Englandizing Tomorrow’s Subjects

by Firepower

Bread, Circus & Be Merry… For Tomorrow

The Elite are prepared: They won’t leave you “loitering” collectively to cause them trouble – like a national prison riot spilling over, destroying The Walls of Order.  Think: Castle builders expect trouble from rabble and bandits; it’s what they build those towers for – and staff them with thugs knights. They have plans to prevent you escaping into (and infecting) greater society; the NSA etc. and all those Alphabet Agencies are armed and ready.  If you assume the elite is as ignorant as a College Junior you will pay the price.

The name “Muhammadd” is the most popular name for boys in Today’s Englandistan – for four consecutive years.  Just as a decayed nation changed their name from Great Britain to UK, – then reduced it further to england – after their collapse, America must be Murkanized. The goal is to Englandize the masses. Strip them of national identity and pride and – just as important – disarm them.

The White Zombies of London whimpering about Nigerian Headchoppaz amuse the elite because they merely whimper, impotent and disarmed like a Murkan MuRMer.  The elite know overt confiscation of firearms ignites The 3rd American Revolution so they engineer it covertly with…

…indoctrination via FFOL Falanges of Media and BIGov Educrat Unions.  The entire sphere of Liberal Nazism already politically – and brazenly – prefers The Brown Man over the white subhuman in its program of an ultimate browning of America.

Today’s Brandon!© already lives at home in record unemployment and its response is…Plai|MOAR Videogames! and sexting.  Tomorrow’s Justin!© will be an easier Fish In A Barrel to shoot.

This cohort does not shoot or collect firearms as its predecessors did. In fact, they hate firearms and want to help Uncle Beast confiscate them by voting in Obamas and Hilarys. The Education Union Falange of the FFOL Fasces indoctrinated TSO76 out of them.

Future Patriots will have little to work with among these wretched animals so their organization will be difficult.  It can be done – if only because you must do it.  But… if you approach your solemn duty in a VRW spirit of mrm fantasy, you will be forever lost – as lost as those mountains of AR-15’s melted down into chains.

8 Comments to “Englandizing Tomorrow’s Subjects”

  1. We have great problems. I could categorize it as a high risk, high reward strategy. Learned helplessness is a big one. What I can do depends on what others do. There is this illusion that the USG is invincible, and I would say that most people, even ours, still believe in it.

    But we have to begin being honest with where we are and what we want. A white ethnostate might be too much to want. Perhaps there are ways to enrich ourselves at the enemy’s cost, like a raider or a criminal. The number of people like us is very, very small.

    Before firearms comes the first weapon, the human mind and body. Being disarmed is not as hateful as being docile. The will to resist has to be there first.

  2. “The elite know full well that overt confiscation of firearms will cause The 3rd American Revolution so they shall do it covertly with indoctrination via FFOL Falanges of Media and Educrat Unions.”

    Spot on. It’s not a fast ‘gun grabbing exercise’ during which patriots will respond by baricading their doors and shooting any feds who try to take their guns; it’s slow and subtle. ‘Slow Kill’ as Mindweapons aptly calls it. Like the Indians were ‘slowly’ herded onto the reservations, or how women ‘slowly’ forced men into their ‘man caves’. Women aren’t quick or decisive. Women are slow and discrete. The Liberal NAZIs aren’t quick or decisive, they operate slowly.

    Did you know that tasers and CS spray are illegal in the UK? And knife amnesties are a regular occurance?! Knife amnesties! A knife free house is fine, so long as you like eating Soy curds, and gruel..

    • Name a significant and influential social apparatus US Whites – and White Men – still control.

      “Slow kill” is misappropriate for implying it is solely a current process.
      MW does not yet understand: The Kill is over. The Dream was killed between 1967-87. All that remains are guns.

      The fatted calf was slain long ago, skinned and butchered: All that remains is to remove its head – and horns. Murkans grow stupider, more complacent each day. Today’s Brandons are the gen least likely to own guns – or even shoot. Follow the trend.

      It is possible for us to improve Murka, but not reverse the decline-trend – as if to return to a past age and Magic 1955 Golden Happy Point in time.

      That can never return, for such a turnabout means swimming through an ocean of blood; what then rises on the shore will be a different creature. A hybrid that has witnessed those events and can accept them.

      • “The Kill is over.”

        You mean like an old Redwood tree that’s been hollowed out from the core by termites, leaving only the outermost layer (the bark) remaining? it ‘appears’ like it’s still alive but in reality isn’t. It ‘appears’ like it has substance but in reality doesn’t. There’s no need to chop down/kill a tree that is already dead.

      • Yes. Many analogies can suffice, but the best is one that faces The Truth that the Old Way is gone – dead. A new tree must be planted – a new seedling. Or, a new successor calf must arise from the death of the old one – if the predecessor left enough surviving descendants.

        Inevitably, when those born before approximately 1975 vanish, there will be none left who remember America and only those who lived Murka.

        Bill Clinton will then be a National Hero with statues of MLK and Obama dotting even rural squares like an ancient, superstitious Temple God Cult: Like modern Saddam/Stalin iconography propaganda – not so much the bronzes, but their deadly ethos permeating the national milieu.

        We in the usa are the same as brits. It is both our combined Western Ideal that has fallen to Mino FFOLism. The ostensible puzzlement we “feel” in our frustrated responses to the present fall are from attempting to recreate what once was.

        Recreating such a rarity is impossible; it is frustrating. Justinian tried and failed with a Byzantine reclamation of Western Rome. There is no return. It must be destroyed and refurbished, for it cannot be re-created. The hard process of that destruction means things will never be the same. Potentially as good, but never the same again.

        Those that fail to see this will be extinct shortly. The MRM, Jordies, Surivalists & Patriots (SAPS) and vRw-ists are all as deluded as those “believing” a conservative White Man can again be elected President of Murka.

  3. Jay can you help your nephews and their friends get up to speed?

  4. And yet, at the same time, mass drone training for little white boys goes unabated. Tomorrow’s Brandons and Justins will have a good 10-15 years of mom and dad subsidized drone training able to massacre in split seconds with unparalleled digit dexterity.

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