Tomorrow’s Grandsons… of Today’s Justin!™

by Firepower

55-ish Men lead revolutions from either their horse or their writings. Youth win the glory in bloody fighting. Firepower, July 2013″

For millenia, it was impossible to suppress youth’s iconoclastic ideology and agitations to Change The World – rebellion is their DNA.  Yet today’s youth are the opposite: Listless, lifeless. The FFOL has found the long sought secret to neutering their fighting spirit.

Colored youth mobs beat, kill and rape, then organize for even more rights.

Yet, you never hear of mass white youth rampages, only the wretched Spergzerkerings of creepy Adam Lanzas & Jared Lee Loughners. White kids can’t wait to validate all their government instructors’ teachings by spreading their asscheeks for the next buck who resembles Jay-Z.

When I think of them, the only word I register is disgust.

Their “BIG Moment” was the stale fart of OWS.  A crazy rabble of buffoons spouting moronic babble for…… the world to mock.  This is why the Elite do not fear them.  They are 25-year-old children. Worse yet, they are eternally stunted children educated with Elite Fairy Tales they never question – or even ask why they do not question.  They are more likely to converge on huggy Barack Obama-type movements (and did) than unite to force real solutions on America’s fall.  They think just like their Government Schoolmistresses taught them. It is they who have more in common with Hitler Youth than any neo-nazi longingly fantasizing about 1939.

Millions swooned at Obama rallies while OWS was finished in weeks.  They’ll repeat their PC migration again when The First Female-Murkan runs for President, then get equally fucked.  They’ll swear that now they’ve finally been awakened – until The First Female-African-American Candidate activates their PC Sleeper-Brain Cells and they again trip over themselves rushing to elect her.

This creates the massive problem of how the country’s infrastructure functions, while declining further, during continued decades of Elite Rulership of The One Big HAPPY Ghetto Nation. If you think Murka’s bad now, wait until you see what crawls out of Future Toilet Extreeeem 2000.

Technology advances help the elite – not the prole.  The INTERNET was touted to be The Revolution of Free Speech, but it’s turned out as the spy camera in your bedroom. The grandsons of Today’s Brandon will grow in environments of toxic, Fascist Political Correctness.  They will then raise an even wretcheder Spawn of Nothingness to (maybe, maybe not) fill the ranks of future cannon fodder storming The Bastille.

More likely, it will take yet another successive generation: The Sons of Sons of Today’s Brandons!® to be the hopeless grandchildren pushed against the wall and thus forcibly activated to ultimately destroy America’s depleted 2053 remnants – but they will be a dis-empowered, lesser minority by that time.

And – if they lose their guns before then – they will be completely eradicated until the only white faces you see in 2113 will be peering out from bulletproof Manhattan limousines.  And, those whites won’t be your descendants.  Your genes will be forever browned.

21 Comments to “Tomorrow’s Grandsons… of Today’s Justin!™”

  1. What a horrible dystopic vision. I can’t say it’s any less likely to happen than my own more optimistic vision though.

    • I absolutely believe Murka goes but ONE of three ways.

      1. It gets better
      2. It stays the same
      3. It gets worse.

      The trend clearly shows it will be worse. It’s just the way it is – cleansed of all glossy, happy feelings we Americans love so much from the comfort of our couch.

  2. “It is they who have more in common with Hitler Youth than any neo-nazi longingly fantasizing about 1939.”

    No one likes to think he’s the bad guy. It reminds me of Flatland. The characters get irate when told of another dimension; some can be forcibly convinced, others stay in their little dimension and stew.

  3. I have come to believe that it is wrong to call them “stupid.” We want their help. It is wrong to insult a man, then to ask his help.

    People watch TV because their job exhausts them and they just want to veg out. Children play video games and watch porn to avoid the pain and tyranny of the school system.

    I do not know if a revolution is even a realistic expectation. Do the Mexicans revolt in Mexico? The South Africans? Venezualans? Becoming a peasant has effects on the mind. It makes one passive and content with what one has. The third world today can reveal Murka’s future tommorow. In fact, the only revolutions that occur are orchestrated by the CIA or some other group, as is occuring in Egypt now.

    At the very least, now is not the time. The people are not ready and cannot be inspired. Money corrupts the soul and I understand them. My bills, my morgage and my concerns are more important than my country. Perhaps even my race. In time, revolution will be cheaper than going to work for $10/hour in 2020.

    For now, we will have to live with the knowledge we’ve been given.

    • You will be lucky (in addition to after being perfectly prepared) if you can even get their help.

      Remember: YOU also are a product of the nation influenced by the pampering of Murkan Goodies – TV, A/C, Rambo Wetdreams and the seemingly perpetual capacity safety provides to indulge in all soft SWPL daydreams of delight.

      Basic training once broke boys down into hard, toughened killers. Now… yesterday’s email of Dummy From 504 shows the appalling result of WHAT YOU GET from Tender Bootcamps. If you can work with sweethearts like that, Godd Bless Ya.

      There is zero need for mexes to be “hard” on their cartel recruits – or even nice – to get them to show up. They just show up; no coercions, no browbeating – no cajoling or stroke-jobs. They want to be there.

      The cartel gets more recruits than the Federales – same with muzz; that should tell you what direction works.

      • “There is zero need for mexes to be “hard” on their cartel recruits – or even nice – to get them to show up. They just show up; no coercions, no browbeating – no cajoling or stroke-jobs. They want to be there.”

        Because they are poor. You may be right that it will be only poverty that awakens people. Most Murkans think only of today. They don’t save money and they don’t keep their own bodies healthy so they can have a pleasant old age so why would they worry about the world they are leaving for their children?

        I have to ask FP. Why do you blog. I like your blog a lot, don’t get me wrong but what are you hoping to accomplish? Are you trying to goad our men into action or get them to accept their fate and sink into depression or ????

        Hope you don’t mind my asking.

      • I write to educate. If mere words upset depressed little darlings, then they are doomed anyway when coloreds come in warpaint.

        I use tools and tactics no other writer does. No one has ever described the concepts I created.

        I use this arsenal to correct and set right an ever-declining population satisfied by its Big Talk of misguided fantasy. I fight the apathy of my own people displaying itself in its actions that none of your family – children and youth – have once posted here to support & encourage your deeply held beliefs.

      • Fair enough. I too am really frustrated by the lack of courage in our people. I think we just need to wait a bit until things get worse. Hungry people are more willing to revolt.

  4. Firepower,

    One thing you are betting on is that the economic status quo; the fed will still be able to print money and pay for EBT and for its military empire.

    If the economic status quo changes, the cultural status quo will change; if the culture changes the politics eventually change as well. Economics shapes culture; culture shapes politics.

    • It would be nice if that happened. Ha – the enemy making a huge mistake and victory falling into our lap. I smell VRW there. I was a survivalist for 20 years, and I can remember the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. No dice.

      God does not hand man such gifts. You will work and sweat for every ounce of victory. Just expect a longgggg, slow, painful decline. You will feel every degradation, every negro atrocity.

      The survivalsts predicted catastrophe back in 1979. Read their old articles. They are the same as the ones today – the mathematical certainty, the economy, etc. I don’t know how exactly the USG will pull it, but it will involve screwing ordinary people and enriching the wealthy.

    • Medieval Murka
      …shall be no diff than M’Lords & Ladies still happily frolicking in the Castle Keep while conducting expensive crusades as Peons still dig for bugs in the bog.

      Same thing with Roman Patrician Aristocracy: They suffered not one whit while everyone else ate the Big Shit Sammich.

      The very instant The Elite feel threatened, Military Murka ships all its dimwit clodhopper Jordies back to the farm to save money. The Elite applies those savings to “domestic security” such as eternal Anchor Bambino Welfare pay increases and an extra squad guarding your Victory Garden.

      If JustinJordies don’t get fed up with that and eradicate Liberal Nazism’s Mino Murka Machine before the Leftist-Fascists confiscate the guns…it’ll be Braveheart 2.0…20 years after the Victors castrated Mel then, drew & quartered his corpse.

      Scots driven to farm in the badlands for another 400 years. Each generation eating greater amounts of shit until Bonnie Prince Charlie loses his battle and the Scots wind up as proud, willing cannon fodder Janissaries for future His Royal Majesties.

      And…all this will need to be astutely combated by an ever mentally degrading cohort of dimwits drifting further and further away from the teachings – and memory – of wiser elders.

  5. No utilities (no vidya games, no interweb) + no gas = massive unrest

    It’s what the military did in Egypt. Morsi’s out of power, then the power comes back on. Personally I hope we have more and more blackouts. People go outside and socialize, and the TV is silent.

    [which is why the aggressive strategist sees power plants as prime targets and why the Imperial Murkan Guard will fortify them. America has more coal than Saudi Arabia has oil; enough to run power plants for centuries]

  6. Off topic but anybody know what happened to Hipster Racist? His blog is set to private now. From experience this means two things he fizzled out or he carelessly exposed himself irl.

    [ed note: i like him, but it seems he doesn’t know wtf he’s doing]

    • I have also noted that PKS. I do not believe that he fizzled out; he was still too fresh with many ideas. Maybe he felt things were gettng too hot. Writing is a sort of addiction; he’ll be back.

      Concerns like this are warranted; the internet is a system tool. Everyone has a different risk tolerance.

      [ed note: that’s why i offered him the gig here: So he didn’t have to be “poppin'” every day and could post just once a week. he didn’t even do that. if a person won’t merely write…don’t expect much fight]

  7. ” . . . the only white faces you see in 2113 will be peering out from bulletproof Manhattan limousines. And, those whites won’t be your descendants. Your genes will be forever browned.” This is something that I have been thinking about a lot recently – descendants – in longer and longer timespans. Do you want your great grandchildren to be White and dominate and rule or do you want them to be docile and brown?

    • People get the government they deserve; all people. The black gets the government it deserves. The illegal mex has conquered entire states, so from all that effort, now they get the government they deserve.

      Better yet, I now say people get the government they earn.

      98% of the black voted for Obama. I must grudgingly admire such unity. 45% of whites voted for Obama. A people that do such things are like a child that wants to play with fire.

      Thus, almost half the whites you interact with this very day deserve to be in an extermination camp. Depending on your locality or job, maybe more than half. This is why wn has failed as an Impossible Dream: How can one be taken seriously as the eponymous defender of “a race” in which it will exterminate almost half of its kind. Even the coloreds don’t kill that many.

      So, it is not so actually a racial movement but a political one. This is my vision. That our select group of Whites see The One True Enemy as a fasces of liberal nazism using the murkan mino machine to eradicate ALL of us – except the Rich Ones making all that money for them in Feudal Manhattans…

      • I disagree that Blacks and Mexicans earned or deserve anything in this country. The have been given everything by our rotten government because our government is anti-White.

        I suspect that Whites, with their altruistic nature have allowed this time and time again throughout history. That’s why archaeologists find White mummies in China, Persia, etc but few actual White people. I wonder if this time will be different.

        Personally, I’m going to be off the net soon with all it’s endless armchair analyses and debates. It takes time away from real life improvements and activities that might help my posterity have decent lives.

      • Coloreds won even greater victory by getting whites to roll over.
        That Altruistic Nature you mention is such a fatal flaw, for all it did was bestow gifts and leave nothing but corpses wrapped in bandages.

        Sun-Tzu stated that he who wins a war without fighting a single battle has the grandest victory.

        It’s just the way it is.

  8. Bravo, Maureen. This little game has played out many times before – whites in North America first, whites in China, whites in India. We are the descendants of those who got out clean. The rest….died.

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