Civilized Sanity: Prepper Reppin’

by Firepower

Historic doomsday scenes are always around. They’re a manifestation of humanity. The latest was the Mayan 2012 Calendar spectacle.  It is this repetition of gullible behavior over the spectrum of human cultures and historic technologies that should prove to you the fragility of what I call Civilized Sanity.

It is more important to explain the phenomena because it’s repeated so much than addressing each specific lunacy. Understand one, understand why all of them occurred.  Give a man a fish, he eats for a day: Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

Our own Doomdigit quoted Rudolf Thiell in Ark of Suffering:

… the year 1186 forewarned of a world-wide tempest of huge proportions. In all countries underground shelters were built. The Emperor of Byzantium had the windows of the palace taken out and replaced by planks. The Archbishop of Canterbury ordered a three-day fast. When not a breeze stirred on the ominous day, the cynical monk who kept the chronicles of York made the sardonic notation: “We have experienced nothing but the tempest that His Eminence emitted from the pulpit.” For several generations thereafter, such prophecies were not in vogue. But by and by came new predictions of catastrophes: there were such for the years 1229, 1236, 1339, 1371, 1395, 1422, 1432, 1451, 1460, 1487.

Rudolf Thiell, And There Was Light pp.70-72.

Down On Doomie’s Ranch, Some Chickens Fight Back

Hysteria of this sort is based purely on superstition, which is the result of… no education.

Any pygmy grunting in a grass hut thinks every Bwana with a flashlight is The Sun God.  Modern Murkans are the stupidest fuckers since The Dark Ages. Much of that inexplicable social anger you feel arises from the heretofore unmentionable superstition Murka thought itself freed of. In the past, the Church controlled masses with the above superstition-events. Today, Liberal Nazis and their FFOL Falange of educator-indoctrinators succeeded in stupefying Murkans for 40 years running. It is designed to control and direct the Moronic Masses with a fear of “order” collapsing. Keep BiGGov around, and Uncle Beast will feed and protect you – keep you safe from all boogeymen and bad guys.  Not in my world.

White Pepper

Preppers are white: They exist purely because their other white “neighbors” don’t do jack-shit about any problem,. They don’t even call the police when their white trash neighbor’s hound-dog howls at 4am, then through entire nights.  Thus, preppers believe they must be independent actors in a “mountain man” scenario. It is not the noble spirit of liberty that makes them act so, but rather, being abandoned by their neighbors…who may also even be preppers.

They exist to resist this feeling of hopelessness and isolation by re-imagining the once traditional and now vanished can-do “pioneer” spirit of the American Loner & Mr. Mountain Man. They all want to be that ruggedly hunky Jeremiah Johnson from the 70s movie.  They are modern Cowboys – or rather, the image of what we’ve been taught were cowboys.

A Reality TV show (what else) I saw assessed preppers’ readiness. Watching these noble lardasses strain to defend their hovels verified to me what I have long known: I’m gonna be the Raider.

I might not raid them immediately, but if they start desiring life in the sunshine outside their bunkers I sure as Hell will show them who else to raid; maybe that ACORN warehouse staffed by Hipsters.

They will join my ever-growing renegade band as it advances toward The Big Plunder against the coloreds – or be our next meal. Anyone with PC Liberal values automatically decorates a tree.  The same pygmy mentality means illiterate savages are highly susceptible to demagoguery; today’ it’s the FFOL/LNs in the pulpit – tomorrow…somebody else.

15 Comments to “Civilized Sanity: Prepper Reppin’”

  1. I was a survivalist for a long time. You and HR awakened me. I feel very strongly now that something is wrong with their thinking, somehow. They have some good points but the leadership is weak. There is no clear vision for their desired outcome, and bringinb back old America is simply not realistic. I would almost say it’s a place for disgruntled conservatives.

    • Whatever happened to HR – hope he’s not succumbed to Big Fish Little Pond Syndrome, abandoning his lovely Eradican Family of warmth, magnanimity and…bloghittz
      You, as you will sadly discover, are an exception to the dullards. Not only is The Left stupid, most of “the right” is as well, for both camps were edjukayted In Government Schools by Fat Feminist Teachers of the FFOL. You will be stuck with the task of organizing the trailerparks…

      Civilized Sanity is a dream, for it only appears to those who fantasize about The Great Return of America! It is pure delusion (a sadly over-used word). It is a delusion, for we can’t go back now – it’s decayed too far. The cancer is in the bones.

      Much of the Prepper Fappin is on account of all the VRW Big Talkerz who wanna kill-ill-KILL! and thus, need an outlet before they blow their stack. Buying guns-Guns-GUNS! and freeze-dried dingle-berries fulfills that need.

      Stocking up on crap for the bunker massages fears of having to go out and clear the streets. It is the childish delight of procrastination. Postponing The Meeting is genetic, pure SWPL.

  2. What was it about the preppers that offended you? Their physical condition/age? Their firearm obsession? The bunker mentality?

    Perhaps we ought to shift our emphasis to raiding. I’m willing to give it a go. Our current strategy does not work. We own the comment section of many sites, whites are pissed off, but its not enough. Something is off. If WN doesn’t put money in our pocket, it’s doomed to failure because it costs us.

    • They can’t answer basic questions – especially the ones they inadvertently raise.
      They offend me with their VRW|Hoo-Rah Jordie mentality of
      “wheel win, cuz weir right! Plus – G-Ziss loves us!!”

      The same mentality you’ve fought on their sites – a blind ignorance, a willful ignorance.
      You can see it here. Folks I’ve never banned are still free to Spout Their VRW|Panzer Porn Bullshit…but they’re too embarrassed to face the truth I bring. They’re identical.

      If they’re “right” …and That G-Zizz is on their side…
      …how come we turned into MURKA?

      If G-Zizz didn’t give a squirt of piss to prevent unlimited Murkanization…what makes these Hayseed Clodhoppers believe he’ll pull Murka out of the toilet. The answer is: They’re Stupid.

  3. They’re de-moralized lumpen whites, products of shit ideology from all sides. “Murikans are not tough, literally call them “racist” and they will almost literally shit their pants. Same goes for these lumps and their tough ass guns which they will turn over when it comes time.

    • RRS, what do you get from the survivalists/patriots (SPs)? I always see you over there.

      I have not understood their philosophy. One man, who we both know, claims “you are responsible for every bullet that you shoot.”

      Okayyyyy. In Iraq there are 2 million dead civilians because of our little war. That would be alot of soldiers going to jail. But they don’t go to jail, because you are not accountable for every bullet. You are accountable for what they catch you doing, and that’s it.

      They’re servents. Not one of them can say anything bad about Benghazi even. What a mindjob the military does on those people. We have ex-mil in WN but they are nothing like SPers.

      • Theoretically military men are about dominating the other motherfucker (yeah I know they are too often incompetent) in conflicts. The intellectual motherfuckers we read in alt-right WN what the fuck ever are beta nerds who seem to want to bite the pillow, as long as they get to be seen as smart.

        I fucking hate ideology, especially their stupid Randist crap, a total fraud, the good cop to the bad cop BS. But OODA loop is pure frickin hate IMO, and they talk it.

      • WHAT in the fuck are you doing reading all those faggot sites?

        Ryu: is RRS some sort of Piggee-Refugee ?

      • Mr RRS is an associate of ours who specializes in the SP community. He does not know GLP nor would he like Piggy’s material.

        I do not “read” many blogs in a conventional sense. I know most authors’ main idea, but I am interested in the commenters. So I blast through and only look at the comments.

  4. PUA, Survivalism, and other isms are fairly similar. You know that not everyone who reads the sites actually do things. Witness the response to Kate’s marriage. I wouldn’t even call myself a true survivalist. Not yet. It’s something I’m working towards slowly but surely.

    Btw, Paladin Press has a 43% sale going on right now. I’m going to pick up the DVDs on facing multiple opponents and write about it. I think I may have a solution to the flash mob.

  5. I used to love Paladin Press in the 80s. Now I’m a jewboy and think spending more than $5 on a book is a crime. Surely those DVDs are on youtube? Give me the title and I will find them for free.

  6. ” Whatever happened to HR”

    He’s doing some interesting stuff on his blog. Don’t take it at face value. Take a look.

  7. You took the fucking words right out of my mouth.

    I sense you’re feeling a bit more optimistic–or opportunistic–these days.

    Good show.

    Violence works.

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