Optimism As White PC Culture, Shame & Grave

by Firepower


My foreboding that America has actually died constantly grows no matter how I try to “see the bright side.”  Going through that happy, sappy exercise of optimism opened new synapses, as you shall see…

Too down, too mean? Aww, tough titty.

Look what all that coddling n’ Positive Motivation got you:  Today’s 25-year-old Faggot Brandon doped-out on Ritalin, whining about parents who won’t upgrade his smart phone.

Don’t get tough with The Fat Kid and kick his ass while jogging – no!  Wipe his brow, dry his tears & give him another Twinkie.  Give him your tit to suck.  How exactly do you motivate people like this?  You don’t.

Most in the secondary Teacher Class (i.e. you readers) even sympathize with the Lil’ Jareds, thus… sabotaging any resurrection of Murkan Manhood and condemning it – with the entire nation – downward on its continued plummet.

You can’t save those sleeping in a burning building if the firemen also prefer to sleep.

Nobody cares that I get discouraged.  Wah.  I see smoke, sound the alarm and call for action; the “substance” I get in reply is the cogent, elegant argument that: I’m the asshole.  Not even a denial of my points or refutation of fact.  No list of “here’s where you’re wrong, Firepowerhere iz them stuff we iz doing!” That no one produces even one single valid example of real action forebodes a dismal future.

Well, there is nothing being done so it’s easier for them to ad hominem to deflect criticism.  Oopsie! I forgot: Criticism is a naughty no-no for Positive Self-Esteem-Enhancement Building of Fragile Children™.  Even anti-establishment types find it impossible to shake their early PC upbringing, with the actual opposition (us) to the FFOL being no exception.

How do you motivate people like this?  You don’t. The fire will consume the structure and motivate the tenants, but they’ll have to live outside in the rain and cold until if ever they rebuild it.  If they survive the initial fire…  And have enough material left that coloreds haven’t (yet) looted…

All cultures and societies fall; it’s clearer (and easier) to dissect recent examples.  Vic-Dave Hanson was recently “inspired” by a wonderful New Writer and told us so…

Black culture fell in the 1960s.  (Black culture, is definitely not African culture.)  In 1940s America, Harlems and “Black Bottoms” thrived across America. They were full of black businesses, intact households and – shame culture.  This was the successful hybrid of African slave culture combining with White Culture: That combination never existed before on Earth.  LBJ’s Great Society destroyed it. All it took was welfare, free money to spend on drugs and permission from White Society to excuse all that, plus…blame whites.

Raggmår Råg-Cuddles

This is just one component in revealing a systemic weakness of White Western Civilization.  All the other stuff that pisses you off on a primal level are the other components – with more to come.  [Look up systemic.]

White Society was in turn, felled by Political Correctness – media to sow it and excess leisure time to corrode the once-vaunted Protestant Work Ethic.  The worst destructor was PC-ism and its confounding, weird pseudo-religiosity of automatic bestowal of sympathy and excuses for the most odious and dangerous people who once were expediently eradicated by White Societies in their prime.  PC is, at its heart – fantasy. Once, black and African societies – to their credit – also exterminated their troublemakers.  PC is pretend.  MRM is fantasy, but so is WN.  Wah. You don’t want to hear it, yet you cannot point to one success in 60 years.  TV progressed from nothingness to 70″ HDTVs in that time.  Also in that time, coloreds have conquered all the major American cities, despoiled them and ultimately razed them to the ground like Mighty Roman Armies and… (gasp) VikingsNot you. It is coloreds that do the conquering and destroying now. Not white people.

Murkan Black Culture is degenerating into latter African Culture.  Africans are tribal people historically thriving on raiding, plundering and murdering each other.  Its zenith was during the slave trade where they eradicated their enemies – for a profit, even.  Today, you see the black revert to what made them strong and raid, plunder and murder whites – their sworn blood enemy tribe.  Modern Murkan whites are the same as monks who mewled while Vikings cut their throats in coastal Saxon monasteries.  In fact, the synapse explosion hit me here in this newly minted Firepowerism:

Optimism for optimism’s sake is a fatal flaw in times of danger.

It’s fine for when times are happy, safe and you need mere cheering-up. But where danger lurks, it is only the fool who looks on the bright side – like a Jewish shopkeeper in 1938 Berlin.

Oy, those crazy Brownshirts!  They’ll go avay and it’ll all pass – nobody’s gonna kick us out.

Like a 1940 Italian Fascist “hoping” for the Restoration of Roman Glory.

That Benito – marone!  He’s agonna make-a the new Roma an be da New Caesar – I can-a feel it!

Like a monk praying to St. Jesus for help while a Viking holds a sword at his belly.  Like a pre-Hurricane Sandy Staten Island resident optimistic that their carpet will never, ever get wet.

Hope – and optimism – is not a plan.

Unwarranted optimism is what keeps a people from facing their dire predicament, removing hypnotic fantasy from their clouded brains, arming themselves and steeling their kind for war.  Whites are susceptible to flights of excessive fantasy culminating in XBox, porn, Vikings Riding Wolves and fairy tales.  The clearest form is futile online versions of shouting at the TV how “weer all gunna WINCUZZ I KIN feeeeel IT!”  Fantasy Football. Cosplay. D&D…endless comicbook superhero movies and creep conventions.  Need more?  Blacks do not behave like that.  Whites flock to it.

Undeserved Optimism amidst the sea of apathy is an elegant, sophisticated fantasy. Blacks are some of the most pessimistic people I know.  It makes them tough, brutal and calloused to bloodshed.  If you’re gonna die – why not take some mothafuckas wit choo?  Optimism, combined with the Opiate of PC is what created Murka.  It took free welfare money to destroy Blacks – PC and fantasy to destroy Whites.

All The Latest Outrage!™ is just a manifestation of the frustration decent folks feel at the confusion of why nothing good ever comes to improve the mess we’re in.  No matter what we write or how hard we “try.”

I ominously suspect there is no fixing, restoration and return to Once America. Even the actual The Restoration-restoration, brought a different, new entity than the Old Rome.  It was not the same.  It was not a unified Rome that was restored, it was Italian city-states as adversarial among each other as the Lombard-Goth tribes they replaced – then ultimately sprang from.

In Murka, that means future mayhem and anarchy in a free-for-all bloodbath.  Ensure you only ally yourself with those that see this Truth and the Truths presented here on Eradica, or just associate with those who obey your commands. The coming chaos means payback.

No matter the time frame, or who wins – what emerges will not be America The Once Glorious.

Optimism is SWPL.  Optimism is PC and corroded brains into belief that all will be well…

It is the 21st century version of The Children’s Crusade.  A rabble of fantasists, high on nothing but talk of their feelings engages The Enemy acting in reality who then… makes them slaves.

32 Responses to “Optimism As White PC Culture, Shame & Grave”

  1. they say optimism of the will and pessimism of the intellect.

    but what do you suggest we do? I think the ZOG is destorying itself quite handily for us.

    • You already know what to do.

      I’m always not really struck by Americans’ retorts demanding they be given suggestions.

      This is, to me, yet another Suggestion Harvesting excursion intended to condemn the discovery of a new, original thought not heard before – and thus, once condemned, provides a newly fashioned defense and excuse to return to sleep.

      The New Hybrid Idea thus born, it can be strangled in its crib by any passerby so they can return to the TV.

      There is no zog, just silly, obsolete acronyms of a failed movement. Discard the 1970s cryptograms. Call it what it is: the United States Government.

      England still survives on its Feudal Elite London Banker Castle – flush with enough gold to giggle about Royal Babies. Manhattan’s wealth makes London look like Pittsburgh. Britain died over 100 years ago and still whips its whities to the benefit of its colored imports.

      • >This is, to me, yet another Suggestion Harvesting excursion intended to condemn the discovery of a new, original thought not heard before – and thus, once condemned, provides a newly fashioned defense and excuse to return to sleep.<

        It's related to that other tendency prevalent in the blogosphere to over-analyse problems and then, crucially, to seek some new phrase to 'capture the essence' of that problem (which is mistaken for solving the problem). The 'blue pill/red pill' phrase for instance, or the classic 'wake up sheeple!' phrase (remember that one?) that used to be bandied around like it was going out of fashion (which it has). It's an over focus on the 'analysing' stage, the Academics stage, and a total ignorance of the 'action' stage. Ryu summed it up when he said that 'the SWPLs have too much intellect'.

      • Some individuals have left the analysis stage. They have moved onto the action stage but the action we can do right now stage. And that is studying and self improvement. The movement as a whole must tire of analysis.

      • “Britain died over 100 years ago” i agree, it died with cecil rhodes and the end of the cape to cairo imperial ambition. all that was left after that was retracting and “defence” of the empire. i see the point of this piece and i agree more or less, i really hate the more conservative elements of the WN movement, who fantasize about neo-roman temples and wagnerian operas. that time has past, and all they do is fling poo at the modern culture (which is shit, but at least it is dynamic and changing as opposed to 300+ years old)

  2. Firepower, you have to tell Brandons what to do. If you expect them to stick their necks out as soldiers, you have to stick your neck out and spell it put for tjem. A general doesn’t send his battalions out with “you know what to do.”

    I have no idea what is to be done beyond legal Mindweapons-style personal self improvement. You hint that you do know.

    • I’m not sure how much a thoughtful response is deserved for one who doesn’t post here.

      I am not a general.
      Certainly to a group (Brandons)… who rely upon someone else (you) to do their asking for them.
      And they, are MOST CERTAINLY NOT “battalions” of any-thing any-where – unless you count membership as “combatants” in Alien-Zombie Porn smartphone games.

      Do I know what to do? Of course I do: No one writing thousands of pages is blind.

      Self-Improvement is nothing of the sort; it is preliminary, modern monasticism.

  3. There are people who are not worth saving, people who can’t be saved, and those who are both. To run with the metaphor- survivors fleeing a burning city must stop at some point, rally, and take inventory. The dead and mortally wounded must be left behind. Once some order has been restored, they have to pick up and move out. Some will guard the rear, some will care for the injured, some will scout ahead for a safe place. They can count on the fact that the savages won’t follow them too far, drunk and bloated on looted alcohol and food. Once in a safe place, they can work and produce to meet their needs while staying off the radar.

    You can be defeated and panic and despair, or you can be defeated and withdraw and regroup. Withdrawing geographically has been the general strategy, but it has its limits. Withdrawing culturally and economically is the key.

  4. I agree. But some horses don’t respond to the whip. You’ve got to offer a man something he wants to do something we want. Not everyone will respond in the same way. WNs will have to learn how to work with inferior material. Hey, I know that I’m not equal to the WW1 generation.

    The USG has exactly the same problems as us. But we get, and you might not believe this, WN gets the more independent and rebellious Murkans.

    • I’m curious why you’d adopt another obvious Tender Myth in the PC lexicon of Coddled Murkans. lol, Is that in the chapter on breastfeeding 8-year-olds?

      All horses respond to a whip. Perhaps you meant “too much whip” can be bad.

      Examining our Air-Conditioned sexting tenderfeet shows me..
      they ain’t been struck
      by a real whip

    • –Rarey demonstrated that skillful use of his method could enable the trainer, regardless of physical strength, to quickly tame the most violent horse. And that the tamed horse could then be easily handled by anyone; that is, the horse’s taming was not personal to the trainer. This is all the more remarkable in view of the general acceptance of the day that violence and extreme force was the only to “break” a horse.–

      Different approaches for different people. Sometimes a more violent method is needed, othertimes a more peaceful method is needed:
      * Odin gained knowledge by starving himself on a tree for 9 days then piercing himself with a spear.
      * Buddha gained knowledge by sitting peacefully under a tree for 30 days then experiencing a ‘eureka’ moment.

      [ed note: one characteristic of ryu’s dichotomous worth is he has a warrior mentality tempered by such compash. Mine, that i have a professorial intellect tempered by Ghengis Khan genocidal urges]

  5. Learn Hebrew. They cannot resist without losing face. Those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear…

  6. I have seen people, even WNs, try the one size fits all approach.

    A good teacher needs to be a bit of a wizard. He needs to use some trickery to make the student want to learn. If he has to lie or use illusions to get that, he does.

    I do not favor the drill instructor approach. Then the recruit begins to rely upon external whips. He needs an internal one. The DI will not always be there. When basic ends and class is out, THEN we find out if the student is grade A material. We see how hard he trains when no one is watching.

    What we often find is people slack when Big Daddy is gone. If it came from inside, he would not be turning to drink, drugs, music and women. But even the highest of the SuperSEALs does this.

    We must be better than the USG. We need a superior training method. They are merely brutal. I have watched their military and pig academies and they produce violent yes-men. It works when everything is in your favor – unlimited budget, ammo, arms, backup, casevac and so on. But it does not work when things go wrong.

    I think combining your ideas and Baal’s “Leader as Entertainer” would work. The leaders are the only useful people. We have to find a way to win with very small numbers.

    [ed note: you need to realize that using reason appeals only to men of reason. like ME – and you. the man of reason comprehends these sentences. if you use it on grunts, you will be mocked, or worse, dismissed and forgotten – like The Reality Show of The Moment. You can be Good Cop…I’ll be Bad Cop]

  7. Firepower: when did you start following WN?

    • You should be able to figure that out. We all go through a similar progression. Just work backwards from Fp’s current level, then calculate his experience in years.

  8. Jay, have you ever tried to teach a child? An especially stubborn one?

    You cannot use the whip. You have to let him bang his head against the wall. Again, again and again until it hurts. At some point, he will stop and rub his head.

    At that point, he is ready to learn. Whites right now are still banging their head on the wall. And we’ll be waiting until they don’t like the pain.

    [ed note: you need to apply this with The 5 Stages of Grief to capture a further distillation of understanding]

  9. It’s why I stopped reading “manosphere” blogs and started Eradica; I’m done with the mealy-mouthed bullshit. I’m too smart.

    “Cathedral” vs “Hive” vs “hivemind” ad infinitum – blah bla – until the central issue is buried and the vocabulary becomes center stage…and they all skulk back to StarBucks for escape.

    Do a search. It’s why I wrote: Just call it wtf it is – The Elite
    You have to grudgingly give coloreds and the black credit; they conquered Witless Whites (and got them to pay for all their shit) without firing many shots. Sun Tzu would be fucking proud of them.
    I really could like PA, but he constantly reemerges, pops his head out the hole…and scampers back to GLPiggy’s to discuss fap “the contrarian esoterica of ‘The Cathedral’ as applicable vis-a-vis to ‘Hivemind’ Philosophy and Hegel’s Dialectic”

    If I wanted another gradschool term paper, I’d go fuck a co-ed. Simply, elegantly put – I gave him an answer in our dialog: He fapt.

    • That’s not what I do. I don’t do philosophy unless I’m I’m in rare mood for it.

      You may not appreciate my approach but I’m good at it and it is effective.

      • Among other strategies, I believe in didactics.

        For instance: How could Poles have fought/stopped the Nazi invasion and enslavement of their country – what could they have done that they did not do.

        In your answer, you will find mine.

  10. what could they have done that they did not do

    I don’t know. Pre-emptively allied themselves with Germany against the USSR? not sure if the expected concessions would have been acceptable to Poland — Hitler wanted absolute eradication of Poland (Jews immediately, Poles next), but it could have worked. Allying themselves with USSR against Germany? The Soviets were the bigger devil. Attacking Germany first? Poland did approach England about that but England turned that idea down. Matching Germany’s military power? unrealistic.

    Is the situation even analogous? I see the US more similar to Russian or Chinese communism than to a Nazi occupation. But you have my attention.

  11. I think what FP’s trying to tell you PA is that Piglet is not good for you.

    It is not good for your spirit, nor your WN. Piggy is doing what all intellectuals do, which is stroke it all day long, then expect others to pat him on the back for it. Just tell him how smart he is, that’s all he wants.

    In 20 years, Pigg will still be analyzing negro crime and TDOing. And he’ll still be at Burger World or wherever, complaining about the Buffalo sauce.

    You must spend more time around some badass racist muthafuckas -like us! You’ll be a thug in no time.

    • I think you and FP have personal beef with Chuck. Which is fine and I understand. He’s not an intellectual though. He’s an independent investigative journalist and I support that. Did you read about his shoestring budget trip to the Zim trial? He’s not just blogging, he’s taking direct action.

      By the way, over the past couple of years he went from a black-apologist whigger to a guy with good sense. And as a writer with one foot in the mainstream media, he’s pushing the mainstream in a similar trajectory.

      I don’t know what WNs do, besides perfectly legal things like training study and preparation, as well as propagandizing. That’s good too. There is no either-or with methods of bringing about the same thing weall want. Full on WN has its role, as does mainstream incrementalism. We all do our part.

      • Ain’t read Scoop McTurdson, Jr. in a year. Mr. Cub Reporter wants a gig at The American Faptator

        If I want to read what Ann Coulter thinks about what Charles Murray wrote…I’ll read AC. If I want to read some badass muthafucka, I read myself.

        The “beef” with Ms. PoopPacker is: Back when he was that black-apologist wigger he was two years behind us. Within that span of time elapse, Eradica is now four years ahead of him.

        Back when he was a wigger, he censored our words. Now, that we were proven correct countless times, he doesn’t have the balls to admit it. Follow such spoor if you like, but it says a lot about one’s character – or lack thereof. It is we who’ve influenced him and he’d rather eat his own shit-filled guts than admit his “race realism” views were spawned here.

        Pushing the mainstream media? He doesn’t even push a broom in Rich Lowry’s 8th bathroom foyer. The only thing he pushes is shit.

        I am Didactic.

      • ” It is we who’ve influenced him”

        I’m in that ‘we.’

        I’ve been influencing Famous Bloggers going on at least five years now. My style is to be just a comfortable step ahead of them.

      • *I’ve been influencing Famous Bloggers going on at least five years now.*

        1. We’re waiting…
        2. Yeesh: Piggy IS… “famous???
        — A. Khrist, then we are doomed

  12. I’ll be on the street this weekend with a pro-White sign. Good?

    [ed note: to get noticed, paint “eradica.com” on your chests and go topless 🙂 ]

  13. The guys who talk endlessly about the “Cathedral” and how they’re “reactionaries” (Thrasymachus correctly terms them genteels) are just doing their best to keep being Christians, HBDers, elitists – whatever, and never ever being WN. Because that would be gauche.

  14. Beaner with a skateboard giving a reality lesson to kidz raised on Cesar Chavez worship. I applaud him.


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