Why PUA Has Failed: Fallen Idols

by Firepower

Like PUA…I Too, Was ONCE Young & Alluring!

Part III

Leadership that should have led and still ruled today – such as Mystery himself – have vanished, leaving that “brain gap” so clearly and profoundly mourned.  Mystery was an original, creating innovative concepts proving the test of time.  Style copied him, but did so openly and honestly, using his professional writer’s skills to flesh out the obtuse Mystery’s pinched writing style; that expansion became a successful, pioneering book, The Game.  David DeAngelo & Tyler Durden offered humor and craftiness toround out the library.  Those guys are pretty much all you need to know.  I added some David Shade brutality to my own to become The Mighty Firepower.

Two of the best Post-PUA-Apocalypse writers I know are Roosh n’ Roissy.  They have their issues; these issues become our problem.  I need to preface this and clarify that I…


…like(d) them and do not hate them, despite what overly sensitive, Mushy|Murkans over-react to as “H-h-hate!”  If you need to read what it looks like when I actually|really|truly hate a motherfucker – see my articles on GLPiggy, the biggest thieving dimwit hack online in all of human history and a thoroughly pussified SWPL retard and coward.  So, there.

To recap…

The Reasons Why PUA Failed:

  1. It has already failed –
  2. Despite 15 years, Feminism still rules America – NOT men. PUA had no effect b/c:
  3. No PUA Leadership –
  4. Incapable Disciples

PUA reactionaries come in two flawed variants today.  One is the… …PUA-Hater Variant (PHV1) i.e. Manboobs/Futrelle hating Roosh & Roissy purely because they are successful in… …getting disgustingly corrupt Murkan Bitches to have sex.  PHV1 are feminists who reactively White Knight “defenseless” bitches, thus ridiculously – and ironically – paternalizing them.  They are just feminists who always genetically hate men unconditionally and elevate women no matter the circumstance.  In a nutshell: They hate John – and loveLoveLOVE Lorena Bobbit – precisely for what each did.

The second reactionary to PUAs is the blind disciple who presumes These Men of God in the opposite fashion of the PUAHater.  No matter what they say and how many times they repeat it, they are always eager to plunk down another $3,000.00 (or $3.99) for the same shit the Guru said last month.  They are Serial Idiots cyclically migrating from Mystery to Style to Matador to Savoy to Cajun to roissy to…zzzz-z-z-z


Roosh had truly novel ideas about PUA.  They were novel because they applied to foreign pussy – but not American pussy.  More specific, an American picking up foreign pussy in its native country.  Roosh came with a caveat (Brandons don’t even know wtf that is). Those good ideas of his became Sex Tourism magnified into way too many Field Reports and lurid Lay Reports for voyeuristic Keyboard Jockeys addicted to their champion’s exploits.  Were they true?  Who knows – but that’s the problem. Trust IS a Bitch. Plus, reading about another male’s sex life is disturbingly gay.

This is yet another tired retread-repeat of the Mystery, Style, Matador etc. old forum ad infinitum:  A good idea explaining success quickly overrun by swarms of Idiot Brandons (IB’s) chattering about esoteric minutiae and predictable “Youdamans!” glorifying their leader’s tales, reveling in each other’s back slapping of everybody’s latest congratulations. It is a circle jerk. These Classic PUA Forums …all died.  That’s what an Infestation of Idiots gets you.  The ECOF* exhibits its fatal flaw by even the subconscious rejection growing in its own coterie of idiots.  It’s why once trendy shows like American Idol and Deal or No Deal die: A majority can’t fight the “feeling” at just how stupid it really all is underneath the surface.

Roosh’s novel ideas did not apply to American Girls and have no market here except for the male willing to travel.  If they did, he wouldn’t have left DC for sex; why travel thousands of miles if you can travel two and de-load.  Hundreds of IB’s worshiping their leader’s exploits, but ignoring they’d also need to travel is the supreme definition of ignorance.  98% couldn’t afford to leave Mom’s Proverbial Basement let alone go on a Rangoon Fuck N’Suck Expedition.  This discrepancy always disturbed me, but I ignored these morons and focused on Roosh’s information.  I imagined he banged hot ass.  When I saw the pics, they disappointed: They were 6’s – at least in my opinion.  If I choose, I can bang all the bitches like that here.  I wanted more from Roosh.  I expected more.

These emerging problems manifesting in Roosh became a distraction.  I suspected he played Tall Game like Mystery. The break came for me when a dim douchebag called Naughty Nomad relayed his Lay Report of Miss Dominican Republic and Roosh “verified & vouched” for him.  Vouching, has an explicit, distinct meaning.  LIUFY*

‘Twas a tale of PUA Victory!,

said Nomad – based on Game.  He then elaborated, inadvertently revealing, how Miss Dominica picked him up outside the bar…  In the accompanying pic, he looked like Colin Farrel…  Chalk another one up for Ryan Reynolds Game.  That roosh subscribed to this deceptive bullshit finished it for me.  I then determined… he was gaming me with the very same contempt he held for his lays – and audience.  It was the last time I read him seriously.  Sure enough, his pal Mr. Naughty soon started his own pua forum.  The circlejerk is now complete.

Obi-Wan, once you were the master and I, the student, now I…am The Master

Rooshi is pushing 40, so depending on the Inheritance of Primogeniture inherent in Iranian Dynasties, his rich Immig dad will leave it all to him and he’s flip.  So, his site is now a ‘Grecycled Copy of TSB Mag, where he was once promoted and where I discovered him – and roissy.  It is structured identically.  If it looks like a Fuck and quacks like a Fuck…

Hey, wtf … It IS funny

TROK is there to make money.  That is The American Way and I do not hate or begrudge it – but I also don’t get serious, Crucial Life-Applicable Advice from Maxim magazine either.  If I wanted Maxim, I’d read it. I don’t.

Discontent with pua’s limited intellect, rooshi went political.  This becomes the fundamental problem. There’s only so much pua technique you can repeat before it starts to grate on even the author.  The smarter the author, the more likely he is to chafe at his own hypocrisy.  The Return of Kings [TROK] is like a 1990’s Maxim mag written by Touré.  A golden chance to inspire and lead young males, stupefied into MSNBC ‘grecycled rehash of “whites iz rayciss” because “I can haz black African-American friends in Fairfax & Loudon!”

If I want PC bullshit from a SWPL suburbanite living safe from Colored Dangers I’ll join Habitat For Humanity and watch MSNBC. But, there’s the problem:  The ratings prove nobody watches MSNBC (or any liberal pc bullshit shows).  Roosh only has idiots reading him now, which is why he’ll always be disappointed in his profundity-effect; call it Ferdi’s Disease…The smarter the author, the more likely he is to chafe at his own hypocrisy.

Now his jazz is all This forum is conquering the world! fap-posts hyping itself from years ago when in fact, it’s conquered nothing.  Braying about how great you are – after accomplishing nothing – is the sure sign of irrelevance.

If it’s now changed itself into being about a “return of kings” but there ain’t NO return – or even a hint of return on the horizon – because Queens still rule despite PUA’s existence…and just take a look at The Real DC.  Any of you who’s gotten out of your monk’s cell to a club knows women are still the biggest entitled cunts in history.  PUA has had zero effect on female behavior; they’re worse now than before.  There ain’t no “keeengs” either; just dejected, lost Brandons too stupid to ask how to get out of the ditch.  Like little baby moocow calves…playing in the grass, waiting for the butcher. Tell idiots it’s Spring Rain while pissing on their heads; today – they’ll believe it because their Government Education Teachers told them they were Special Snowflakes.   In fact, today’s PUA Scene is best described as Special Snowflakes make-believing they are not Special Snowflakes while secretly believing they are.

Because women are still arrogant, pushy twats, that guarantees future limitless Revenue Streams for PUA, INC.  It’s Penthouse Forum (for you old fucks) and Maxim with the word “cunt” and “tits” in the Letters to The Editor.  Look at some of the links I tossed in below in the previous articles:  It’s the typical fatal fapfest for followers.

This was a blown chance for roosh to lead.  Now, his site is explicitly political and shockingly Politically Correct in every regard except pussy.  Thus, it is lukewarm, mealy-mouthed fenceposting incapable of change – and only capable of being The Next ECOF #53,342,604,729.b-4 A.

I know he’d never Call The Spade a Spade because he considers himself a “minority” even though Iranians are Caucasian.  He grew up in a privileged, SIPL neighborhood never having to stoop to associate with real black folks keepin’ it real.  This gives him a moral skirt to hide behind, from where he decries valid race issues with all the other SWPL|Bois still living in the ‘rents suburban McMansion while a Mexican cuts the lawn so Junior doesn’t have to.


*Look It Up For YOURSELF


65 Responses to “Why PUA Has Failed: Fallen Idols”

  1. Iranians are Caucasians in the same way the Bomb Brothers are, that is to say, literally and not European. PUA has some value as self-improvement but mainly buys into the consumerism of the modern world. I can’t fault Roosh for his persistence and determination but I think he just powered through hundreds of approaches fueled by his Persian arrogance to find a few barflies who liked dark hairy guys. Getting laid in non-first world countries is much easier, it doesn’t require game so much as being reasonably presentable. The thing is sucking up to blacks is unavoidable for these people, or any mainstream Americans.

    • pua is as bereft of “leaders” as OWS, wn or insipid MRM. The thoughtless audiences of these “movements” have only the Pavlovian intellect to obey the *APPLAUSE!* sign when it flashes.

      It is Microwaved-BabyFood brotherhood.

      This occurs whether the guru is white or German, like roissy and would make no difference to rooshi’s message if he were European. Focusing on his race/ethnicity detracts from the main analysis.

    • “Iranians are Caucasians in the same way the Bomb Brothers are, that is to say, literally and not European.”

      They are part of the ‘larger’ white family in the same way that Latins are part of the same family as Nordics, even though the two have different racial personalities. The author of ‘The Races of Europe’, Carlton Coon, includes them in the larger white family, which is important to remember because we don’t want to get drawn into some fratricidal war again.

  2. I read that book “The Game” by “Style” when it came out. It was mildly amusing, I got about 3/4ths of the way through and got bored. Picking up chicks in LA nightclubs … I get it, but I don’t see how it has any larger social ramifications.

    The real deal with the modern sex/relationship market is coming from “The Red Pill” and the “Dark Enlightenment” and the mainstream, elite press is starting to notice it:





    Any white man looking to some clown like Mystery for serious advice on much of anything is a moron.

  3. I like Mystery and have learned a great deal from him. One has to focus on his intention, not the feather boa or top hat. I too would dress up like a clown if that got the desired result. You have to give the people what they want.

    No PUA anywhere has topped Mystery. PU has not progressed beyond what he had to offer; it’s actually declined a great deal to just “approach more”.

    He turned getting laid into a science. He became unpopular because the quality of PUAs has dropped dramatically since 2000. He invented the 3 second rule, cat string theory, demonstrating value, and others.

    I don’t believe that mass movements can work today. Even WN is full of NAJ and TDO sites. The ones who would be leaders cannot lead because they would out themselves. Checkmate. USG wins by default. Not because they are the best, but because they can drag down everyone else.

    • Ryu, FP said that PUA was supposed to change women’s attitudes or stop feminism somehow. On that front, I don’t see PUA or Mystery having any impact. On learning how to pick up chicks at a bar, it works. When I read that stuff, half of it I just thought was obvious and everyone did it, the other half was either interesting or only applicable in an LA nightclub.

      I found this speech very useful, especially the conversational techniques about asking questions that reveal motivations, character, and experience:

      • During ’08 IIRC, the pua “community” dreaded exposure from VH-1’s The Pickup Artist revealing its secret techniques. After hyping for two seasons, the secrets were revealed and…nothing happened – except women got cuntier. There was no modification/adaptation of their behavior to PUA’s presence – except for the worse.

        PUA proficiency in tactics were a DHV unto themselves, so a male with lesser looks, wealth and status could utilize PUA, placing himself on interpersonal DHV levels with Brody Jenner-ite douchebags getting bottle service in the VIP. This was bald Style’s and tiny Cajun’s platform. The selling point was one needn’t be Hot, Ripped or Rich to succeed.

        The Promise of “a hot girl is common but a High Value Male is rare” meant females now recognized the quality of deliberately structured and duly presented inner DHV – that inscrutable Alpha Quality. This did not happen. I do not see it in any clubs except for me and maybe another 5% – tops. Perhaps the greatest beneficiaries of PUA were the rich Brody Jenner/Situation douchebags who amped their materialistic “game” with a mating of PUA’s mental tactics.

        The end result of pua was: Females became worse and males, curiously, also became worse – hence its utter failure.

        All the while, presided over by amateurs each hawking their different Magic Potions.

      • PU has never been about changing the world. It’s about sex and sex only. I don’t think feminism was even on the old PUAs’ radar.

        That’s almost like saying WNs are about changing negro or bean behavior. Who cares? I’m not a WN to save the world….ha! I’m in it for me! WN is about power and that is it. We get what we want, to hell with the others.

        [ed note: sure it was about changing the world – changing female behavior via a newly deliberate program of conscious manipulation of formerly sub-conscious Alpha Male cues and display. Everybody fucks, mates and reproduces so such behavior is integral to all humanity itself. It’s only when PUA abandoned its academy – its academia – for The High Life in The Circus that it became a carny laughingstock]

      • pua was not created to stop feminism. If you find that in the three parts I’ve written, inform me and I’ll change it.
        I stated PUA did not activate even the slightest side effect on female behavior at all.

        That’s a colossally dismal effect, despite being the largest, most organized exclusively male group since America’s WW2 Armed Forces.

        If Wet Pussy Promises in DHV Dreams have zero impact on the gals – MRM’s collection of fat, cranky old divorced sweat-lodge boners is doomed to eternal, mockable chumpitude – unless they start wearing TNT Vests.

  4. PUA failed but for entirely different reasons. Women being on a pedestal is more a fact of nature than upbringing. Females are the queens of almost every species while males are their slaves. A lucky few are chosen for breeding but otherwise males are disposable. Most of human existence was a matriarchy up until recently. Feminism is merely a return to the state of nature something which is dormant and always on standby ready to return when the upkeep of patriarchy has waned.

    Echoing the sentiments above another factor in the demise of PUA is that status is a zero sum game. In order for there to be winners there have to be lots of losers. Without hierarchy how do we determine who gets the most desirable sexual partners? Sorry but you can’t “fake it until you make it” everyone is NOT a winner unless you’re in third grade public school.

    [ed note: the only matriarchal societies i recall were/are iroquois/mohawks and today’s black; they are insignificant. pua failed because millions of blind children are led by thousands of one-eyed boys]

  5. Stopped reading Roosh when he started screaming “Neo Nazi!” at anyone who doesn’t adore vibrants.

  6. Matriarchy consists of everything you decry. The Brandon phenomena described here is the white version of the ghetto male instead of sitting outside getting stoned aimless boys play video games all day instead. Without a secure role as husband/father young males have zero motivation to achieve. It’s partially why the ghetto is a complete mess and why matriarchy was the pre-civilizational social paradigm. It was destroyed only with the rise of religion, private property, and organized warfare. Whenever prosperity and peace reemerge though these things decline in need and value. That’s why empires seemingly at their apex rapidly crash as the upkeep of male values and dominance wanes.

  7. I’m old 50 to be exact. So my perspective to all this is that it is controlled opposition, I could see these gurus sitting down with Mz Mommy Prof at some bullshit session to “dialogue.”

    Its typical though I have a lifetime of watching “leaders” or “intellectuals” quibbling the details, and acting like little bitches when called upon it so their 12 Net followers can play exclude the non-believer. The HBD gang is perhaps the first example of this, the entire Blank Slate Theory is a fraud but the Asperger fucks waste everyone’s time by zooming in on some minute detail and then quibbling it to applause from their little group.

    These PUAs just want to be respected by Mz Mommy Prof as do the rest of our intellectual Mommy Prof wannabees.

    You can write long winded essays or just ask questions. IMO the words “So tell me about” have more power than a 5000 word essay directed towards your 12 Brandons. (not to discount an education but it has to be actually useful beyond brain masturbation).

    The interrogator is one with the power.

  8. I think the highpoint in Roosh’s career was bedding the beauteous Annoukange.

  9. PUA didn’t fail anymore than “feminism” failed. It’s just that in the inverted world of the radical sexual autonomist, “Butch” is on top and “adam and steeve” are the bottoms up. The PUA movement was never intended to combat “feminism,” i.e., put “Butch” in hurz place, but to CEMENT woman-hatred amongst a burgeoning class of de facto homos… White male liberals.

    These “dudes” that supposedly bedded all these “women” (read: liberated females) did so because of the attractiveness of their apparent weakness. “Butch”-in-training no fear Roosh. Or Mystery. Or Style.

    • Your comparison of pua to feminism is puzzling: Feminism WON, in case you hadn’t turned on a TV or read the news in the past 30 years.

      Give a toast to VAWA, Lezzies on Parade in SCOTUS, Nancy Pelosi etc etc etc…

      btw: when will you finish your first post

      • I start with two main premises as it concerns this topic.

        First, if a “thing” does not contain a scintilla of femininity then to call it “feminism” is either an act of deception or a suffering of ignorance.

        Secondly, none of these liberationist movements have their origins in the spirit or intellect.

        “Feminism” is devout dykism… Man-hatred. Man imposters.

        PUA is the other side of MRM and a splintering of white male liberals into two de facto homo movements originating in polar opposite experience with females that nonetheless leads to the same end.

        That PUA lived brief and died young is classic homosexual life cycle.

  10. I do think Roissy/FP & friends would clean up in SoCal, particularly in OC.

    The anxiety is why we don’t see these chaps out here. It’s a whole other world. They can’t even imagine.


    Who knows.

  11. Having never been a part of the “game” scene, other than reading Heartiste once in a while and that book, I was unaware is was supposed to change women’s behavior. I thought it was literally just how to pick up chicks.

    If by moving from “the academy” to “gurus” selling workshop tickets the movement killed itself; that I understand. Men, in groups, going out in the field and experimenting is one thing, going to a conference to learn techniques is a sucker’s bet.

    I guess I just don’t get it. My “game” tends to be “smile and flirt.” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  12. “moby with a GUN” lol – most apt.

    You’ll be surprised to know I always planned on a Quadrilogy. The last installment will be on The Greatest PUA Alive Today – a regular MPUAG – and how even such brilliance fails in a Murkanocracy. That pua is… roissy

    Get Ready…

  13. Feminism is another white political movement that slipped over to the magic thinking of the jews. Their main contribution to our destruction is the crank ass theory called the Blank Slate Theory total garbage regardless of what the HBD experts quibble about.

    The PUA scammers never as so much challenged that basic premise, and because they never did they would eventually set themselves up for fail against the social engineers of the left. And if someone told me that these scammers would eventually align themselves with the “left” I would not be surprised in the least. If you believe in magic word theory administered by the “elite” then you have to join the them. Lot of power today in being thought of as a social engineer.

  14. [ed note: one of the TRUEST TRUTHS ever laid down on video.
    btw, I’m torn over whether I like one of your avs with one of your names better. its the combo of spedific ones that promote my indecision…]

  15. Pua failed because men actually despise too much cheap sex. Men feel better when they work for things. I have heard this from men.

    • Although your 3 sentences are almost as convincing as
      my four articles…

      You’d best abandon pretending such Hollywood Theology functions in Teh Real World, or you’ll actually believe Kuntry Bumpkins will shortly form gangs and goose-step coloreds into extermination camps…

      When ya’ll can’t even get 3 like-minded people IRL to simply discuss Eradican Concepts.

      • What’s this Hollywood stuff? I hate that crap. *I* unlike some people, rarely pay attention to that stuff. I have no idea what the movie you reference is about, having never seen it. If you want women to not be idiots, maybe you shouldn’t use this Jew crap for reference.

        Anyway, I know very well that men hate it when women tell them what they need but I will take the heat. Men need to work. It helps if they have something to work toward.

        Stay with me now FP my Dear Frenemy. The men who are getting free sex from random women generally have nothing to work for. Like it or not, before the Jews fucked everything up (spearheading feminism with all it’s evil outcomes like unfair divorce courts etc.) men LIKED working to earn the respect of a woman and taking care of his woman and their (mutual) children.

        The men who aren’t getting a bunch of free sex for what ever reason (I suspect many just can’t stomach making a practice of taking advantage of the weaker sex) too, have nothing to work for. They justifiable feel that there are no unruined women out there (thanks in part to the Alphas and lesser Alphas who have learned game).

        And in my humble opinion, this is hardwired into men. A need to please and take care of a woman and the children they create. It’s been going on for centuries or longer but the Jewish know-it-alls have put their noses in our business with their rhetoric and done a lot of damage.

        Gaming a woman may feel like work but you can’t fool nature. That’s why PUA has failed.

      • Protestations aside, I don’t believe even a successful PUA will not feel truly alive if he doesn’t have something GOOD to work for. If it’s not a woman, then a child or cause will do. ESPECIALLY if the PUA is a White man. I could care less about all your “semitic” friends in the PUA “movement”.

      • I acknowledge that much of what you wrote is correct, but near as much is also melded with cultural fables: There are way, way too few “women” anymore – they abdicated that title to be mere “females” – or permanently diminished into girls.

        They are yet another group corrupted by the variety of phalanges within the FFOL. Females are not the only ones to blame. Our entire youth, values, laws, government, Brandons, educators – and males of all ages – are tainted. Even the black, who a century ago was industrious and had lesser illegitimacy rates than Victorian Whites, was corrupted. You just don’t see the entire picture.

        You believe in simplistic enemies; there are more groups allied against you than just jews.

        Thus, you believe in simplistic solutions.

      • @Firepower “You just don’t see the entire picture.” I feel that YOU aren’t seeing the entire picture FP. You are seeing the OUTCOME of Jew involvement in our culture. Was there feminism in Europe prior to say….the 1800s? Were there massive migrations of non-Europeans into Europe prior to the 1800s? Was Europe society evolving or degrading in the 1800s? Were European men acting like Brandons in the 1800s? These are all recent developments.

        Indeed, Europeans have a defect. We, in our superiority (if you consider orderly, clean, low crime, wealthy societies superior to the chaos of the non-White world) are benevolent and trusting toward “the others” and it has been to our detriment, especially when it comes to the Juden who see the weakness in us and exploit it. And indeed our racial enemies, the Jews, have been able to buy a lot of people off. But Jews are the true enemy. This was has been going on since the beginning of time. That is why in the past, Jews were often consigned to their own areas and even kicked out of 109 European countries! Certainly you don’t think they were kicked out of these countries for arbitrary reasons!

        “melded with cultural fables” Where in the world do you think fables come from? Who wrote them down? (men) What does fable mean? It’s a story. Where do stories come from? It’s kind of like saying culture has nothing to do with race. Fables have everything to do with who we were right? If you want to use the “worst” definition of fable, it’s probably a pretend story used to promote an ideal. Is there anything wrong with ideals? Fables are good and give us something to live up to.

        I’ve already established that women are not what they were and what they should be, but left alone, they would have been just fine.

        My point is, don’t blame the victims. (women, blacks etc.)

        The is plenty of blame to go around but International Jewry has spearheaded this plan to genocide my people. Of that I’m sure. This war has been going on for a long, long time. It has just been forgotten by us…but not by them.

      • If you cleanse yourself of the Henry Fordian, 1920’s era “International Jewry” rant, you may learn.

        If something has failed for almost 100 years, you ought to discard it.

        Especially when the failed tool is mere words that are easily replaceable and substitutable.

        Using a German word, juden, to needlessly elaborate a word we already have – Jew – is plain ridiculous. Unless you want Pat Hanniggan’s cock or, be double-teamed with his cute sidekick, Cameron.

        WN’s who bring such …zealotry to an unrelated article about PUA are just as ridick as fags/blacks/feminists who similarly do the same by forcing their ideology onto irrelevant topics. It’s like the drunk, fat broad grabbing the mic at her sister’s wedding to talk about…divorce. Her divorce.

  16. the word NOT should not be in front of the phrase “feel truly alive” Darn.

  17. I know it’s a complex concept Jay but indeed, men DO need something higher to work for. It can be a concept, such as getting to heaven or saving the White race, it can be a person or persons or it can be certain goals that are important to them such as building a business etc . For most men through the ages, it’s been women and children that are the prime motivator and of course it is linked to sex.

    It’s just the hardwiring and I understand why men are sick to death of modern women but the hard-wiring doesn’t go away easily.

    Pedestalization is certainly making almost a god of a woman and women in the past were mostly almost deserving of the pedestal so has worked for the survival of our race and the building (by men) of clean, safe, orderly societies. That is exactly why the Jews, whether consciously or not, had to turn women into non-women. With no women to pedestalize, most White men give up.

    I’m sure most people reading here know all this by now but writing for those who don’t. I’ve been studying this for a few years and not just by reading but by observing.

  18. And I believe 99% of White men are inherently GOOD. That’s why your PUA leaders end up getting married or into LTRs. They want to make the woman they love happy. Like it or not. The proof is in the pudding.

  19. The funny thing is, Maureen is a woman doing this. Why can’t Rooshie, Danny Boy or Pigg come here and disagree with FP?

    I’m not really pro men or against women. A WN is for his race. Results are all that matters.

  20. @Ryu, Sorry to interrupt your Grrl Power Moment (“oh look, the men are failing it’s up to a Strong Liberated Traditional Woman to do what the men won’t!”) but, as usual, the wimminz and the manboobz miss the point, likely on purpose.

    Birth control. Women love dick – lots, and lots, and lots of dick – but babies, not so much. That’s hard work, plus it makes you fat, and you might not get as much dick anymore.

    PUAs only exist because horny cunts – that like lots, and lots, and lots of dick – congregate in LA nighclubs, dressed like prostitutes, get drunk and call out the mating cry of the North American Brandee – “I’m soooo drunk! I read 50 Shades of Grey too! Please come fuck me!”

    Since horny women, who think with their cunts, can now take a little pill (or have an abortion later) they can get all the dick they want – and they can never get enough dick – without actually settling down with a husband and having his children, staying with him and, you know, doing their duty raising a family (including grandchildren.)

    Much more fun to complain about the sleazy Brandons that give the North American Brandee some of the dick she wants. PUAs are just one more cock on the carousel.

    Of course PUA “failed” to change women’s behavior, and make them less cunty. Invent a “counter-pill” and you’ll see women’s behavior change literally overnight.

    However, you will all be happy to know that the man (of course it was a man, women can’t invent things) that invented the birth control pill was a Jew, so you can blame the Jews for women being cunts too.

    • Geesh, you make it so easy…yes, a Jew invented the Pill. Jews are the kings of porn. Jews “doctors” perform most abortions. Jews run these f-ing universities that train women not to want children. Jews run the mainstream media which promotes promiscuity and racemixing.

      Let’s stop the gender war and put the blame where it belongs. I don’t see how anyone can miss this. J – E – W.

      And I don’t care if you all think I’m a redneck, Nazi, religious fanatic or whatever. This is as plain as the nose on their faces.

      • I read enough of Ryu’s review not to have to slog through 26 pages of stuff I already know Firepower em, I mean Eradica. I’ve been studying this stuff for years. I’m trying to DO now rather than spend my days reading. I want to learn useful skills for these interesting times and I also want to support myself better financially and help other family members navigate through this mess.

        I imagine this time next year I won’t even be checking blogs anymore unless they are providing something more useful than they are now.

        [ed note: if you want to discuss your (CSI) Caucasian Saviour Industries like Manure Farming or BlowFly Orphanariums, go right ahead. Postulate and post your ideas. I’ll even let Ryu publish it for you here, on Eradica. I look forward to commenting…]

  21. MRM tell us that “woman” are hypergamous, carousel-ridin’, Alpha worshippers.

    PUA shows us that many a female fornicate with faggoty-effiminate males.

    MRM tells us that there are “no good (white) women.”

    PUA teaches us how to NOT bond with a white woman.

    MRM cries “MGTOW!”

    PUA show males no real way.

    Two variants of “white” male liberal.

    PUA… Total non-threat spiritually, intellectually and physically… With white teeth and pretty hair.

    MRM… Ready to ride victimhood to victory with liberated females despising the fact of having their “Game” being misappropriated by “white” liberal betas.

  22. How many women do you have to have sex with before it counts as being a faggot? I would guess, say, 20 women equals 1 guy fucking you in the ass?

    As far as “bonding” with women, well, you see, Our Scientists and their White Science have actually already figured out the chemical and hormonal mechanism of “bonding.” It’s not modern men that have a problem bonding with modern women, it’s modern women that have problems bonding with men. The reason, because they are so promiscuous.

    The stink of White Knightery is strong in this thread, but if you care about “bonding” you might try to “man up” and tell your daughters to stop being so slutty.

    Of course, White Knight Nationalists are afraid to ever criticize a girl, because she might stamp her feet and call you a big meany. Then your overweight wife that only fucks you on date night might skip a week. Then you’ll have to go online and RAGE against all those “PUAs” bedding all those women. There’s really fags, you see! LOL.

    • This is too much of a canned response from one who most likely has no real experience in the “man versus woman” wars.

      Implicit to “pick up” artistry is “dropping the paint brush” after the “work” is finished. It is this “dropping of the paint brush” that stands as the REAL EVIDENCE for PUA. In other words, PUA is TEACHING you how to “drop the paint brush” after the “work” is done. PUA teaches you how to not bond with “woman.”

      That’s de facto homo.

      Believe or not?

      Of course, the MRM swoops in to play victim as he cries, “No… No, it’s the woman that doesn’t want to bond!”

      That sounds like devout dykism to me.

      And you call it “feminism.”

      The incoherency of it all is so liberating.

    • Me too. In fact, porn consumption is the number one indicator of a self-sexualizer. And self-sexualizers are homo-sexuals. Same = Self.

  23. http://www.savethemales.ca/000165.html

    And I am sure that any man in the Men’s Movement is teaching his daughters to respect and protect themselves, their bodies, their futures and the futures of their families by being chaste before marriage. Right? I managed to do so as a single mother so I know it’s not that hard.

  24. Bite me, I didn’t play any victim. There is raw, empircal data showing that promiscuous women have trouble bonding. You know, Science, it’s a White Thing.

    “MRMs” are just the male version of feminists, even more ridiculous than the actual feminists. “PUAs” are just guys that pick up a particular type of woman – pretty but dumb slutty girls in LA Nightclubs.

    That anyone would feel the need to complain about guys that pick up pretty but dumb slutty girls in LA Nightclubs – going so far as to declare them actually homosexuals – clearly gets out of his comfort zone when contemplating the idea. Lots of guys are, in fact, jealous of PUAs. Don’t ask me why. I’ve never been one.

    “PUA” doesn’t teach anyone anything, other than how to pick up pretty but dumb slutty girls at LA Nightclubs. If you were hoping for more from it, well, our OP here has already destroyed any notion that it had any positive social impact.

    I forgot that the Church Lady Wing of WN has just as many “male” Church Ladies as female. “Respect the Sacred Feminine!”

    • When one is a “hipster racist,” one should be aware that most others will not be capable of distinguishing between your actual critique and your absolute insincerity. That’s the consequence of a liberationist ethos. Your ambiguity towards reality leaves those around you uncertain in reaction.

      The “Bite me” retort is, scientifically-speaking, evidence of faggotry.

      “Promiscuous women” is analogous to “homosexual man.” A creation of the radical liberationist with the intent to debase the ideal. So in each case, the “man” and “woman” are redefined downward to project something more primitive and decivilized.

      “‘MRMs’ are just the male version of feminists, even more ridiculous than the actual feminists.”

      Yes… “Feminism” = devout dykism and M(en)RM = de facto homo. The similarity in deceitful euphemism and end game is quite obvious.

      But why devise that a man with four children gives two hoots about PUA rather than just clearly defining the “movement” for YOUR benefit?

      “Artistry” is, by definition, taught. The question of what PUA actually teaches should be answered. Your notion is far too trivial.

  25. Hipster says “Bite me, I didn’t play any victim. There is raw, empircal data showing that promiscuous women have trouble bonding. You know, Science, it’s a White Thing.”

    So you guys CONTINUE to take advantage of dumb women who should be having families for your own personal gratification? And everyone’s supposed to be okay with that? That’s selfish. You are part of the problem my friend.

    • One of the (many) core weaknesses of wn
      is its value of breeding more whites
      – by any means necessary –
      was contaminated by 1970’s Feminism… If not totally destroyed.

      Sure, MRM’s are whiny, impotent gripers – but their central complaints do have just cause.

      Breeding kids with today’s white woman carries formal risks such as divorce, alimony and eternal child support thrown away on an uncouth, entitled bigmouth. The once VRW ideal of a peaceful meadow-nymph in flowing gowns was transformed by Feminism into a money-grubbing Lady-Friend of the Friend of the Court dependent on – ta dah! BiGGov. The FFOL.

      Media Phalanges (fingers) convinced Ms. White she “could” Have It ALL!
      She was Oprahfried by the TV finger. Emma Stoned by the Hollywood movie finger and Scarlett Johanssened into SuperGRRL. Then, Uncle BiGGov gave her a forever-job as a Teacha in a plush Govt School Union Job.

      That’s three Phalanges with a firm hold on her.

      And wn scurries around fixated on coloreds and jews while the Feminist Phalange strangles it from behind. It’s the same multi-teaming I described on The Spearhead to Ryu, as he will attest.

      MRMs are ineffective because they fixate on Feminism and ignore the Coloreds destroying them.
      wns are ineffective because they fixate on Coloreds/jews and ignore the Feminism Phalange destroying them

      • I agree with you on this 100% FP. When I get a break in my work schedule I will probably start a WN Anti-Feminism blog. I’m not the most qualified person for the job but I will do the best I can and maybe others will join me.

      • Then, you are becoming Enlightened. You are thinking in new ways.

        If you want to post some here on Eradica and get a start, you may.
        That way, you do not have to devote regularly scheduled posts on a blog to maintain the audience. Just say what you want.

        Spread the word about your ideas – get your friends/associates/family to comment.

      • I’ve been enlightened for some time but apparently haven’t communicated my views properly. Men ARE part of the problem. I’m stand by that view but women too, are absolutely culpable.

        You would have driven most women away by now but I’m turning into a tough old bird. 🙂

        [ed note: THAT is what we want. coupled with a precision of words, you become more persuasive and convert others to Our View, much like a religion – and we know how powerful such soldiers are]

      • I’d take an honest feminist slut-walker over these pseudo-Xian hypocrites any day. At least the slut walkers admit what they are.

        The MRM whiners, the sleazy PUAs, and the loser MGTOWs are collapsing under their own contradictions. The new movement is the “Red Pill” or the “Dark Enlightenment” which is a mix of sex/gender and race realism. You can’t get the race part right until you get the sex part right.

        To be effective, any movement is going to have to be a men’s movement. Women – especially unattached women, without a proper husband – are worse than useless. Who wants to hang around getting lectured to by hypocritical church ladies anyway? What do they offer the movement? Their sharp analysis of the problem? Their sweet “team player” attitudes? Pfft. They are poison, driving away young men that could actually be useful. Brandon the button mashing faggot can be reformed; Brandeeee – and her mom – have nothing of interest to say to white men about our current plight. They are half the reason we are in this mess in the first place.

        If only the men would stop the White Knighting. White Knighting is for your lawfully wedded wife. White Knight her, don’t waste your chivalry on some internet handle.

  26. “Taking advantage of?” Who the hell is “taking advantage of” anybody? These LA Nightclub girls didn’t dress up like prostitutes, drink half a dozen peachtinis, and “bump and grind” with 3 or 4 “bad boys” because they were innocently looking for a respectable man to marry and have children with. They went to the nightclub so they could get fucked six ways to Sunday. She made sure she wouldn’t get pregnant by taking the pill, or having condoms in her purse, and having Planned Parenthood on the speed dial. There are PLENTY of Christian men – some even VIRGINS, that took their religion seriously – that can’t find virgin wives. Or even “reborn virgin brides.” So … where are our “family values” women hooking up young virgin – or near virgin – women with these respectable, family values oriented men? Not a single “WN women” doing a damn thing about it. It’s way more fun to “chat” with “WN” men online. Especially when you can find a White Knight Nationalist to bitch with, about all those mean nasty men with their penises who won’t “man up” and marry a used-up slut. Or fuck an aging divorcee.

    These women are taking advantage of men innocently looking for traditional wives at LA nightclubs. The little seductive hussies ARE the problem, seducing well meaning men just wanting to “man up” and do the right thing.

    It’s hilarious, women want to be taken seriously, as adult human beings with moral agency – until they do something bad. Then all of a sudden they are the “weaker sex” again, just hapless bystanders. Make your choice – either put on your big girl panties and take responsibility for your actions, or shut the hell up and get back in the kitchen.

    • They ARE the weaker sex physically and mentally (The almighty IQ test results support this, just as they do the inferior intellects of Blacks). That is why White men have traditionally protected women FROM THEMSELVES. Unfortunately White men have abdicated the throne, FIRST by allowing Jews to infiltrate the ranks of our leadership and SECONDLY by giving up the leadership of their home to pop culture (tv, movies, music etc.)

      And I understand what you are saying about slutty women. They sicken me. I said you are PART of the problem. What part of the word PART don’t you understand HR?

      [ed note: the Eradican View is that there is blame for everyone: females, the black, brandons, immigs, Hollywood, homos. They all target one group – whites – white males. WE must unite the way THE FFOL did to make The One True Enemy of LIBERALISM. the way the FFOL unites its diverse units against whites/males]

      • I was just about to write on this need to unite. It is the reason I have been willing to take the heat here and elsewhere. Our love for our people has to take precedence over our need to be right about who is to blame or mostly to blame or whatever.

        I started ripping feminism out of my own life over 5 yeas ago. I have changed a LOT since becoming aware of this scourge. I am sure I have a long way to go but I am trying. I feel my deficiencies keenly in my personal life but keep on trying. When you have been taught a way to behave, almost since birth, the automatic responses die hard!

        My early internet teachers were Henry Makow (Jew) and thethinkinghousewife.com (White, Catholic but last time I checked, not Jew-wise).

        More later.

      • And yet you still make the fundamental mistake of calling a “thing” without a scintilla of femininity, “feminism.”

        “Feminism” is the political expression of the devout dyke. i.e., self-annihilating man-hatred.

      • Split hairs much ThorD? I use the term Feminism because it is a term recognized by (I believe) most people who come to a site like this.

        If there is another recognizable term that would describe this curse on mankind better, please let me know and I will consider using it.

      • No… They target white Supremacy…

        Which, because it is nearly nonexistent, means a lot of white liberals will be sacrificed instead.

        Proxy war.

        The problem of course is that this is not a problem for actual white liberals; who, by “nature,”
        are self-annihilators.

        The “dark enlightenment” is just a bunch of white male liberals to “intellegent” to seek Final Liberation, but to weak and feeble to seek white Supremacy.

        Now they have made a movement out of attempting to float in between. Typical “third way” B.S.

  27. I have more women reading my site than any of the “WN women” that constantly bloviate on these blogs. They are the ones driving women away. There’s only 5 of them too.

    Dump the 5 hypocrite church ladies and watch women come flocking. Did you notice that Heartiste never once catered to the bitches, and they STILL show up – and their attitudes have changed quite a bit, too.

    Frigid church ladies focus too much on the sex acts – gets them off – but ignore the lack of fertility – and then, the women divorcing their husbands and stealing their children from them. We’re going to take moral lectures from these harpies? Pfft.

    Read it and weep, White Knighters:


  28. You make a lot of assumptions Hipster.

    Sex sells so obviously you are going to get more hits on your site than I will on mine. I won’t use sex though as it is against my prinicples…too Jewy for me.

    Anyway, I want your site to succeed if its goals are the same as mine.

    What is the goal or your site?

    Mine is not to awaken the dead or the fence sitters but to encourage those that are already awake. I want WNs to see that we ARE winning. I don’t care if I get only 10 hits a day (I get more) if it is the right ten people. People who will get up off their arses and do something.

    Oh and I’m curious about what makes you think I’m driving women away? You’re the science guy. Do you have some sort of evidence to prove this?

    It remains to be seen if the women who are attracted to a site like yours will have and raise quality babies and become productive members of society. How will you quantify this? As FP has so eloquently put it, blog hits don’t mean a whole lot.

  29. Well, thordaddy, that’s some finely tuned gaydar you have there, I’ll take your word for it (but leave the science to scientists, please.) As our gracious host has patiently explained, “PUA” is not the solution. It’s also not the problem. Men are expendable, it doesn’t matter if they don’t reproduce. Women are not expendable, they are perishable. So if anyone is serious about family formation and high investment parenting, your problem is not Brandon, it’s Brandeee. Much of the problem is that Brandeeee doesn’t want children when she’s young, she wants to fuck sleazy hipsters on birth control instead. So, fertility has declined to barely replacement levels. Is that a problem? If it is, your best bet is to concentrate on where the problem lies: Brandeee.

    You can lecture the “PUAs” all you want, while they are balls deep in Brandeee I’m sure they will take your idea that they are actually homosexuals with the appropriate gravity. The White Knight Nationalist movement is essentially a “Nice Guys” movement, they seem to believe if they are nice to random internet handles that are plausibly female, lots of White Women are going to become racially aware and … I’m not sure exactly, what are these women supposed to do anyway?

    The “Red Pill” movement, interestingly enough, is already more popular with white women than WN is. They achieved this by NOT kissing Brandeee’s ass, but telling her the truth. If WN is going to join the feminists and the Judeo-Xians in constantly bitching about white men and complaining that white men aren’t catering enough to Brandeee, well, go right ahead. As usual, the world moves on while conservative types impotently whine.

    If anyone is interested, I wrote a three part series, “On Their Backs,” about this issue, giving my analysis and possible solutions. Take it or leave it. FP, I am writing a “Red Pill” article for eradica that I’ll finish sometime this week.

    [ed note: looks be a good read]

    I’d bet that RamZPaul’s stupid humor videos have done more for the white cause than hundreds of essays by conservatives.

    [sadly, yes…still no one’s seen one thing done by any-one yet. it’s the repugnant GBFM Tactic I wrote of: use cartoon mentality for a Stupefied Brandon|tariat…]

    • White women were chaste under Christianity.

      Most WNs want to do away with the excellent morals of Christianity, then blame the weaker sex for being weak when they have nothing to live up to.

      Regarding your site. Call it what you will. You are simply fiddling while Rome burns (gaming and screwing women) rather than helping women “woman up” by giving birth and raising quality White children.

      I fail to see how your site will result in more quality White children. Enlighten me.

  30. I don’t mean to be unkind but I just hope you aren’t getting all your intel about women from videos.

    [ed note; those fat ones were very real characterizations…so were the hotties’ values. btw, which of those are YOU like?]


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