Don’t Call Them N*ggers…

by Firepower

This is the first piece to the final companion piece,  Call Them Colored The entire title is: Don’t Call Them Niggers… Call Them Colored – They Hate It.

Actions speak louder than words.

Raging Niggerspickiking is pointless and stupid:  If it worked, it would’ve worked 40 years ago – or the nine trllion other times its been said online this year.  One Hundred Million hits on Stormfront and not a squirt of shit to show for it. Just more janitors in the forum who can’t spell, personalizing their kwl Gothic Avatars of VRW.  Pointless.  Impotent.  If something’s not working – quit doing it.  If you find yourself in a hole – quit digging.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over again and expecting a different result.

That’s from Nietzsche.  You ought to know him and…

respect his words.

American Media turned Nazis into clowns.  It’s just the way it is.  They lost the war; get over it.  Screeching about “n-n-niggers!” is futile rage.  It is out of frustration because nothing gets done; I understand.  But, those “niggers” march – get free stuff, welfare, college.  Make laws…  Kill. They also strut into white neighborhoods, clear whitey out and take all his stuff – without firing a shot.  That is real power.  They act after talking.  Plus, you haven’t earned the right to call them that.

Foaming at the mouth is putting on warpaint and what you do to get your blood up around the campfire before a real battle – when you have access to the enemy and can do something about it.  That’s not here yet. Other than that, it’s just venting.  Yellin’ at The TV.  You blow off steam and condition yourself to be helpless through inaction.  Actions speak louder than words.

Screeching about niggers is empty and futile; it makes you look stupid – like … …screaming about some chick who’s a goddamned fucking Bitch whore CUNT!  who should be raped and murdered fer whut she done did to meeee!!!! …bla bla blah.  It makes the complainer sound weak.  Because he can’t do shit about it, all he does is complain – loudly.  IN ALL CAPS.  I won’t go into the psychological reasons, but people view that (especially repeated many times) as whining coming out of a weakling and they tune it out.  It’s just human nature.  Constant, repetitive whining indeed shows the whiner as helpless, for if he were powerful – the irritant would be eradicated.  Osama didn’t whine.

It’s some helpless pipsqueak perpetually getting his lunch money stolen by Kid Bully, who mutters to himself how he’s “gonna really kick his ass this time!” …one day.  If I want to hear Race Porno For WN’s, I’ll go to any goonsite and read some trailerpark Himmler Rave On about Jüden.   Like those idiots Pat & Cameron.  It’s not new, it’s not shocking anymore – and it does not work.  Invoking the actual German word for Jew holds no extra-special magic.  I tired of empty saber-rattling long ago.  Big Talk.  Trash Talk – it’s what your despised niggers do.

Or, I’ll go to The FearHead and listen to cranky Dadginas say the same empty crap about womyns they’ve been saying for years and how they’re “winning the War for MRM!” after a decade: Those fools will still be there talking big, many painful years from now, because they do not act.  I said it four years ago and how happy they must be now, still bitching like girls about the same old shit I warned them about.  World War Two was conducted faster.  They don’t even listen inside their ECOF – that’s Echo Chamber of Faggots.  LIUFY.

Does one scream at vermin munching your pantry?  Do you yell at the mice?  Goddamn mangy faggot-rats!  You act on the mice – hard enough to make them not want to raid your food ever again.

Do you just stand there and scream at burglars looting your home?  If you do, you’re only doing it loud enough so “Somebody! hears you, validates you – then Mr. Somebody does for you what you ought to do yourself.  You want them to do your job for you.  So you can be safe and watch TV.  If you scream insults at rats and criminals instead of acting upon them, you are a fool.

Powerful people don’t need to yell.  Simply call your enemy what they are; it is vastly more powerful today.  We have truth on our side now and today that suffices.

In private, rage on, if you must.  Still, if unrestrained, that also deflates anger the same as masturbating deflates acting on getting laid – for real.  Why stay angry when you’ve already killed your enemy…in your fantasy.  Why risk acting on sarging that hb7 at the bar when you can “always” blow a load on that picture of Blake Lively.

Slaves used to sit in the cotton barn from 1665 to 1865 and complain about massa – behind his back and not to his face.  For 200 years: That is what weaklings do.  It is what the powerless do.  The occupied French used to grumble about the Nazis (le Boche!) and for four years… ate German shit until America freed them so the French could then say how Le Resistance kicked ass.  We don’t have both their luxuries of dim US Jordy Armies doing the fighting for us.

Same thing goes for k-k-kikeysThe big one for you wn types should be: You never ever heard Your Idol Mr. Hitler call them “jewbastard fucking hebe KIKES!” in his speeches.  I looked for “hymie hebekike” in Mein Kampf, but just could not find it.  If he did not do it – why do you?  He simply called them Jews.  Just call your enemy what they are; it is vastly more powerful today.  It always was.

As I’ve written, America goes only three ways: It gets better, stays the same – or gets worse.  I leave it to you to decide which option you realistically foresee…and if you still want to be standing around with your thumb up your ass merely yelling at it.

12 Comments to “Don’t Call Them N*ggers…”

  1. I’ve been using “colored” quite a bit these last few months. Works like a charm. An old fashioned, retro-cool, dare I say hipster way to illustrate the problem. ALL CAPS NIGGER is for YouTube idiots or bored humorists. Everybody knows it’s just impotent rage.

    • I expect you’ve read this post’s previous companion piece.

      Indeed, the public display of such volatile words – without any accompanying action – makes the utterer look foolish.

      It’s a bunch of inmates Talking Big about their jailers. The jailers just laugh, when they’re not ignoring it.

      • Any thoughts on using “Oriental” to describe yeller folks? Or do we lump them in with NAMs? Although “NAMs” itself is a way to excuse the orientals being imported to wreck the White middle/upper class. Or do we use “colored” for orientals?

        [ed note: it lumps each asian in with the other groups; they hate that. i like “chinaman” when I feel the need to use it, but orientals are the least of our problems]

  2. I still find hate words immensely useful. They expose the mind. Without anger or hate, a WN is useless. Someone who does not have the capacity to say nigger and has to use the childish “n word” doesn’t have the right stuff.

    It is a way of seperating us and them. Cops use “good guys” and “bad guys”. Soldiers use friendlies and hostiles. Being able to demonize the enemy – tommys, krauts, japs, dinks, gooks.

    They are a tool in the toolbox. A form of mental conditioning. Most people need to be convinced that they are good and the enemy is bad.

    A man who can say nigger has the right stuff. I can use that hate and that power. Someone who cannot say nigger probably feels nothing about the issue. The motivation must be there to begin with. You can’t put hate into a person.

    I’ve watched thousands train. The motivation comes from inside. You need to be mad, you need to be compelled. It must matter, it must be personal. The fire can be disciplined, but it always needs to be there first.

    Avoiding saying nigger is an advanced technique. But you’ve got to pass through the stages first. The emotion is the fuel. It’s everything. You can’t do things like this – if you’re lukewarm

    • For every Nero sputtering insanely against his enemies, there is a Julius Caesar with equal contempt for an enemy, calmly achieving actual results – and victory.

      Hatred is not equated with screaming rage. I can hate with both calmness and loud ire. If Niggerspickikery worked – you’d have seen ample results by now; instead, you see none. All I see using it have done nothing…but fire off tons of empty words like “nigger.”

      George Washington did not call the Redcoats “fuckin’ Limey bastards” and Lincoln did not call The South “goddamn hillbilly white trash.”

      Your points do not explain why Hitler did not use the word “kike.” Nor Goebbels, a German propagandist with a Ph.D, both of whom successfully rallied then united an entire nation.

  3. That’s Hitler and Caesar. Few can reach that level. Hitler did not use the word kike because he was in public and he was being recorded – he was leaving an out, leaving the jews a hope that maybe he didn’t mean it. It’s the same as public and personal conversations of law enforcement. One has to “appear” respectable.

    It has to start out with that rage. The rage is what provides the motivation for everything else. The word “nigger” is just the outward manifestation of it.

    Niggerspicing didn’t work. But neither does stating the facts like Jared Taylor, most of the time. People come to WN of their own accord, for their own reason. Amren or SBPDL can’t convert people with facts. NOTHING will work because people convert themselves.

    The only results we should expect are personal results. Personal change. Mass awakening is a dream that will never occur. It didn’t happen for the environmentalists, it certainly will not happen for us.

    [ed note: 1. we are in public…and being recorded.
    2. respectability is…respectability.
    that is why i urge reservation of its usage for private life. Abusing Fighting Words – then not fighting – carries an ancient, shameful label of its own]

    • I agree with your sentiments. Gore Vidal at the end of his life was asked what kept his mind sharp, what kept him writing at such an old age. His reply: “Rage.”

      We need to use nigger on occasion. We need to come at this from multiple angles. We are the counter culture now, the oppositional force in society. The mass awakening thing was always an absurd deus-ex-machina. Like the working classes developing class consciousness or Jesus returning.

      We are however clearly a growing movement. Obama combined with the shit economy was the best thing that could have happened. Think about the movements in Europe, GD and GI. Counter Currents and AltRight were only created a few years ago. But i can feel that things are beginning to take shape. We need to bide our time for now, our message only become more relevant as time passes. I’m a bit more optimistic, i think we could see things happening in the next five years.

      Recent story. I was at a wedding. Many of my cousins are in their 20’s early 30’s. One of the girl cousins brings up the Paula Deen affair and asks me if i heard of it. I play dumb and let her go on for a bit on how stupid Paula Deen is. My other cousin in his late 20’s is a cop from California and is listening as well. I turn to him “Wait, I dont understand this, what did she say?” “The “N-Word” he replies. “So, who gives a fuck” I say. “Yeah I agree” he says. “Just because she said nigger once she has to be fired?” “i guess so, it is pretty absurd.”

      The winds are shifting in our favor…slowly.

  4. The only whites who have consistently fought the system were NSing skinheads. In fact, I believe that the only whites who will ever take to the streets are capable of NSing.

    Success = Method + Opportunity + Timing

    I don’t necessarily think our methods are wrong; we are too early by about 10 years. There’s always the question of more extreme or more conservative. And the time doesn’t feel right; WN is not in the air and I can’t smell it out in public.

    Who is the primary WN audience – for all time periods? Its young white man, age 15-35. You were the first to suggest that they were getting stupider. Stupid I can deal with. Nigge-rtalk really cuts through all the crap. When they hear that, and when they are ready, they know that we’re friends.

    I would even say that it can be a metric for us. When we can use nigger in public with other whites – things are looking up for us.

    • Skinheads have accomplished nothing in 30 long years – except showing they have the balls to march. And, I can’t even remember the last time they did even that.

      Beware mistaking the Empty Gesture as actual accomplishment – or you too, will be slapping Spearhead “MRM Victory!!!” stickers on urinals lol and declaring it “fighting” the establishment.

      As stated, using nigger among associates has usage value and carries over into instances of discrete recruiting. This is the area where you see your greatest contribution and in which you view yourself.

      Just remember as that decade(s) pass and you assume a greater role, that generals and leaders do not speak like their troops.

  5. >>Nigge-rtalk really cuts through all the crap. When they hear that, and when they are ready, they know that we’re friends.<>Skinheads have accomplished nothing in 30 long years – except showing they have the balls to march. And, I can’t even remember the last time they did even that.<<

    Maybe they could start a skinhead construction company. A place where young white men can work and make money and learn. Maybe they can't do it themselves, but maybe with some help from older and more knowledgeable white men.

    • Employing hooligans, meth addicts, and ex-convicts, what could possibly go wrong with THAT corporate culture?

      • Hey! So down on thugs, hooligans, addicts and cons. Many industries grow rich employing such men.

        The further up you go, the more crooked things get. What do you think Obama’s fix is? Coke, heroin, caffiene? What’s he got under his fingernails?

        Half the US military now has gang tats. The only thing wrong with crime is who gets screwed. When the elite screw you, it’s good. When you screw the elite, it’s evil.

        So many areas today, that’s the way it is. It’s not what you do, but who you do it to. Killing? It’s great – if you kill Muzz. Killing SuperSEALs and Jordies is bad:( Stealing? I wonder how Goldman Sachs is feeling about their bailout?

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