Grand Theft Auto V Earns $800 Million in ONE Day

by Firepower

It’s a bigger haul than the biggest Hollywood movie rakes in over an entire year.

Even though he’s old enough to be your Granpappy, Teen Brandons play Michael Madsen shooting shit up in a game.  Then, they get the spirit rush and march in an OWS reunion parade protesting G-G-Guns….like – and Stuff!

Call of Duty: Black Ops II earned $500 million in one day in the U.S. alone last year.  It went on to earn $1 billion in 15 days and set a record.

Tens of thousands wait in line for hours to buy it.

This is a giant, significant circus/game component of Bread & Circus.   Forget about learning Roman history – or even American history.  Fuck it. To hell with learning a God damned thing about last week.

Who says the Murkan|Economy suffers.  Just look at …

…the Great Stuff we make here.  Kids (of “all ages”) pull mediated triggers.  This is the pinnacle achievement of our STEM education system; computer guys channel their effort into making a product – a game.  This game itself is the peak of Capitalism, what we and our economy choose to create with our resources.  Here is one product we not only don’t need imported, we export it.

Putin slyly mocks “Amerikanski Exceptionalisms!” and Our Obama & St. McCain come to our rescue, defending our Wondermentfullness...our “Murkan Exceptional-ism.”

Future Leaders and Visionaries, pay heed: Here is your troops’ textbook of today’s Classical Education and what honestly captured their imagination.  This is what you will work with.  All this, after I haven’t even reminded you that you already quickly forgot about any significance of A Twerkin’ Miley.

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26 Comments to “Grand Theft Auto V Earns $800 Million in ONE Day”

  1. Males have mostly abandoned TV and the ratings prove it. Movies are also in decline albeit less so. Video games are the last place where masculinity is celebrated. Sure the pudgy and soft Brandon playing them is no threat but his instincts drive him to seek escape from the feminist gulag school system and FFOL. If only they’d organize and combat the enemy hordes like in fantasy.

    • It’s not only Today’s Brandons!™ and Tomorrow’s Justins!© who are, quite literally, retarded entertainment whores.

      It is also slothful GenXers… Pretty much everyone under 55.

      I do agree (as our own InHouse EradicaBrandon!™ experience attests) that The Way to their Brandonhearts!™ is to p-p-praise them!© and immediately reward them with MOAR playtime, then praise them for playing!!!
      Anything else results in very public sulking temper tantrums of Pout.

      Today’s Brandon!© is taught by His SingleMom that the way to the boxes n’ boxes of SugarWaffle Smacks in the supermarket cereal aisle is to kick the babyseat, rattle the shopping cart and cry loudly and make a very public spectacle of “dissappoitment.”

      You will never make Vikings from
      Button-Mashing Faggots

      And in 40 years, these future grown-up, pot-bellied & balding Button-Mashing Faggots won’t have 1/20th the mentality of today’s grampas.

  2. Holy crap, the constant degeneracy of modern murka just runs together in my mind, running out of my ears and eyes as small rivulets of shit. It’s almost like somebody designed it to be so revolting that normal people must forget the last of the neverending twerkin miley episodes to keep their sanity…….. But why should we work WITH “this” human material? Is there a way to make these childlike zombies work FOR us? Their power is in their collective ability to provide $$$$ by buying shit. They work $10/hour jobs at Target to buy worthless shit. We offer a better way and they do not take it. They deserve to be slaves. The problem is they are not our slaves. We shouldn’t worry about bettering the conditions of whites who don’t want ouir program. They are the thing holding us back and enforcing the anti-white will of the current elite. I don’t want to work with them (and by extension for them), I want them to work for us.

    • They are Slaves of The Left, for they offer eternal play, while we offer work.

      That constant degeneracy you feel is the full court press of the combined fingers of the FFOL: Coloreds, illegal immigs, feminists, government schools & workers, hollywood, news and TV media etc – it’s not just Jews and it’s not just the black.

  3. I remember when it was a bad idea to tell anyone you played video games because then they’d think you were a loser faggot nerd.

    • Hollywood was originally for outcasts but now barbies suck cock for jobs. Centuries earlier bankers and entrepreneurs were looked down upon as well. Whenever something is derided but later rises into riches poof the stigma disappears. Everything is subordinate to power and force including sacred cows like “culture”.

  4. There’s really something to the idea that yelling at the kids like a marine corp drill instructor will have an effect. If you are are really superior, you’ll get your message across through derision. That’s Step 1: bring ’em in.

    Watch an AnTiSeen show sometime, they mix wrestling theatrics with punk rock and old hardcore music, and bring in the kids, even though they’re well into middle-age and most of their songs are focused on abusing their younger audience.

    • I disagree with the idea that we need to duplicate whatever works for the other side, What works for them won’t necessarily work for us, because we’re not them.

      Video games are a plain waste of time. Mil-sim and airsoft isn’t. I used to think it was for fags, but it’s a wholesome outdoor sport for today’s brandons.

      We do need movie and music people, particularly those who don’t try to be explicitly political and can get a message across without being overly heavy-handed

      [ed note: bullseye; it’s the method I use, so I avoid fruitless Niggerspickiking as a failed means of conveying the message.]

    • Surely the road of harshness must be the new path, for the constant “praising of Teh Brandon” has brought us only the results of this post’s subject; an even larger mob of morons handing over a larger haul of loot than last time, to dreck|video game makers.

      Coddling the already over-coddled creates perpetual children fixated on entertainment, leisure and pleasure: Eloi

      Getting tough with them is the only route now. “Raising their self-esteem” has created lazy, stupefied monsters… with over-sized egos and an exaggerated belief of entitlement from all those phony praises.

  5. So we need some of ours to own video gaming companies where they can make mcbillions and influence the next gen. Then with the millions create a bank.

  6. Obvious strategy: we need to form a company and write a video game and make $800 million dollars.

    Who’s in?

    • Well, that’d be alot of effort in one place. I think a game takes a year or two to make. Testing, marketing, all of that. Not everybody makes 800 mil their first go.

      I don’t think WNs have the edge there. One makes money where we have special knowledge, not where others do.

  7. It’s a dead tie for first place between playing video games and studying for a philosophy degree in my top ten ways to squander your life.

  8. I gotta a couple of ideas we can try. We can write lengthy essays in the tone of an undergrad student given an assignment by the Mommy Prof authority figure (and hopes she gives us a C-). Or we can dust off old books and look for super duper plans to resuscitate white supremacy.

    • …or,
      you could actually set down the textbooks,
      venture outside the classroom
      and begin living.

      As you note: Undergrads, books (and brains) ostensibly have zero purpose for our side.

      • Sorry about the smart ass comment on books, I read more than anyone here I’ll bet. But I just don’t pick up a copy of “White Power” and go, “Shazam, I’ll just copy what Rockwell wrote.” His intro was pure “kikinspiccinnigger”, and here we are today and about the only place allowable for that is on the web in ‘Murika only, and not for much longer.

        I guess it is read the old books and learn to think for ourselves, and my first thought is that the actual moral high ground is there for the taking, but we are stuck with leaders who quite frankly are often brave, smart and basically waiting to be given a better script.

        No, announcing to the world that you are going to take over a shit hole town in ND with a dozen people and the only defense you can offer against a jew interrogator is a rambling discourse on jew Bolsheviks is not a good idea.

      • It’s cool. I often modulate what I write to translate it into an idea because writing alone cannot convey the totality of human communication.

        I declare Rockwell’s methods failed: Nothing came of them – not even in the now Age of Free Interwebs where the pen being mightier-than-the-sword mythology was to finally show tangible results.

        No, Rockwell failed because he didn’t fulfill his vision. Why give a pre-existing concept a name and neologism that’s “funny” to outsiders – ZOG – when you can simply say what it really is: The United States Government. It’s actually more scary to see The Real Monster than to call it Pogg, Soggy or MOG. Niggerspickiking is just venting motivational steam, jacking-off into a Kleenex.

        The best books are those that succeeded with practical experience. Ho’s struggle against the USA. Mao’s guerrilla tactics, etc.

      • WN ver. 1.0 is a cargo cult meant to entice our “leaders” to come back to us. So here we are reading lengthy essays, “kikinspiccinniggerin” the net and plotting the white republic that we cannot even talk about in public and have no plans on how to actually regain freedom of speech so we can talk about the white republic to the white sheeple.

        The only reason I bother you fine fucks is that you guys are actually willing to broach taboos and actually call them taboos unlike CONtards who occasionally play naughty boy before towing the line for their soup bowl to be filled.

        I like the GTA artwork, too bad our side is basically clueless on how to utilize the MSM propaganda against itself.

      • Eradica is based on avoiding TDO and other cliches. That derivative shit disgusts me. Truth IS on our side now. So, I present a (truly) unique view based on Truth; I have you thinking of a new truth – perhaps you can motivate someone else. They may contribute an idea we need.

        btw: This is on the Eradica “About” tab on the homepage:

  9. The last video game that I played was GTA:3 SA. One of my favorite quotes was from CJ: *while pointing a gun at someone* “It’s my constitutional right, bitch.”

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