Fosetism: Separate Entrances for Rich & Poor

by Firepower

I must work on my Fosetty-ism, where “writing” is really not writing at all.  Foseti makes it look easy. Why, just write 34 words – then get 2,204 delighted genius commenters: Insta-Bloggz Iz Funn!

Fossettipower also wants to phone-it-in: After all, I am only human.  I want to post links and be Aggregator Drudge Jr. Killbot Extreem!® who gets 200 comments about the previous 199 comments.  That is über-kwlz

Think white powwa means you get to go in the front?  Jay-Z n’ Seal be goin’ in…not you.  If one JayZ and one Finkelstein and one Williams Pierpont VXII go in…is that raycist?

Manhattan developer Extell is seeking millions in tax breaks for building 55 low-income units at ritzy waterfront condos.

Under Extell’s plans for the low-income units, a studio will go for $845 a month, a one-bedroom for $908, and two-bedrooms for $1,099.  See: Even in Manhattan, The Poor do $1,100 a month rent.  Their poor, it seems are *sniff* better even than your poohr.

To live in Fortress #5,307,831 – a family of four must make less than $51,540; an individual must earn less than $36,120.  Even HRH Queen Beyonce’s Freekin’ Rican Asshole Dingleberry Remover makes 40k.

Fat cats living in the Elite Penthouse pay more than $1,000 per square foot. At The Aldyn, Extell’s 40-story luxury building next door, one-bedrooms sell for a whopping $1.3 million. A six-bedroom, eight-bath pad goes for $15.9 million.

Today’s Jordie races to fight, bleed & burn for the Fortress Manhattan Elite Archetype.  While even the lowest colored has Class Consciousness and is aware of this disparity; I grudgingly applaud them for seeing through the bullshit…

And Murka keeps-a-turnin’…

21 Comments to “Fosetism: Separate Entrances for Rich & Poor”

  1. It’s an incredible hypocricy. Of course, perception is reality. If the media does not cover this, it does not exist. Further, if the media present soldiering as a noble profession, worthy of worship, Jordies will run to sign up, and groupies will run to worship them.

    I now try to avoid sites that just throw down a bunch of links and expect me to read it. I don’t come to Firepower’s site to read someone else’s junk.

  2. “I grudgingly applaud them for seeing through the bullshit…”

    Mike Hoare described Africans as realists.

    [ed note: never heard of him. do a post on him and his works – if he’s interesting. Africans are realists because many 9-year-old africans have killed more people irl than 999 “wns” on Twitta]

  3. Foseti is a sackless wonder who desperately wants the elite to realize HBD is real. He’s too effete, too tied up in being a reactionary, too addicted to talking, talking, talking, and whining, whining, whining…

    He said some interesting stuff about how the government wastes money and you can’t fire the dead weight, but anyone could tell you that.

  4. I don’t read whiners. Except you of course FP because you are somewhat entertaining when you do it.

    • he says its pragmatism, but he is literally the amero-niggerized version of spengler. “optimism is cowardice”

      • You’re free to post your vision.
        But, just save the time and use it economically on catching a VRW High of Sparkly Vikings and Snarling Wolf Avatars like at

        Ooops – sorry. Mr. VRW #C9-45936.b shut it down.

        You are tickled with the results Sailer, Piggi and Mangan bring you with their mighty fist-shaking, Dainty TDOism, and SF on their track record of Niggerspickiking since 1977.

        It’s worked well.
        Just as well, as how the Chetniks defeated the Soviets and booted that nasty Tito out. Oh, wait…

        I’ve brought several writers into the fold to share their views.
        You cannot bring even one commenter.
        If you can’t do that on a fucking blog – who exactly do you expect will join you IRL.

      • u mad or something?

      • The Brandon is strong in this one.

    • You need to follow The Wisdom of guys named…let’s say – Odin Ruggedspar
      And join Him in TDO all day on “Chris Lane” and “Shorty” (god bless his lil’ white haid!)
      In preparation for the next TDO.

      Call the killers Pavement Apes or (my favorite effective name) chimpout ‘groids.
      Or bring out the names that really change things, the Super-Effective mighty weapons like niggers and even fuckin’ niggers!!!!!

      Then, write
      Letters To The Editor
      Or – that TV News station

      They’re sure to see your view and budge.

      • or i guess i could right the same article over and over again about vague elites who are rich and stuff and totally ignore the military connections, whilst i talk about how much pubecent poon they own and stuff. and then i can tell isolated loners to commit acts of violence and stuff (cause that is better than being a “peasant”) flog me good i’ve been so worthless to the cause!

      • this was a stupid remark to make, whatever, i don’t particularly wish to argue about this, if you wish to purge me that is fine. i don’t wish you any ill will, in fact im sure IRL you are a pretty cool dude (would have a beer with). i have learned from your perspective over the year, but i guess it is time to move on, you essentially have your viewpoint and i have mine. no ill wishes to you sir

        “of all that is written i love only what a man has written with his blood. write with blood, and you will experience that blood is the spirit”

      • Purge? Online gripery is not the death sentence it would be IRL if this were a syndicate run by a ruthless pragmatist who expects results…

        If you wish to flee the torrent of Merciless Firepower, it raises the question of how you will behave when it is more than words pointed at you. It also makes you look like…a kid. A Brandon. Uncle BiGGov will point guns at you, then put you in a grave.

        I only purge The Stupid. I do not purge those who merely disagree. My logic and experiential reference is more than strong enough to easily deflect and defend my argument because it is based on truth and the validity of clear daily examples. It is like driving a tank through a village where they clang on the hull with wooden pitchforks. That doesn’t bother me at all, for it affords me the opportunity to either blast them – or re-calibrate my argument in a very public way with a giant, irresistible megaphone to gain converts for The Truth…is irresistible.

        It’s why I always win. The Truth is what wins because it cannot be denied. To accept it may be difficult (or even hurt) but those who deny truth face the greater danger of looking foolish, thus destroying all their future credibility in clinging to a Lie.

      • If I’m wrong and repetitious on a subject, then it’s best examined.
        Tell me where the error is that (in your words):

        1] Elites are “rich”
        2] Elites “ignore the military connections”

        Isolated loners never achieved greatness by committing acts of violence. No, sir: The Partisans, IRA, Viet Cong and Resistance just read blogs all day…

        I know Elites, FFFOL and Liberal Nazism are endlessly repeated ad nauseum day after day time and again on site after site, blog after blog…

        All that Fresh Stuff is really that online Niggerspickiking and the TDO of Christopher Lane and Delbert Belton.

      • Firepower isn’t known for his mercy. When you antagonize someone do it right and without remorse.

      • fuck off

      • worthless sockpuppets evolve into opinionated commentators and soon enough you get tired of post number 300 on “why such and such is a stupid faggot, and why im correct”

  5. katanga and the simba rebellion. the simbas were in my opinion more successful than the mau maus. the simbas literally butchered most of the whites they found in leopoldville and the belgian special forces had to frag every last one of the niggers in the town (to the loss of only one or two of them)

  6. actually yeah remove me from your blog i wish nothing to do with this site, this is silly and pointless. you can paint little definitions on people thats fine, thats journalism! it sells, i do not wish to be a journalist. if the answer lies in the real world then wasting my time providing researched subjects for this blog is actually “brandon” and stupid. i have caught this site posting “news and jews” posts that you all lament so (diary of a thought criminal, matt forney, venner) . the think tank site was far superior in the fact that it provided actual electronic information to learn from and the leader of the blog provided actual examples of what he did and what people can do online productively. thats fine fire, you can have your nice big ego masterbation chamber. it is cool that you did come up with a nice way of breaking down the systematic control of our society, but thats all you did and democracy now can do that, liberal professors can do that, but you cannot provide a worldview, you can only critique and that is inferior to mindweapon and to baaltanit

    • Yeah. Go take your ball Xbox and run home ya punk bitch. Grow fly larvae while you’re VRW|fapping to Christopher Lane stories.

      And, don’t ever tell me wtf to do – you’re a fucking boy.

  7. What happened to the beer summit? Betcha feel dumb now lil baby Brandon.

    Fear not tho for there are no winners here as Firepower elevated you originally.

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