Feudal America: Hawaii Cleanses Its Castle

by Firepower

Hawaii De Janiero… 2043? Nope: 2012

Today, in Massively Internet America…you must read a foreign paper to learn the truth about ostensible, “Fake Free Speech” amerexica. All our massive “communication” gets us is: Having to read the truth in a British paper, of all things.

The FFOL Media itself games in Aristocratic Playpens and will never reveal its bedfellows and fellow fingers.

Hawaii is Obamao’s home state; the place where he practiced his Silver Spoon.  It is currently preparing its emerging and growing Feudal Estate (with built in moat) like Feudal Island Manhattan – by removing all…… those pewwwwr peoples they so Luv-Luv to toss your money at.  They be good enough to “diversify” your street with FREE Section 8 Welfare housing for low-down coloreds…but not on our oh-so private beach, dahling.

Future Feudal Fortresses are based on the Manhattan Model:

  1. Choose defensible terrain (ala Sun Tzu) with natural Motte & Bailey.
  2. Use unfordable rent. Eradicate the natives – especially Pewwwr Ones who rob & murder
  3. Build outrageously rich Luxo-Fuck Palaces
  4. But: Tell The Pewwwr Ones you’re really on their side – buy votes

Hawaii sets aside $100,000 to offer its 17,000 homeless people one-way airfare back to their home states

A similar program was implemented in New York City in 2007 by Mayor Michael Bloomberg(!) and other cities have used the tactic over the years.

I told you Fortress Manhattan Mentality is sweeping the nation: Literally – sweeping it clean for The Nation of Elites.  It’s all in my Hunger Games/Soylent Green Series. They will push you outside the castle walls to either dig their tubers or fight to the death over the crust of bread they fling down from the Tower Walls to you – and the other Little People.

Today’s Jordies!™ ~ THIS IS what you really Faht-Furr.

Hurtling Toward Peasantry by volunteering to meekly hop in their already crowded pigpen is only fooling yourself.  People shivering in tents don’t buy AR-15‘s.  Nor does the village blackguard or wooden pitchfork maker.

Amerexica will be Brazil.

It already is Murka.

27 Comments to “Feudal America: Hawaii Cleanses Its Castle”

  1. Ha! I know those people, those Fortress Elite people. They depend on civilization though they are unaware of this. They are indeed creating a Feudal Amerexica, but it’s going to have unintended consequences for them.

    The soil is rich out here in the Districts. Those who do not use electronic communication become invisible to the Capitol’s secret police. The underground economy will create something like the Russian Thieves in Law, a criminal elite with honor and no allegiance to the government.

    The Feudal Elites are building themselves a new Troy that will be sacked.

    • They make the same mistakes of Romans, Saxons and Russian aristocracy; it is not their intent (or plan) for Society to collapse under the yoke of supporting their extravagance. They simply repeat the script of the greedy and attempt to hold their grasp of power ultimately through tyranny.

      The difference is what once made America the only exception in history: We all once knew this danger well.

  2. The great nightmare of the Feudal Elites is going to be an unsupervised Middle America. They aren’t going to be able to bribe/control us by paying middle class incomes to anti-racist kindergarten teachers.

    When Whites turn against the Cultural Marxist program its Game Over for them. When they cannot pay the Paycheck Liberals, it’s over. Good bye. Farm kids will study physics, and mechanical and chemical engineering, and the Thieves in Law will create arms factories and train armies to Sack Troy. And it will just be another lesson of history.

    We have consciousness of the power of science and technology in a way that we did not in the 19th century. We will not go back to being Tom Sawyer, unless Tom Sawyer played around with improvised things that he left on the side of the road, and kept pathogenic bacilli for pets.

    Mindweaponization is consciousness of the potency of technology, of using scientific and technical knowledge to crush your enemies.

  3. Mindweapon—

    Your weapon’s misfiring.

    As soon as you shoot, “When whites turn against…” you’ve become an asset to the tyranny that threatens us. Elites have been using race as a wedge since the dawn of recorded history. With a weapon like yours you shoot yourself in the foot. You’ve become another pawn in their game.

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    Feudal America: Hawaii Cleanses Its Castle

  5. Roshi Bob,

    So what do you propose? Universal race mixing and mulattoization? One love, one heart? Let’s get together and feel all right? Gross!

    I believe in eugenics and racial separation and continued White speciation to a higher breed. I believe in science, not Trotsky-ism. But by all means, go “unify” yourself, Roshi Bob.

  6. Very powerfully done, FP. You have demonstrated your point. I think we have WNs who can testify about rich enclaves forcibly evacuating their poor and homeless.

    I’m sold. I saw this today- job growth in “retail, food services and hospitals” aka cashiers, servers, and nurses.

  7. Right. The wealthy elites don’t know what to do with the masses. So they are going to leave us to fend for ourselves. that’s a good thing.

    • Foreign policy is domestic policy. We may have to fend for ourselves but we are not going to be left alone. The Elites are going to meddle–they will treat us worse than foreigners if they can get away with it.

    • As I suspected, you are the problem the country and the world faces. You are as old as trouble.

      • Thank you Roshi Bob. I wish I could be a personal problem to you.

      • weapon—
        You keep proving my point.

      • “you are the problem the country and the world faces. You are as old as trouble.”

        Actually it’s vice-versa. Race-mixing is symptomatic of an Imperialist mindset. Just look at any capital city of any Empire over the last two thousand years and you’ll see that it’s Cosmopolitan, mixed race, compared to the surrounding country. And Empires are actually the people who start the wars that you claim to stand against. So really, if you want to stop all wars then get on the side of sovereign Nation-States, countries made up of 95%+ of one race, and ditch the Multi-cultural Empire that you presently favour.

  8. Doomfinger,

    Let them meddle. That’s what created the Thieves in Law in Russia. To be a thief in law, you had to have been in the gulag. They had a very strict code — they couldn’t get married or serve in the military or have any allegiance outside the thieves. Their money was in common — an obschag. their mission was to control the Russian economy, and they succeeded. That’s why Russia is a corruptocracy that spreads the wealth around a lot better than the Anglo-Saxon efficient wealth vacuum that impoverishes the many and creates these mega rich few.

  9. I don’t think they can do too much. The US is a huge country. There are some areas that will never, ever be tamed.

    In Russia, the only cities of consequence are Moscow and St Petersburg. The elites don’t care about the rest of the country. I think as long as people are not in DC, Boston, NYC, SF, LA, Chicago or Miami, they’ll be pretty much on their own.

    There are too many people out East. You must visit the West, it’ll give you perspective.

    • Right. they aren’t going to be able to control us all from their feudal castles. their control systems efficiency is peaking now while they still have the (implicit) consent of the governed. People are still going along with things because there’s still plenty of corn syrup and cheap gasoline.

      And what is really going to mess them up is when we pretend to be their allies, pretend to be going along with them, while we are undermining them behind their back. Sometimes it’s more effective to be a fake ally than a sworn enemy.

      • The Elite are prepared: They won’t leave you “loitering” collectively to cause them trouble – like a national prison riot that spills over and tears down The Walls of Order. Castle builders expect trouble from rabble and bandits. They have plans to prevent you escaping into (and infecting) greater society; the NSA etc. and all those Alphabet Agencies are armed and ready.

        Just as a decayed nation changed their name from Great Britain to UK and then, to england, after their collapse, America must be Murkanized. The goal is to Englandize the masses. Strip them of national identity and pride and – just as important – disarm them. The White Zombies of London whimpering about Nigerian Headchoppaz amuse the elite because they merely whimper, impotent and disarmed like a Murkan MuRMer.

        Today’s Brandon already lives at home in record unemployment and its response is…Plai|MOAR Videogames and sexting.

        This cohort does not shoot or collect firearms as its predecessors did. In fact, they hate firearms and want to help Uncle Beast confiscate them by voting in Obamas and Hilarys. The Education Union Falange of the FFOL Fasces indoctrinated TSO76 out of them.

  10. Buying the homeless a one way ticket out of town began in San Francisco in the early 2000’s. Gavin Newsom was mayor then married to Kimberly Guilfoyle who today works as a Fox News babe on “The Five”.

  11. Your links have been awesome lately. Thanks for the motte-and-bailey link – it sounds like a drink. Cheers!

  12. America urban centers, whether it’s a liberal cesspool such as NYC or a bland SWPL hole such as Portland, whether it’s in Maine or in Oregon, or an industrial proletariat town in the Bible Belt, all have one thing in common. American cities are for the most part poorly designed, terribly inelegant, sloppily cluttered, and with decaying infrastructure.

    • The great majority of Murkan cities are desolate because of coloreds.

      If we accept there is a 1% Percent, then even their greed only needs 4% of cities to refurbish into Region 1 quality luxury. Just look for the locales where coloreds are priced out of former slums; where gentrification thrives. All they need is Feudal Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco – a few others – and Hawaii.

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