Coloreds Raping Whites

by Firepower
Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The only spur that motivates a decadent government is violence.  It is a fat, stupid horse that must be controlled lest it trample you.  Once it was spirited, sleek and young – it had a noble purpose.  If you can’t control a horse – you’re dead.

Upset Channon Christian had to die with table-leg splinters jammed into her holes?  Poor Chris had stuff jammed up his ass, too.  This is how you do protests that shock.  Even OWS did not shock, hence, it’s failure.  That failure was the result of sympathetic old liberals reminiscing and waxing nostalgic about their hippy~dippy days and glorifying OWSkidz who fell into the trap of Queen For A Day.

National crime records show that 228,650 of the total 256,329 violent crimes recorded last year were against women.

Wow…in a nation of what, 333 Million people?  Compare that to ……St. Louis.  LA or Detroit.  It’s a drop in the bucket.  Pussy Riot has more balls than apathetic americans – especially whiny mras.  I wonder how heavily armed Americans’ protests would be received.  Decent SEaLs suicides’ when ordered to turn military weapons against the citizens who paid for them?  Slobbering low-class minions who populate the “regular” MARVY would do it – this is what Socio-Bama and his ilk fear.  Once gunfire erupts there’s no putting lava back in the volcano.   It would open up the option for Scared Whites to finally act.  Socialist Democrats know this ends their Reign of Terror.

Surely you wonder why Obama and his Liberals stay and stay in Afghanistan:  It’s to train the military into obeying futile, almost crazy orders …combating a heavily-armed populace with implacable beliefs.  Like TEA Party NRA types.  I wonder if Pvt. Jordie and Cap’n Danny would light up Gramps with their Assault Weapons.  The Establishment Government wants you in fear of coloreds.  Then, TEG wants you to fear (even more) their defense of Establishment Coloreds.  The entire US government is based on Colored Welfare.

 Sushma Swaraj, a leader of the main opposition Bhartiya Janata Party wrote on Twitter: “Please do not resort to violence. That is not the solution,”

All this from Holy St. Ghandhi Land.  Funny how that didn’t work out for Prajheeeeb with that little Pakistan Separatist Independence thing.   Pontificating that it is “no solution” is a simplistic lie… the simplistic lie of female/feminine leaders.  To Rule By Twitter is astoundingly crass – lmfao – even when herding The Stupid:  Hundreds of millions of Indians shit on riverbanks overlooking Tarry Rivers of Shit because Ghandhi dribbled about Peace n’ Luv.  Sound familiar?  You don’t want to be them; they’re generations of slaves.   Besides, go LIUFY who killed Ghandi McGhandster

“We have met all the demands of the protesters,” Special Commissioner Dharmendra Kumar said.

Any fucking questions?

12 Comments to “Coloreds Raping Whites”

  1. The real problem is even deeper. Large amounts of people are “one-eyed” in the metaphorical sense. Unable to get and hold good jobs on the free market, but very able to disrupt society if they so want.

  2. Damn it that’s good. Now you just have to keep repeating it until people get it.

    How to tell if you live in a dictatorship:

    • Beh – that stuff is obvious. You may want to thank Freddie for ripping us off as we’ve advanced these concepts at Eradica since day one – so I add to simplify:

      The poor, oppressed subjects are so scared of their rulers
      that they don’t do shit…
      even though the most heavily armed population in the entire history of the world.

      • ALL of WN is obvious.

        Apparently today it takes a genius to see believe one’s eyes. Our senses tell us one thing, our media-controlled brains tell us another. One has to give.

        I can hardly believe it myself actually and I’m immersed. THIS is what a police state looks like. It took me years to be able to see it.

        [ednote: yes, that IS what Eradica’s all about. the problem is the entire masses were successfully stupefied by BIG Govt School Indoctrination. few remain to even care]

  3. I’d completely forgotten about the India Rape stories. Seems like the MSM will report any rape stories, so long as the are from countries that are brown.

    [ed note: that’s OK. Murkans forgot about Sandy Hook & Hurricane Sandy and you brits forgot all about Mr. Bloody Nigerian Meat Cleaver]

    Note to white women: if you get raped or beaten by a black or brown person in the West, odds are the MSM won’t report it. Liberal NAZIs don’t like ‘their’ boat being rocked by anyone; that includes you.

  4. A world class hotel restaurant in Dehli called Bukhara is popular with Indian elites and rich foreigners. I went there myself and afterward saw several chicks poolside in swimsuits. No rape concerns whatsoever despite India being saturated with perverts. Their pampered aristocracy lives extremely well.

    • Rich foreigners are a class unto themselves that circulate with each nation’s domestic Aristocracy.

      Rich Indians and Chinese are found equally at Manhattan Penthouse poolsides.
      Every nation maintained its historic aristocracies but America was the exception. It wielded massive power enabling it to spread its doctrine of “equality” to other nations – by force, if necessary.

      Now, the power has decayed and that noble idea was proven phony because Murka has installed its own de facto Aristocracy; a fascist monarchy from a hereditary ruling class based on the FFOL’s principle of Colored Rule.

  5. You’re not going to inspire anyone by these sensationalist pieces.

    This is a Police State–keep hammering it home.

    Violence works.

    • If you notice, at present there is no one to inspire and from the trend I observe, even less in the future, unless I create a groovy new FFOL/LN videogame app.

      That will only buy me 5 months, until the next Must-Have Game about “shooting” space-alien zombie terrorists appears.

      IRL, I bet you don’t know one person under 35 who feels the way we do.

      Also notice my sensationalist posts garner the most eyeballs. Crotchety Old Farts need not apply.

      • Yeah, I get what you’re doing. I support it.

        My vision is so precise, and my plan so brutal, I refuse to share it on the InterWebs in any form.

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