Experimental WN

by Ryu

It’s clear that our current methods are not enough. They only produce hordes of angry internet people, of which I am a part. This, our current mode of living, is not what victory feels like. We shouldn’t be slinking about in the shadows, they should. I’d happily trade places. No matter how many “angry” people there are right now, without results to show, it accounts for nothing. To produce a different type of activist, we need a different method.

Hipster Racist is trying some interesting things at his site. Apparently women are very interested in sex – who would have thought? If writing erotica and BDSM gets women into….….. WN, we should do it. Our results matter, our intentions do not.

We get what we want by giving other people what they want. If they want sex, give them sex with some race mixed in. If they want to get rich, help them make money if they help the race. If we want the SPLC to leave us alone, help them diversify rich white neighborhoods, which will remove attention from us while increasing racial awareness.

We need thinkers who can work outside of the box. No more news and jews, no daily outrage, no National Review-esqe articles. We need more Mindweapons, Firepowers and Thordaddys. Most WNs are not crazy or rebellious enough. The more fringe and the further out, the better.

29 Comments to “Experimental WN”

  1. Perception is reality and feelings are more important than facts. Force can work, but you also need control of the media, as the soldiers and police do now.

    Roosh has written a very interesting article. His timing, following FP’s article, is interesting. I hold no grudges. I would ally myself with almost anyone to get the job done:


    • Roosh now hates “the media” because he was SPLC’d!© – the way former liberals hate the black after getting mugged.

      Only if you see such wisdom before you are victimized is it praiseworthy. Having a Come To Jesus Moment after a painful lesson is merely instinctual. Prescience is admirable. Reactionism is not, but his fanbois predictably trot out their ass-kissy Guru|BackSlappFest I wrote of.

      As far as his timing goes, there is no such thing as coincidence in writing.
      If future Polit-i-Roosh Books contain my work, I have a income stream/retirement plan of my own that meshes and partners nicely with his (and every one else’s) when Social Security fails:

      Mercilessly suing the Goddamned living Christ-fuck out of every pile of money in copy-cats’ bank accounts.

      Roosh hated feminists. Good, that’s one phalange. Now, he hates The Media; he’s worked his way on up to two.

  2. It’s a sure sign that WN is completely doomed and hopeless when my ideas are being taken seriously.

    The handle is “hipster racist” for god’s sake.

  3. You take your very normal website, do some funny articles, some romance articles, etc. and then you just pour out a bit of poison. Just a drop.

    Of course, this WILL work, and it always surprised me that no one seemed to be doing it, especially if you “need more women in the movement.” So far, WN is a sausage party and the most “general interest” they ever get is a) survivalism b) Ayn Randroidian Libertopianism, and c) whichever branch of Judeo-Xianity you happen to prefer, the fringier the better.

  4. You’re going to have to make a separate state together, OK? DON’T let the North Dakota thing demoralize you- that guy did it the wrong way; even the $PLC knew about that.

    Start with 2 to 3 people from each state, and a whole wad of people from one area; do your research, then move in QUICKLY to take over an area that has been abandoned because of de-industrialization: northern NY. And there a ton of little towns all over the U.S., just about dead, to choose from. Then build the rest- ever heard of a yurt?

    Look, the Jews, Moslems (Dearborn, MI), Mexicans do it; if they can, you can. You just move in, saying NOTHING, so little wussy Eric Holder and Mark Potok don’t poop their pants.

    If and when they try the HUD section 8 shit, you WILL see them building it- so that night, you TEAR IT DOWN. When they come back the next morning, you are none the wiser. Plan it all AHEAD OF TIME, THEN COMMIT!!!

  5. Everyone is motivated by sentiment and self-interest. FP’s FFOL is motivated by sentiment (whitey hatred) and self-interest (dolla billz, either in pure form or cell phone gibmebatz).

    The liberal falange isn’t entirely harmonious. Niggas and spics hate each other. Jews think goyim are animals and want them to work like cattle so they can sit like an effendi and eat. And so on. Amplify existing dissensions and create new ones.

    Whites (especially White men) will have less and less self-interest reasons to pay into the system as there is more and more diversity. Parallel institutions, like MW and Thrasymachus have suggested, will give them the opportunities that are denied them. I want to see Freemasonry but for WN; if you want to get ahead, network with the best, and make money, you join us and you follow our code. Hokey rituals and mystical bullshit about the dimensions of Solomon’s temple optional according to taste.

  6. Off topic but Matt Forney is now simply ripping off what remains of his readership.

    This fag apparently needs a legal defense fund. How many idiots can he swindle?


    • Awesome. If we had less scruple we’d begin an Eradica slush fund as well.

      I don’t know, I feel kind of proud. It takes guts to get into a real jam. A $500 jam isn’t much, but its a start. When you make some enemies who can really mess things up, you’re headed in the right direction.

      [ed note: i never planned to collect contributions on Eradica, but we could – then send the funds to Golden Dawn or vote on other worthy recipients]

    • Murka has changed into total stupid.

      In two seconds it forgot
      the NSA, IRS, Trayvon and Chris Lane – in its own bathroom…
      and instantly switched flights 10,000 miles to scream about Syria.

      America has more than enough Stupids to feed The Matt Foney Ego.
      Murka is
      The fat Welfare Brood Sow
      Cockroaches in her kitchen
      Shit on her floor
      Who drops it all
      To go march for Jesse Jackson.

      I detected Matt Foney as a hypocrite from our first interactions.
      That he made such histrionic spectacle to “Quit Blogging Forevuuuuuuuuur!” 😥
      Then returned to his personal Attenti-0-nsphere
      Reeks of a Sex Addict falling off The Wagon
      …sneaking back into the whorehouse

      His sycophantic disciples deserve whatever humiliating buttfucking he’s planned for them.
      Just like Obama’s Swooners in October 2008

  7. “Belgian Chocolate Foundation” is going to be the name of my new Dubstep band.

  8. I like the direction this conversation is moving in. Burn the boats. Retreat is impossible. Forward!

  9. The way to reach the sheep is through art. A Fifty Shades of Grey-type project with strategically-placed drops of race realism, Red Pill thinking, WN, Houellebecq. Nothing too outrageous to frighten, but enough to rev up the tingles.

    • “A Fifty Shades of Grey-type project with strategically-placed drops of race realism”

      Done and done! I’m surprised at how many women have been “liking” the race articles right along with the erotica.

    • Another good thing about the sex angle is that sex is a place where it’s still perfectly acceptable to be completely racist. All “anti-racist” nonsense goes right out the window when the fucking starts. As OKCupid data showed, white women are the most racially exclusive group, white men second most racially exclusive. As you mentioned on my “party” article, that scene is generally speaking all attractive white people. 50 Shades was made a world wide phenomenon and best seller by white women. BDSM is called the “English kink” for a reason.

  10. ” Middle class bred white chicks now love nigger dick in the West.”

    In my neck of the woods (full of prosperous middle class white people) the only time I see a white bitch dating a negro is when she’s good looking. I’ve only seen one fat white woman dating a non-white, and that non-white was an east asian man. The men who perpetually excuses white women of treachory are not worth listening to, because clearly they have their head up their own arses.

    • Do NOT elevate them and call them “women”
      white females on opposite sides of the socio-economic spectrum are the ones to typically mate with coloreds.

      1. Economically poor white trash forced into close proximity with the black and too fatt to get white males.
      2. Black “elites” – athletes and the like glorified by Murkans. Ice-T and his whore.

      This is part of a plan:

      The danger is these opposite ends moving toward the middle, making it acceptable for CORE Whites to defile their future offspring with color.

      • “white females on opposite sides of the socio-economic spectrum are the ones to typically mate with coloreds.”

        That’s not what I’m seeing with my own eyes, and that’s not what Simon Sheppard has concluded, and he studied this:
        “Firstly, some men claim that only a particular kind of women go with immigrants. This is not true. I actually measured this (sitting at the side of a shopping mall with a clipboard over several weeks) and confirmed that the tendency to race-mix was led by women. Further, the tendency was expressed by women of all ages, ugly and attractive, and across all social classes.”

        The notion that only a certain type of woman date blacks (low self-esteem, fat, working class, promiscuous, daddy issues etc) are just nonsense. They are excuses that WNKers (White Nationalist Knights) make to excuse women of their treachery. The longer this goes on the worse it will get. Unless women are held accountable for their actions then the more they will misbehave. Like an ill-disciplined child you might say.

        As for the observation that only women from either extreme mate with blacks, I think I understand the logic behind it (low class = physical and NATURALLY tends towards the degrading; upper class = mental, but only PRESENTLY tending towards the degrading), but can’t agree with it because that’s not what I’ve seen in real life unless you’ve got some evidence to show otherwise.

        [ed note: if comparing UK to USA, you are incorrect. plus, the sample of “one clipboard inna mall” isn’t statistically signif. in mUrka, poor white trash breed with coloreds and rich golddiggers fuck sports star to play Nicole Simpson Alimony LOTTO®]

  11. The OkCupid survey Hipster Racist mentioned seems to belie the notion than White women mix more than White men.

    But ok AAB now that you have your data, what do you propose to do about the problem?

    • Tell men that they come first and that their will comes first. That’s the first and most important point. Then tell them that they needn’t pussy-foot around when it comes to calling a spade a spade, and that means calling women out for acting obnoxiously. Women won’t modify their behaviour unless told otherwise, and then they end up with the proverbial Princess Syndrome. That’s all that needs to be done for now. The rest will be figured out by each man in his own time. Anything other than that will just result in more men being told ‘what to do’ ‘what the right thing is’ etc ad nauseum; basically heaping more weight on mens shoulder, which they don’t need.

      • That’s your plan AAB. What methodology will you employ? A blog, a radio show….?

      • That’s your plan AAB? What methodology will you employ to get your message across? Will you blog or have a radio show or ????

      • Yes, that’s plan, tell men that they come first. The simpler a plan is the better it is. The opposite is something more like the Talmud, with its gazillion and one laws, which is what we’ve already got (just see the various shaming methods used by conservatives, christians etc to get men to ‘man up’ that fail). The fewer laws the better. As for the how, well I’ve got a blog, but that’s about it. In anticipation of a question that you’re likely to ask: no, you’re right, one small-time blog isn’t very much, but there are already thousands of blogs out there, not to mention books, magazines etc, and they aren’t exactly transforming the world.

  12. Well no one can accuse me of being a White Knight Nationalist. Not only am I hated by all WN women, save one (ssh!) I also received my Official Misogynist Badge from no less an authority than manboobz.com.

    In my experience, and from the limited data I have come across, miscegenation is a fringe activity; especially with Africans. I love love love complaining about white women and criticizing them. But in this particular case, they really don’t seem to deserve it.

    But of course, women do not have loyalty, nor do they follow an honor code. That’s a guy thing. The War Bride phenomenon, etc. We actually shouldn’t expect racial loyalty from women, it’s not in women’s nature. However, given the constant miscegenation propaganda, it’s a pleasant surprise to me that white women don’t do it more often.

    Racking my memory here, I recall precisely one time that a white man publicly shamed a white woman for miscegenating. Senior year, weight lifting class. Probably half white, half black. The only girl in the class, a kind of dykish, unattractive, slightly chubby girl hooked up with a black. The most alpha white guy in the group, who was a football player, openly called her out and shamed her, in front of everyone (except the coach, who I don’t think ever really showed up for class anyway.)

  13. For the record, *I* don’t hate you HR. You’re a good writer. I just don’t understand how your bdsm tactics are going to create good women and lotsa White babies. I feel that a constant emphasis on getting laid detracts from many other projects men could be doing. Perhaps I will come to understand this at a later date.

    • Maureen,

      The purpose of the erotica is not to convince white women to have more babies, it’s to get white women reading my blog. It works.

      A few years ago MW said everyone should get wordpress blogs and form a network. So that’s what I’m doing. I suppose I could do the typical News and Jews, or the cheerleading for the white race, but what would be the point? That just means the same tiny crowd of WNs would read, and no one else would. It makes us happy and gives us a sense of camaraderie, but it is just ignored by white people in general.

      I looked into wordpress, and found that among all the women users, erotica and romance fiction are pretty much the most popular thing. So, I’m giving them what they want, they show up to read the BDSM, and then read the racial stuff, the jokes about the anti-whites, etc. It at least plants the ideas into their minds.

      You are simply asking too much of me, and men in general, when you talk about having more white babies. That’s 100% up to women. It’s women that make the babies. Technically speaking, the man’s part in the baby making process is pretty minimal. You and all the rest of the WN women always want to blame men for what is 100% a problem of women. I understand exactly why; women’s sexual power is dropping like a rock and WN women don’t like it anymore than the average white women. That, also, is 100% the fault of women. It’s women that broke the connection between sex and babies by using birth control, putting off marriage and children, and chasing after sleazy hipsters.

      What do you expect ME to do about it?

  14. “plus, the sample of “one clipboard inna mall” isn’t statistically signif.”
    Neither is listing a few well known professional sports players! The upper classes extend beyond people who are well known to the public. What about CEOs, royalty, politicians, etc? Do they race mix above the level of the middle classes? I don’t know. The only vaguely useful data I’ve found so far is (unexpectedly) from the wikipedia site, but unfortunately they don’t break the marriages down by social class. Have you got any links to anything more useful?


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