Being a “White Nationalist”

by beothuk jackson

Snake Plisskin says to Fauke of the United States Police Force,

“I don’t give a fuck about your war, or, your president”,

as he lights a cigarette in the mans office.

The situation that we are in today is not the dramatically blatant world of snake, nor is it the romanticized world of the Ivan Denisovich. We live in a self-censoring, self-degenerating and anemic society. One that has become so incredibly “over-socialized” that reality had already been sacrificed in the name of the entrenched ideals. We were born out of the self-degenerating mass of , but some either having hit rock bottom, or still staring into the gaping abyss that the great tall ship of “liberty, egalité, et fraternité” has sailed off the plane of realty  into, realize that we need to “climb back up“, or out or where ever. Being a white person (probably male) you realize how overly intricate the social cues have become among our people (although there is evidence of this over-socialization spreading elsewhere to non-white nations), people obsess not over only the type of body covering they wear ( or which kind of gook country it came from “c-wan-f-wct fwee” of course) but over observing actual phenomena that is  displeasing to the  accepted worldview. In essence you are a “rebel”,  not a weird Kerouac heroin-fag or whatever else the current worldview stamps as rebellious©. You see that within your own country your line of descendents are being targeted for elimination, both through cultural subversion. (sigh) But yes you already know these things, you have read and read and read all the black flash mobs, mossad-mason-o shysting and feminism to fill bibles and torahs from page to page.  Now all that is left is honing your intellect, the whispering ghost  of your physical body, into a knife-edge.

Yes this is you, but unfortunately there must still be “him”, a being within the seething morass of . Another cheaper veneer which must automatically move about like some weird shadow puppet in this joke society. Other commentators, most notably the character ‘Rob Roy’, state with anonymous internet version of “vigour”, that we are the social critics now. We are. We are decades ahead of the thinking of the aforementioned shall I say it “untermensch“, who still want to either “conserve dem’ constitutional ‘values” or rip them up in a weird pan-sexual psychedelic orgy. We want new values for the most part. And you must let this pathetic worldview possess to at least some degree yours. This is where you must learn to laugh.

Shows like “the daily show” and various other nigger comedies, shows that used to be edgy and ground breaking  are now mainstream, they are sooo 2005! They got fag marriage now, we are the social critics. People cringe with fear when you crack nigger jokes, interrupting their fw-avorite s-whow. These reactions are similar to if someone cracked a joke on behalf of Tsar Alexander the thirds weight in the officer’s club, or in church. Soon enough will come the time when the only outlet for rebellion is nationalism; racism for the white boys at school getting beat up by niggers at the bus stop on the way to learn about  slavery. (blacks and browns can already be racist, but most assuredly they will only get more so) People cringe when you,  with that shit faced look of a joker smash at the accepted worldview.

As that “other being” the liberal nihilist-consumerist zombie  that you must be perhaps more often than not, in fact it almost seems that you are trapped in this form, have any of you even tried to explain “white nationalism” to somebody? They usually think that it = skinhead history channel fedgov agent provocateurs, and then think your being  a socially awkwardly edgy bullshitter. As this “other” side of you continues to exist, for however long the trends lag behind you can have so much fun, no need for despair and a victim mentality, the cheesy low IQ culture will continue to degrade and hemorrhage the more intelligent members who will be susceptible to the  “Dionysiac” cultural trolling of the WN’s. So enjoy the rampant pessimism of Firepower, enjoy the over-painted, overfed and overstimulated whore  as she lives a schizophrenic existence inside of the insane social cues. Train, grow stronger, become smarter, and know that your way is the way of all living beings.

7 Comments to “Being a “White Nationalist””

  1. Yes, the blacks and Hispanics most certainly aid us by being racist. I have met many WN’s who became WN’s because of being years long victims of ethnoviolence and terror by Blacks and Hispanics against them. This actually produces very fanatical WN men. I find myself telling them to lighten up some times, because they aren’t enjoying life — they are waiting to re-enact the Turner Diaries.

    • yeah we should recruit directly out of white male graduates from minority dominated high schools. i know it was the hoodlum niggers at my schools that helped give me a dose of darwinian reality.

  2. “have any of you even tried to explain “white nationalism” to somebody?”

    Only online, never in person. It’s very difficult to outright discuss such a topic with most people. I point to the Zimmerman trial though, and I can see the wheels turning. I also point to videos of colored sucker punching whites. When people ask me “why would anyone do such a thing?” I always respond: “Because they’re black and he’s white”. That’s probably not the most effective strategy, but I try to just hammer that home.

    • How is the flock, Doomie?

      • Need to get rid of some Pekins and Jersey Giant roosters ASAP. Hopefully tomorrow. Not sure if I want to keep any Pekins, but we’ll see. Need to finish off the duck coop soon next week at the latest. Basically I need to add a window and put hinges and a single sheet of OSB on nest box. A lot of projects, basically. One in particular that I want to talk about at some point is an underground greenhouse.

  3. I loved that movie. I have actually converted someone to WN in real life. That part was not hard. Qualifying the person so that I knew there would be little objection was the hard part. It takes patience and testing of a sort.

    WN can be alot of fun. I’m watching a holyhoax movie now. They’ve got the violins cued up. Arbeit macht frei – work will release you. I like that phrase alot. Work will get WNs what they desire.

  4. For the first time in sixty years, the priests, the old aristocracy and the people met in a common sentiment—a feeling of revenge, it is true, and not of affection ; but even that is a great thing in politics, where a community of hatred is almost always the foundation of friendships.
    Alexis de Tocqueville

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