The Ant And The Grasshopper

by eurybates

The Ant And The Grasshopper


The Roman legions were originally comprised of free men with the means to join.  They were landowners and had something to lose.  It was seen as their duty to defend their land and their country.

They could afford to join the army; they could afford armour.  They paid their way and if the army sacked a city they got a share.  They had a steady income which came from their property – their farms – and they theoretically had the most to lose.  They were also rewarded with land for services rendered.

There is a scene in the movie, “Fight Club,” where the guys who are auditioning are standing on the front porch being abused for a couple of days and they are finally asked whether they have a couple of black shirts and whether they have $300 burial money.

That is what you need if you want to be a White Nationalist.  You need $300.  Per month.  You need passive income.  That means you get paid whether you are sleeping or hiking or whatever.  You need to get paid every month – $300.  Without passive income you can’t join the club.  Sorry.  ( I think that Chucky Palahniuk got that idea for his book from the traditions of the Rinzai Zen monks of Japan.  The head monk scowls and orders the applicant to leave until they prove themselves to be determined enough.)

Passive Income

You need to make $10 a day in passive income.  (That is the bare minimum.)  There are plenty of books on the subject.  An interesting book that influenced my thoughts was…… “The Four Hour Work Week,” written by a guy named Tim Ferriss.  He is an interesting guy and he is kind of a pick up artist as well.  He talks about inventing things or writing a book.  Although I haven’t used his suggestions personally on how to develop a passive income his ideas did change the way I viewed money and what you need in order to do what you want to do.

Example:  You don’t need to buy a Porsche in order to drive a Porsche.  You can rent one for a couple of hundred dollars a day.

There are a lot of books on how to become rich.  Don’t deal drugs.  There are a lot of people in prison right now that at some point had millions of dollars and now they are broke.

A couple of books that influenced my thinking:

Think and Grow Rich – a classic.  Napoleon Hill interviewed all the old heavyweights including Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford in order to share with you their concepts and theories on how to get “rich”.  Read online or download.

Acres of Diamonds – written by Temple University founder, Russell Conwell.  Read online or download.

From Wikipedia:

I say that you ought to get rich, and it is your duty to get rich … The men who get rich may be the most honest men you find in the community. Let me say here clearly … ninety-eight out of one hundred of the rich men of America are honest. That is why they are rich. That is why they are trusted with money. That is why they carry on great enterprises and find plenty of people to work with them. It is because they are honest men. … I sympathize with the poor, but the number of poor who are to be sympathized with is very small. To sympathize with a man whom God has punished for his sins … is to do wrong. … Let us remember there is not a poor person in the United States who was not made poor by his own shortcomings.

The Greatest Salesman in the World – written by Og Mandino

From Wikipedia:

“You were not created for a life of idleness. You cannot eat from sunrise to sunset or drink or play or make love. Work is not your enemy but your friend. If all manners of labor were forbidden to thee you would fall to your knees and beg an early death.”

Rich Dad Poor Dad – written by Robert Kiyosaki – this book influenced me a lot regarding the difference between assets and liabilities.  Most people think that the goal is to own their house outright (sans mortgage) and own a car and some furniture.  Almost everyone lives beyond their means.  A large percentage of lottery winners end up broke and bankrupt.  Remember that homo who won the first Survivor show and ended up getting thrown in prison?

The Rich And The Super Rich – written by Ferdinand Lundberg.  Read online or download.  A lot of rich people die penniless.  Why?  Because they bequeath their assets to their heirs before they die and avoid inheritance taxes.  Recently the will of a ‘white supremacist’ is being challenged in Canada because he left some valuable artifacts to the National Alliance.  If he had just given them the ancient artifacts before he died they would have received it.

The Coming Crash

There are quite a few people out there, including many WN’s,  speaking of the ‘imminent’ crash of the dollar.  Anything is possible but to hope for something like a dollar crash – well, “Chicken Little,” comes to mind.

The dollar is not going to crash – many people around the world value the dollar.  Even if the dollar does crash something will replace it soon enough.

The Fed is going to keep printing dollars.  What you need to do is invest your fiat money into something.  It has been said that a fool will put his money in a sack whereas a wise man will get his money to work for him.

Remember when it cost $45 dollars for a VHS tape?  Remember when it cost $20 to speak to someone overseas for 8 minutes?  Remember when books cost $50 or $100?  Remember when you had to go to the movie theatre to watch a movie and if you didn’t go you missed out?  Remember when records cost whatever?  Tapes?  CD’s?  Some things nowadays are more expensive and some things are less expensive.  Remember when simple calculators cost a fortune?

Final Thoughts

If you want to be a WN you need to have a passive income of $10 a day – minimum.  That is a bare minimum.  In order to make dollars you have to make sense.  This will not happen overnight. Investigate and decide how you are going to generate passive income.  Save some money every month or paycheck.  Spend less than you earn so that some time in the near future you will be ready to act when an opportunity presents itself.

Avoid scam artists.  You need to work to get to a certain plateau.  There are so many scams out there.  If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Personally I am extremely satisfied with a 10% return on investment per year.  Not very many gamblers are successful long term.  Be an ant and not a grasshopper – you don’t want to be left out in the cold!

Postscript Link, (thanks, Ryu), to Bold and Determined – – apparently Victor Pride and I were both referring to, “Fight Club,” at relatively the same time.


11 Comments to “The Ant And The Grasshopper”

  1. What? You’re not going to provide us with the magic formula? Ha ha.

    There is another dude who pushes passive income, Bold and Determined. He suggests selling e books. You run around, commenting and shilling for this book, which you get a cut of the action if its sold.

    I don’t know if I buy that the rich are more honest than the poor. Seems to me the higher up we go, the more corrupt. I see personal trainers using the same program for every person, but charging 100/hour. Medicine is filled with useless urgeries.

  2. But why is all that tied into WN, i mean when most of the left is white, doesn’t that create a dilemma?

    [ed note: durrrrrr…not for smart folks like YOU! 🙂 ]

    • Being white isn’t enough. Whites are in fact, our greatest enemy.

      There is no dilemma. God wanted to save the white race, so he created a few WNs. We are empowered to do anything necessary to obtain the result. The laws of God are higher than the laws of man. We do not answer to other men. There is only one “authority” for a true white supremecist.

  3. I don’t believe in any magic formulas. You have to work and produce something of value . . . ants work together. The economy of the world is shit because grasshopper productions are what have siphoned off most of the value of the countries.

    Grasshopper productions = movies, music, organized professional sports, video games, etc.
    Ant productions = roads, houses, trains, ferries, etc.

    I like to thing of it in Machiavellian terms: grasshoppers want you to love them, they are competing for your love and attention; ants produce things that you fear losing – like food, houses, and transportation systems, etc.

  4. I like the book, The Millionaire Next Door. It is very sensible.

    I read “the 4 hour work week”. I suspect Tim F made his money selling his book “The 4 hour work week”.

    There’s money to be made off internet but you have to stay on top of trends because things are constantly changing. Affiliate marketing was big for a while but not so much anymore.

    Definitely watch for scams…plenty of people out there who want to make money off your desire to have a passive income.

    Some of the people I have been aware of made money on seemingly unlikely things. One guy has a program that etches information like expiration dates or whatever onto eggs. He had gone rich then broke doing something else – family was homeless for a bit then somehow he gets into this egg thing and he’s a making megabucks again. I’m pretty sure there’s a secret world out there where those “in the know” learn about these opportunities. Oh and he’s Egyptian (married to a client of mine) so he probably can get an SBA loan for anything he wants to do.

    I think if a WN finds lucrative ideas that work, he should help other WNS.

    • I like the book, The Millionaire Next Door. It is very sensible. Thanks for the lead.

      I read “the 4 hour work week”. I suspect Tim F made his money selling his book “The 4 hour work week”. This is the case with all the grasshopper endeavours whether skateboarding, surfing, soccer and hockey. For every professional that gets paid millions to sing songs or read lines on stage there are thousands that are the ones that pay for the privilege to watch or listen.

      I think if a WN finds lucrative ideas that work, he should help other WNS. I will keep you guys posted if I do . . .

  5. Sometimes I think the best way to get passive income is to write an ebook about passive income to the suckers. Tony Robbins has made his fortune this way.

    For my dollar, the clearest way to make money is to bet on human laziness, vice, and the desire to feel good. Truth and “value” have nothing to do with it.

    We live in a grasshopper world. It’s no use pissing against the wind. This is a service economy and no collapse is coming. All of the highest paid professions are dealing with people, not things. Today it is all about people. Feelings are more real than any fact.

    • Ryu truly discerned:
      Sometimes I think the best way to get passive income is to write an ebook about passive income to the suckers.

      Oh! btw “Firepower’s FAST Fuckin’ Fly-Farm Feats” is now on sale at Eradica – and all NASCAR events, WoundedWarrior!!!© Vigils – and Tractor Pulls. It’s just $17.76

  6. “The dollar is not going to crash – many people around the world value the dollar. Even if the dollar does crash something will replace it soon enough.”

    That’s so true. The dollar crash is probably one of those ‘end times’ scenarios that can be lumped in with the ‘Mayan 2012’ end times, which came and went without much event. They seem to have an appeal to people with a certain mindset, like the whole VRW thing: someone being dominated by something that is way out of their control. The dollar crash has even been written about over by Paul Kersey (Stuff Black People Don’t Like) in the form of the EBT crash. But it’s highly unlikely to occur because, like you say, too many people don’t want such a crash to occur, it just doesn’t make sense on a grand scale. Why would China or India or Russia want the world economy to crash when they’re benefiting from it so much? It just doesn’t make sense. And even if the dollar suffered some kind of problems then the Chinese and Russians would simply use a different currency as the world standard or come up with another solution.

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