Chief Kessler, the “resistance” and the shifting american conservative movement

by beothuk jackson

I don’t know if any fellow Eradicans are familiar with the recent happenings in the town of Gilberton Pennsylvania. A police chief of the red, white and blue  Survivalist variety seems to be goading the Federals into some sort of stand-off, here is the link.  Whether or not this is a serious endeavour and if Kessler gets “waco’d” then of course there will be some serious consequences. But overall the thing that my fellow Eradicans should be pondering and observing is the noticeable or perhaps  more noticeable radical libertarian elements beginning to come out of the woodwork in this country. It should not be uncommon for any of you to speak with others about the blatant police state apparatus that is being erected around us as you read this entry, perhaps drinking coffee in your snuggy or doing push ups in your mossy oak jumpsuit in your pacific northwestern bungalow, this is being constructed. In the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts our military invested lots of time creating a “system” to track possible insurgents, etc. this was done by compiling retinal scans on readers and the like, this tech will obviously be implemented on the masses in murca when and if the gloves come off.

Now back to the chief, the libertarians or “constitutionalists” want to reclaim this nation from the “bad guys”, the entire premise of this constitutional resistance  is the idea that the 200-year-old document made by a bunch of masons who all hated niggers and gooks, fucking ragheads and faggots can work in today’s age of multiculturalism and more importantly globalism and nuclear weapons.  Clearly the “resistance” is sophomoric in its development, right now it has guts and gun nuts but no premise beyond restoring “freedom”. Essentially if the resistors were to attain power they would like act the Jacobins and disintegrate into petty power gangs over the “proper interpretations of the constitution” and we’d be no different from the Islamic State of Iraq and the shia militias  fighting over their holy writings, only instead of “allahu akhabar” it would be cries of “freedom” and “liberty” after every shot.

The Eradicans job should be like most “new rightists”: providing the intellectual frameworks for these libertarians who are essentially just going to explode themselves in a wasted effort. In another piece that ‘Conchobar’ wrote on Eradica, on the topic of the civil war in Yugoslavia, the concept of “the warlord” was developed. The word warlord is a bit loaded and reeks of mad max and the wasteland, but in reality these people were teachers, priests and other community leaders who formed local brigades to combat both the foreign Germans and the dreaded Croatians or Bosnians. These people were essentially no different from characters like John Chisum.  These are the people who Kessler and the resistance need to connect with, they need to don the trappings of the local power leaders, and not fixate on national/ continental ideals like “freedom”, as that is TRUE conservatism.

The Serbian nationalist forces, as noted in that earlier piece organized prior to the invasion by the Germans. It was of course done similar to the American militias forming today, they were essentially groups of either veterans or folks interested in violence who meet on occasion. during the interwar period the “Chetnik” groups were essentially social clubs for more right-wing Serbs. but once the war came to Yugoslavia these cells were able to operate.  There is an excellent text called “civil war 2” by Thomas Chittum, that was posted on many WN sites in the past, here it is it is a worthy read.

We need to push out the idea of constitutionality and freedom and other such nonsense when confronted by these people, we need to explain to them the freedoms of some allowed them to dominate us culturally, economically and socially in a matter of decades.  We have a worldview that is total and complete, the white man learned how rare of a species he is on this continent, he learned to differentiate his blood from the other on this continent; america invented racism the liberals say, we have Lothrop, Madison  and Sammy. On american soil the white man may either die out or he may create a place for himself, that is entirely up to him and whether or not he gives up his love affair with freedom and other words that the simple cling to.

Take note of these points Eradicans:

1- continued growth of internal surveillance/ police state has created a growing “patriot” movement

2- this movement though not organized or cohesive, in some instances is attempting to confront the government

3- this force has absolutely no idea of how it would operate if it achieved victory

22 Comments to “Chief Kessler, the “resistance” and the shifting american conservative movement”

  1. I think the approach to the police state is to:

    1. Become a market dominant minority in some niches so we have wealth and and the means of production

    2. Bribe the police and government officials to leave us alone and give us heads up when raids are planned or investigations are underway

    3. Eventually bribe politicians to let White people have freedom of association again.

    4. When Whites are racist enough and powerful enough again, we take things back without a shot fired.

    • this is an interesting documentary on the end of the afghan conflict, basically the tribals are doing just as you say, remaining autonomous and playing either local power broker off against the other instead of taking sides.

      if some white folks are able to become totally autonomous or at least highly autonomous then they can of course exert some influence locally in the politics. the local “police” in afghanistan being just militia men. the only problem is that we have large amounts of nuclear weapons so outside forces will be extremely interested in these areas if they become ‘rebellious’, so the whole game is pretty shaky.

    • The approach to the police state is to eradicate it and its agents, because you will fail in these areas:

      1. Peasant farmers [and even rich ones] don’t control a thing – whether it’s Feudal Europe, modern Zimbabwe or SA.

      2. You cannot bribe True Believer Idealists. Davidians couldn’t bribe Sick Willy or Janet Reno. Jews couldn’t bribe Nazis to save enough of themselves to reform power.

      3. Once enslaved, politicians never release slaves until they are destroyed> See The US Confederacy

      4. You…will be 184 years old by then. Let me know if it’s worth it.

      Prepping to become a Peasant Farmer dependent on Uncle BiGGoV’s largesse means you prep to be Jean Valjean dependent on BiGGov.

      • The police state is going to have its own problems, which we will be able to opportunistically take advantage of, if we are positioend well to do so. Mindweaponization is about positioning ourselves to take advatnafge of the police states mistakes.

      • Peasant farmers in the entire Soviet Union fared poorly for 75 years; they certainly never played games by withholding crops from their masters.

        Already the giant NSA STASIplex, IRS persecution and DHS MRAPs forge links in an ever-growing slavery chain. There is but one way to end it. All FutureGen has are those guns I mentioned – keeping sugar beets away from a desperate Uncle Beast and his hungry Brown SuperMen won’t work.

        If Future GenJustin loses the guns, it’s over forever. If they use them…America will be changed forever. By then, you will be 142 and I will be long dead from all that grand, luxurious ObamaCare they’ll rush to give us old radical White Males.

        More likely, they will turn them in because their BiGGov School Indoctrinators teach them to – or trade them for a last ditch govt food exchange.

        Your passive forms of resistance will fail as will all reactionary philosophy for BiGGov has planned for such contingencies. Only active methods can slay a dragon. You cannot wait for him to grow old, wither and die, for you also age with it.


  3. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Warlordism is sure to come back. After studying the languages of global power; Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese, take languages of warlord cultures like Chechen, Albanian and Somali.

  4. thomas jefferson’s vision was and is the same as most prototypical white nationalists, if he were reborn today he’d be an aryan nation guy with the tats and everything. i agree i think for the most part we can maintain a republic of FREE men not EQUAL men. this is our heritage as white people, it goes back to countless examples. as for some of the other founding fathers keep in mind the first thing they did was put down daniel shayes rebellion. and one of the first political parties was the anti-mason party. there is a part of me that really likes chief kessler as well, hell i’d rather go out in a hail of bullets dieing for something i believe in; actually being a fucking man about things, instead of cravenly living out my life in this weird idealistic limbo where you are totally aware of your slavery and everyone elses around you but you do nothing

  5. That’s bad juju. The worst thing you can do is stay fixed and visible. That’s the USG’s specialty. They’ll set an outer perimeter, surveil, cut water and power, and wait em out. Or just surround them then rush in.

    It is no shock that the MSM did not cover this. They are now a complete instrument of the FFOL. If there was armed white resistance, you would never hear about it.

    I believe in the espionage model. Large groups, even groups of 10 are now infiltrated. One has to be a group consisting of a single person. The real danger is not the action, but the capture and evasion portions. Having partners should be an asset, not a cost. But that’s not how it is today.

    We are now at the very beginning of our struggle. It’s a 100 year war. We do not yet have the money or the power to do much of anything. When there is no profit in action, one must remain still.

    • there are many instances of movements failing because they did not adapt to new situations, instead they kept with the same game plan and became irrelevant, these new libertarians may prove incredibly useful for people with our sort of thinking. whether or not you or anyone else thinks its a bad idea to start shit, this guy thinks it is and we need to plan accordingly to developments.

  6. Libertarianism alone = utter fail for the reasons stated above.

    Libertarianism + nationalism = win.

  7. WN is already. Not just in hearts and minds. But real territory. That boundaries are blurred is a given. The WN ideal is unfulfilled. And will always be unfulfilled. The is no “men’s” movement AND especially no “white men’s” movement. There is white MAN’S movement. Next step is obvious. White Supremacy. If this is not the White Nationalist IDEAL then it’s all a fraud keeping real white boys paralyzed AND in pursuit of radical autonomy. That world in which you can trust nothing and no one.

  8. Too many of these retards see our present struggle as comparable to the 1776 struggle, which is stupid and counterproductive to say the least. The ones that admit most men are natural slaves…are fertile soil.

  9. I have always believed you were a grandmaster, Jay. We have so few people in NYC or DC. It would be great practice to maintain cover in that environment.

    I tend to view the USG machine as an engineer. There is a large, complicated device that can be brought down by a 25 cent washer. One just has to know which area to touch.

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  11. With canklewhore gone this place will have to get by with 30 more iq points. I’ll miss his 14 year old vrw viewpoint.

  12. I’ve lurked here for a while. CBs stuff wasn’t that bad, it just needed a little work thogh. I just wonder about his ‘dramatic’ exit. It was excessive and a chick move. I lost whatever respect I had and fp may be right that brandons are totally lost.

    • It’s good to see you not bashing like the others – Ferdi’s Faggots did/do that whenever somebody’s gone. But he went by himself and is not banned unlike the craven methods of that effete fornian hypocrite-sissy.

      I once thought “Brandons” were educable. But, like VRWists, they are not: Both are just as part of an entire contaminated Murka as is Obama, BiGGov Unions and OWSers.

      Each were taught by various falanges of the FFOL that they are Special Snowflakes! and whenever they are dare told they are not, the knee-jerk, reactionary response is to lash out at the messenger as “meeeean-extreeeem!” then expediently seek a tit to suck on that pats their head and tells them They ARE Wonderful!
      Simply put, all are infantilized by the Hollywood/TV/News Media FFOLs and the Gradeschool Teacher/Professor FFOLs to make them more controllable. Just wipe away the tears, stop the sniffles and say: “You’re the bestest lil’ trooper ever! Things are gonna be GREAT for you!”

      By the time they discover The Lie, they are too old: They are broken old men and the FFOL is on to busily defusing each new NextGEN of dangerous youth.

      Brandons and VRWists will have to collapse (along with the rest of the nation) for the ugly reality to hit home. Children do not heed warnings unless backed by pain.

      It is my hope that there are enough Brandons left in those dark days, but they will be just a few sheep among many wolves – colored wolves – who already long understand that violence and fear do in fact work.

  13. I am not sure, but I really believed there was really something wrong with CooKooBar – mentally, I mean.

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