Bug Farmers & Fly Factories

by Firepower

Maybe one day, you will really, truly comprehend and understand.  But it looks more and more like… maybe not…

Reducing yourself to subsistence farmers does Uncle Beast’s job for him:  Reducing whites into peasants…umm… That’s what BiGGov wants.  You’re simpletons chirping in his boxcars about the “Freedumb O’ Plantin’ Taters!” as you chug toward his Arbeit Camp.  You aid him in his job.

But whuddawedoooo Firepower yooooooo Goddam Meeeeeeeeeeeany!

A five-foot-faggot named Bradley Manning did more damage (with more of a sense of true honor) to Uncle Beast than a Billion-man WN “army” online repetitiously Niggerspickiking!™ on AmRen-TakiPiggi – or burying themselves in the cat turds at another 2,000 litterbox-comment Roisshy post.

Doomi’s Smokin’ Hot Sister, Tweety

Edward Snowden strikes FEAR into the very heart of the Liberal Nazi Murkan FFOL because you plainly see Obamao and all the minions of His Regime rush, stumble and rail as they to try to kill him.

But not at present, for FOXNews – dumb hound dog it is – is busy chasing The Syrian Stick Obamao tossed at Fido to distract him from Tryavon, Chris Lane, NSA blah blah blah…

Fuck Fly Factories.  Do something truly profitable for yourself and simultaneously useful to a cause.  If you’re a Hayseed|Jordie Wannabe – cuz ya’ll got the knack wif ya’lls Green Thumb – grow stuff people really want.  Booze & Tobacco.  Legalized Marijuana.  If you want to act like the Clampetts – get to it.

Still, even that is a sideline – a hobby. Leader Obamao’s Gun Grab made ammunition fer yer Shootin’ Iron scarce:  Make and sell the stuff – duh.  Durrrrrrr…Rent out yer Okie Farmin’ Homestead to l-o-o-o-ong range shooters who (for some reason) need range and distance to properly sight in their Barrett .50 and Steyr SSG.  Many are City Folk who plumb jess don’t got thet thar land and need a silent, discreet place with kindly farmin’ folk that’s on their side – and ask no questions.  If you’re gonna be a Rural Clodhoppin’ Jordi, why…ya’ll plum ain’t got to be no dadgum hayseed.

Do basic machine shop and learn the skills.  Create tiny little parts that are hard to get and improve firearm performance.  There are all sorts of internal pieces and bolt-on gadgets for ARs and SA-93’s.

Stop thinking like a Jordie.  A dumb-ass clodhopper hayseed never seeing beyond your 30 acres.  Exchange your Flag-Flyuun’ Mt. Zion 40-acre (future artillery target range) and hide in plain sight.

Learn computers.  Get thet thar book-lernt reeeeel good, Opie.  Gitcha job in that dadbum gummint – like Snowden’s NSA. WW2 German-Americans and Japanese-Americans spied for The Real America.  They fit right in – right inside those enemy countries.  Spoke the language without an accent. Lookie that thar gol’durn Major Hassan-Nidal Muhhammad-al-Jihaddi.  Even that thar All-American lookin’ boy got right in…

White Folks is plum good wiffin’ puters n’ sheet. Coloreds man the parole and DMV offices, while whitey (for some odd reason) fills the STEM ranks.  Uncle Beast needs him some whities:  Good Boy, Whitey!  Hey that varmint Mr. Manning-Snowden done did some real damage, pardner!  No pressure-cooker marathon surprises, al-queda flying lessons, Karaté, scary knifery, tiring Schwarzenegging, NRA membership or even loud target practice required.  Lil’ Eddie Snowden got paid hella big bux from Uncle Beast so he could “run game” on (and fuck) Hot Dance Bitches – all the while fucking Uncle B more than he even did his hot dancer GF.  But, all this is forgotten now because Syria-Syria! is in focus: Fetch!

Yee-haw! Speakin’ o’ them e-lec-treacle contraptions: Many folks made money setting up confidential email servers with encrypted keys that even that dag-blasted NSA couldn’t crack.  Folks wanting security and privacy from The Fascist LN Gov flocked to pay.  The NSA shut them down, but those wily rascals erased all them files – Oopsy-Daisy! – and started new servers!  Nothing says ya’ll right-smart Hill Folk can’t also just start a new one every single time them pesky Revva-noors come-a knockin’

Pussy whitebois (no caps) don’t matter; they are already willing slaves to the LNs. You exist in a Liberal Nazi Empire run by The FFFOL and it wants you fucking dead. Especially all you White Men who don’t work your science-majick for the Elite.  Primitive White people with 4th grade educations and muskets once instinctively knew what to do to TYRANTS. You are fighting for your lives and you need me to tell you wtf to do because you can’t figure out how to put out the burning building of your “country?”  Maybe, we are finished.

Working your way back to “Liberty” one blowfly and rooster at a time means you’ve opted to take a bullet train to becoming the lowest of slaves – Chinese Peasants. Effective resistance to Uncle Beast’s MRAPs, tanks, CCTV Network, Satellites and NSA – with worm farms and lemonade stands is Indians flinging arrows at Gatling Guns – futile and just a comfortable avoidance of that Scary Stuff you know needs be done.  If you can’t figure it out, you are finished.


78 Responses to “Bug Farmers & Fly Factories”

  1. Manning and Snowden are part of large, well-organized network. That network exists largely on the internet, but has some face-to-face component as well. Many things can be done, but without a network they wither in isolation.

    • Neither withered. Both caused great damage.

      Snowden is off to now fuck Russian dancers, and Bradleypoo gets all the dick he wants. Had Bad Brad had a plan greater than a sulky tiff with his girlyboyfriend, he could’ve moled for years
      Instead of getting cornholed
      forever in his ears

  2. Incest ain’t wrong round these parts–espeshully round them parts.

    [ed note: well howdy, pard. i done thawt i scairt ya’ll and durn-near run ya off the range! i’s obliged if ya’ll get to learnin’ them computer-critters and start peckin’ on them thar keys…]

  3. I feel like I’m getting stupider reading that Jordie-speak. It makes me dizzy.

    I hope MW is not offended. Farming is only a part of his program. Studying was another. Studying, mindwar and computers go well together.

    The new battlefield is the human mind and the electronic frontier. With a WNs ability to break the rules, I should think we could quickly dominate that area. We have fewer limits on us than alot most any group on Earth.

    • My point is not to offend MW, or any one man.

      The point is to offend the idea of fighting the most technologically sophisticated Tyranny in history by funding it with quaint, rustic hobbies.

      If he is offended: Tough shit. He is free to respond at Eradica. Unlike the others, I don’t insinuate BanHammer threats against those disagreeing with me.

      If he can’t defend his ideas past the level of ECOF Forum Fantasism or his eyes get moist at my icky-stingy words – he’s in for one hell of a butt-fucking from Uncle Beast. HE won’t use mere words – he’ll use a team of SWATZIS.

      Was the 1776 Founding Fathers’ solution to tyranny …farm MOAR???

      Besides, the only one person I target specifically for insult is Piggi-poo.

  4. OK, I saw this post was aimed directly at me. I’m not offended.

    So Firepower thinks that food independence is a fool’s errand because it’s a waste of time that could be better spent on something else. It’s not harmful, but at best, in Firepower’s view, a waste of time that would be better spent doing something else.

    Have I represented your view correctly so far?

    Next you suggest that people with land use their farms as training grounds for snipers who have the intention of being political assassins. What a great idea! What could possibly go wrong? Be sure to advertise it on militia boards, and use pictures of political figures as targets, so there’s no question about the intent. We wouldn’t want to make it too hard for the federal prosecutor, after all. And don’t forget to tell your snipers whom you want them to shoot! Otherwise they might not know.

    If I am misrepresenting you with this paragraph, by all means, say so. This is how I interpret this blog post.

    The truth is,l I’m nothing but a pacifist weakling who doesn’t own any guns and has no military experience. How can you know that? Because I never said anything about any such thing on the internet. If one doesn’t say it on the internet, then it doesn’t exist. Only people who talk tough on the internet are capable of violence. That’s an internet rule, like Godwin’s Law. And I will never aspire to being an internet tough guy.

    Just today I brought squash and pears that were flawed and buggy to a farmer friend who lives nearby to feed his chickens and goats, and I also brought 11 pounds of Asian pears for which he gave me $17.75, and he will resell at 3 dollars a pound. He has a farm but he also buys surpluses from hobby gardeners and resells it via his CSA and farm stands. Right now, 20 billion dollars a year in direct subsidies, and 10s of billions more in indirect petroleum subsidies keep the price of food low and make it difficult for people like us to compete.

    The day is coming, however, when they won’t be able to pay so much subsidies. the price of food will go up, and these networks of farmers and hobby gardeners will ramp up production and make a living wage. Sure they’ll grow tobacco and booze along with food. Don’t doubt it. We are incredibly resourceful, and we are everywhere. And I’ve never NEVER met a farmer who wasn’t either a right wing radical, or a crunchy hippie who could not tolerate anything except extreme implicit whiteness. I’m sure there’s exceptions, like those kooks that adopt african kids, but they are a tiny minority.

    These networks of hobby producers are like a dormant algae that need to right conditions for a major bloom. I believe those conditoins are almost here. The amazing thing is that we persist despite agricutlural subsidies that make food absurdly cheap. We are resilient. We are volunteers. we do it even though we don’t have to do it, in order to maintain our readiness to ramp up to serious production when the demand is there. We are like an army that trains hard in peacetime on a budget that we supply ourselves, because we know the full blown war is coming.\

    Will they make slaves of the tens of millions of us? Perhaps they will try, but if they do, it will be a comedy of errors, and in the process we’ll create a very tight organized crime network like in Russia.

    I’ve seen hwo it played out in Russia. The Bolsheviks killed the golden goose for at least a century. All Russians “steal.” Russia is controlled by a massively distributed network of city level officials. It’s like a country of city states rather than a unified nation. They try to go full Bolshevik on us here, that’s whta they will get here. Jews can’t make money on the street level in Russia. they can plunder natural resources ,but they can’t control people on a local level there. I’ve seen this much with my own eyes over there.

    • You must write more like this
      Using such same inspiration.

      Just do not underestimate Uncle Beast
      As stupid enough to believe you
      An unarmed pacifist

      That all one must do is feign ignorance
      like some 1820’s House Nigger version of Uncle Tom
      chanting: “I’s done lifted dat bale Massa! Please don’t beat po’ old Whitey!”

      Uncle BiGGov cares not about your self-declared disarmed status:
      It factors all of you being heavily armed at all times – hence the SWATZI Hammer on
      home entry; such as those that kill America’s Oldest Man, his WarHero! Son – and their doggies.

      Russia is not controlled by Peasant Patriots who’ve reclaimed their dachas.
      It is controlled by hybrid Government Thugs. Because they have no coloreds, they happen to be white.
      Here, they will be coloreds – as I’ve written – bolstered with White Ex-Mil Muscle.
      Here, they already are coloreds.
      Hey! It’s already happened. You are already under control for you cannot exercise our Murkan-Vaunted “Free” Speech and write what you want online. You have to bury and hide your non-guns.

      Russia is not controlled by Noble Peasant-Proletariats who overcame the Russian Mafia by selling jars of homemade pickled beets.

      It is controlled on one side by those with flags and guns – and on the other, by more lucrative, sustainable products than cottage industry.

      • I’m not trying to kiss Uncle Beasts ass. But I can tell you that UB has put away a lot of people who were really no threat but they were ITG’s. ITG’s get charges, even if they are creampuffs.

        One of my main missions of Mindweaponism has been to discourage ITGism. ITG’s are generally puffballs and wimpies, but they make nice orange jumpsuited trophies for federal prosecutors.

        Second, I’m not double talking here. I really do believe my line about letting the FFFOL simply bankrupt itself. In that sense, I’m not even a WN activist. I advise my readers and commenters to do survivalism and local economism and quietism and see how the Long Emergency plays out.

        The time is going to come for military organizing when the shit collapses. Until then, prepare the logistics — the potable water, the food and the social organization.

    • Mindweapons wrote:
      Next you suggest that people with land use their farms as training grounds for snipers who have the intention of being political assassins. What a great idea! What could possibly go wrong?

      I know, I know: It failed miserably in 1776 because those Redcoats had spies and guns – and no one could beat them. Long-range snipers? That’s a terrible idea. Our government is the finest ever and every member serves us with honest dutifulness even though every single one of them has round-the-clock SS protection.

      It’s interesting you’d focus on that. wns seem to have a genetic, militant gene, because you must’ve missed that part about launching your own Private Network of email servers…or serving your beloved gov like an army of Snowdens…

      • Real tough guys don’t blog about their dreams of being assassins.

        I’m a blogger. They know my name. They know where I live Therefore, I am, by definition, NOT someone who uses violence or associates with anyone who does.

        And I’m serenely confident that there are plenty of people who are into that sort of thing, though I don’t know any of them first hand. And I’m damned glad that I don’t know them and don’t have anything whatsoever to do with them. If that makes me a coward, so be it. But at least I’m not an ITG.

        [ednote: you keep fixating~fixating on the UltraViolence|Loop…and never address the computer/server/Snowden nexus]

      • They known where you are; they have for years
        If you live in such fear of USG
        even after not doing a thing
        then you already lost
        …long ago

  5. Excellent.

    I suppose we need organic farmers and worm-wranglers on some level, but there is a greater need now, I would aver, for WNs to attain and remain in key positions with access to our adversaries’ secrets and sensitive information on the enemy.

    :::cough cough:::

    For instance. A series of strategic protests (well-publicised of course) aimed at that anti-White terrorist ___ ____ and family would do wonders. Comrades in __: are you paying attention?

    Speaking of access, where are the Nationalist Hackers when we need them most? Perhaps we should sub-contract out to Russian groups. How much would it cost to disable terrorist sites such as $PLC, ADL, and others? Needs looking into.

    The age of the gang, the age of the warlord–it’s approaching. I don’t think the farmer (as much as I admire his role) can survive it without the protection of the sort of WN 1.0 thugs and Ultras that he decries.

  6. You’ve got to laugh to yourself when these niggers and other nuts go on their shooting sprees.

    For all the vaunted power of the NSA, FBI, police, and other agencies, they STILL couldn’t prevent this assault.

    And that makes me laugh. You know what? We’re dealing with a bunch of fucking clowns. Pussies.

    And that makes me confident in the future.

    • Yes. I was reading that some were shocked that at a military base a “shelter-in-place” order was given. Soldiers would be hiding from a shooter, rather than hunting him down.

      It’s very revealing. I suspect that the USG is a paper tiger. The media vastly overestimates their proficiency.

      I feel like WNs should turn off the TV and see things with their own eyes. TV, movies, magazines all shill for the USG. The military and police I’ve seen in real life are much less impressive.

  7. I’m going to repeat what I wrote a few days ago.

    If you don’t like someone’s approach, do something better. Don’t waste anytime on people you consider losers.

    Only time will tell which approach will work best. There’s no reason to beat each other up. There’s too much work to be done.

  8. Mindweapon & Firepower. One provides hope & inspiration, the other provides a forceful kick in the nuts, to this eastern Iowa hayseed anyway. Guess which is which. I value both viewpoints.

    I grew up on a large farm and believe FedGov Liberal 2.0 learned a valuable lesson from Soviet Liberal 1.0 – they will not kill the kulak, but will instead use his love of blood and soil to enslave him. I believe this is already the case. The rural lifestyle is very appealing to whites. It is basically living in a 100% white society (I didn’t even talk to a negro until my first year of college in 1992) with more freedom than most people will ever experience. I grew up fighting, fishin, huntin, trappin and workin the farm – a very feral existence for modern America. The kulaks will do anything to maintain this lifestyle and I believe FedGov will basically practice modern kulak husbandry to ensure a cheap food supply. The kulaks are everything the bolsheviks said they were – they are by and large disgusting materialists who have no problem dumping pig shit into pristine rivers & streams. They gladly sacrifice the soil for short term gain. Fuck ’em. They are currently paying EXORBITANT prices per acre for farm ground and are willing to slave away to pay interest to scum bag bankers, all to stay on their land. Blood and soil, particularly the “soil” part, is their weakness that FedGov exploits. They are also by and large true believers in FedGov causes. I attended the 2012 republican caucus for kicks. It was a packed house for a sparsely populated rural township. The ONLY thing that mattered to these “salt of the earth” rural people was what we were going to do with Iran and that it is IMPERATIVE that we protect Israel! Most rural people are living in a dreamworld and are fucking crazy.

    FedGov also values the children that the kulaks raise. In my experience, rural kids are much more intelligent than city kids and are used to working (note that they are NOT racially aware though). These are useful and necessary janissaries for FedGov. Without these white children I currently believe FedGov would collapse. I don’t believe FedGov will establish rural white reservations to ensure a supply of white janissaries. FedGov policy is diversifying the smallest towns here in eastern Iowa – I see more and more vibrants in the most unbelievable places (unbelievable to this rural hayseed anyway) – hell I ran into a whole herd of mexicans swimming in my beloved River (for purposes of online anonymity). 50-years ago those mexicans would have been floating face down in the river. Nowadays you wouldn’t dare do that as some rural kid would have a trail cam up, catch you with a photo and would turn you in to the FBI for a pat on the head.

    I increasingly believe that the mass of whites will not “wake up”, but will instead politely walk towards oblivion. Our enemies will mix themselves out of existence or be polar bear hunted out of a life (hahahaha). If we work at it, the future will belong to racially aware whites. I think MW would call them an evolved bioweapon or something similar. I agree with Firepower that racially aware whites should focus on enterprises that are profitable and helpful to a cause. Start a business, and buy land so you can live your dream of being a feudal lord. That’s what I’m doing. I own a professional services firm that is very profitable and has both private and corporate clients. Charge liberal clients and corporations with a diversity program/dept. an extra 10%. I call it the diversity tax. The faggot liberals gladly pay it to a competent white man. I am very vocal about my beliefs and use the mantra all the time in the business climate. I think even the liberals like it – they are such pussies I think forbidden thought voiced in real life turns them on! I have more work than I and my employees can possibly handle. There’s no doubt in my mind that any WN in a reasonable business with 5-6 employees can make $200K to $250K per year. Ryu’s comment about WN’s ability/willingness to break the rules is correct and valuable. Knowingly fuck over and take advantage of non-whites and white anti-whites with a vengeance. And don’t forget to fuck and have a whole bunch of white kids and be sure to raise them to be ethnocentric supermen and superwomen. Do anything you can to hurt liberals and stupid fucking conservatives. When you visit liberal areas be sure to flush a shirt down public toilets, etc. Let the rage burn in your stomach, help the scum whites harm themselves and raise your children to have the same rage and hate against those that want your line extinct. See, living in the modern world doesn’t have to be an endless insult to your humanity – it can be fun too!

    • You understand.

      Mindweapon & Firepower. One provides hope & inspiration, the other provides a forceful kick in the nuts, to this eastern Iowa hayseed anyway. Guess which is which.

      You, are the kind we need. Your comment could be an entire post.

      I urge you to examine my Eradica writing on Rural Jordies and Murkan|Mino Government.

    • Welcome, OM.

      I like your comment. We have experience now with the Southern hayseed farmers. I just don’t see enough intellect to make WNs out of most of them. Racism has to be deliberate. The default for the farmer is to love Murka and love his farm, but you cannot really do both at the same time. Their children beg to become elite hitmen for the USG.

      I’m happy for you! Charge them as much as you can. Does being a public racist make you more or less money though? I’d rather act friendly with them and screw them harder, than to openly be their enemy. Money is power. The more, the better. It’s about winning, not feeling good.

      • For me, being a racist is more beneficial with liberals. I have an easier time with liberals in that they’re intelligent enough to “good naturedly” banter with and I also have more fun making shit of their stupid heart-felt beliefs. Conservatives pretty much clam up and are normally too stupid for me to tolerate in good nature, although I’m getting better at taunting them and having patience with their tantrums. The only things that matters to the typical white meat bag is money and social status. I make them money and they can feel good about being “morally superior” around a racist. Ha! I should run a late night money making infommercial. Honestly though, I have to be open with my beliefs as the alternative of hiding them is too depressing to me. Money is not really an issue for me anymore and I think I’d have to blow my brains out if I couldn’t be a beligerent racist.

      • I agree with Ryu. Hide your views, make more money, if the two are mutually exclusive.

      • If you perceive a tyrannical government as so powerful that it forces you to be unable to merely speak to others to win allies
        and thus, you hurtle into low-tech cottage industries

        then that government has already won. Long ago.
        To be so destitute, while maintaining claims of “independence” is like prisoners pretending they control the guards who tell them when to eat and proscribe limits.

    • http://transitionvoice.com/2013/08/rural-population-not-needed-for-farming-but-for-cannon-fodder/

      Joel Salatin recently posted this piece on the Polyface Farms Facebook page and we repost it here with Joel’s permission. — Ed Why do we need more farmers? What is the driving force behind U.S. Department of Agriculture policy? In an infuriating epiphany I have yet to metabolize, I found out last Wednesday in a private policy-generation meeting with Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. I did and still do consider it a distinct honor for his staff to invite me as one of the 25 dignitaries in Virginia agriculture for this think-tank session in Richmond. It was a who’s who of Virginia agriculture: Farm Bureau, Va. Agribusiness Council, Va. Forestry Association, Va. Poultry Federation, Va. Cattlemen’s Association., deans from Virginia Tech and Virginia State — you get the picture. It was the first meeting of this kind I’ve ever attended that offered no water. The only thing to drink were soft drinks. Lunch was served in styrofoam clam shells — Lay’s potato chips, sandwiches, potato salad and chocolate chip cookie. It didn’t look very safe to me, so I didn’t partake. But I’d have liked a drink of water. In another circumstance, I might eat this stuff, but with these folks, felt it important to make a point. Why do they all assume nobody wants water, nobody cares about styrofoam, everybody wants potato chips and we all want industrial meat-like slabs on white bread? But I digress. The big surprise occurred a few minutes into the meeting: U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack walked in. He was in Terry McAuliffe love-in mode. And here is what he told us: in 2012, for the first time ever — rural America lost population in real numbers — not as a percentage but in real numbers. It’s down to 16 percent of total population. I’m sitting there thinking he’s going to say that number needs to go up so we have more people to love and steward the landscape. More people to care for earthworms. More people to grow food and fiber. Are you ready for the shoe to drop? The epiphany? What could the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, at the highest strategic planning sessions of our land, be challenged by other leaders to change this figure, to get more people in rural America, to encourage farming and help more farms get started? What could be the driving reason to have more farmers? Why does he go to bed at night trying to figure out how to increase farmers? How do the President and other cabinet members view Vilsack’s role as the nation’s farming czar? What could be the most important contribution that increasing farmers could offer to the nation? Better food? Better soil development? Better care for animals? Better care for plants? Are you ready? Here’s his answer: although rural America only has 16 percent of the population, it gives 40 percent of the personnel to the military. Say what? You mean when it’s all said and done, at the end of the day, the bottom line — you know all the cliches — the whole reason for increasing farms is to provide cannon fodder for American imperial might. He said rural kids grow up with a sense of wanting to give something back, and if we lose that value system, we’ll lose our military might. So folks, it all boils down to American military muscle. It’s not about food, healing the land, stewarding precious soil and resources; it’s all about making sure we keep a steady stream of youngsters going into the military. This puts an amazing twist on things. You see, I think we should have many more farmers, and have spent a lifetime trying to encourage, empower, and educate young people to go into farming. It never occurred to me that this agenda was the key to American military power. Lest I be misread, I am not opposed to defending family. I am not opposed to fighting for sacred causes. But I am violently opposed to non-sacred fighting and meddling in foreign countries, and building empires. The Romans already tried that and failed. But to think that my agenda is key to building the American military — now that’s a cause for pause. I will redouble my efforts to help folks remember why we need more farmers. It’s not to provide cannon fodder for Wall Street imperialistic agendas. It’s to grow food that nourishes, husband land that’s aesthetically and aromatically sensually romantic, build soil, hydrate raped landscapes, and convert more solar energy into biomass than nature would in a static state. I can think of many, many righteous and noble reasons to have more farms. Why couldn’t Secretary Vilsack have mentioned any of these? Any? No, the reason for more farms is to make sure we get people signing up at the recruitment office. That’s the way he sees me as a farmer. Not a food producer. When the president and his cabinet have their private confabs, they don’t see farmers as food producers, as stewards of the landscape, as resource leveragers. No, they view us as insurance for military muscle, for American empire-building and soldier hubris. Is this outrageous? Do I have a right to be angry? Like me, this raw and bold show of the government’s farming agenda should make us all feel betrayed, belittled, and our great nation besmirched. Perhaps, just perhaps, really good farms don’t feed this military personnel pipeline. I’d like to think our kind of farming has more righteous goals and sacred objectives. Vilsack did not separate good farmers from bad farmers. Since we have far more bad farmers than good ones, perhaps the statistic would not hold up if we had more farmers who viewed the earth as something to heal instead of hurt, as a partner to caress instead of rape. That America’s farms are viewed by our leaders as just another artery leading into military might is unspeakably demeaning and disheartening. Tragically, I don’t think this view would change with a different Democrat or Republican. It’s entrenched in the establishment fraternity. Thomas Jefferson, that iconic and quintessential agrarian intellectual, said we should have a revolution about every half century just to keep the government on its toes. I’d say we’re long overdue. Now when you see those great presidentially appointed cabinet members talking, I just want you to think about how despicable it is that behind the facade, behind the hand shaking and white papers, in the private by-invitation-only inner circles of our country, movers and shakers know axiomatically that farms are really important to germinate more military personnel. That no one in that room with Terry McAuliffe, none of those Virginia farm leaders, even blinked when Vilsack said that is still hard for me to grasp. They accepted it as truth, probably saying “Amen, brother” in their hearts. True patriots, indeed. It’ll take me awhile to get over this, and believe me, I intend to shout this from the housetops. I’ll incorporate in as many public speeches as I can because I think it speaks to the heart of food and farming. It speaks to the heart of strength and security; which according to our leaders comes from the end of a gun, not from the alimentary canal of an earthworm. Here’s to more healthy worms. – Joel Salatin, Transition Voice – See more at: http://transitionvoice.com/2013/08/rural-population-not-needed-for-farming-but-for-cannon-fodder/#sthash.oYn2Aer2.dpuf

      • Thanks for the link MW. That’s definitely some validation of my observations and theories. I’ve made it somewhat my mission to educate young rural whites about the true nature of the modern USA. I’ve successfully educated several young white men who were considering joining the military. Two finally decided against it and one did join but at least he will have his eyes/mind open. Conversely, I’ve been giving it some more thought, and would appreciate others comments, about the utility of WN’s joining the military & law enforcement fields with an eye for infiltration and take over. I understand this strategy was successful for the Golden Dawn, although I don’t know the details. I believe owning military & law enforcement would be very beneficial! It certainly has been helpful for the anti-whites! I just can’t visualize how to do this, what with my loathing to help modern USA in any way.

      • You say wise things, outdoorsman. I’m pretty sure the military and police are already infiltrated in a big way, though good job adding a few drops to the ocean. I’m not going to openly advocate such a course of action. I don’t need to. It’s happening anyway! Now that I’ve been out of the Army Reserves for 17 years I can safely say that I met people who were out right seditious. I met a Pentagon based warrant officer who hated Clinton and said things about the then C in C to us that would have gotten him court martialed and thrown out of the army. But none of us snitched. We liked him!

        My NCO’s would say things like, “Nicole Brown got what she deserved.”

        I did some translation/interpretation and got to meet federal law enforcement people in person. They don’t know what they are doing or why they are doing it, except that there’s a pension pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If there’s no pension, fuggedaaboudit.

        So the two kind of government LEO/cops I met were either listless pension liberals, or radical right racists.

        What I advocate is studying math and science and/or engineering/programming/artificial intelligence and joining the technocracy. In between digging taters of course.

    • “I agree with Firepower that racially aware whites should focus on enterprises that are profitable and helpful to a cause. Start a business, and buy land so you can live your dream of being a feudal lord. That’s what I’m doing. I own a professional services firm that is very profitable and has both private and corporate clients.”

      Very wise. This is what I’m doing (apart from the feudal lord part).

      Perhaps at some point racially-conscious Whites will come together to form partnerships, LLCs, and corporations to launch businesses.

      Glad to see FP’s ideas getting through.

      • I’m going to be doing just this. I’m going to be starting another part-time small business with a friend of mine later this year or early next year. Up front cost will be about $30k, so it’s not out of reach. We’ll partner up with an LLC. I’ll be providing the capital and he’s going to provide labor until we can work to parity – we’re still working out the details of how this will work. It is a niche business that could be quite lucrative and does not require credentials or college education. We’re starting out part time (weekends & evenings) because I already have a business that demands alot of my time and he has a full-time job. We’re planning for it to be successful enough where he can quit his job and run it full time.

      • What’s the matter with being a feudal lord?

    • Outdoorsman,

      Just had a chance to read your whole post. I can’t say I’d ever do something anti-social like flushing a shirt down a public toilet. I’d be grateful that there was enough social capital to have a clean, well maintained public toilet in working condition. That’s not something you can take for granted in Third World Amerikwa any more.

      However, the rest of your post was fascinating and inspiring. I think it’s great that you have a successful business, and my metaphor for what you are doing is AMOGGING Liberal ideology. AMOG — Alpha Male Other Guy — in PUA, when a strong, decisive male steals a girl from a beta or weaker male. AMOG is a very aggressive move, and you have to be ready to fight to counter it. AMOG is the howl of the jungle, the reminder of our chimp ancestors.

      Liberalism is like a hot blonde girl in teh prime of her life in an LTR with a neurotic and hostile Jewish guy who is in constant fear of getting AMOGGED. He knows that they are not a “natural couple,” and that other people must be seeing that with lights and sirens. The blond football player guy is going to steal her away any minute now, as well he should. Even the neurotic Jewish guy knows that in the natural order of things, the blond man should AMOG him and get the blonde girl and go breed recessive children. The concept of the “natural couple” or more fitting couple comes from the movie, “Never Let Me Go,” and I think it’s a concept or a meme that we need to bring back.

      So a white person suffering from liberal ideology basically has a ghost parasite living in him or her. And you, outdoorsman, are AMOGGING the ghost parasite. Excellent job!

      Now just stop flushing shirts down public toilets.

      I am posting a response on my blog to the OP.

  9. “What does the T-1000 do? Does it strike a hoe into the fields? Does it pick veggies? Does it suggest the best insect repellants for crops?”

    A T-1000 doesn’t need to eat, but it still needs replacement parts like a human being, but in the form of energy, oil, microchips etc. Without food we’re nothing. MW knows this, as did other nationalists from times of Yore, be they Scots, Irish, Balkans or whatever. Everyone needs to eat.

    • You must appreciate the differences between the UK and the USA. We are/were on vastly divergent ideologies of a seminal event: The American Revolution.

      I cannot imagine Patrick Henry crying:

      Give Me Liberty!
      Or Give me…
      Worm Shit!

      • “I cannot imagine Patrick Henry crying:
        Give Me Liberty!
        Or Give me…
        Worm Shit!”

        Patrick ‘Polemical Firepower’ Henry versus Thomas ‘Agrarian Mindweapons’ Jefferson take two..

  10. Interesting. Thanks for the pictures Jay!

  11. this is basically where FP begins to resemble a VRW

    • minuteman riding a constitution

    • this is basically where your very first maiden-post on Eradica resembles… a timid troll.

      But, I do relish you co-opting my VRW concept.

      • Hardly a first post, although maybe the first from this location.

        But dragging out muh Founding Fathers and muh liberty is silly.

        Murka had its freedom and decided to use it to play vidya games, watch porn, and fight wars for kikes. Giving the average murkan freedom is a bad idea. Give ’em a benevolent tyranny good and hard.

        [ed note: i was targeting the poster “nonymous” – is that you? If so, pls stick to one AV]

      • I’m not nonymous.

  12. There is no freedom of speech. The most you’ll ever find is here, on a racist neonazi site. There is much less on any patriot or 1st amendment site. Not even Americans believe in it anymore.

    You’re free to think anything you like. Speech and writing both have to be censored. Both in terms of human moves, what is best in a situation and in practical reality.

    The internet is not a WN controlled medium. Act as if “everything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

    • Ryu posited: There is no freedom of speech. The most you’ll ever find is here, on a racist neonazi site.

      My friend, you need yet refine that still further, to get to The Truth.
      wns restrict speech similar to how liberals do. wns are more sensitive – to even slight criticism of any type – than even murmer-sissies. Critics are instantly silenced with the GroupThink Attack of “jew, fbi informant…jew AND fbi!” etc. then banhammed.

      If you CANNOT weather questions, then your ideology cannot stand.
      If it cannot endure even mere questions
      … it will certainly fall when enduring armed Liberal Nazi assault.

      This is why mrm has failed. Even the most brainwashed, atavistic Brandon senses disease when sniffing hyper-sensitivity.
      Oh…and so does Uncle Beastie…

  13. Jay,

    My rules are no posting fantasies of violence, no fantasizing about assassinations. Don’t do anything that will make some powerful person afraid of you, because they can and will sic the law dogs on you. I remember around 2002 a bunch of people got taken down on ridiculous charges, but they did some dumb things that helped the cops get them, like Chester Doles, a convicted felon, open carrying a gun on his property in front of fed informants while he was hosting a National Alliance meeting. Christine Greenwood got busted for having nails and a can of gasoline in her garage. yes you read that right. Then of course Matt Hale, Sean Walker, David Duke. I think Skeletor (Michael “the Devil” Chertoff) was behind this very aggressive wave of arrests and railroad convictions. It was post 911 hysteria and the WN movement was laughing its ass off and cheering on the Muslims, and the Zionists didn’t like that.

    Then the understanding of the Jewish question spread to the Left, and to the Libertarians. It’s been an amazing 10 years to see how fringe ideas and views have gone viral. Alex Jones is wildly popular, and it’s only a short step from him to us. Ditto Ron Paul and Rush Limbaugh.

    Even a nice middle class respectable New England housewife whom I know hates political correctness with a passion.

    The cultural tide is on our side because the economic tide is on our side. The Left wing blowout was a product of massive economic growth. That’s over for good, and now Leftism recedes relentlessly as its budgets are cut and it’s professionals are laid off, or their jobs are retired with them.\

    So I’m very optimistic. My advice?

    1. Don’t provoke the FFFOL to arrest you. Why poke a dying beast? Let it die in peace.

    2. Position yourself to be in an advantageous position if, oh, say, oil goes to 200 a barrel, gas is 10 bucks a gallon and food becomes a major expense and not something people take for granted.

    3. Make friends and hide your views. Hang out with liberals, even. Then tell us stories of liberal cognitive dissonance.

  14. “We must work without arguing,” said Martin; “that is the only way to make life bearable.”

    The entire household agreed to this admirable plan, and each began to exercise his talents. Small as the estate was, it bore heavy crops. There was no denying that Cunegonde was decidedly ugly, but she soon made excellent pastry. Pacquette was clever at embroidery, and the old woman took care on the linen. No one refused to work, not even Brother Giroflee, who was a good carpenter, and thus became an honest man. From time to time Pangloss would say to Candide:

    “There is a chain of events in this best of all possible worlds; for if you had not been turned out of a beautiful mansion at the point of a jackboot for the love of Lady Cunegonde, and if you had not been involved in the Inquisition, and had not wandered over America on foot, and had not struck the Baron with your sword, and lost all those sheep you brought from Eldorado, you would not be here eating candied fruit and pistachio nuts.”

    “That’s true enough,” said Candide; “but we must go and work in the garden.”


    I prefer Bukowski myself but to each his own.

    [ed note: successful design of Rosa Parks Studies to displace Voltaire in Govt Schools is why we are in the predicament we are]

  15. If one becomes too afraid of his government, he becomes too timid; the best pictorial example is the Hollywood Western where the town cringes inside their storefronts while The Outlaws shoot up the place.

    IRL, it’s the neighborhood folks shutting their blinds while the Crack Deala plies his trade as the community dies.

    The only diff today: The Bad Guy With The Gunz is Uncle Beast – and he’s not here to pass out Welfare Chex 2 Whities. There’s no VRW Wolfgaär or Eastwood Avenging Vigilante to save your asses for you.

  16. Most of these bug collecting and manure farming types are from flyover country. Many are older as well and not mentally/physically capable of embracing action. It seems the far left gets the best revolutionary talent from Che Guevara, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Mumia Abu-Jamal, while we get peasants, church ladies, and poindexters.

    • An interesting observation.

      Mafias of all types have used better methods to gain economic power, with the Russian Mafia being the most powerful.

      They thrive under an even more oppressive, violent, vengeful totalitarian regime than even ours. Yet, they take risks and create higher orders of profit and it’s sure not derived from chickens and worm farts.

    • Che, Oswald and Mumia are all failures.

  17. My only difference with MW is that I don’t think there’s going to be a crash any time soon.

    I do not understand the online tough guy crowd. Virtually all white men (and at least half the white women) within 500 miles of me in any direction are armed to the teeth. White people have that angle covered, that’s not a problem.

    It’s virtually everything else that’s a problem. But I agree we shouldn’t all be farmers, we need to infiltrate the establishment, the Fortune 500, etc. White men really do still run the corporate sector; so WN must be a class movement.

  18. What did they say, good Generals focus on strategy, great Generals focus on logistics?

    That’s what MW is – logistics. Food, water, land, money, people, the network.

    • Then we’ve already lost, for The Greatest General of Logistics of all time is the present USG.

      • How’s that 85 billion dollars a month in quantitative easing working out for them?

      • …about the same as
        The 85-year-old
        You’ll be when
        USG finally

      • @FP – who is “we?” I know of some wealthy, well off white men that run companies, have prominent positions in government, and live in good white neighborhoods while sending their kids to good white public schools. They don’t seem to be losing anything. They seem to be winning.

        I know of several white men who are military contractors, making good money running the Jordie infrastructure. They don’t seem to be losing, they seem to be winning.

        So, it’s a class thing. In that case, MW’s logistics are useful. It’s the white people, especially men, lower middle class and poorer that are getting fucked here.

        [ed note: i’ve long wrote (and extensively) on this particularity since Eradica’s inception. it is not just jews/coloreds who are Your One True Enemy. you have as many as a Mountain Man crossing the Great Plains in 1813]

      • I’ll take it! 2055 then? There will be plenty of Whites left.

      • It is not heroic, it is sad
        to see such an old codger rooting around a farm at that age,
        searching for his next handful of food.
        You’re relegating yourself to toil in filth
        for the next 40 years

        Our ancestors did not
        dig in the dirt for bugs so
        the next generation could work in a mine so
        the next generation could work on a farm so
        the next generation could go to school so
        the next generation could read so
        the next generation could lead
        …us back to digging in the dirt for bugs

  19. Ultimately, it seems to come down to whether or not you believe government will leave you alone or not. I’m inclined to believe government will not so easily give up its empire, despite all the financial problems. Somehow, government will find a way to make certain people suffer, and it will enjoy doing it.

    [ed note: just imagine yourself in a DMV office – or filing a legitimate EEOC claim b/c you’re suffering from a racist black boss. the people behind the counter are all 200 lb. negresses.]

  20. I don’t think this post is helpful. Maybe mindweapon is not offended but I am. Is that your purpose? The idea of spending a few hours providing a secure and nutritious food supply hardly lowers the IQ of the person doing so.

    • To also see you skip riiiiiiight on over all that “stuff” I wrote about… ‘puters n’ sheet
      to focus on digging bugs means
      you are correct in your want
      to dig for bugs.

      Maybe MW just doesn’t realize [yet]
      that not only is such a route
      rushing yourselves down the mineshaft to be Morlocks
      It is hurrying to be Early Eloi

      you, i ain’t to sure ’bouts

  21. i’m sure now mindweapns and hipstard rayciss are INSANE

  22. Firepower,

    So being concerned about CAFO’s breeding antibiotic resistant supergerms makes me like Colonel Jack D. Ripper? And he was right about flouride you know.

    I’ll take it. I know a lot of good people who are concerned about their precious bodily fluids, and they are more functional than 95% of the WN movement.

    • Look around: There is no wn movement. It’s as inconsequential as the Murmurs.

      btw, note this post never mentioned you by name or claimed you have a movie playing in your head. You present my views as militia sniper training …

      Yet, I’ve twice pointed out that computers/Snowdening is the option. I wrote 3:1 about that idea over guns and even put in a Big Picture.

  23. Told you all SO:
    NSA Internet Spying Sparks Race to Create Offshore Havens for Data Privacy

    You’ll all need to mine 40 tons of Fly Poop to make as much as one of these sharp city-feller nerds does in 20 minutes…or cause as much anxiety for UncleBeast.

  24. mindweapon must have BOTH asall mind and a small weapon to be such an idiot to Farm Fer Freedumb.


  25. Mindweapons used to have good ideas but now he’s stuck in some grovel groove trying to FORCE some issue by going primitive. Its stupid and firepower is right, its the path to slavery.

  26. lol. That title’s an exaggeration: Meat is certainly not “destroyed,” for I can buy 80 lbs. of it this instant and I certainly show my mind’s not neutered to obey Uncle Murka. Of those that eat “pure” non-USDA meat, like in JordieVille – or Africa – I certainly see no Brainiac Village, but instead – Dimbos. And Tapeworms.

    Going the “Precious Bodily Fluids” route – for better or worse – smacks of Col. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove. Whether the entire crux of an argument or just a tad, it makes a movement look kooky.

    You can take that assessment of the public’s perception as “right or wrong” but that is precisely what they think and that end result is harmful to any cause, just like being a nudist or Mormon.

    1. Prematurely rushing to become a Flysifter yourself – before Uncle Sam forces you at gunpoint to do it as his slave – does his work for him.

    2. Your ancestors did not eat bugs so their offspring could learn to write – then instruct their kids to…eat bugs.

    3. Whether Redcoat or Czarist, oppressed farmers response to government tyranny is not to Farm-MOAR. That, is the worst response possible.

  27. Farm-Moar is how we cultivate (pun intended) face to face interaction and community building and TRADE. Trade among each other MOAR go to Walmart LESS.

    Are you familiar with the work of Dmitri Orlov, and his comparison of the USSR collapse and the USA collapse? I lived in Russia and saw what he saw — how everything there is about face to face interactions and trading that is not mediated by Walmart or the government. They aren’t centrally controlled, they are a country of family networks and friend networks and local trading. Corruption is endemic there, but that’s a GOOD thing. The buildings look like shit, the roads got potholes, but the people are individually wealthy because they all steal from the big companies, they all bribe the government, and they all share with fellow White countrymen.

    I’ve said this before but you ignore it. The local farmers in the USA have created an extensive underground trade in food. It’s extensive but they admittedly do small business. they are plucky volunteers who are happy to make chump change profits, because they are confident that their day is coming. They sell to people who care about what they eat, but not to the masses because at this point they can’t compete with subsidized corn syrup, but the network exists, and the moment food prices go up, this network will metastasize across the country and become a cancer that kills Walmart. We are like a cancer that is only kept in check by lots of chemotherapy ag subsidies and artificially cheap food system that destroys its own basis for existing.

    A massively distributed localized food system is very dangerous to TPTB, because it takes away the Starvation Weapon, which they currently wield and could use at any time. A slow collapse means food prices go up gradually but gives our infrastructu time to grow and accomodate increasing demand. A fast collapse — millions die, or perhaps billions That happens, of course, all bets are off.

  28. I understand your views. I think it is the (traditional) noble white way of doing something/anything just so you don’t feel powerless.

    I have no need to read Dmitri Orlov when I can plainly see it is not the rural farmers who run Russia now, but Putin’s armed sub-thug government culture and the armed Russian Mafia. They do the raiding and fuck hot farm girls and the girls’ dads grow turnips for the Don’s table.

    Enterprises grow strong NOT from growing and supplying crops, but supplying more lucrative goods. A great example is the Coca farmers of Columbia were not the ones to grow rich and powerful…but another more enterprising group.

    THE BEST Comparison: The US Italian Mafia succeeded with Don Gino the Boss of Bosses, not Giueseppe the Zucchini Farmer…mama mia!

  29. Well, for what it’s worth, my garden doesn’t take much time away from work or from studying math. I’m working on trigonometric integrals and plan to teach myself all of calculus — through differential and multivariable, and then do statistics and programming. Doing contract work in Big Data is my long range goal, or some kind of math job. Fortunatley, I find this stuff FUN to do, so I do a little bit every day. I’ve been practicing trig integrals using U substitions for about 2 months now and will be ready to move on in another month.

    Also, the farming thing is about developing the systems to the point where they are profitable ,and then hiring people to do the actual labor. So it’s research and development in sustainable, small scale, local food production. It’s a form of tech, really, that seeks to displace the dinosaur Industrial Ag system. Everyone needs to eat every day after all. Bill Gates started out programming his own computers, after all.

    Imagine for a moment if all the proles and social security disabilities had to do 10 hours of labor in the local food system so they could afford food. Would this not make us more powerful vis a vis Big Ag and Big Gov and Megacorp? I think it would. You disagree. That’s fine. But plenty of people do agree.

    One last point — developing local networks of farming and trade are not mutually exclusive with learning tech or creating “Snowdens.” Who do you think is more mentally and spiritually prepared to learn computer programming — a button mashing faggot kid or a kid who just spent the morning pulling weeds out of a garlic bed? Whose thinking is more clear?

    Remember, Philo T. Farnsworth figured out the cathode ray tube from looking at the criss cross plough furrows. I have had similar experiences out in the field. You go on automatic pilot, your mind relaxes. The button mashers are overstimulated. hand tool farming is understimulation, and that’s a GOOD thing. that opens up room for profound rumination and meditation.

    One last thing. There is a second brain in the gut is scientifically established:


    Bad food leads to poor mental health. ADHD, depression. et cetera. Just avoiding these things makes farming worth it, doesn’t it? I know, I know, Jack D. Ripper and “precious bodily fluids.” What’s established science versus mocking someone based on a 50 year old movie, whose straw man character was scientifically correct in his suspicion of water flouridation.

  30. You may honestly believe about fluoride, plus even have added personal belief in the values of being a nudist mormon, or even a believer in drinking Christ’s blood, but espousing them loudly instead of irrefutable facts causes potential recruits to view you as…different.

    Billions of gookers, mexes, muzz and Africans can’t afford fluoride; they are pretty fucking stupid. Maybe even dumber than Murkans…so:

    1. Prematurely rushing to become a Fly|Farmurr yourself – before Uncle Sam forces you at gunpoint to do it as his slave – does his work for him.

    2. Your ancestors did not eat bugs so their offspring could learn to write – then instruct their kids to…eat bugs.

    3. Whether Redcoat or Czarist, oppressed farmers best response to government tyranny isn’t Farm-MOAR. That, is the worst response possible.

    Snowden was indeed a BMF. Bad Bradd was a GAY BMF – a literal button-mashing fag. One alone caused more damage than 40 years of screeching Niggerspickiking that substituted for action.

    New Word: FarMuRM

  31. A slow, passive resistance like farming will take 75 years to just harm The Beast.
    You don’t “starve the beast” the beast starves you:

    Thus, not only will you be 125 years-old to see victory through a Methuselah’s eyes…
    you’ll spend the last 75 years of your precious life being a field slave.

    I do find it odd, that
    “old pals”
    like Brandon crab about me on your site
    instead of facing me here.
    When the FlyFarmur Post is my idea.

    that’s kinda like bitching to your dad about
    the Mean Kid who called your Nissan Leaf
    a fagmobile…
    Instead of taking it to the kid

    Brandy must’ve caught
    Pat Hanniggan’s Disease

    btw, what ever happened to that Original VRW guy…Hydrocephalic Sneezing- or, Hyperborian Rising?

  32. Patrica Hannigan still lurks here. I suspect concobaby does as well. Hell Matt Forney prolly does too.

    I also think one of the three posts here as well but I can’t act based on a vague guess. Still need proof.


    [ed note: lol, that pat haniggen – what a Tossa. btw, DON’T YOU ever disagree with him. You won’t be his pal no moar]


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