Strategy As Political Fairy Tale

by Firepower

Told you so.

Is The Fairy Tale what you want?  You are expected to be a cut above the Murkan Moron prattling at Bread & Circus like a baby burbling at a mobile over his crib.

If not – and you prefer fantasy – you are finished already.  Worse, your children are.

If you are wallowing in The Acceptance Stage you simply bypassed The Anger Stage, much to the relief of The FFOL.

If you can’t tell your kids or family about what you desperately believe, how do you expect your… neighbors to join you in anything…except Online|Whine.

You exist in a growing, thriving, ever-strengthening Imperial Nazism that uses its Media Fasces to bolster the stranglehold on what you once held dear.  Liberty is not dying – it already is dead.  Liberty cannot bloom among dullard Brandons preferring to game it up all day, or where the smarter ones merely comment on blogs. In such a toxic place, Liberty cannot even sprout – much less return.

The forces of liberal nazism know this as well as you and  – more dangerous for you… as well as I.  They know you like Happy Goo-Goo and now…they know you prefer it.

Does President Obama have a second-term strategy?

Do you want, expect and need Happy Goo-Goo in publy-wublic – to forget about the reality?  If so, you are placated already and no different than coloreds cheering Al Sharpton.

A year ago President Barack Obama jammed a prediction into his stump speech that evoked his 2008 hope-and-change message — a vow that a victory in 2012 would break the partisan “fever” in Washington.

But behind closed doors, people close to the president tell POLITICO, Obama never quite bought his own rhetoric and was quietly planning for precisely the opposite scenario, perpetual gridlock. Those clashing visions of the second term — the president’s public optimism, shadowed by his dour, private realism

Politicians know what makes you dance.  By now you should* likewise know they know.  Adults should’ve learned this loooooong ago.  Both Internetz Kidz AND adults now have no legitimate excuse to prefer candied feathers inserted up their ass in the Internet Age.  Grow up.  Grow the fuck up.

Just look at cable. That’s why the Obamaites embraced the Zimmerman trial.

It was a necessary political fairy tale. Obama, a candidate who has always fed off the emotion of his supporters, needed a hopeful hook to motivate his less-than-fired-up troops and, at times, himself.

(Also on POLITICO: TOP 5: Obama scandal responses)

In the words of one aide, “Four more years of the same old shit” wasn’t exactly going to cut it as a go-to aspirational message.

You are ruled by a Fascist Aristocracy electing its Emperor for 8-year terms.  And…you haven’t even figured out how to tell your parents, kids or brothers about it.

*mermurs, (and murmen) note appropriate usage of the word “should”


29 Comments to “Strategy As Political Fairy Tale”

  1. At least Sharpton’s moll is black.

    I see the conservatives waking up to reality after the TM/GZ trial and fallout, at least the ones I know personally. I got them saying, “With political correctness, truth is called hate and racism.”

    It’s playing out on Facebook — cons v libs going at it and cons aren’t even bothering to say, “I’m not a racist, but” any more.

  2. I’m afraid I disagree. Most family will choose the values of society over their loyalty to blood. I can never forget Kaczynski’s little bro turning him in to jail.

    How many will devote the time to dealing with capture? Interrogations and interviews? The heat the cops and feebs can bring? The social pressure? It is no different than recruiting a non-family person. You have to qualify and test, to get the yes before you ask.

    Becoming a WN is more than just information. It’s a fortuitous combination of luck, education, curiousity, and genetics. I have found that in life, a man needs to beat his head against a wall. Eventually he will feel pain and want to stop. Then, and only then, is he ready to learn. If he is not ready to listen, one shouldn’t try.

    • Do you think that otherwise useless WN’s and WN sympathizers should be encouraged to openly realtalk in order to clear the way for their more dedicated brethren?

      • Openly is a strong word. I regard the USSA as a large, open-air prison. You don’t talk about escape in front of the guards. I think everyone has to wait and the test will be how people will spend the time they’ve been given.

      • Obviously such a strategy might involve enormous personal sacrifice and would only concern those who are for whatever reason unable to make any other meaningful contribution to the movement. But I think normalizing WN talk is a big step in the right direction.

        Or do think it would be better if WN were to remain underground?

      • I do think that a few, very few, WNs can go out and do talk shows and bring people in. No more than a few dozen in the entire world. Not many can do it right. I would not be here if not for Pierce and HAC.

        Obviously those that do need to be impeccable in their conduct. Even then, they’ll still probably go to jail. But the strongest WNs I know are not public figures in any sense of the word. It is essentially a suicide mission.

  3. firepower, in my mind this whole zimmerman/trayboon showtrial, was on par with a stalinist showtrial. the idea in the mind of certain folks, namely the left/liberal “fascists”, is to legally incapacitate whites/other non choco people from self defense. if they can get a federal verdict on the “civil rights” of standing your ground they will castrate the whole CCW phenomena. basically the big state left fascists have pushed this case as a way of both pushing legally for a gunowner ROE that makes it pointless to own one legally, and making a showtrial for anyone who refuses to be culturally enriched.

    • You know, I sense that there is a real obstacle to the progress of the biggov. A brick wall.

      This constitiutional myth. The 2nd amendment. 1776.

      Moscow never had to deal with that. They never had freedom of speech. By then Ruskies were already disarmed. But 1776 only exists in the hearts of the white Americans. Negros, beans and dinks don’t understand it viscerally. This NSA thing really doesn’t look well when our troops are “defending our freedoms.” It’s not the Taliban taking them away.

      It’s just a question of if the fedgov can be patient enough and control their greed. Another 100 years and they’d have it. But by then, the current crop will be dead. Can they be patient enough to create an edifice that only their kids will inherit?

      It’s alot of discipline. Us WNs are involved also in a generational struggle. I won’t live to see the full fruition of our plans. I’d be tempted to push if I had the power. Greed is a very powerful force to men. One begins to think that he can never lose.

      • Dear Comrade Ryu, don’t tell me you’re seeing the vision!
        I’ve often written of SO76 inhabiting a dwindling portion of Whites…

        …and how it differentiates the Warlike Party from The Welfare Party.

        A search of The Spirit of ’76 displays writings I’m proud of.
        As in Soylent, the FFOL wants a Brazil-ification of Murka; The Elite despise and fear both colored savages and White Patriots, as both are capable of damaging their Jewelry Store, albeit in different ways for vastly differing reasons.

        “Negroes, beans and dinks” aren’t the only ones who DGAS about SO76; females don’t – especially colored females. A converse way to detect FFOLists is to determine who has no – or outright hates – SO76.

        Although not as easy to type as I wish, I offer SO76 as a new name for an emerging mindset and Political Movement.

    • I’ve told you: BiGGov rationally and calculatedly now prefers the legislative route, but only because they know sending the SWATZIs door-to-door results in Revolution 3.0 that they loose. They tried WACO’ing to see if they could get away with it.

      Their screamers are the ones who muck up their plan by jumping on each Sandyhook, demanding irrational actions, much like our screamers who Niggerspickike every instance of black on white violence…

    • The first prerequisite for winning a game is to know that you’re in one. If you can’t change the board, change the players, but settle for a true player, not a pawn. That is to say, the new player you bring into the game will have his own objectives and policies and his first objective will be to stay in the game–any way he can. His second objective will be to strengthen his position by constructive means. The strategy of the weak player is to play off the strong players against one another and if a single weak player can do this to good effect, a “union” of weak players can do it to better effect. If you’re going to have a union, you’ve got to make life intolerable for the scabs and run the risk of pushing their powerful opponents too far, and push upward, beyond what you can afford, the costs of maintaining the facade required of an international power and the game board may change on you, making your role irrelevant and you are likely to come to a Sad End.

      1. Each player wants not so much to win as to avoid loss.
      2. All players have no objective except to keep the game going.
      3. The alternative to the Game of Nations is war.

      Miles Copeland, The Game of Nations.

    • Thank you LBF. I heard that from Hyperborean. But France is not a free country. You can’t talk or speak freely in Europe. We don’t need more martyrs.

      • i think they are purging the far right in france, M. La Pen was also accosted by the state authorities i believe

        [ed note: fuck France. note Zimmy was persecuted in an attempted purge by the FFOL here – in the ostensible Land0 Teh Free – and he’s not a White]

      • I avoid any vrw-ist adopting “viking” personas as I would somebody with a Star Trek “alias.”

        I urge you all to do the same.

      • Vargie is big medicine in Europe. A known guy. He must have known that he had a big target painted upon his back. They were just itching for a reason to stick him back in the hole.

        The lesson is, stay in the shadows. WN 2.0 – the espionage model. Keep your head down and get some experience.

        [ednote: never heard of him. europe is finished. they’ll wait for us to send boys over to bleed for their freedom from yet another oppression…for the third time]

      • He has a large following in Europe, especially in Germany.

        We need more martyrs.

        ” The tyrant dies and his rule is over; the martyr dies and his rule begins.”

        – Søren Kierkegaard

        Everything you and WNs like you have been doing is wrong.

        It’s time for a new approach. Time for WN 3.0.

      • We’ll be at WN 6.0 by the end of summer.

      • The only wns
        You know
        Are online

  4. “Can they be patient enough to create an edifice that only their kids will inherit?”

    Can we be patient enough to create an edifice that only our kids will inherit?

    When speaking of marriage and children Aristotle says:

    “Women should marry when they are about eighteen years of age and men at seven-and-thirty; then they are in the prime of life, and the decline in the powers of both will coincide. Further, the children, if their birth takes place at the time that may be reasonably expected, will succeed in their prime, when the fathers are already in the decline of life, and have nearly reached their term of three-score years and ten.

  5. You exist in a growing, thriving, ever-strengthening Imperial Nazism

    Awesome! I never realised.

    I thought I was living under a thriving, ever-strengthening Imperial Judeo-American empire run by cultural-marxists. But, thanks for the tip. Now I feel much better.

    • Then the bad news is: You’re a fucking idiot.
      The good news is: That could be fixed.

      If you think Murka is “strengthening” then, you must not read, or be aware, of how it cannot even win against Afghans – even when bribing them with treasure.

      You may even believe installing muzz fascists in Egypt – and wishfully, in Syria – is beneficial to joojoos who oppose it. Then again, you could be a cock-up who likes Newsreel Nazism – a Peeta Panza. Take Dolphie’s Crispy Cock out of your mouth.

      Saudi Arabia is Murka’s foreign conspirator. If Murkan Jews here benefit by expensive oil, that’s different as it doesn’t include Israel.

      Marxists seek complete ownership of capital, while Liberal Nazis and Old Nazis do not and just tax it to fund their fascism. Liberal Murkan Nazis want to tax the shit out of Gates, Buffet & Zuckerberg at 60% – not own MicroSoft, Berkshire Hathaway & FaceBook to fund their Welfare Machine.

      They know full well they’d fail in owning those corporations and get less TAX Plunder.

    • Never forget that Judeo-Americans and Judeo-Australians work very well together: “The Australians have much in common with us–they’re a pioneer people; they believe in personal freedom; they love sports; and they’re out to lick the Axis all the way.”

      Lick the Axis! *slurpslurp*

      But on a serious note, I actually like you and wish you would post more often on different topics.

  6. I’ve certainly told my family. My oldest daughter almost hates me and I suspect my mother will disinherit me. Meanwhile someone I thought was a friend outed me to one my social circles. So now I’m going with it. (Idea courtesy of MW) If someone accuses me of being a Nazi I will tell them the Nazis didn’t finish the job. And then maybe I’ll laugh maniacally. Or maybe I’ll do the Hipster Racist thing and be (maybe) sarcastic/ironic about it. On the plus side, Murkans are so cowardly no one says anything to my face. I only hear about it from other friends. Maybe they are afraid of me. I think that might be a good thing.

    • Those ways are good, but not effective.

      Use My Way – it is effective.

      Use facts. Facts can not be emotionalized, trivialized then dismissed – as in the way they’ll dismiss your Niggerspickiking as ranting. Do not rant. Do not laugh maniacally. That is an indicator of someone who’s lost it figuratively and literally.

      Use facts. It works well for me and why I insist on them as a Future Way for us to affect change.
      This one worked wonders recently:
      Tell them jews make up 3% of American population. Get real stats from the US Census. Not Wiki or StormFront…

      Expand that to 1.5% is male and the other half female. Cut that down to one third to show the other third is too old, the other – too young. Now you’re down to .33%

      List the number of US Senators and SHOW them the pictures (in my post) of Schulman & Co. who ran the IRS as Obama’s personal STASI against the TEA Party. The IRS is run by jews. Don’t rant about it so folks can dismiss you – show them. Don’t rant about how the world is round, be Columbus and show them.

      You’ll plant seeds of doubt – nagging seeds of doubt – and propagandize them instead of the FFOL Media Falange propagandizing them. Switch the weapon and turn it on them…

      • For some people you don’t even have to refer to textbooks, just facts of nature. I’ve noticed people around me have become increasingly racist over time. I just keep mentioning the sucker punch videos and the absurdity of the Zimmerman trial.

        [ed note: it works. less is more]

      • Eyes glaze over when presenting facts to a dumbed down people. Bob Whitaker (of The Mantra) recommends shaming. It works well on our people because we have a need to be “good”. And example of shaming is when someone says, “Who is White? There’s no pure race.” You say (with a snort of derision) “You know what a White person is! Let’s not play games here.”

        I like this method…saves time and puts the anti-White on the defensive for a change.

        I should mention I don’t shame my family members. They know how I feel and there’s no point beating a dead horse and completely destroying my relationships.

      • Shaming is relative.

        Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen wrote:
        Eyes glaze over when presenting facts to a dumbed down people.

        Tell me about it…

        Bob Whitaker (of The Mantra) recommends shaming.

        Already beat him to it. Look at my archives.

        It works well on our people because we have a need to be “good”.

        No, it does not work – certainly not well. It once worked. It only works on a people with inherent, salvageable value and is thus a test to see who has that value.
        Whites are also a corrupted part of Corrupted Murka – just like coloreds and LNs – now a place (it’s not a country or nation anymore) where shame has long passed

        Read Fight Club\Button-Mashing Faggots:

        …and, what I’ve scheduled for pubbing today

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