People Get The Government They Earn

by Firepower

Today’s Brandon IS
Tomorrow’s Middle-Aged Slave…

People get the government they deserve – all people. Even us Murkans who view ourselves as “exceptional.”

Thus, the black gets the government it deserves. The Migger gets the government it deserves.

The illegal mex has conquered entire states and vast swaths of territory that would make General Santa Anna cream his cavalry pantaloons.

Stalin, Hitler, The US Confederacy – and Imperial Japan combined – could not dream of the success the black (and illegal mex) achieved on US soil:  They attacked, conquered, looted and ultimately razed to the ground all major US cities and then – got paid for it… by the victims!  Attila The Hun, in his wildest Hun wet-dream, couldn’t conceive such a triumph.  It’s so fantastic, it’s farcical.

So from all that effort, now all MINOs get the government they deserve.  This situation exists for a reason.

Better yet, I now say people get the government they earn.  Whites also get the government they earn.

98% of the black voted for Obama. I must grudgingly admire such unity: Also, 45% of whites blindly shot themselves in the head and ……voted for Our Historic Black President – twice – the worst President in history. I must grudgingly despise such foolishness. A people who do such things are like a child that wants to play with fire.  One side convinces itself it’s Happy Obama Time! as the other cements itself with its own indoctrination to prefer VRW fantasies; both pretend.

Thus, almost half of the whites you meet today deserve sentencing to an extermination camp. Depending on your locality or experience, maybe more than a half. This is why wn has failed as an Impossible Dream: How can one be taken seriously as the eponymous defender of “a race” that must exterminate almost half of its own kind. Even coloreds don’t kill as many whites.

So, it is not so really a racial movement but a political one. This is my vision. That our select group of Whites see The One True Enemy (TOTE) as a fasces of liberal nazism using the Murkan|Mino Machine to eradicate ALL of us – except the Elite Aristocracy making mega-money for them in Feudal Manhattan…

Rome got the government it deserved.  There was no Revolution – or even civil war –  to restore Glory.  There was just apathy, collapse and disintegration.

Rome, got what it deserved – and earned.  The wages of apathy are death.


20 Comments to “People Get The Government They Earn”

  1. I voted for Obama in 2012, and I’m not at all disappointed by the results. Worse is better for now. TFW

    • Especially given his abortion policies, that open the possibility of holding rallies to spread abortion among targeted population. Abortion is good, “racism” is bad, but abortion wins. What if ARA/OPP disturbs such rallies? Hilarious.

  2. Whites can be thought of as Evolution, the coloreds despise it and the jews fear it. Abortion while operationally a very gross procedure can be thought of as our gateway to positive eugenics so I support “Choice.”

    Our point going forward is to defy the jews and their pets and choose “White” and to do this we must reclaim our freedom of speech so we can openly “Choose” being white.

  3. FP, why in the world do you call the form of gov we have nazism?

    Okay so WN sucks so tell me again what you’re suggesting people do? Oh right, you expect people to DO what you are too afraid to even write.

    • It’s liberal nazi-ism. Just invert Hitler’s vision.

      It’s not the Aryan ideal, but the non-white ideal. The only thing missing is work camps for whites. I’m sure they are working on new methods to be able to do that.

      I like this article. In many ways, people are still looking for the miracle cure. Firepower is often misunderstood. Perhaps if he told us a realistic, small, convenient step we might take in real life to realize our goals, others would get it. Here he has said not to be apathetic.

    • Ha…if you know what I’m ostensibly afraid of…
      then you must also know ~
      what It Is you must do

    • original nazism is a left wing ideology that tied together the elites of buisness with the government through corporatism, see pentagon-lockeed ,etc. and the middle class who were animated to stop the underclasses by the government. it is similar to what we are having done to us now by the government. this is a good analogy, i like that he does this, it reminds folks where we really stand. we are not currently the ones in power. the ideal of fascism originally was”social integration”, the idea of totally integrating the individual into the society, the volk = the staat. so you’d ideally have productive individuals at every level of society based upon a new “ethic” of nobility based on service to the state. the liberals of today are the good nazi voting germans of the reich.

  4. You must be in the teaparty with your obsession with the nazis.

  5. Yup. Just– yup.

  6. If you are Roissy, that would would explain my annoyance with you.

    And your clever vague answers don’t excuse you. You want other people to do your dirty work.

    Lady Raine said Roissy was a Jew. Roissy = FP = Jew? That would explain a lot.

    [ed note: i know of a prominent bloggist (on our side!) who promotes our returning to the hayfields with digging sticks and dig fer ‘taters – then admitted he “voted for Obama.” That’s the kind of Goode Lenin to seek and i dont mean that Beatle Guy either]

  7. People still think Advocatus Diaboli is Fatt Morney expect the same traction with this “revelation”.

    What’s with balding fat white guys constantly harboring a grudge against our chieftain anyhow?

    [ed note: jealousy of striking beauty, height and 6-pack – all my Roosh-like qualities…]

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