Murka: Where Dogs Are Worth More Than People

by Ryu


SuperHERO-K9! … Funeral

t’s been said that if you want to talk about SWAT raids, you don’t mention dead people. No one cares. You talk about the dogs. People can feel sympathy for dogs, but not humans. Today in many cases, people take pets in lieu of having children.

I heard about this story and looked it up. It’s very good. Realistic too – when a creature dies, man or beast, blood, piss, and shit go all over. Basically, a negro records some cops and when he’s arrested, the dog tries to save him, so the cops shoot the dog.

As always, if you find this distressing, watch it over and over, until you feel nothing. There’s more to come, that’s for sure. The dog shooting occurs in the last 20 seconds.

Police states are made possible by police when the cops value their paychecks more than principles of their nation. Understand that no cop or soldier is your friend unless they’ve proven their loyalty by doing the unforgiveable. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Emotion is the number one cause of mistakes in the field. The real value of emotion is as fuel during training. Screaming and crying to cops or soldiers will not help you, ever. When you hear it, like at the end of the dog video, you know the people are not mentally prepared. And it is given to few to be thus.


10 Comments to “Murka: Where Dogs Are Worth More Than People”

  1. Unless you’ve raised a dog from being a pup to adulthood, they suck. I instinctively despise all dogs except my childhood canine companions. The one exception is a half-wolf I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

    Cops are “heroes” and dogs are man’s best (edible) friend. Police dog lives are valued more than our own by the enemy media. Telling.

    Shoot the dog, shoot the horse, shoot the goose, shoot the reptile. Deep ecology is great but it depends upon White racial survival. We give life. They give death. Simple.

  2. “Unless you’ve raised a dog from being a pup to adulthood, they suck.”

    I “tried” to retrain a dog pretty much the same as the dog in the above video and it ended up biting me. That hurt. And it didn’t feel any pain when I was smashing its head with my fist. I don’t know what the pounds per square inch pressure of that dog’s bite was but I swear it would have broken most people forearms in half. I was kind of lucky I was wearing a hoodie and the dog was kind of lucky he wasn’t wearing his regular nylon collar – which saved him from getting strangled to death. But yeah those dogs have strong jaws! (One of the reasons I always carry my trusty knife.)

  3. Proper dog training is super important. I work with dogs for a living and I’ve observed that as much as most people “love” their dogs, they don’t commit enough time to training them into well behaved companions…much like their children.

  4. “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.”

    I’m struggling to see how the video contained any of the three.

  5. Are my dog videos down? It should not shock that youtube also is in bed with the pigs. They’d take down a video if ordered.

  6. I side with The COPZIS on this.

    The Reason Magazine link shows why it is not only Big Libertarian – but SWPL Libertarian. Note the ghetto slummer Brandons N’ Britnees® documenting and narrating our little clip. They probably came down for an Eric Holder Anti-TEA Party rally.

    Only whites give money to those broken, abused animals in ASPCA commercials; the animals are abused by coloreds (and white trash) then left on the street for white soccermoms to pay for; you don’t see dog or cockfighting rings on Manhattan. Paging Michael Vick…

    Coloreds abuse animals like all savages; savages eat most animals and view them as food and sport.

    Mr. Niggadog Walker just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. No. He had to strut on up to the cops, Act Black and assert HIS CIVIL Rights, interfere and then get arrested. Coloreds are emboldened by Civil Rights. It is what gives them power to bawl about the doggie, make it a National Issue – while the story of that white baby shot in the face in its stroller is suppressed.

    Spike Vick did not secure a dangerous dog. My way woulda been a Shotgun – it’s quicker. Viewers are “shocked” at death, yet sit for days playing gruesome PlayStation crap. Blacks can chop heads IRL because they’re used to seeing animals butchered. Those used to real blood in slaughter and butchering processes don’t become erotically fixated on it like SWPL whites – who then blanch when they see the REAL bleeder kicking-away in its death throes. Just ask DoomDigit.

    I hope Smart Readers note that HeroCOPS!® react to the Elite’s orders and oppress coloreds because of their wild savagery – and Whites for their controlled plotting. They oppress both for different reasons.

    HeroCOPS!® pull up into white enclaves when hearing of a 2nd Amendment rally or NSA protest, but in colored ‘hoods – it’s because Davontae or Pedro have 40 brothers, uncles, dads, babymommas and kids on parole fighting over home-invasion loot from the latest suburban raid…

    Coloreds don’t protest 2nd Amendment infringements, unlimited Amnesty and the IRS. They do NOT have the Spirit of ’76 – as I’ve written.

    It’s the impetus behind the IRS scandal that illustrates the difference between that…and why Black Panthers are encouraged to block SWPL whites at voting polls.

  7. This is an ancient Aryan trait. Jon Keegan’s book, The Face of War, relates that, at the scene of the Battle of Agincourt, soldiers were often more moved by the agony of wounded horses than that of their fellow soldiers.

    [ed note: the english and french are aryans? uber|kwlz. hey: maybe it’d be better to scrap the diagnosis of innate Horse Luv and focus on why *aryans* innately fight each other in war…]

  8. Hitler certainly thought the English and French were Aryans. The term “Aryan” was in common use before the hysterical
    anti-Hitler propaganda campaign that started in 1933. For example,Sigmund Freud used it a lot to describe ´those not of his tribe.

    [ed note: it certainly was nice of Mr. Hitler to treat his Brother French so sweetly]

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