How to Defend Your Legal Rights on the Streets

by AAB

The ‘long arm of the law’ will stretch out far to arrest White innocents, but black criminals no way!

[Foreword: This article is for purposes of self-defence and entertainment only.  The author does not condone acts of violence or destruction of property except in purposes of self-defence and within the relevant laws of your own country.]


This weeks ‘How to Defend Your..’ series deals with the topic of defending your legal rights should the police take an interest in you for something like a ‘stop and search’, or for a Public Order Offence (like swearing at yobs).  Defending your legal rights is important in modern era because of the gargantuan number of ……offences that the police can arrest you for.  Even an innocuous mention on a Twitter account is enough to warrant an arrest these days.  And the police are likely to take an added interest in you if you publicly identify yourself with one of the groups that the government views as an enemy.  Take the EDL for instance, in London a few of them went on a charity march in an area highly populated with Muslims.  Tommy Robinson was on the march and he was arrested for nothing more than walking on the pavement with three fellow EDL marchers.  That’s it.  Walking along on the street wearing a t-shirt, and he was arrested for a ‘public order offence’.  And what really gets my goat is that ‘they’ were the ones obstructing ‘him’!  Unbelievable!  It just goes to show that if the police want to arrest you then they will, the law be damned.  They will make up a law, or drag up some obscure 18th century bylaw and twist it to suit their means, and then bust you!   That’s the nature of the police: they ‘will’ prove that you are guilty, the truth be damned.  This is why it would benefit you to learn some basics on how to defend your legal rights so that if you or someone you know gets in the shit, then you have a couple of tricks up your sleeve and are not at the mercy of the boys in blue.

In this article we’ll deal with the following:
– Mental knowledge you can use to defend your legal rights.
– Physical objects you can use to defend your legal rights.

Mental knowledge you can use to defend your legal rights.

Writing a post about the entire legal process from being questioned by the police to defending yourself in court is beyond my capabilities, would take too much time, and would waste your time learning about something that you’ll probably never use (like those pointless Venn Diagrams we learnt about at school), so I’ll focus on the area that will be useful: stop and search, and on-street questioning.

You’ll notice that nearly all of the links are from non-WN sites because I’ve yet to find any legal advice from WN sites, even though there’s almost certainly useful pages somewhere out there.  If anyone’s got any links then put them in the comments section and let us know!  Share the knowledge!

A few different sources on Legal Rights in the USA:

1) A 24-page pdf booklet from the ACLU on questioning, stops and arrests, and search warrants can be found HERE.  The html page where the pdf can be found HERE

2) Success stories on how real people have dealt with over-bearing police can be found HERE.  Other useful information for stop and searches, questioning, search warrants etc can also be found HERE.  The website also has some pages and links to other sites on rights in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand HERE.

3) There are some 30 minute videos on the psychology of police interrogations on Russia Today and how they get teenage boys to admit to murders that they didn’t commit.  I can’t find the videos themselves but there’s a short synopsis HERE.

4) A blog of ‘Bikers of America’ which has lots and lots and lots of pages on legal issues like ‘knife laws in California’, ‘bumper sticker now probable cause?‘[LINK], and other topics.  There’s an introductory page called ‘Know Your Rights’, which deals with ‘pat downs’, ‘car searches’ etc HERE.  WARNING: it does have some photos of semi-naked women, so either ignore or choose ‘images off’ on your web browser.

A few Different Sources on Legal Rights in the UK:

1) Stop and search rights can be found HERE.

2) A 34 page pdf by the British National Party called ‘Arrested! What you need to know to walk free’ can be found HERE.

Physical objects you can use to defend your legal rights:

Pretty much any data recording device that can function as a kind of electronic alibi is useful.  The most obvious is the mobile phone camera, though I don’t see why other devices like Dictaphones or regular (either digital or film) cameras couldn’t be useful.  Though of course lugging a camera or Dictaphone around isn’t something you’ll do all the time.

Mobile Phone Cameras:

While the government and private corporations have a monopoly on CCTV cameras that they use to spy on the citizenry, the citizenry also have their own cameras that they can use to spy on the state: mobile phone cameras.  Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing these cameras are available to nearly everyone for a relatively low price.  You can use them to record police indiscretions against other people and post them on the web so that others can see what the police are like and know not to depend on them to uphold justice.  Or possibly you can use them to defend yourself against wrongful persecution by the police, but just make sure that you don’t catch the policeman filming you otherwise they will take your phone and try to destroy it.  Or if you’re in the UK then they may try to arrest you for taking their picture.

Final Thoughts:

As much as I’d like it to be otherwise, legal rights are not the default in this world.  Legal Rights only exist so long as people are willing to hold on to them and ‘actively’ fight for them.  It’s no different now in the West than it was 30 plus years ago in the Soviet Union.  Read these two quotes and see the similarities between them:

“Most of these officers/riot cops use a ‘bully mentality’ when executing their attacks. With a bully, the bully will continue to attack if the victim does nothing. This is the case w/ most protesters these days….the cops how up and start bashing people and they run away instead of defending their right to peacefully assemble and protest. It is my hope that the people will read these, especially those attending the ‘Dance Against Tyranny’ event and assemble peacefully, act as such but if their rights are violated…..they defend themselves.”



What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, polkers, or whatever else was at hand?


Do you see the similarities between the two?  It’s the attitude of the police.  You see the police, whether in the Western World or the USSR, always takes on the role of the ‘bully’ while the citizen plays the role of the ‘bullied’; just like in the introductory video of the EDL march with Tommy Robinson.  This means that it’s entirely up to each and every citizen to personally fight against tyranny for his own rights and the rights of his kin.  Odin, Vili & Ve confronted tyranny (the frost giant Ymir) actively and personally, and defeated it.  Contrast this with Ghandi who sat on his arse, used ‘soul force’ and achieved nothing.  The Occupy Wall Street crowd used Ghandis principle of ‘non-compliance’ and they also achieved nothing.  This is because the police don’t give rights out to people, and have no intention of doing so.  Which means that it’s up to us, as ‘individuals’, to ensure that we ‘actively’ assert our rights against the bullies whenever the time comes, as Eurybates tells us:

When a group fails to act and instead ‘prays’ they get punished.  They get annihalated.  ’God’ helps those that help themselves.  Justice must be wrought by men.



11 Responses to “How to Defend Your Legal Rights on the Streets”

  1. “Arrest-Proof Yourself” by Dale Carson is a must-read. He is a lawyer and former police officer. For example he recommends you grip the sides of your trousers with your hands while being questioned, because cops will try to provoke and involuntary defensive movement by you and call that assault.

    • Thanks for the link. Grabbing the sides of your trousers seems a good idea, because over here (UK) the police ask their suspects to take their hands out of their pockets. They are really twitchy about suspects having weapons in their pockets.

  2. Reblogged this on Toiletnation, USA and commented:
    EXCELLENT, informative piece. A must-read.

  3. Excellent-keep em coming! This pray business—-I believe in prayer but most “Christian” don’t actually pray. It’s just something they say. Pray and action together is unstoppable.

    • Thanks! So long as I’ve got wind in my lungs, or, err, rather blood in my fingers, I’ll keep trying to churn out something useful.

      IIRC about 18 months ago Mindweapons engaged in a ‘2 minute hate’ session, and encouraged other people to do the same; it was synchronised aswell. Now that’s the kind of emotional and spiritual prayer that could work, so long as it leads somewhere. The ‘Our father who art in heaven…’ Christian stlye prayers don’t have that emotional connection, they seem to be disconnected to any real meaning at all (both emotional and spiritual), which is why I don’t rate them much. A bunch of people on top of a hill letting rip in a Pentecostal-style prayer, now that would be something to behold!

      • What did that “hatesession” actually “accomplish”

        Has The Situation gotten any better in 18 months.
        No: It is worse.

        Writing Angry L-L-Letters To The Editor!™
        And the This Time, We R-R-Reaaaaaaly Mean IT!™
        doesn’t do jack shit anymore…
        In case ya noticed.

      • ?? Was this intended for another thread FP?

        [lol- no. but listen to mw’s kung-fu fightin’ lessons. much good there]

  4. I’m afraid when people mention “rights.” There are no real rights. The only law I believe in is that Might Makes Right. Whoever has the power owns the situation.

    The cops are probably the greatest enemy to white people in the whole world. More than any Arab or Negro. They are our greatest obstacle. The cops “serve and protect” the elite for a paycheck.

    WNs should stay off the pigs’ radar. Tom Metzger’s Resist site used to have some good cop advise.

  5. Jack the Ripper preyed
    and prostitutes were afraid
    many changed occupations
    hazardous workplace situations
    convinced them to change their ways

  6. “[lol- no. but listen to mw’s kung-fu fightin’ lessons. much good there]”

    Oh, I getcha now, you think I’m moaning/complaining about the ‘injustice of the police’ etc. I’m just using that situation as one example of how the police aren’t the holders of Justice, ergo they shouldn’t be trusted to uphold the law, and should be considered more as gnagsters (IIRC Murray Rothbard or one of the Austrian Economics crowd said the same thing); and that the only way a man can guarantee justice is to make sure he meets it out himself. Like you keep saying about the various VRW scenarios: God/Superman/Heroes etc ad nausem aren’t coming to help.


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