Mino Murka Machine: Mexican Mafia

by Firepower

Hilda, No Mas!

The Ruler of the US Labor Department was a Noble-Empowered-Hispãnic-Latiña-Amerexican: Señora Hilda Solìs (pronounced so-leeeeese).

Some mino’s got ta rule the flood of produce-pickers flowing over the mex border. Right?  It’s got to be a mino in The New Foreign Rome.  So: What do you think Murka will be run like in 2033 when Illegal Mexes increase their numbers after amnesties?  Plus, after 15 bãmbiños per señora…and señorita?

The “labor” issues in Murka were handled so well – ran, so smoothlyJobs-JOBSJobsjobsjobs – or, whatever the word for it is in Spanish.  Washington DC looks just like Detroit and LA – not in the “ghettos” or “barrios” – but in los backrooms of POWER.

El Surpise-ito: Her replacement is slightly less PC:  Señor Thõmas Peréz.

This is the hispanic Falange of the FFOL. It is closely allied with ……The Black Falange, with both profiting from selective coverage from the Media Falange.  They ally with the Feminist Falange when necessary. Portrayals and publicity of mex-victims when they need it,  suppression of real mex-dominance when they don’t.  White men do not run Murka.

These are who rule you.  Make your laws…and enforce them.

Si! El Jefe Thõmas Peréz

11 Comments to “Mino Murka Machine: Mexican Mafia”

  1. I didn’t know that, like many I suspect. One doesn’t see the capos of these departments often. Well, looks like its no coincidence that they can’t lock down that border. Ideas like this need more exposure.

    • Yes. Provocative niggerspickike rants are unsuccessful and inept. Simply showing these pictures forces recruits to deal with the facts – rather than take the easy way out and attack “racist words.”

      First, get them to The Enlightenment, then nig it up over a beer.

      But, as we’ve seen from WN – and especially blogs – niggerspickiking, VRW and TDO are very effective ways at limiting Our Obama to only two terms. The wn victories keep piling up. The best accomplishment is bringing in fellow commenters who like to NSK on a blog with a different layout and color scheme…

  2. Did you hear Obama? He wants a the subjugation of all White Americans.

    What we going to do?

    • We’ll wait and see.

      White nationalists do not get ambushed by vibrants. We know their plays and their motives. As long as we never lie to ourselves, we’ll be alright. Non-WNs do not matter.

      They need us but we do not need them. If you’ve been training, there is nothing to fear. We know the future in broad strokes.

    • You already know what to do.

      That, is not the problem.

  3. Cly once suggested that whites join the Democrat party, where bare knuckled brawling for racial spoils is expected and engaged in by whites as much as anyone.

    It’s only the Republicans that really believe we can “integrate” all the races into one big Rush Limbaugh-listening, FOX News watching, GOP voting, neo-con, socially conservative, economically globalist coalition. You know, with all the “family values” Mexicans.

    The GOP voters prove they are actually less racist than the white Democrats. Jeb Bush married a Mexican, Boehner married his daughter off to a Jamaican Negro, Nikki Haley married a white man and converted to Christian, and Bobby Jindal became Catholic and started casting out demons – the demons of liberalism presumably. Black conservatives get ha white wimminz and payoff for when the join the club, see Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, and Herman Cain’s lineup of white wimminz gropees.

    Meanwhile, the liberal elites go on their merry way with their perfectly hypocritical hipster racism while the conservatives are left spluttering and pointing their fingers – but, but, it’s the liberals who are the REAL racists!

    Well no shit Sherlock!

  4. looks like wordpress is shutting you down eradica.
    it takes like a hundred attempts to post a comment now

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