Liberal Nazism is Colored Nationalism

by Firepower

A doctor describing pancreatic cancer is neither masochistic – or even sadistic.  It is just a fact, so its degree of “pleasantness” has nothing to do with it and oughtn’t – among any of us surviving adults.

In the Mighty Internet Age of SuperMega-Extreem Communication!© you still are unaccustomed to hearing anything but VRW & JAN*, so naturally y’all chafe at the discomfort… of explaining why you feel so uncomfortable…

This is Eradica’s founding reason. Unlike the plethora of Faggotbloggz claiming lame Hollywood Meme Matrixian Red-pillism, it is actually only at Eradica where you find…… revelation.  That is merely what that fancy Matrix rephrasing is: A ‘grecycling of the word revelation – a new concept once hidden, now revealed.  Even harping on The Red Pill is cliché – SWPL, even.

Russia never had coloreds. Russia stomped its minos. Ukrainians and Georgians were second-class citizens for labor and cannon fodder like Today’s Jordie™. From the farm to the Blackhawk…then on back to that farm, boy.

Murka unnaturally elevates its coloreds to the foremost official powers in the nation, even after bestowing upon them undeserved Preferential Treatment in money, college admissions and hiring.

Russia does not have the black or the illegal wetback. Mexico, does not have the black sneaking over its border.  There is neither a Black Crime Wave in Mexico.

Trends in nations do not end until a nation falls: That is then the end of that particular trend until replaced by a new nation with new values – it’s own new Zeitgeist or Weltgeist. This is what we see in Murka today:  A tree grows until it stops, then dies. Just like a man. Just like a nation.

Do you see the insane glee in whitelibs’ eyes abating? No, instead you see it grow daily. What does that trend show you. It is discomforting, yet we know what to do.  We have all along.

I’m encouraged you use the Principles of FFF to explain to, and convert, new adherents. This is what I made it for: A message easy to understand by both missionary and convert.

I’ve written my views on China: After our consumer spending depletes, they sell to themselves – their new, emerging Middle Class – just  like America did in its Golden 1950′s Age. China then needs only our resources. Yet, they know armed conquering of soil is impossible with all those White Folks with guns.  They are happy they don’t need to.

They will await the FFFOL’s Liberal Nazism to eradicate Whites by the population shift I’ve explained elsewhere on Eradica.  Search for it.  LIUFY

LN’s seek to replace Whites with the ascendant FFOL Superman: The Multi-Colored Man. Whites they can’t genocide by fucking the white out of them they’ll increasingly try to disarm, like the dwindling numbers of rural NRA farmers posing the last barrier to Liberal Totalitarian Nazism.

Simply put: Liberal Nazism is Colored Nationalism.  Still more refined for accuracy, it is Mino|Nationalism.

The Neo-Colored Superior Man… will not be so in reality. The Elite know this is a lie but use it to an end: A docile cola-brown population stripped of the threatening traditional White admiration of Spirit of ’76 armed Revolutionary Ideals.

The colored supermen will harvest China’s new California tomatoes and Kansas’ wheat so long as the welfare checks keep coming. China already, last week, bought lock, stock and barrel the world’s largest pork producer: The USA’s Smithfield Foods.

Next on their shopping list comes Tyson Foods, ConAgra and General Mills.  The more food they remove from Murka to feed their own 1.6 BILLION mouths means reducing supply here, then costs rise.  Supply & Demand.

To a LN member of the FFOL Party, American Nationalism is an enemy to be destroyed while Chinese Nationalism is hypocritically embraced as a welcomed partnership – provided those in Penthouse Fortress Suites have Smithfield Food stock continually growing their wealth.
*having difficulty with those pesky acronyms? fucking read the glossary on the homepage…


12 Responses to “Liberal Nazism is Colored Nationalism”

  1. Higher food prices will economically and culturally strengthen the best kind of White people. The LN’s don’t anticipate this or don’t fear it, but I see it with my own eyes.

    High food prices will mean White kids work the land, and become better, stronger, harder men and women. It’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait! We’ll do night soil (human shit composting) for non-root crops.We won’t waste anything.

    Forced farming will make us smarter, more provident, more pious and less inclined to eat Liberal Nazi Shit.

  2. How does the agenda of Planned Parenthood connect to Colored Nationalism?

    • Coloreds outbreed whites 4 to 1, so even though coloreds use abortion at double the rate of whites they still become the majority.

      If a white woman aborts 2 babies in a lifetime, then ultimately completes two pregnancies, it never beats a colored sow who has double the abortions at four, but produces ten live future convicts.

      The Propaganda Media relentlessly hides these stats and it was only by posting on an ULTRA-Liberal Feminazi site that I obtained this document so read it well and note the deceptive, PC language. Emphasis mine:

      Non-Hispanic white women accounted for 36% of abortions, non-Hispanic black women for 30%, Hispanic women for 25% and non-Hispanic women of other races for 9%. While no group made up the majority of abortion patients, black and Hispanic women were overrepresented.

  3. Good stuff FP.

    You are more optimistic about China than others. I think China has a very wealthy aristocracy and, by sheer numbers, a large middle class. Yet the vast majority of Chinese are still dirt poor. It’s the illusion of progress.

  4. I’m curious FP. You mention the role gun toting NRA types have in preventing total totalitarianism coming down.

    There is one man I know, who says that the Oklahoma City Bombing stopped the USG from pulling any more Wacos and Ruby Ridges. Agree?

    • China will be more crafty than cruel in doing whatever necessary to feed its billions to keep them from slitting its own rulers’ throats. Like the FFOL, it doesn’t need to go house-to-house Redcoating people and confiscating their guns in some Big Wild West Murrikin Showdown.

      Big Showdowns have the nasty consequences of making… BIG Showdowns… and lots of blood. The FFOL learned Wacoing folks creates a focal point; it creates martyrs. Martyrs like Tim McVeigh. These martyrs do a fearful thing to the FFOL: They expose its weaknesses.

      The LN’s of FFFOL don’t need to Waco folks anymore when Spielberg, MTV & PlayStation do it for them, bloodlessly – and with a HUGE profit to boot.

      Occasionally, the FFOL still finds it necessary to display force. It can be manifest like Dorner, or latent like parading MRAPs on flatcars all over the nation in a deliberately not-so-secret way sure to catch the eye of YouTubers who spread it around and show everybody.

      While imagining ourselves gloriously Ruby Ridged, heroically fighting off the Imperial Forces of Tyranny in our very own Turner Diaries 2.0 fantasy…the FFFOL does ten times the damage with ObamaCare, NSA spying and IRS’ing the TEA Party.

      It won’t be US Patriots who play defense, but rather the FFOL who will need to be provoked.

  5. Firepower,

    Rushing to become peasants will not turn us into Cambodians or Filipinos. I know a Western expat in Southeast Asia who says that the peasants there work hard but do really dumb stuff like build a fire in their own house with no ventilation, and they all have coughs; they pollute the waterways and if you ask them about it, they just say, “who cares.”

    If Whites have to live like peasants, it makes us smarter and better, especially now with access to information, books et cetera.

    Peasant life is how you incubate Mind Weapons. Not suburban brats growing up on Hey Gabba Gabba and smart phone messaging. Henry Ford was a peasant. Philo T. Farnsworth was ploughing when he made the physics discovery that made television possible.

    NARRATOR: While plowing a field in 1921, a fourteen-year-old Mormon boy named Philo T. Farnsworth began to think about an idea that would change the world. He wanted to send pictures over the air, like sound over radio. As the story goes, he had a vision in a potato field. He looked down at the tracks left by his disc harrow and imagined tiny electrons creating a similar picture, line by line. His epiphany in the field inspired him to invent the first working electronic television, a feat that most engineers at the time thought was impossible. This is the kind of legend that usually guarantees an inventor worldwide fame and fortune, yet the name Philo T. Farnsworth has long been forgotten.

    What kind of people are going to Dominate the Dystopia and infiltrate the Technocrat-military system and launch a devastating coup de etat? Barefoot Aryan peasant kids with physics books. I’ve seen this with my own eyes.

    I know an older man who was a Mormon corn farmer as a kid and escaped into the Air Force. He said the recruiter told him that the Midwestern farm kids scored the highest on the tests. He said that hours driving around on a tractor made him very contemplative and naturally good at math. His mind slowed down enough to grasp difficult concepts.

    I am convinced that the next overthrow is going to be largely technical — an Edward Snowden type inside job coup de etat. In the late Roman empire there were a lot of internal coup de etat’s. Empereros lasted a few years then got killed by their bodyguards and were replaced by someone else. Once the first coup de etat happens, it snowballs because some of hte coup plotters get back into the government but live in fear of being killed for their disloyalty, and there’s a cycle of violence.

    I know that you think we are helpless before Great ZOG,
    [ed note: I do NOT think that one bit]

    …that the Beast will starve us. But we little nobodies get to sleep pretty good. The ZOGs live in fear, because they are part of hte Inner Party mafia. they kill each other. You wouldn’t want to be Hillary Clinton or Karl Rove. No amount of champagne or jet setting or luxury living compensates for the constant paranoia and back stabbing of that world. They are competent in the micro but not in the macro. they can keep the status quo under control in the short run but cannot control the long run, and the long run is going to catch up to them.

    We have to be able to produce food or they will control the food supply and starve us to death in a “great culling.” That’s why they bring in immigrants and make a large part of the population unemployed. Unemployed people have less recoursre when they are starving to death. People who have jobs can say, “well, I’m earning money, why am I starving to death?”

    So the big battle we have right now is to create value, to feed ourselves and ensure our “deserving” to survive. We make it harder — they’ll have to physically seize our food, rather than just cut off our food pellets, like starving a hamster in a cage. If they seize food then we have the hot lead and cold steel. I think that seizing food from the farmer down the road would kick off the guerilla war.

  6. “We must secure a future for children of mixed race and confused gender.” – The Liberalnazi’s 13 Words


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