Murkan Mino Massa Machine: Wall Street Garbage Gal

by Firepower

It’s tough keeping the little Manhattan Pranksters from being outright crooks on The King’s Island.  That’s why we need

Mary Schapiro

One Tough Cop!

…to keep order.  Who better to be enthroned as the new Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission than one not resembling the fast-talking Hanukkah Helpers and WASP Elites than Mary Jo White who did such a great job as the Demon-Driver in Poltergeist?

Former Clintonista? You bet.

Elite Ivy League Lawyer grad? LIUFY

A poofy glamourous hairdo, sensible shoes and a gorgeous face do not mean another man-hating feminist rug-muncher is ensonced by the LNs in the FFOL as the Top Cop policing your retirement fund.  Nope. No-siree


4 Comments to “Murkan Mino Massa Machine: Wall Street Garbage Gal”

  1. Elton John! I was wondering what he’s been doing.

    The SEC is a damn joke. Everyone on the street knows how corrupt the market is. It’s a casino where the house always has the edge. There’s a revolving door between the SEC and the big brokerage houses.

    [ed note: and now, it has another FFOL Door-Person]

  2. The SEC is a perfect example of what they call “regulatory capture.” You work at SEC for a few years, then get hired by Goldman Sachs as a compliance officer where you help GS avoid regulation with your insider experience.

    When Obama hired don Larry Summers as an economic adviser, it was a signal he was going to continue the Bush bailout policies. I enjoy torturing white liberals by reminding them of that.

    • If a Republican prez hired Summers to do whatever, he’d never have been confirmed because he suggested that women may not be as intelligent as men. You hardly, if ever, hear about the brouhaha that forced him out of Harvard.

    • There are so many ways to cheat fleece the public, it’s insane. I wish some of our WN insiders would write about the stock market more. I myself am only an amateur and it’s already a license to steal.

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