Mino Master-Machine: US Ambassador to Egypt

by Firepower

Stuffy old white guy?  Practitioner of DWEM-ism?

Nope.  Our glamour girl is an Ivy League Wellesley College grad who likes polo, weekends at Martha’s Vineyard, calling in CIA Hit Squads, urging Hayseed Jordie’s to Faht-fur-Syria!® and dining on Petit Foiche Tidbits of Steak …when they’re the $205.30 blue plate special at The Russian Tea Room… in Manhattan.

Know who rules The State.  Know who rules you.

16 Responses to “Mino Master-Machine: US Ambassador to Egypt”

  1. What’s happening in Egypt is interesting. I wish I knew what was going on behind the scenes. I’m sure that the Americans have their fingers in it somehow. Murkan cash, murkan guns.

  2. What’s this IMF announcement? Is ferdie starting it back up?

    • ferdi 🙂 , the Universe’s most honest blogger, man and concept has heeded the call of his IMFants to once again Quit Blogging Forever (and he really means it this time!) to get more attention……

      That is, once Them Naughty Nazis yet again infiltrate His World and drive his grief-stricken conscience to the brink of DRAMA and he creates another persona.

      DID YOU KNOW? That pic of Ferds? “he” wasn’t the dude, he’s the chick – that’s why he acts the way he does!

      • Really? Naw, I don’t believe it. Plus, I think the nazis are done with him.

      • lol i love that picture, body of a greek god.

      • I have been thinking about you CB. Books are dead things. The PUAs used to ask their guys to watch movies and take extensive notes. I stopped doing it officially at 300 movies.

        I think you’d profit much more from watching and rewatching excellent movies, human movies. Body language, tonality, attitude. The competition is played out with real people. Shades of gray.

      • the worst is when your a-moral dog-eat-dog survival of the fittest worldview is validated by the absolutely de-moralized people, by both the ignorance and the strange belief that the economy will improve. we really do live in a police state.

      • It was better for you to learn this when you’re young, rather than when you’re too old to use it. You are ahead of the curve. You know there will be no recover. In fact, the only way is down. You should cultivate your psychosises to work for you. Being a psychopath can be a great virtue, if one is in the proper position.

        Can you see and feel the police state, CB? This must be what it’s like in Communist China now, or how it was in the USSR.

  3. Any sort of instability in the Middle east means more refugees to the West!!

  4. Ferdinand Bardamu/Matt Forney is an attention craving faggot who stuck a knife in the back of everyone who supported him. Whenever he shook the tin cup his loyal readership raised hundreds for him and he ditched them like a drama queen to reinvent himself. When that fizzled out and went nowhere he tried to capitalize on his old fame but nobody cares anymore.

  5. I’m no passerby I was present for all eras of IMF history including Firepower’s banning. Despite all the complaints against him Firepower’s real offense was not kissing Ferd’s ass. Bardamu would tolerate almost anything except insufficient worship.


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