How to Defend Your Body on the Streets

by AAB

[Foreword: This article is for purposes of self-defence and entertainment only.  The author does not condone acts of violence or destruction of property except in purposes of self-defence and within the relevant laws of your own country.]

Introduction to the Four Part Series
‘Will’ comes first and ‘Defence’ comes second.  Defence only exists to allow Will to successfully continue being without being destroyed by an external, alien, threat.  In everyday human terms this means a persons Will (their Willful actions) comes first, and they use defence in order to protect that Will from external threats to it (like a carjacker who threatens to deprive a taxi driver of his car and his way of life).  If you want to enjoy life and exert your Will that means that you need to be able to defend yourself from attacks that threaten your Will; because, at the end of the day, that’s all that defence is about: allowing you to do Your will and enjoy Your life.

Welsh Concubines Training at AAB’s Flat

To this end, this post and the next three posts will touch on the topic of ‘self-defence’ and the ways that you can protect yourself on the ‘street level’.  Now that means that I’m only going to deal with personal, street level, situations and not cover other larger matters like the physical defence of your home, or the legal defence of a libel case.  I’ve decided to focus on personal defence as it’s the most universal and inclusive type of self-defence.  Everyone has a body and a mind, and so everyone benefits by learning how to defend it; but not everyone has a detached sub-urban home, so it would be pointless to include advice on how to defend it.  For this reason I’ll keep the posts concise and thus focus on practical advice on how to defend four things that we all share in common: firstly our physical bodies, secondly our images (from CCTV cameras), thirdly our minds, and fourthly our legal rights.  These are the four topics that I’ll be briefly covering over this and the next three posts.

Finally, it should be noted that I’ve got no experience in any kind of self-defence, physical or legal based, and I’ve relied on other people’s data, so feel free to shoot holes in it, if you find it wanting in accuracy.  Because there’s no point in posting information that is either partially or totally wrong.

This weeks ‘How to Defend Your..’ is centred on your physical body (you know, that hunk of 100-200lb flesh and bone that you lug around with you everywhere you go..).  That body gives you the ……ability to do Your will and to enjoy Your life the way that You want to, so it makes good sense to look after it.  One way that you can look after it is by learning to defend it from physical attacks from other people or animals who threaten to damage your body.  You can do this, defend your body, in one of two ways: firstly by using Mental Knowledge (e.g. tactics, fighting styles) that you have learnt over a period of time; Secondly by using Physical Objects (e.g. steel-toe capped boots, pepper spray) that you have acquired over a period of time.  Being in possession of one of these during a fight situation improves your odds of winning slightly, being in possession of both of these during a fight situation improves your odds of winning dramatically.  And if you win the fight, then it means you can carry on living Your Life the way that You intend to, with your body intact.

In this article we’ll deal with the following:
– Mental knowledge you can use to defend your body.
– Physical objects you can use to defend your body.

Mental knowledge you can use to defend your body:
As we are all well aware, each race has it’s own personality, and these racial personalities are evident in the way that each race lives: the way they walk, talk, their body language, and (relevant to this post) the way that they fight.  When someone from a particular race fights in a style that is best suited to them, then they will fight better and they will be more at ease in that fighting style.  Like when a large man who’s a natural wrestler fights in a wrestling match rather then fighting in a boxing match.  His entire body (muscles, bones, thought pattern etc) is better suited to wrestling than boxing, therefore he will be happier and more successful at wrestling than he will be at boxing.  It’s the same for the natural wrestler as it is for the different races: each has their own unique fighting style that is best suited to them.

There are plenty of Asian fighting styles to learn that we can all name without any difficulty (judo, karate etc) but not many White ones.  In fact there is a distinct dearth of fighting styles that were created by White men for White men along White ideals.  However, due to the rising levels of the White Collective Consciousness, thanks to the demise of Judeo-Chrisianity, there are more White fighting styles emerging.  Some of these fighting styles are listed below and may be worth checking out if you want to learn how to defend yourself.

1) The Krigarenve official website; A facebook page;

2) Berserkergang

3) Mixed Martial Arts

4) Slavic Fighting Union

Physical objects you can use to defend your body:
Any physical item from a steel-toe-capped boot to a leather belt can be used as a defensive weapon.  And the more incognito the weapon the better: because Joe Public won’t be suspicious of you and importantly the police won’t be suspicious of you.  The items listed here include items of clothing that you can use as weapons for self-defence, and some typical defensive weapons like CS spray (or home-made versions).

Nearly everything listed costs less than $50, because it makes sense to focus on items that nearly everyone can afford to buy and are useful, rather than ‘window shopping’ expensive items that only a few can afford to buy.

1) Headware:
– BMX helmets are tougher than those foam filled pretencious pieces of shit that SWPL and MC people love to buy (LINK showing that bike helmets aren’t as protective as MCs think).  If you ride a bike on a regular basis then it might be worth checking out as a helmet obviously protects the top of your head from downward blows (e.g. from a police mans truncheon: just watch any protest/riot videos to see riot police in action), and could be used offensively for headbutting.
– Motor-bike helmets provide even more protection than BMX helmets and also have a visor to protect your eyes.
– Inserts for baseball caps are designed to give protection against minor blow, and are quite cheap (~£10). (LINK)

A fashionable bullet proof jacket that all aspiring ‘Snake Plisskens’ should wear.

2) Coats:
– Bullet proof fashionable (though expensive, ~£1,000) jackets from the USA (LINK) if you live in a country where guns are legal.  The manufacturers say it will ‘protect against all handguns up to and including .44 Magnum’.

– Tough leather jackets.  The Irish used to wear thick quilted jackets covered in hardened leather during medieval times (LINK).  This gear was thought good enough for armed combat (claidheamh mòr, axes, spears etc) so could hypothetically be ok for modern close quarters combat (knifes, truncheons, fists, chains etc).
– If you’re a white collar worker then an anti-slash suit will be more to your liking (LINK).

3) Gloves:
– Bespoke leather gloves are used by welders, builders, gardeners etc.  Many of them can resist high heat and lacerations from blades.
– Specialist anti-slash gloves (~£40) (LINK).

4) Belts:
– A sturdy leather belt might come in useful for something.  If it has a large belt buckle then even better.
Four 2 minute videos on using a belt in a Taekwondo session:

5) Trousers:
– There are chainsaw proof trousers that ‘tree monkeys’ (tree surgeons) use.  No idea whether they do fashionable styles though.  They might be knife proof like Police anti-knifing corsets (LINK).  Cost: ~£50.

– There are slash resistant long-johns to go under trousers (LINK), for ~£50.

6) Knee-Pads:
Not much use on a day-to-day basis, but if you plan to go to a protest that will turn into a riot, then these will protect your knee-caps from damage.  And, if you like to use your knees to attack, then knee-pads will allow you to use more force/aggression when kneeing someone.  Elbow pads could also provide similar protection.  Riot police also wear knee and elbow pads in addition to the rest of their protective clothing.  Typical price ~£5 (LINK).

7) Boots:
– Steel toe capped footwear is now available in a large range of styles, including the traditional boot, and semi-fashionable sports shoes (LINK).  Sports shoes stand out less than a pair of shiny black ‘Doc Martins’, and so will draw less attention to them (which is useful for blending in with the crowd: being incognito).  They may also be better suited for running, sprinting, and ‘free-running’(LINK) if you ever get in the situation of needing to chase after or run away from someone.  Steel toe caps provide obvious defensive and obvious offensive capabilities.  Typical price ~£30.

8) A short list of some personal weapons for self-defence.  Including home-made ones.
Pepper Spray
A home made taser:
An optical disorientation device:
Sourced from:

A list of the countries where Tasers are illegal:

9) General Notes:
– Steer clear of nylon or polyester clothing (like raincoats, sports shirts and trousers) because it’s manufactured from hydrocarbons, thus very flammable.  Natural fibres do burn, but not as intensely as synthetic ones (LINK).
– Possible avenues of inquiry: army surplus stores, hardware stores, and agricultural stores, as well as magazines and websites.
– The handlebars on a bicycle make a two-foot steel truncheon provided you have an allen-key (or hex-key) on you, as does the chain if you have a suitable tool for taking it off the bike.
– Be aware of your surroundings and the advantages that they offer you:  a) In posher neighbourhood you might have wrought-iron fences which have spear points for tips: it’s a fixed spear that could puncture flesh (neck or hands etc) easily if you forced someone off balance onto it.  b) Construction sites have hand-tools, materials (lime in the eyes will blind someone), scaffold poles etc that could be useful.  c) Lumps of rock are commonly used as missiles, rioters use bricks and Palestinians use loose rocks from the ground to pelt selected targets.

Final Thoughts:
Remember that all forms of defence exist to serve you, to allow you to enjoy your life in the way that you want to.  They are means rather than ends.  If you end up over-focussing on matters of defence, and see them as the end goal, then you’re losing out; and you’ve fallen into the trap that some Survivalists seem to do: making defence into a fetish[LINK] – an idol and an end rather than a means.  Your life and will comes first, defence is second and is there to serve you.


23 Comments to “How to Defend Your Body on the Streets”

  1. You forgot 230 grain hollow points…

    • Remember: AAB is a subject in a once noble country and harbinger for Murka. England is a predecessor for much of our painful road ahead. Arms are punished. If that dead drummerboy would’ve said a cross word to his black murderer, he would’ve been arrested and the Mbungi given Knighthood.

    • “You forgot 230 grain hollow points…”

      I wish! Hollow point ammo is about as hard to find in this country as handguns, RPGs, and rocking horse shit!

      If the USA ever falls the way of the UK in terms of gun rights, at least you still have borders with countries that guns can be smuggled in across one of which is a 2nd/3rd world country. The UK is an island nation doesn’t share any borders with countries where guns are easily available. If you expect the gun laws to be changed sometime in the future then it might be advisable to follow the advice of Thomas Chittum (author of Civil War 2, available as a pdf online) and buy some guns & ammo, and bury them in a secure location.

  2. “There are chainsaw proof trousers that ‘tree monkeys’ (tree surgeons) use.”

    We never wore them, so I have no idea how good they are. But then our outfit was like the first three minutes of Treevenge. I used this helmet though, and often use it for unrelated tasks.

  3. A good belt works well – make sure your pants fit, though. Always be aware of your surroundings. This is modern urban warfare. If you are drunk you deserve to get beat but it isn’t a bad feint to pretend that you are drunk. Everything is a weapon when you are in the state of mind I am in when I go out. I am always looking at the ground for chunks of concrete or asphalt and pieces of garbage that will work. Books and newspapers (rolled up) are good weapons. I never leave home without my trusty stainless steel water ‘bottle’. I like to carry a lot of change, too. Pennies are cheap and will do some pretty good damage. Food like apples and pears work, too, especially when used in tandem with a plastic bag. I always carry a pen with me as well. Towels. Keys – especially on the end of a chain.

    Remember always that it is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. That’s why I would rather beat someone down with my water bottle than stab someone with my knife.

    • “I always carry a pen with me as well.”

      I don’t think you’re supposed to take the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” literally! Where’d you get the inspiration for that? Was it that infamous scene in the film ‘Casino’, or your own muse?

  4. Hey good post! I’m cheap though. Prisoners use magazines and newspapers to nigger-rig some bodyarmor. It protects against shanks. Just magazines and duck tape.

    Everyone has experience with self defense. If you are alive, you have to protect yourself. In many ways, if you are attacked, its a failure. One can learn to deter without taking a single martial art.

    • Cheers mate! Paper and tape body armour, that certainly is cheap; ingenious to. Prisons seem to be the kind of place that breeds ingenuity, kind of like the battlefield in regards to weapons and medicine. The constant threats breed it I suppose. Perhaps that’s a mental trait that could be cultivated outside of prison: view the world as an inherantly hostile place and, importantly, counter it. Viewing the world as hostile without taking action against it could lead one to become like the ECoF people Firepower speaks about, basically impotent. And who wants to end up like that?

  5. The best defense is a good offense. It’s true in pretty much every endeavor. Dokka Umarov is a name you should know. He’s promised to disrupt the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. His enemies waste enormous resources in security/defense while offense is cheap and easy.

    • “His enemies waste enormous resources in security/defense while offense is cheap and easy.”

      As the Boston Bomber proved a few months ago: a pressure cooker and other bits n pieces cost only a few bucks. It’s the same with IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan – they improvise with any explosives close to hand (like an old artilery shell) and a remote detonator. They don’t need $70,000 hellfires and smart bombs. From what I’ve seen the kernal of the offensive principal is distance: distance from your enemy in time and space and other people. Use a spear instead of a knife, a crossbow instead of a spear, a crossbow ontop of a hill instead of on a flat field, a crossbow fired by a third party (a soldier), a crossbow fired by a third party while you’re in a castle safe at home. This is why land mines and hired assassins are used by those who want to do the killing, because it keeps them well out of arms reach of their enemy. And of course if you’re out of reach of your enemy then they cannot strike you; which is always good!

      Always get someone else to do the dirty work for you, it’s safer that way. The same principle applies whether on the internet or the protest lines or the battlefield.

    • Why, thank you PKS. I will look into him.

  6. For self defence: car key, sticking out half inch between thumb and index finger. Jab to the face.

  7. fairbank sykes and of course the throat chop/ eye gouge.

    • If you’re referring to the fairbank/sykes knife, then that’s a no-go in the UK. Carrying a knife in the street without good reason = up to 4 years in prison AND a £5,000 fine. That’s why I’m highlighting items like steel toe capped boots which are still legal in the UK and are incognito.


      • AAB are Sikhs prohibited from carrying their kirpans in the U.K.? I know that in Canada they are allowed to even wear them in courtrooms.

      • Good question. I don’t know the answer though. Here’s what an internet search turned up (it’s from the Crown Prosecution Service website):

        “The defendant is entitled to be acquitted if he shows on the balance of probabilities that:
        – he had “good reason or lawful authority” for having the bladed or pointed article; or
        – he had the article for use at work; or
        – he had the article for religious reasons; or
        – he had the article as part of a national costume; (Archbold 24-125).”

        So it seems like Sikhs are exempted from the law; but there are supposedly ‘some’ cases where Kirpans are banned, like Public events and ceremonies (like police training – It might be the case that like with all minorities, Sikhs are allowed to have their freedoms so long as it doesn’t get in the way of the Liberal NAZI agenda.

        As an aside it would be interesting to see if either WNs could mass convert to Sikhism and start wearing the Kirpan, or start up a new religion which conveniently ‘requires’ them to carry a knife and a handgun…

      • Sounds like you guys are WW2 Occupied France run by Nazis who likewise, prohibited the froggies from carrying any weapons.

        Didn’t you guys send a bunch of your White Men over there to die and “free” those French? How did the Nazis restrict you instead after you defeated them Over There.

        Good thing you have an American Blog. You can say anything you want to reveal the Liberal Nazism of England’s BiGGov and even Scotland Yard can’t suppress Free Speech in Murka. Why, even names could be switched and an American Citizen could ghost write your stuff, then they’re absolutely powerless. Cuz even the Taliban posts their stuff on the Murkan Interwebs and the NSA just has to sit there.

        Do note, dear chap, that the pic isn’t of a Sykes-Fairbairn. Both lads would’ve puked to see what their former Great Britain has become. They wouldn’t want their fearsome blade associated with pasty drummer lads who offer their throats to Nigerian Muzz.

        Use a pen, or…use your head: Even the beaten Occupied Froggies made their own improvs. Why, I once heard of a cheeky chappie replacing common pen innards with a piece of sharpened tool steel. Such temerity!

      • well there is a combat style also under the same name, it was a ww2 era oss combat style

      • Ha ha ha. If you have to ask, the response is that everything is prohibited. Obey the law: “Don’t get caught.” You may be sure that everyone in the USG and also Parliment understand that law very well.

        You are “allowed” to pay your taxes, that’s your only right. That’s all they give a crap about. If you want more, you’ll have to work outside of theri system.

        In a way, I’d love to live in the UK. The weaker others are, the stronger you can get. There are probably more weapons in California than in all of England. The more laws, the more regulation, the more opportunity.

        [ed note: Gentle & Sweet AAB forgot… the IRA was also prohibited possessing weapons by British Law (and oh so rudely enforced by the British Army). And just look how naughty Paddy was!]

      • Ah right, cheers. As the saying goes, “you learn something new everyday”.

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