

    • I don’t understand:

      What message? Is Spencer a televangelist? Alt-Right is acting like we’re still a democracy and trying to “influence the public”

      There is no “message” to get out to the SWPL types.

      Not only that, following the leftist model like Spencer did is a dead end. Leftist tactics don’t work for us. Throw away your Rules for Radicals book.

  6. Too bad about SOBL but at least he didn’t leave like a total bitch but no matter how “smart” someone is emotion dominates their thinking. That’s why people identify with the likes of roosh as he “uplifted” them. No matter what his other flaws are he is cemented into their minds that way. Internships and the military have age cutoffs for similar reasons. They want people who they can shape and will forever be devoted to them.

    • True, they want – need – Janissaries.

      sobl behaved sort of adequately; he was not a bitch. Still, he should’ve had the balls to comment his dissent earlier, instead of “breaking up SNEAKY” like a chick.

      He’s free to post here, as is Phat Panigger. The latter must behave. The certifiable manboob schizo…nope.

  7. Well since I’m name-checked here:

    1. Do I even count as an “ex-eradican?” On the first thread about my blog, you mentioned that I had never commented before. Other than the three humor articles, I rarely participated. I was never an eradican.
    [ed note: no shit you weren’t. unlike ya’ll we here don’t adhere to the Secret Transmitting Tooth Implant theories. you were invited because of your rowing skills and repaid an invitation to dinner by pissing on the rug. you do not mesh well in a group as evidenced so you should be grateful you can still post, which again reinforces my claims of your Chronic Ingratitude Disease]

    2. When I did take it seriously, I realized I just don’t support you. Not just the guns! guns! guns! thing, but you even got Snowden and Manning wrong (I’ve written half a dozen articles on Snowden on my blog. The Snowden story, especially, is so utterly hokey – he stole top secret NSA files with his keyfob! Let me whip up a Visual Basic GUI for that!) What makes you think we aren’t involved with offshore data centers? Just because it doesn’t happen on eradica doesn’t mean it’s not happening.
    [you take a simple point and belabor it into incomprehensible incongruity…LIUFY]

    3. Don’t get butthurt over “faggot” – come on, Brandon the Button Mashing Faggot is my favorite Firepowerism. I never went to the level of “cum guzzling” and the like, it was you that posted some homo video because I thought Ryu might be a woman. (You still don’t convince me, Ryu, work on it.)
    [you are getting noidy…hinky. I do respect your commenting your views while sobl prefers plenty of “hide” to his “seeking”. I foresee him toiling away in Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign envelope-licking basement. Good Job…
    evidently, you think “eradican” is me. he/she is not. all humorists have a loose screw and are slightly twisted. when they become “too far gone” they become Andy Kaufman, Chris Farley …or Don Adams]

    4. Saturday Night Live did more damage to the cause in the 70/80s than all the guns in the country. We’re in a cultural battle, but too many are still thinking guns! guns! guns!
    [there’s been no Gun Revolution – just what the NYT hypes. So, keep on churning away with the Humor N’ Tweetin’ Act. it’s working wonders and by 2084 you’ll look great storming Bunker Hill 2.0]

    5. My intuition is usually right; anti-9/11 truthers are still living in fantasy world with Osamba the Boogie Man. Even Sy Hersh, Establishment Journalist just called the entire SEAL raid killing Bin Laden a “hoax.” 9/11 truth was mainstream among the elites and the smart set way back since 2003 at least. Just read the public statements from the Commissioners. I know, it’s very hard to admit you fell for a hoax.
    [yeesh. who did it? The Bilderburgers, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Rothschilds or The Illuminati?]

    Your next article should be titled, “Why Eradica Will Fail.”

    [if you can disprove my assertions, fine – go ahead. other than that, take your goofball conspiracy crap about Ryu’s gender and my “FBI affiliations” and stick them up Barbara Feldon’s wrinkled balloon-knot. Konspiracy Kookery has been around since FDR. It is the original FAIL in exposing, punishing and eradicating their enemies. you…are now allied with failures]

  8. Oh my this post was very dramatic.

    [ed note: duh! it’s cuz I’m a chick. let’s talk about gardening]

  9. Taboos, our essayists never challenge them, they merely quibble the edges of respectability. Have you ever heard or read a manboob ask this question, “Feminism who believes in this shit anyway?” Nope. Or, “Racial equality you got any fucking proof for that stupid theory?” Nope.

    And don’t get me going on our “leaders”, take the guy that MW brayed on and on about in ND, he gets some airtime with a jew and spent it quibbling details about judeo-bolshevism in 1943. Spencer did little better.

    You are right they are little Brandons at daycare answering to Big Momma Jew headmistress.

    • All sides are perpetual children from being raised in Murka. Not only Murka, but most Western peoples.

      You may or may not know I once associated with Pat Hannagan. He wrote well and avoided TDO and JAN. Last I heard he was at a site called “Cheechars(?)” and was arguing with Cheech on Hitler’s 1938 Farm Tractor Putsch. The fixation on such obscure, empty notions is insanity. But…to a child-like mentality, displaying expertise in esoteric areas gives that child a stick to beat others with: “SEE? I’m better than YOU!”

      I wrote on many of these issues earlier in Eradica as a means to elaborate my purpose; to avoid TDO and call a Spade a Spade. And, frankly, to beat-up hypocrites who beat around the bush in order to get published. then get that juicy guest spot on Hannity! to promote their 3rd book explaining what books 1 & 2 actually meant.

      Liberals, the FFOL and LNs are implacable and must not be “reasoned” with or explained: They simply must be eradicated.

  10. So why will Eradica succeed where the Alt-right fails?

    Obviously your plan would work if a critical mass of people magically came to believe in it… but that can be said about most plans. Nobody is anywhere near approaching that critical mass.

    • Eradica is different. It avoids the repetitive recycling of TDO and NAJ and explains totally new concepts like Feudal America, Liberal Nazism and the FFFOL. (Search unfamiliar terms in the Glossary at the top of the homepage and explore the category cloud links.)

      As such, Eradica is The Next Step of further advancement over most blogs (Foseti, Piggi) and several steps ahead of pointless griping on AmRen – and Tweeting. Eradica is, in short, different.

      Like all advanced processes, Eradica is only as good as the people who recognize this advancement and share it with others, propelling us onward to the next advancement.

      It’s recognized it is often easier to “share” confidentialities with strangers: I don’t intend to write forever and disclose all my secrets.

      I believe if you tell people how to figure things out, they are smart and will; if not, they deserve their own obsolescence.

  11. What I like about Eradica is it offers an Attitude Adjustment for Actionists.

    We’re screwed. The world is so tightly controlled that defeating the controllers in this lifetime isn’t possible.

    The good old days aren’t coming back. Get ready. Change your lifestyle. You can succeed in a failing totalitarian state.

  12. The failure of alt-right is the crucial feature in its programming.

    alt-righter = “white” male liberal.

    The “white” male liberal believes his grasp of science will allow him to transcend his primitive self. But he also rejects Supremacy in general and white Supremacy in particular. So your typical alt-righter is in a perpetual no man’s land. More radically autonomous than your most noxious liberals. He won’t completely self-annihilate and he will not strive towards Supremacy as a white man. He utterly fails to acknowledge that science can not give him the power to transcend his “white” liberal male-dumb.

    And so this is what the alt-righter really is…

    “White” male liberal and nothing more.

  13. That Norwegian guy read alt-Right blogs.

  14. Jay, I am taking my writing about as far as it can go.

    Not only would it be unwise to cross the line, but the majority of WNs want to be the hero. No WN will ever be recognized as a hero, not even by other WNs. Certainly the MSM would never, ever put a positive spin on a racist action.

    No one likes McVeigh, even though his bombing scared the USG from doing more Wacos and Ruby Ridges. That is the fate of heros today, to rot in jails while the rest of us cowards whine.

    At Eradica, we take it as far as we can. If people can’t get it from what we provide, they need to stay away from WN. If a man can’t use his own mind and read between the lines, better not to get involved.

  15. The dirty little secret is that “white” male liberals with above average intelligence have a lot of destruction to be held accountable for and these various movements (alt-right, HBD, MRM, neo-reaction) are all smokescreens to obscure this fact. These nerdy “white” males aren’t about to get bloody BUT are fixing to get their lessers dead in the street. Just as genuine white Supremacist is the tie that binds all liberationist movements, “white” male liberal is the coercion that sheepifies the dull-witted “other.”

  16. Pat Hannagan is a Hero of the West. Recant your blasphemy or face the wrath of Allah!

  17. Have you ever strayed from the internet whilst drawing your insights?

    Take three urban slut machines from okcupid out on dates: after an hour, when they inevitably ask, admit to two of them that you did vote for McCain, but have since seen the error of your ways. Tell the third that you went back in time and voted for Hitler. See which one opens up their vagina as a runway canal to usher you in as soon as Air Roosh is cleared.

    • That’s not strong RooshiGame. I’m an even bigger asshole than rooshi, so I know.

      Firepower’s Maxim #69:
      Don’t discuss politics
      With Chix

      If you mistakenly do, say you Vote-0-bama. LibChicks will lay out the slit, and Conservochix will likewise – to shame themselves after either converting or failing to convert you. That’s a win/win.

      If you’re waiting on the tarmac for Air Roosh to finish, that’s your choice – if you also want to bang that hard 6. I also bang sixes in my inventory, but unlike MPUAG GooRoos, I don’t brag about it in books I sell to use as a basis for income.

    • Telling lasses ya’ll “voted fer Hitla”
      only attracts the FATTIES
      numptys and yobs
      or Londumb Paki muzz cunts

  18. Jay,

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why those terms you abhor leave such a bad taste in your mouth. You’re a liberal. Which is to say, NOT a Supremacist, white or otherwise. So you can reject those terms all day long. BUT… You cannot redefine them to suit your ideological orientations.

    A white Supremacist is a white man who strives towards Supremacy. It need go no further than this. In fact, its relevance and relation to you personally is nonexistent if so desired. Furthermore, it’s clearly nonsensical to claim belief in Supremacy as equivalent to a “loser term.” What does that even mean? Now, if you want to readily admit to swallowing whole the liberal caricature of “white supremacy” then just admit it. Otherwise, you speak just like a radical liberal with no racial insight.

    • Jay,

      They told us we couldn’t fight terrorism because we wouldn’t give Jihad its proper name. Now think about fighting FEDCOPS when YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW what you are.

      What are you Jay, exactly? And why do you spend time fighting FEDCOPS under this autonomous existence? Perhaps, you have no better manner in which to define yourself?

    • Furthermore Jay,

      I don’t concern myself with WN. It already exists outside any basement you have in your imaginary mind. It’s a given, but you might have to leave DC to understand that? On the other hand, the choice is clear and the fact that you adopt the rules of the enemy in order to ??? the enemy means what exactly? Let us be clear. If you adopt the Rules of the Games as your rules then how are you winning for anyone but yourself?

  19. The alt-right is a break-away variant of radical liberation. “White” male LIBERALS are the heart and soul of our collective descent. This core splintering is BECAUSE they smell war. So naturally, they go “hard right,” take cover and throw fuel on the fire. What the alt-righter IS NOT is a genuine white Supremacist, i.e., a white man that strives towards Supremacy. As we collectively near Final Liberation… A mass self-annihilation is in order. What could possibly be left? The white man? Cold, hard reality gives the white man, circa 2013, one choice, white Supremacist or self-annihilator?

    And the proof is the alt-righers inability to articulate a true third way that isn’t just an elaborate ode to radical autonomy.

  20. Thordaddy, just curious if you call yourself a White Supremacist in real life or just online.

    I guess I’m a supremacist. If I wasn’t I guess it would be no big deal if we got browned out of existence but I happen to think a world without White people doesn’t deserve to exist. Our people have done the most to civilize this world. I don’t see any of our haters going back to old ways, ie. not using computers, toilets etc.

    At the same time, I don’t say this publicly as the person I’m speaking with will immediately stop listening to me. I don’t call myself anything at all. I just stick to whatever issue we are talking about if I want to be heard.

  21. They’re pussies, as are you. This discussion is occurring in the wrong kind of state, the wrong paradigm.

    You all are thinking about this in the wrong way.

    • Enlighten us, Lagoony

    • Your subtle (weasly) statement could be misconstrued to “not be aimed at me,” so for clarity’s sake, I will aim mine directly at you.

      I don’t know what kind of pussy you’ve had, but to confuse it with clear descriptions of Why the ALT-Right Will Fail via its wavering lack of fight – semi-cleverly obfuscates the issue.

      A guy could (understandably) choke at being ordered to have Molotov Cocktails with his local LN Commissar over Oysters Rockefeller to discuss how he’s fluffed-up this master’s secret hedge fund loot.

      He who balks at physical danger often has a valid excuse, but there is none for the fellow who’s been merely asked to – but won’t – share his paper-expertise with comrades on navigating rigged financial games. Now there is a Pussy.

  22. Alt-righters like Spencer and his old Paleo-conmen idols are looking for the “smart” label from the left and anti-whites then they brandish this spectacular coup flag in our faces and we dig into our bare wallets and send them what fiat we can.

    At alt-right they are gooing their undies over the fact that some Salon rag bestowed the “smart” label on Spencer (I have no doubt he is smart). I’ll bet Greg Johnson is dying a thousand deaths over the fact that an alt-righter got that coveted “Smart” badge before him. Smart Badge means cash

    • Remember also the same FFOL Propaganda Media benighted John McCain.

      To get their “approval” actually is the perfect device to detect a sellout – and the one not to follow.

  23. Basically you have to put WN 1.0s next to SWPL fail since they both are ‘Murikan in nature and have locked themselves in Mommy Prof American Day Care Center. And both play bad boy and really, really bad boy off in the corner talking about their dad’s porno mag.

    I’m not whining but old MW finally pulled my plug over some Maine fly farm he was touting and I asked how it could be productive.

    Is it safe to say that both the SWPL set and the 1.0s are not likely to produce the next Nietzschean uberman?

    • True Idiots like this:

      …present the epitome of ar fantasy. Total delusion.

      I’ve had a “Why wn Will Fail” draft ready for over a year. You will hate it, but you may learn.

      Better to bleed during training than battle.

      Suffice it to say, both ar and wn fail because they have no heart. They have no fight in them.

      • I have no personal beef with MW I basically used his site, so I feel no affront that he finally banned me. But basically he calls his shtick WN 2.0 and that is BS it is basically Secret Squirrel WN 1.5. He really wants yet another basement crew of maybe 12 who will elect him to go out and get the Smart Badge, good for him, everyone wants to be entertained.

        And literally I was asking in a legit fashion how he could make a Maine farm productive, though I did mention the basement part so maybe it was too personal, good luck to him.

        I don’t mind being insulted, if I’m proven wrong I will man up in a heartbeat and move on with life, something about some Nietzsche shit, so insult away.

        [ed note: it’s good to hear you satisfied with your muzzling. it’s pretty cool of you]

      • I’m sorry to see that you were banned at MW RRS. You were on message (Mantra) most of the time, especially at first. the Mantra appears to me to be one of the only effective tools being used now.

        The recent hacking in the Czech Republic gave me some hope too. This hacking (it’s on my blog) was mostly silly in nature but financial hacking could cause some real havoc. Hope to see some of that very soon.

      • Maureen I like and respect MW its time to go, its his gig his days of taboo busting are over, and that is all I ever show up to accomplish or encourage. I hate taboos hence today I hate the left and their rightwing dopplegangers, Everyman finds his comfort zone and MW has found his and maybe he will have some great info going forward, maybe not but his days of coming off the mountain to be the social critic are likely done. I think he would really love a Smart Badge from Timmay Weasel, it would make his day. Breaking a man’s taboos is cold hearted work, not for everyone.

        [ed note: I approach my many visions and messages with the sad, no-nonsense workman-like ethos of an executioner or butcher. I will presume to speak for Ryu and state he does likewise. The gravest mistake my opponents assume is I write my words to them in a foaming, spit-flinging anger when it is actually somber disappointment]

  24. I don’t believe any group today can create the Nietzschean man. Education is a very personal, private thing. It can’t be mass produced.

    Look at internal or external motivation. The miltary can get people to train if they have a DI yelling in their face. But when they are alone, then we truly find out their level of dedication.

    Many men climb the mountain and believe that anything is possible. It is. But how to use that? SEALs do not become physicists after training, they keep pulling triggers. They don’t become millionaire businessmen or overmen. I like what Thordaddy writes about pursuing supremacy.

    • I like mw. He understands the FFOL concept and Corn Syrup Murka.

      There is NO group in Murka that can create anything of value anymore. Just special interest groups like Benefit Bandido immigs, black welfare breeders, SP fantasists and whiny OWS kids. Both sides are stupid because they let themselves be dis-educated by Uncle BiGGov Skoolz.

      ar fails because it is mealy-mouthed. Wishy-washy types beating around the bush gets you more of what you have already. All that, plus The Clock Is Ticking down to when that fails.

      Here is how they display their ineptitude: First they Hail, McCain! Then it’s “hail, romney…*yawn*

      The simple equation is Bushites beget McCainiacs beget Romney… begets MOAR of The Same. You see it with the Delusional ar Forum Ranters on Breitbart – which I de-rolled yesterday due to its growing idiocy since Breitbart died. On Twitter, it is even worse: It’s an Ocean of Stupid.

      In May of 2012, I wrote/predicted the Worm Wranglers as a consequence of Murkanization. Fuck, I even bullseyed Theresa Giudice in:
      Future Uniforms Part III: YOUR New Uniform

      However, the gist was being forced to be a bug farmer by BiGGov – not volunteering for the slavery.

      I now believe the right is just as full of Stupids as the left, but there’s NO Media Propaganda Unit counterpart to “tell them what to think.”

  25. You see, it’s awkward because I’ve gotten used to the idea that the 70’s were 30ish years ago, the 80s were 20ish years ago, the 90s were 10ish years ago. Now I have to shift each decade backwards by ten years.Also, I find it alarming that I will turn 30 this decade. I can’t be 30. I will never be 30. It can’t happen. I’d stop being a “guy” and start being a “man”. I wouldn’t be able to legitimately call myself “young” any more. AARRGGHH!!Well, it’s been a good decade for me. It contained my university years and the start of a cushy job, and the gradual escape from my parents (I love them really, I just can’t live with them for very long). May this decade be better than the last with some real action and change against the LN fascist state.

  26. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    We in Europe are far less spoiled.

    • I’m unsure what you mean.

      Europe has degenerated into a Germany run by a girl leftist while the Right in most States has settled into Nationalism to purge the coloreds.

      That reflects an advanced state of spoilage, for things to degenerate to that point.


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