Angry Letters To…The Editor

by Firepower

Sputtering Activism runs from Scandal-To-Scandal.  It is:


Murmer, Libertarian, wn …or Lunch at McDonald’s?

The Propaganda Media, the regular FOX News and even Mighty Twitta all follow the new Red Herring (LIUFY) of Syria and put on the back burner (in order of blissful ignorance) Chris Lane, NSA, IRS, Benghazi and Operation Fast & Furious.  It’s the fifth time in as many months that they drop the ball and get you to play their New Game.

No wonder Maobama, The Elite, Future Queen Hilary and spinmasters all wipe their asses with Your Murka.

They learned during Bill Clinton’s dick-sucking sessions that We The Peepul are Yoo The Stupid.  They learned they can really, truly get away with “it.”

Twits flit around from scandal-to-scandal playing Whack-A-Mole and Pop Goes The Weasel, jabbering about putting out the latest fire – The Latest Outrage!™  Thus, you play Roulette with your descendants’ fates.  Me? I don’t care. I wasn’t stupid and made any.

Have Teh Murmers in the Men’s Rights “Movement” accomplished a goddamned thing since I ripped them in May 2012: No.  Guess who else accomplishes nothing.  They will still be sitting with their thumbs up their asses in August… 2015.

Mao said. “All Government Power Flows From The Barrel Of A Gun.”  We Westerners have our own axioms stating certain entities only understand force and violence.  Today (at this very TwittaSecond!), we call them Iranians or “Syrians.”  Thus, all people only understand one constant: Force.  Violence.  It is the truest maxim there is.

Writing Angry Letters 2 The Editor! (ALTTE!) works no longer.  Tinkering with Social Security was once called “the third rail in American politics!” because Seniors wielded fearsome voting power and punished offenders.  Obama discovered they are now impotent, so he now uses their Medicare to pay for Minos’ hospital bills.  To the victor go the spoils.

Hate O?  He’s just a transient, interchangeable eight year ruler for the FFOL meaning nothing more to them than the next eight-year ruler.  He is interchangeable with any  future Hilary or Obama 3.0 or even The Future Hillar-Obama 4.0

Seen-ya’s don’t scare anybody anymore.  White people neither scare anybody anymore and that is why you feel frustration and anger at never-ending assaults to your values.  Liberals have discovered you are only bluster.  Letters to the Editor.  Paper Tigers.  Thus, they fuck you up the ass with impunity.  Get used to it; your kids will.

Glenn Beck Rally?…Idiot!

“Our” Side faps to wetdreams of “changing the system” and “restoring The Gummint!” when “our side” can’t even check the IRS and slow it down for one millisecond when it has mountains of evidence against it.  “Our” side can’t even control the fucking POST OFFICE. 

Kill the messenger. Bitch on VDare or AmRen all you want – does a whole lotta good, right?  BiGGov laughs at you – it even laughs harder that you haven’t figured that out yet.  Once you all knew how to slap that grin from their faces.  Now, you “tweet.”

You’ll hate the living fuck out of me that I’m right.  Brilliant…

16 Comments to “Angry Letters To…The Editor”

  1. You’re right of course. But then I’m sure the French nobility thought the peasants were just as laughable in 1789.

    When it happens, it’ll happen. Just sayin’.

  2. I don’t hate you, I hate the enemy.

    Many of us are not in the position to do anything right now. We either don’t have the skills, the mindset, or the financial position to fight. I try to do my part by emphasizing training/studying, or reducing one’s expectations.

    Men like Brevik, Kaczinski or McVeigh are really 1 in a million. I have a reverence for them more than the average Murkan does for his military. I appreciate their sacrifice.

    We are in the strange position now where the enemy is near a peak of his power, but diversity hasn’t degraded his abilities too much yet. I feel strongly that this is not the time. By itself, anger and awareness is not enough.

  3. The attorney general of Virgina and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is an MRA. He might even have presidential ambitions making him the highest profile supporter of the movement.

  4. The impending war may be global, but the battles will be local. In your community, on the street. In your fucking house.

    Figure out who/what your local key targets are, and why they should be and will be hit.

    Lock in the method.

    Just thinking out loud here: town halls, police stations, major roads, national reserve armouries, utlities stations, supermarkets/grocery stores, food delivery vehicles, cell phone towers, etc..

    Pay special attention to American journalists with mics and cameras. These individuals should be detained by any means necessary. Preserve them for possible use afterwards, propaganda video-style.

    There isn’t much to this, chaps. It’s not fucking rocket science.


  5. Yeah I do hate you FP because you want to shame others into doing what you should have done while you were young.

    But no matter, someone will do something.

    [ed note: you only have 69% brain function, so you’re no viable hate-threat to me. but you’re right! let somebody do somefing. Your Brandons will save you. Leave me be: Read, re-read and read again Duh Happy Feel|Gudd Wisdom of your Conchobars…Victory WILL BE yours! i kin feel it…]

    • Go MO! Mauireen in Poverty street is RIGHT!

      MEAN Old Firepower!! You and some-body SHOULD-A done “some-thing” when you were young and things were good!!!

      When times were good and we had liberty, you should-a KNOWN how bad things would get here in the FUTURE. Now that they really ARE bad, you should just STFU and tell Teh Brandons how wonderfully amazing they are. You know; raise their self-esteem and congratulate them. Buy them Wolf t-shirts with flags!

      [ed note: while i’m at it, i also apologize for letting the steam engine, TV and Bill Gates slip past me]

    • “you only have 69% brain function”. Wow and now we are in kindergarden again. The only thing you have going for you is you picked some good writers to write with you.

      If your aim is to shame these good men into doing something effective then I wish you luck. You are so vague though that your writing often appears to be designed to demoralize. I guess I need to get that 31% of my brain back in order to decode your writing.

      [ed note: when you’re used to VRW, The Truth hurts, don’t it: it sure looks like doing something effective is totally out of the question. just continue your successful program of shaming them into doing… nothing]

  6. Whites have no clue on how to be dominant, hell standard contardism is basically sticking a human being into being a permanent undergrad student always answering to Mommy Prof.

    White supremacism is yesterday’s contardism (way yesterday) and its a joke since its basically fusionism with Brandonism and old dead ideology. I read some comments about some Portland Mantra political street theatre (on the newspaper’s site) I found at MW’s and the comments were basically Brandons and or Jordies on the defensive telling everyone about what great things whites have done for the world as the other side of the idiot debate was Mommy Profbots calling them Nazis and racists.

    What is it with you old school pre-Bugs WNs that loves a good butt paddling being administered by lefty limp dicks?

    • RobRoySimmons,

      It doesn’t read as though you have an understanding of white Supremacy much beyond the typical liberal caricature. It is nonsensical to posit that that which is inept and worthless can also be universally feared. And make no mistake, fear of that tiny remnant of genuine white Supremacy still extant is the absolute tie that binds ALL liberationist movements. Now, you can go on and tell yourself how white man cannot be dominant as you mock the notion of white Supremacy, but that glaring contradiction can’t be missed.

      • I know all about the old dead reactionary white supremacy, been there, read the books, read the essays and have watched it just fucking die out, its reactionary bullshit which gives its few people left a bullshit script.

        So Big Balls Jimmy Marr of BUGs does some excellent political street theatre and it gets a write up by an anti-white scold in some shit PC paper. So in the comments a bunch of typical bunch of pre-BUGs WNs started giving the tired old ineffective responses that basically ensconce the anti-whites as authority figures and WN as malcontent child. Literally had a WN tailgating about who invented peanut butter.

        Sorry dude the reactionary script is fucking dead, maybe when Rockwell wrote the script it had some effect (basically it was co-opted by the repubs/contards to fleece us of our energy all for “code word” politics).

      • RobRoySimmons,

        There is “white supremacy,” white Supremacy and White Supremacy and then there are the liberationists who fail to make distinctions for their very own benefit. These days, I believe the nigel, jihadist, homosexual, dyke and La Razian before I believe white male liberal. If you were fat and ugly but everyone called you beautiful, would you really be beautiful? These white boys limping left think there is some kind of collective to that doesn’t demand coercion at the end of the day. Conceptually, we keep it simple. I am a white man who strive towards Supremacy. Ergo, I am a white Supremacist. You could endeavor on your own accord, be true as possible and help manifest a genuinely free collective of white Supremacists. Or, you can claim “it” dead and perhaps spend more passionate time mocking those radical liberationists cited above for their irrational fear of something dead and gone even as “it” remains the tie that binds their ideological relentlessness.

  7. The Internal Raider Service has mighty long penmanships.

  8. Excellent article. Well said. Our ‘government’ is our worst enemy/enema.

  9. SHOCKING & HORRIBLE: Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory. Dec. 2016

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