Asceticism as a WN Path

by Ryu

An associate of ours has written an exceptional article. I can fully endorse it because it is also my way. Put me in a 2x2x3 meter unheated and uncooled room and I would not live dramatically differently than I live now. The mind is endless. Purity, determination, and focus – this is what WN is about.

“I choose an ascetic life because it gives me fulfillment as my writings will point out.

However, for the purposes of this short article I would like to point out a few other issues. They will point out only accidental benefits from a revolutionary standpoint.

1.) You will never vote your way out of this mess. Even if you get a majority White vote the minorities will swing the vote against you. If that doesn’t work they will nullify your vote through the courts. So you’re just kidding yourselves with your silly third parties and tea parties and what not.

2.) Spreading the word doesn’t matter. You are only recruiting more people to not act just as you are not acting.

3.) The only way to win is to form communities and hold your territory as they are beginning to do in Kalispell. Without land, you don’t have anything at all.

If you defend your territory from outsiders and enemies, you will go to prison.

If you live for material things or crave family interaction, prison will be hell on earth.

If you live an ascetic lifestyle, you will barely notice.

If you normally sit in a small room reading all day, and learn to enjoy it, who cares which room you’re sitting in? The state can give you a free room and board and you wouldn’t even have to work to pay rent.

If you don’t care about getting laid, you have lost nothing. If you know that the family law courts will take your children you will not miss the lack of them.

If you eat for survival and not entertainment, then you won’t miss the junk food. In fact, you might end up living longer. 1/3 of people on the outside will have diabetes within the next few decades.

If they take your books you can do complex mathematics in your head and learn multiplication tables into very large numbers or write novels or epic poetry in your head. An ascetic can never be bored.

The ascetic is an unstoppable machine. He is happy and content and fulfilled in any environment.

I’m not trying to talk you into prison. I’m not in prison. However, it is a distinct possibility for any political activist as Michael Weaver has recently discovered and many of us have known for a long time.

There is no free ride in this life. Prepare yourselves ahead of time. Material culture is nothing more than a never-ending quest for unfulfilling cheap thrills. It leads nowhere.”


19 Comments to “Asceticism as a WN Path”

  1. Wow. This is the complete opposite of what I would counsel.

    We should accept fate–and embrace it with joy and activity.

    Don’t hide away in a small room, like a scared ascetic afraid of life itself. Venture out in to the sunlight. Face the sun.

    Life is to be enjoyed and loved–and lived.

    Blood is to be shed, including our own. Prepare yourself for it.

    Death could come at any moment. Prepare yourself for it.

  2. Ryu ~

    Do you still suffer from Christian ethics…?

    Just wondering.

    • I used to suffer from Christian ethics. As a WN we don’t have such luxuries. Our ethic has to be what is good for whites is good, and what hurts whites is bad.

      Asceceticism works for me. I’m most motivated when I have something I want. Life is the acquisition of power. Not joy or happiness as others might understand it.

      One beats others by doing what they are unwilling to do. You should be better tommorow than you are today. With whites being 5% of the world’s population, each white needs to be as good as 20 non-whites. I don’t know how to do that any other way.

    • i think that this form of asceticism is more along the lines of the samurai, or another warrior caste. it is the will to live dangerously because you are not tied down by proleish pastimes. Nietzsche, who’s anti-asceticism you are alluding to, disliked the ascetic because it was a form of self-worship based on denying life. i.e. the priest is all magical and scary, cause his magic jew tells him not to eat or have sex and merely sit in a cave all day, that is a different persona than the WN (potentially THE most dangerous lifestyle)

  3. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Asceticism is good. Religion is even better. Understand that your enemies will go to eternal hell. God performed miracles for me. Fifteen years ago, from a Talmud a yard long, I took precisely the right two pages. One I photocopied and have been using for leaflets comparing abortion to the jewish holocaust.

  4. @lbf: I assume Ryu is not saying it is the way, but “a” way.

    Benedictines on one side of the spectrum and Templars on the other, both contributed to the same cause. The key is cooperation.

  5. Looking at Kalispell’s link, it is unproven whether the word (as an idea) invokes special white “magic” – or whether it is just a typical cowpatch town that has been exaggerated into an icon like Greece’s Delphi.

    I don’t want to knock something “positive” but if it’s so fragile – it’s worthless anyway: That’s kind of my Philosophy.

    Asceticism is what you do when you hold indomitable beliefs – that nobody else does.

    Uniting the few who share these beliefs is like the Indians saving the Cavalry the effort… and putting themselves on a reservation – with just as big a target on their head.
    Cavalry vs. Savages: The Switch

    It’s the same as planting yourself on a farm or homestead, firing off a few rounds then awaiting the SWATZI extraction death squad. It’s Dornering And Cornering, but on a group scale.

    It’s what happened at Waco.
    It is what a group does when they no longer know what to do and that disturbs me because we know what to do, but now seek to be near others who also don’t want to do it.

    If it spreads and 50 or so communities arise, then I support it; it’s only one per state. Other than that, it is the last White remnants circling the wagons before the massacre. The Imperial Guard’s last stand at Waterloo. The Bison bravely – but futilely – gathering together in a circle, only to be shot.

  6. That’s one of the problems with the PUA movement: hedonism, their obsession with sex, and obsession with making a particular pattern of sexual behaviour (amorousness) appear as ‘normal’ when there’s no scientific proof to support their claims. They want to create men who are dependent on chasing tail and getting laid, which is exactly what the average drug pusher wants to do. A drug pusher wants to normalise a particular type of behaviour (hedonism) so that they can sell their product to you. It’s what ‘Legalise Opium’ YKW George Soros is trying to do: normalise opium taking, get the old opium dens up and running again, get a load of Opium users dependent on his drugs.

    It’s the same with many women (collectively speaking) and sex: women want you to be dependent on them for your Endorphin sex-drug fix. That’s why they are so hostile to ‘foreign brides’ and to ‘lads mags’ and to pornography and to masturbation, because these are like Commercial competitors, or drug pushers getting in on ‘their patch’. And it’s why women are especially hostile to those who abstain. Just look around at the shaming language used at men who choose to abstain.

    • It is not whites the Elite Dealers target to drug, but the colored; they are more volatile and act on their aggressions. In Murka, the Elite looks upon drugging both coloreds and whites as a two-fer.

      Hedonism and licentiousness are the indicators of a fallen society – not falling, but already fallen.

      San Francisco, DC, and even Portland, OR were rife with bordellos one hundred years ago, and now – you can’t even smoke in a bar. Same with your London and its East End.

      BUT: It is not the pleasures themselves, but the fixation on them to the displacement and ultimate exclusion of grander ideas and then enacting those higher ideas.

      • ‘It is not whites the Elite Dealers target to drug, but the colored; they are more volatile and act on their aggressions.’

        While you’re right on the volatile nature of blacks/coloureds (the best way to think of them is like a drunkard: they have two states of mind, either infantile happy-go-lucky or violent hatred), the majority of the drugs are sold in White countries not black ones, which seems to imply that White people are being targetted not blacks. Iran, Russia, Europe, America are the main markets for the big drugs (cocaine, opiates and amphetamines), whilst black Sub-Saharan Africa and yellow Asia are left well alone.

        This is no different to Victorian era Britain (~1850s) when you could buy 1lb/pound of opium over the counter for £1 (~£600 in modern money), and opium consumption per capita was higher in Britain than China (when the Opium Wars were happening).

        >It is not the pleasures themselves, but the fixation on them to the displacement and ultimate exclusion of grander ideas and then enacting those higher ideas.<

        Yeah this could tie in with your musings on obsessing over fantasies (be they LiLos boobies, or VRW), over focussing on a fantasy of a future that you chase like a mirage in the desert, rather than focussing on a realistic future and participating in it.

      • African blacks are separate from Westernized blacks. I wrote recently that what you see in Murka today is the result of a historical first: African blacks combining with western/American culture, creating a pestilential hybrid.

        It is this colored amalgamation targeted for intoxication as I presume California alone consumes more drug $$$ than all of Russia. If you have valid sources, share them as it would teach – and you could write a post on it.

        Any population problematic for The Elite is targeted, whether it be 20,000 coloreds burning stores in LA or 200 White Militia scrambling through their woods. One has unity, the other, guns. All are despised by Manhattan/London Elites.

        The problem we face is unilateral: All sources of future “activists” are tainted by The Circus Toys. The one constant black militants and white militants share is the ignorance of its troop’s degraded mentality.

        Today’s Brandon permeates OWS, PUA, mrm – and wn.

    • yup,

      dis guy was an ascetic (in the worst way)

      [ed note: i’ve scheduled your post. your avatar/addy keeps changing. you can’t expect displaying a dead link to Eradica on other sites you post at to bring readers to your work]

      • lol yeah, i had to get a new email, soory. i haven’t been real into the computer lately, been trying to do real world stuff, etc.

      • thats also okay with me, i don’t want to be “famous”, the whole troll/comment board thing is just another form of masterbation. i got to get back to studying, been reading “the birth of tragedy”, the prince, conquest of a continent and the principles of tai chi. but i hope to write up another wednesday

      • The Prince is an excellent book. Something to be memorized.

      • its hard, i am really obsessive about historical stuff, so whenever i read a chapter, i.e. the one on the french king’s invasion of italy vis a vis ancient greek city states, i always have to wiki the whole war in both periods and then i never get through a chapter

      • Surprisingly, Schopenhauer wasn’t actually an ascetic in that regards. From what I remember of the bio in the Hollingdale translation it said that Schopenhauer had several affairs with women. He also drank lots of coffee in the morning and played the flute, which are both activities that ascetics would probably steer clear of (coffee has caffeine in it, a drug, and music stimulates emotion, which are drugs/hormones). He was more of a life affirmer than a negator, though he did study Buddhism (which is ascetic), and said that man should dedicate himself to the ‘higher arts’

      • hmm didnt know that actually, i guess even pessimists can get laid

  7. That’ll take forever. It’s just trivia now. Just absorb the lesson. The names are not important.

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