Button-Mashing Faggots, 2.0

by Firepower

Generation Brandon – of the Endarkenment

Jeneration Justin: Hero Alien Zombie Minutemen

Today, nobody performs even the slightest miracle cure of fixing that complimentary continental breakfast of E-Z Revolution. They don’t even know how to cook their own eggs.

Those born in 2013? They won’t even know what “continental” means when they’re 20. Today’s Twenties do no heavy lifting – quite the opposite: They are the insensate sludge clogging up the future river of change.  From their neglectful parenting will come the kids who’ll likely raise the atavistic Humanimals needed for GenerationDestroy.

O, Ye Happy Though-thinkers! I understand your points, but share little of your optimism.

It is wisely said: “Optimism requires no evidence.”

Pessimism however, does and there’s plenty of it.  I’m not an Optimist (Opt) or even, a Pessimist: I’m better, I’m a Pragmatist.

Sure, I’m wise and know troops need morale-building.  But, only if they are…… actual, active troops to begin with.  American kidz are over-filled with Self-Esteem Special Snowflakism and forced PC Trophies for “winning” 10th place in a ten team Little League. Look how that’s turned out:  Generations of past special snowflakes raised even more special flakes until we have the confused apathetic meatbags of today while awaiting the generation they’ll spawn.   Today’s ranks of youthful warriors are certainly  no troops – they just play them on Playstation 3.

Were you Opts (and I) surrounded by scores of like-minded people of quality – perhaps I’d agree with your Hope. You don’t even see them post anonymously on like-minded blogs.  If so, most of it is impotent, sputtering rage-venting devoid of any valuable analysis. The reality is: We are a very scarce rarity (even online) and most of us know few like us IRL. You need to ask why that is, then answer it. Answer it to – and for – yourself.

Worse, the higher intellectual capacity is refuted by the mob. I see nothing of value in WN besides foot soldiers. Hitmen do not run Mafias. On one side, are the Stuka-posting Blitzgeaks puzzlingly spouting Deutsch, the other – delicate Sailerite intellectuals spouting wispy, elegant theory, too afraid to call for eradication lest that NYT Book Deal fall through The Glass Floor of Political Correctness.  Vocabulary-spewing Ivory Tower Masters don’t run things, either. You need a combination of both: A brutal conqueror with brilliance.  A brilliant brute.

You have a positive view of the future – one I wish I shared. I’m willing to be convinced, for I want to be convinced, but not conned; I’m too smart.  Thus far in my blogging efforts, I’ve seen scarcely any of this valid evidence presented to me; most of it is pointless name-calling by clowns on opposite sides of the color wheel.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I see no way – NO way – that FutureGen creates anything but new ways to strip the marble from our Coliseums and sleep in vast Washington DC tent cities on their forced migration to Nebraska to pick wheat for the Chinks. Plus, illiterate idiots don’t realize what the total European (Continental!) response was to the French Revolution: They attempted to crush it any way possible – and they kept that fight up for years, especially Austria-Hungary and that scamp Metternich. Those that ignore history are, indeed doomed to repeat it. Those that are to fucking stupid to know it in the first place are doomed to forever wash the balls of those original repeating history oafs.

The concern is, there will be no “Re-Enlightenment” as the once American Revolution was conducted by earnest leaders and virtuous troops. Rather, it will be similar to The Terror of the French Revolution – if you’re lucky. In actuality, it will be more a Visigoth, Vandal and Lombard conquering the rubble of a declined Rome. The educationally deficient, government schooled of 2050 will be no more able to run an aqueduct or rebuild than a grunting Goth squatting in the Coliseum to take a shit.

As I’ve written, the A’merexiquan Educational Institution has but one of three directions to travel: Do you expect it to get better, stay the same – or worsen? What do you envision those 2050 grads will be like – and do?

OWS was the biggest event of Today’s Brandons – it was a flash in the pan, so not only will leftist causes fail, so will rightist causes: They’re wimpier with even less people.  Only when Justin is eradicated and his sons take over will the stench of fail leave Murka.  Past generations may have fucked it all up, but Brandon is the same – or worse.  For he just sits with his thumb up his ass, gaming.  Or shooting his mouth off how “great it’s gonna be” without providing evidence or plan.

Murka’s real destroyers have yet to be born.  The ones that will break stuff – instead of talk about it.  Online, even…

32 Responses to “Button-Mashing Faggots, 2.0”

  1. “Pessimism only describes an attitude, and not facts, and hence is entirely subjective. The attitude toward life that Nietzsche continually belabored as “Pessimism” in its turn described Nietzsche as a pessimist, and both were undoubtedly correct. If someone else thinks my plans are doomed, I consider him a pessimist, from my standpoint. Similarly, if I think his aspirations will come to naught, he thinks me a pessimist. We are both correct.

    The “Progress” ideologists, smug in their secure mental armor, insulated from all contact with Reality, naturally felt it to be insulting in the extreme when it was suggested that their particular Faith also had a life span, was also, like all previous world-pictures, merely a description of a particular soul of a certain age, and thus was destined to pass away. To say that the “Progress” religion would come to an end with the Age whose inner demands it satisfied was to deny the truth of this religion, since it claimed to be a universal description of all human history…

    The meaning of the word pessimism must be further laid bare. As we have seen, the word is subjective, and thus describes everybody, if he has a conviction that something is doomed. Suppose I say — Imperial Rome inwardly decayed, and within a few centuries the Roman idea was completely dead. Is this pessimism? My grandfather is dead — am I a pessimist to say so? Someday I shall die — pessimism? Everything living must die — pessimism? To Life belongs Death — pessimism?”

    [ed note: interesting, but to be accurate: I am not a pessimist. I am a PRAGMATIST]

  2. Good! Education is overrated. How much technology do you think the USG will pull out of such men? The best minds that I know could never be published in any mainstream publication.

    I have alot of contempt for modern scientists and engineers. They created the drones and surveillance state for use on themselves. Are they nuts? They’ll just hand their work over to anyone who is willing to pay. Our “education” system creates these men who sell their minds to the highest bidder.

    I think modern whites are too smart. Too clever. Myself included. When one works a manual labor job, that does alot of cure illusions. When my ancesters are working the fields, they won’t have any patience for morality, charity or altruism.

    2050. I’ll buy that. The military of Mexico, Guatamal and Nicaragua does not inspire fear. That is where Murka is headed. Those countries don’t have the ability to make a Big Mother surveillance state.

    • actually its WAAY more complicated than that. the civil-military political structures of those states is entirely the cause of the us hegemony. the CIA kept these military cabals funded until the late 8o’s and that when the social justice revolutionary (new populist elites) are coming into view. but yes i think you are right at some point there will be another political force developing in this nation as the elites continue to alienate themselves. maybe internal struggles between departments in the pent. over domination of the taxpayers.

    • STEM types, especially those involved IT, are more concerned about “Neato!” factor of whatever they’re doing than any of the implications. It’s bigger, better, faster, etc. That’s it. They don’t care about whether or not their new database trawler or drone could possibly be abused. Some of the more naieve ones think tech will save the world. The others just worship the machine. I’ve met a grand total of one engineer who is skeptical about technology.

      The problem with Whites is that they’re often smart, but not clever. Sancho Panza was clever (but not smart) and he could run an island.

      • Good call. The more I learn about tech, the less faith I have. STEM people are essentially the priest classes of the old feudal system. They are looking at the stars while their own peasants die of dirty water.

  3. I’ve read more about Occupy Wall Street from conservatives and right wingers than I did the leftists. I rather think the conservatives were jealous, hence the media fascination with the “Hot Girls of OWS” (look it up.)

    So, if Brandon is “on strike” when it comes to “manning up” and making an “honest woman” of your daughter who is “past” her “experimental phase” and now wants a white dress and a husband’s insurance plan so she can freeze her eggs until she’s “ready” to be a mother …

    Well, if Brandon isn’t stupid enough to fall for that anymore, what makes the Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter crowd think Brandon’s going to fall for their schtick? Enlist to go fight ragheads for Greater Kikeistan? Slave away at a corporate job to be replaced by an immigrant with an H1-B? Keep paying into Social Security to pay for their old asses to loaf off in Florida when they retire? Get really excited about the cause of … electing Herman Cain or Bobby Jindal or that Mexican feller or the whiter version, Mitt Romney the money launderer? Fighting Obamacare because it’s eating into Blue Cross Blue Shield’s quarterly profits? Listening to the Koch Brothers lecture them about their Ayn Rand fantasies?

    Brandon may be a faggot, but he’s evidently not as stupid as conservatives think. Don’t get your hopes up about Brandon’s kids either – because Brandi had them terminated in utero so they wouldn’t interfere with her exciting career enforcing diversity standards in the HR department.

    Rush Limbaugh is Oprah Winfrey for fat old white guys, feigned outrage and emotional whining about the “libruls.” Just between you and me, Brandon wouldn’t fuck Ann Coulter or Sarah Palin with their father’s dick either, fat old Republican contards must be really hard up if that’s what they are fantasizing about.

    The highlight of Brandon’s fathers life was when Rush Limbaugh got his own TV show and his brief career as a football announcer.

    You want an imagine of the future? I’ll give you an image of the future. Imagine Brandon’s faggoty finger, smashing on the button in front of his face … forever.

    Please, conservatives, Tea Partiers, Republicans – die quickly. You’re just making it worse. In the meantime, watch FOX news quietly until Nurse Sanchez has time to change your Depends. No, Brandon won’t be visiting today, Halo 3 just came out.

  4. Its your generation FP, the Boomers (assuming you are one) that deserve the blame. You all have not only done nothing, but made things worse for DECADES. We just fucking got here. We just came to consciousness in a shit world with ZERO leadership…leadership that should have come from your generation.

    How many years were you ignorant of the race problem? How many years were you a ‘conservative’? How many years were you a ‘liberal’? That’s what I thought. You have zero ground to shit on us. People in your generation raised us, remember?

    …Just thought I’d volley a few back…but in the end its not about generations. Hey, while we are at it, lets blame the Warren court–those fuckers were born in the 19th century. I believe that Liberalism needs to play itself out as an idea. It needs to exhaust it possibilities before its over.

    Here’s the good news: the fact that we are on “trans-rights” tells us that liberalism is on its last legs. They dont have much left of traditional society left to destroy. You wish you had some better soldiers FP? I wish i had some better leadership. I think all of us here need some patience. “Ripeness is all.”

    • I have kept my age a secret since I’ve been online, so
      You do not know my age: I could be 81 – or 21.

      Thus, either way, my age does not matter. The truth in my words matters.

      You, as a Brandon, do not even grasp the difference – so therein lies your predicament.
      I provide intelligent leadership daily while you predictably prove (again) the thankless impossibility of leading such a generation as yours focused on affixing blame to elders you instead should learn from.

      It’s like listening to a sophomore admonishing me how to write.

      It’s not just me: You disrespect Boomers, you disrespect Millenials, you disrespect The Greatest Gen – you don’t like any one. Worse, you have no respect for even simple lessons you could learn from the basic experience of those who merely lived during Jimmy Carter’s Fiasco or Clinton’s Beejers.

      If you cling to the copout that “liberalism will fail man, then we’ll clean up”
      You’re gonna be a broken 70-year-old by the time that happens.

      GenBrandon cannot even comprehend that civilities inherent in a basic request for leadership may result in acceptance, but rather it prefers to engage in stunted blame-gaming practiced by teenagers, thus making it the actual Ultimate Murkan: A future 47-year-old adolescent obsessed with kid games you can see (now) on any Reality TV spew.

      Narcissism is a luxury only for youth – and the wealthy.

      Youth, full of piss n’ vinegar and that essence – vitality – of invulnerability and Living Forever! once protested everything and broke stuff. Now, you just watch the Trayvon|LibKidz do it…on TV

      • Your “intelligent leadership daily”? OK, FP. First of all, you are not the world. The older generations, as a whole, have failed utterly to provide any concrete leadership in the way of white self-assertion. I’m sure you dont deny this. In regards to your brave leadership…anonymous blog commentary? Where is the money, the institutions, the on the ground organizing? That is real leadership…not obliquely prompting us to violent action form the internet.

        If something like i described (institutions/money/IRL organization) actually existed, i would join tomorrow. Absolutely. It is the responsibility of the sympathetic older folks to provide those half-way houses for the incoming generations as you all have the money and power. It is that simple.

        I’m sorry if i have to laugh at YOU accusing me of “not liking anyone”…many generations of whites deserve blame for our current retardation.

      • Well, call me guilty. I’m young and wealthy-ish. I’m angry because I feel powerless–no obvious outlet for positive action. I dont play video games. I dont obsess over picking up girls (anymore). I want politics and war. How do it get it? Not sure.

        “That public men publish falsehoods
        Is nothing new. That America must accept
        Like the historical republics corruption and empire
        Has been known for years.
        Be angry at the sun for setting
        If these things anger you.”


      • I’ll use a diplomatic approach on you. That’s what adults do when we use the big boy voice.

        It is not up to maturity to cajole and chase after youth. You think so because your Mediated Universe beguiles you with Special Snowflakisms. IRL, the only time age chases youth is when dirty old men and Cougars seek young ass.

        It is always up to youth to seek and cajole its elders, for elders have the irreplaceable experience that youth want – and can obtain. Any wise elder knows he’ll never obtain youth, so youth are essentially valueless to him except for sex and labor.

        Elders own corporations, hire workers, teach classes, write books and have positions of power based on their experience.

        Today’s BMF has a big mouth used to flame blame instead of asking questions to gain experience.

        The proof you are dealing with a Special Snowflake is their lack of serious questions intended to elicit information. It’s like sniffing out an informant.

        In fact, Today’s Brandon never asks questions unless they’re sarcastic ones to be “clever” and try to trap. It’s like a toddler trying to track a Scout Sniper.

      • OK I’ll bite. What do you suggest for a young WN college graduate?

        [ed note: *sound of gum-chewing* m’kay. like, what kind of, you know, degree and stuff]

      • @galtongang Please consider joining the American Freedom Party, (http://american3rdposition.com/) formerly known as the American Third Position. Is it perfect? No. Is it established? Yes. If we don’t want generations younger than us to criticize us for doing nothing, I believe we must do something ourselves OR back those that are.

        Yah and I know someone is going to criticize the Party so they can excuse themselves from service but unless you have something as good or better going (like Ryu does, for instance) you COULD just keep your life-killing comments to yourself, mkay?

      • @Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen
        *galtongang Please consider joining the American Freedom Party, *

        Beeg BranDOG won’t even post an article or dribble out a comment squirt in response to fp…….so what makes you THINK he’ll ever ever become an ‘activest’ IRL or even do a thing of impact??

        Don’t pressure him, theres a CoD mmorpg on!

      • Be nice.
        We’ll NEED Brandons when we’re 60, when their moms and them come to live with us in rural FEMA trailers. Somebody will have to program our NSA smartphones. Nothing beats a 45-year-old gamer with tech experience.

  5. Huuuuuuugh. There’s certainly enough blame to go around. I think anyone could spend 70-80 years analyzing that one. Of course, that leaves the real work undone….

    There are alot of different WN programmes out there. You just have to choose one and stick with it. Firepower, why not give Mr Galt a writing opportunity and he can provide his ideas?

  6. Knowledgeable but still in tune with the pop culture = Gen-X aka Firepower. Revering the old is overrated though. Boomer men are mostly beta providers. If grandpa is still around he’s a white knighting mangina. What the hell are you gonna learn from them?

    Don’t worry Old Economy Steven is here to imparts his wisdom.


    • Again, you don’t ask any questions of OES, you just mock him.
      That, won’t buy you many friends.

      I would make a meme called…“Today’s Brandon!” where
      Brandon goes to a job interview
      Tells the interviewer:
      “You fucking better fucking hire me fucker – I is smart!”
      Gets mad when not hired.

      Had you known me when you were 10, you’d have grown tired of my warning you it is dangerous to trust your government.
      You know me now, yet you already need re-teaching of the many dangers I warn of today.

  7. I like Old Economy Steven memes. They provide many explanations for Kiddz who merely want to hate.

    First off, Ooh! Ooooh! Uncle Firepower!!! What happened to the “old economy?”

    Wise old gray wrinkled grizzled Firepower say: Economies always change. America once was based on agriculture and coal. Steve’s old economy died because the Elite sent the jobs overseas to chinks and whatever remained here, Affirmative Actions Minos get first crack. Blame The Elite – not your gramps. Don’t be a fuckhead.

    Firepower likey:

    Ummm…Steve got SS because it wasn’t depleted by Welfare Coloreds and Illegal Mexicans getting paid to pump out future Democrat voters.

    There’s reasons behind every complaint.

  8. This post is gold standard gibberish! I’m stealing this one.


    [ednote: i wrote it with Big USA College Words, so to you Zealanders, it’s lightyears above your cave paintings]

  9. My guess as to Firepower’s age: same as me – he was born on a Tuesday!

  10. The reason you have old vs. young, conservative vs. liberal, Red Party vs. Blue Party, etc., is because there are no more institutions. All civil society institutions are moribund, and all the government institutions are firmly under the grip of FedGov and the new colored nationalism.

    There is no future, not for the button mashing faggots nor for the aging VRWs.

    The survivors regroup and decide who is “in” and who is “out.” That’s not waiting for the Rapture, because that already happened. That’s the here and now.

  11. Can you sum up Matt King in one sentance?* Where does he lie on my liberal/antipathy/conservative/racial realist/HBD/anti semite/racist, WN line? Sounds like a PUA + racial realist to me.

    [ednote: *already did: King is pure roissy wannabe; the poor man’s roissy – worse than dangerous, he is boring. If you can change my mind, pm me with some links. i’ll not promote slug grecyclers here in public]


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