HeroCOPS!®: Big Government Employees of Bostonistan

by Firepower

Attacks White Guys in Trailers – Not LA Mexican Drug Gangs

Mmkay, I’m gonna shorten it to “Bostan” (pronounced boe-stan).  That is, if anybody remembers The Bostan Bombing what with all the TV that’s been on.  I actually postponed this article because people want to forget about its deeper issues.

Think the Liberal Nazi Regime is gonna start deporting Illegals?  Muzz?  Terrorist Illegal Muzz?  Bet you BIG money they don’t.  All this frustrating crap you TDO about is exactly their plan running to order.  How else do you think such “lunacy²” survives; it’s not lunacy to The Elite.

No Illegal mexican or terroist MUZZ refuse free welfare bennies and Amnestied FREE Citizenship.  Would you refuse free money – say, from Sweden – to bang and impregnate their blonds, then walk the streets with Swagga, dominating their neutered SWPL menfolk?  That’s fucking paradise for any male under 50 – colored or white.  It’s not mainly the fault of the colored illegals – it’s the fault of a white elite.

Murkan “gummint” is greaaaaat at combing through 650,000 acre Boston Municipal Gah-bage Dumps looking for microscopic skin flakes. finding “Female DNA” on pressure-cooker shrapnel shards and documenting 50,000,000 CopCAM Extreem!© views of pedestrian muzz backpackers.

What they suck-the-fuck out of is…

prohibiting foaming muzz in the first place.

The Collo-radee Batman Movie Massacree shooter, James Holmes, was heavily armed with an AR, pistols and a sack of ammo.  Jared Loughner shot a Sacred Cow Elite CongressWomyn: Neither were shot by ParaMilitary Death Squads.  Holmes killed 12, Loughner, six.

Two combined Muzz killed three for a total of 1.5 per, yet, an unarmed muzz surrounded by 100X as many cops (plus full SWATZI Gear and Tanks, no less) get the shit shot out of them.

The guys HeroCOPS!® should capture and interrogate – they silence in their ex-RANGERSUPERSEAL, paramilitary junta mentality…

…and the guys those idiots should execute, to save taxpayer money, now get three hots and a cot forever with free Psychotherapy, Dental Care and conjugal visits.

So, the Liberal Nazi Regime brings in ever more illegal coloreds, then demands and implements the funds for brainless, ex-junta commando goons to police them.  It quells one and pacifies the others with FAT Government Jobs. A perfect racket for decadent government and a perfect scam for grasping onto power while cooking the perfect recipe for decline.

20 Comments to “HeroCOPS!®: Big Government Employees of Bostonistan”

  1. American elites were firmly globalist in conviction by the end of WWII. Ruling classes have always dreamed of world empire, but industrialization plus the technological revolution made it truly possible for the first time. The gentleman’s globalism of the League of Nations era morphed into the New World Order by the time civilian populations were being incendiaried and nuked en masse.

    Charitably, our elites saw the mass killings from the world wars and the threat of nuclear holocaust and decided that globalism and a one world government would the states from ending it all. It was convenient too, that the American elite were firmly on top with only a second world communist bloc as real opposition. Who better to lead the NWO but our best people living in New York, also the perfect place for the capital of the NWO, the United Nations. While government bureaucrats might posture for the cameras giving speeches, the real work of integration was being done on the economic level, and the real agents of change were the corporations. They say good generals pay attention to strategy and tactics while great generals focus on logistics. What is economics but logistics? MindWeapon is right to focus on the food supply, look at how they used cheap corn to drive Mexican farmers off the land and into the maquiladoras.

    Non elite white men are in the way, and especially because of all those guns out in redneck country, might represent the last class threat to the your liberal Nazis in the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard.

    Our ruling class is nothing if not technocratic.

    The elite of the military and polices forces are generally white men, and some of the best specimens when it comes to a mix of brawn, brains, and aggression. Do they offer any hope in the sense of resisting or rolling back the technocratic globalist regime? Their oath is to the US Constitution, which is just a piece of paper that the Supreme Court occasionally references. Their patriotism for civilian America, aside from personal and family ties, seems to be cribbed from Rush Limbaugh routines. Sure, they may dislike the black underclass as much as anyone, and they probably won’t shoot on their own families, but other than that, what can they do for us, and would they?

    • Yes, once if LN’s disarm White NRAs, Murka will be operationally & functionally identical to current Britainistan. Britain will then begin to churn towards resembling China, without the giant economy run by slaves. It will be just a large global trading bank, paying taxes to keep the colored rabble pacified. Feudal Manhattan will look on with envy.

      Generals and Admirals are perfumed princes. Many come from the Fascist Murkan Aristocracy and repose there when retired. They become $14,000,000 a year FAT Washington DC consultants for defense firms like Bechtel, Morton Thiokol, GM and Lockheed.

      They are Elites the same as Supreme Court Justices. They live their entire lives in a hereditary ruling class supported by, then perpetuating the USG. Witness General Petraeus’ new “career” with investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. If you guessed KKR is located in Manhattan, you get a big handshake.

      • OK what about your red-blooded NCOs and the enlisted men that you don’t call sir because they work for a living? The ones that aren’t going to retire to investment banks and DC lobbyists. If this is class war, are they on our side? Even potentially?

      • Only when you stop witnessing them Ruby Ridging people like us… and they start forming equally secret squads to take out the trash. I’m honestly perplexed why these “patriot” Jordies have not yet gone Jack Reacher and Savages. Some patriots.

        They must like their Blackwater to Beertruck gigs.
        Our King Hero Sniper EXTREEMS!™
        Prefer the “sacrifice” of:

        Handing out milk n’ cookeez
        To back-shooting PTSD Freaks
        Than freeing their parents from Liberal Nazism

      • isn’t that what the zetas did too? (ahem barring CIA involvement), look at latin america FP the goon squad will form its own powerstructure once the globalist technocrats cannot keep them satisfied. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronelismo

  2. You’re going to be very disappointed by the survivalists/patriots/ex Jordies. It’s masturbation. The leaders can’t even get their people to train. It’s total BS.

    I could point to many post by ex Jordies who now work security for more $$$, who hate the USG but don’t want to break the law. They are not revolutionaries. They are merely against the USG’s growth. They want to return to 1950 which is a no go.

    Work with what we’ve got. Nothing more, nothing less. I have probed the SP community to the best of my ability. The gold is the military knowledge there. It’s excellent for that. They will not tell you who to shoot.

    • The BiGGov ensures the safety of its goons by paying them FAT Union salaries enabling them to live among SWPL suburbanites instead of dangerous coloreds or NRA rurals.

      On the weekend, they have the luxury to hang up their Jackboots and truncheons and play make-believe with their kids and their little playmates whose parents are teachers and doctors. You never see COPS living among the barbarians.

      It is by a collapse of funding protecting NSA-types’ happy homelife that alarms The Elite and they will do whatever it takes to keep the money coming.

      I’m also telling MW, history proves fixed fortifications always fall to mob sieges. i.e. Jerusalem, Constantinople and the US-Mex Border.

    • “They will not tell you who to shoot.” Perhaps that is YOUR job Ryu? I mean, someone has to step forward.

      • I would say that anyone who can’t figure that out, shouldn’t even be considering it. It would be extremely foolish to name names. As always, if it isn’t clear enough, the internet is a system tool. I push the limit as far as my tolerance allows.

        But the SP is different from WN. The only thing they are really opposed to is the police state. They don’t give a hoot about the racial genocide of whites.

        But – and I think everyone knows this – the fight for liberty is OVER. Dead, gone. Thus, the inaction of SPs and ex-Jordies is explainable because they too know that freedom is dead. It’s just fantasizing. They just won’t admit it aloud. I will happily exclaim that the liberals have won and I’m just trying to save a piece for whites. We’ll never get back what we once had.

        [ed note: as I’ve stated, in regards to modern movements it is not a fault of leadership but of followers]

  3. Which Jordies are gonna save us hmmm? Baconface and stumpy? Nope.

    How about GI cuckold? He’s sobbing his eyes out in the corner over Britnee.

    That leaves us with illiterate yokels and flag saluting GOP types. Good luck.

  4. I’m going to rename you PKS.

    It’s so much easier to name who isn’t useful than who is. I don’t mind how “stupid” any WN types are. As long as they are willing to learn, I will help them.

  5. @ conchobar14

    Good stuff about the Zetas, and CIA involvement seems likely. We seem to have our our own Zetas, let’s call them the Betas, but they don’t seem to be doing us any good, unless torturing brown peasants in Central and South America to make sure fresh bananas stock the Whole Foods and fresh cocaine stocks the ghettos (and Manhattan nightclubs) counts as doing us good.

    Back to the article:

    So, the Liberal Nazi Regime brings in ever more illegal coloreds, then demands and implements the funds for brainless, ex-junta commando goons to police them. It quells one and pacifies the others with FAT Government Jobs. A perfect racket for decadent government and a perfect scam for grasping onto power while cooking the perfect recipe for decline.

    We know who is pushing immigration for tribal reasons, and we know who is pushing immigration for economic reasons. But surely the elite understand how comically dysfunctional this is. Is mass immigration just an unfortunate side product of the consensus interests of our beloved leaders?

    • I’ve written more of this, in-depth on Eradica. A quick search of the articles can expand more satisfactorily than any reply.

      Mexican Votes – For Liberal Fascists

      Conquering & Overthrowing Liberalism


      Timetable For America’s Demise II

      Illegal mexicans and the malignant Amerexica serve the elite in a win/win: The invaders combat both the rioting black and the NRA White. Rioting Blacks are expensive to maintain as pets. NRA Whites wax poetic on Paul Revere. Both are dangerous to differing, geographic/logistical elements of Elite Property.

      Blacks don’t pick no muthafuckin’ tomatoes. Beaners do. Whites don’t pick cucumbers or cotton. The black destroyed major white cities by no more than a welfare check and a moving van. Whites proved incompetent to fight them; the only force capable of eradicating the black is the illegal mexican as in Oakland, CA’s massive demographic switch from colored to mex. The mex shot the shit out of them.

      To replace the votes of the dead blacks and the mexicans imprisoned for killing them, The Elite just import more until full.

      • So don’t waste your time and take up that Nahuatl grammar

      • oogenhand

        So don’t waste your time and take up that Nahuatl grammar

        Indians acted the same: Elite Nahuatls used hillbilly injuns’ to placate their Goddi and then their heads for soccer balls.

        And Comanches killed everybody.

      • Abagond would say:”Everybody does it!” isn’t a moral argument.

        But I do not indict your morals, I point out that it is useful to have Nahuatl dictionaries at home like I do.

      • There is scant morality in killing; in fact, the less morality imbued into killing the more effective it becomes – a natural state – like a spider eating an ant.

        All education is useful. Learning Nahuatl is useful. Learning the Nahuatl pantheon and Nahuatl architecture has a use. Learning to shoot a target at 1000 yards has a use.

        The problem becomes what among The World’s multitudinous disciplines you choose to prioritize to lead an effective life.

  6. @MW:
    Note that FFOL Elites will not let their Poodles go hungry so long as your children and grandchildren – and you – are digging grain. If you grow for yourself and your compound they will come and take.

    You can see Drudge Stats on the entire country. 76% live paycheck to paycheck, homes underwater, no jobs etc…Yet
    Fortress Manhattan and WashDC build 100 story luxury condos – cranes are everywhere. There are more Ferrari dealerships in DC than Beverly Hills. The elite today, live in splendid luxury, free from mundane cares like paying bills, vacant houses next door or a child’s tuition to a 3rd rate college.

    The future will only magnify this dynamic.

  7. “A perfect racket for decadent government and a perfect scam for grasping onto power while cooking the perfect recipe for decline.”

    What you see is what you get, but Americans still have faith in “the system”. Books like “The Jewish Paradox” ought to disillusion as they show how easy it is for people to infiltrate and make back room deals–suddenly all those checks and balances do not work anymore.

    Fun example:

    As Marx purged the International of European rivals, cleansing the American sections of “bogus reformers, middle class quacks, and trading politicians” fell to Marx’s deputy in Hoboken, the German immigrant Friedrich A. Sorge.

    At 1871’s close, the mandate of the German-dominated central council of the American branch of the International neared its end. A new election would certainly shift power from German immigrants to native Yankees. Sorge, described as “more Marxist than Marx,” secretly convened a meeting of the delegates of the immigrant-dominated sections one hour prior to the meeting advertised to all the delegates. At the covert gathering, the immigrants named themselves the new Provisional Federal Council and established rules barring the native [*AHEM*] Yankee sections from participating in the International. The Yankee sections arrived at New York’s Tenth Ward Hotel at the scheduled time only to find the immigrants well into their meeting. An angry shouting match broke out. The betrayal necessitated a schism, and henceforth both a Yankee International and a Sorge International claimed to represent the International Workingman’s Association in America. This would be the first split for Marxists in America, but not the last.

    The Yankees naively believed that as soon as the General Council of the International in London discovered this usurpation it would side with right. They sent William West to England to plead their cause. Unbeknownst to the Yankees, Marx’s henchmen had hidden from the General Council the prior correspondence detailing the Sorge clique’s abuses, and shared only the information that strengthened Sorge’s case. Thus, when West arrived in January 1873, the council refused to seat him as a delagate and expelled him from the premises. His section, after all, had been suspended by Sorge’s council in America. When West knocked upon Marx’s door, the theoretician refused to see him.

    The old man persevered. He traveled to The Hague, where the International was holding its first multinational gathering in two years. West managed to gain the floor and detail the slimy tactics Sorge had employed to expel the native American sections. But by then, even West, who had arrived with high hopes, knew that his rhetorical broadside was an act of mere catharsis.

    To Marx, the Yankees were bourgeois reformers interested in frivolous issues such as woman suffrage, spiritualism, and glboal brotherhood. To the Yankees, Marx was an Old World autocrat. “The days of the International under the despotism of Marx, Sorgee [sic], & Co. are numbered,” boasted Woodhull & Clafin’s Weekly after coming to terms with the perfidy, “a sovereign section of what pretends to be the most democratic society in existence is summarily ejected from affiliation by a more high-handed outrage than any monarch of modern time would dare perpetrate.”

    The despotism Sorge had introduced in America was a microcosm of the despotism Marx imposed on the entire International. Rather than leave outcomes to the uncertainty of ballots, Marx usurped the decion-making power of elected delegates in a largely unelected council. That centralized council, rather than the delegates representing the sections in Europe and North America, suspended groups, including America’s Section 12, that proved recalcitrant in accepting Marx’s dogma to the letter. When the outcome of the International’s Hague Congress seemed uncertain, Marx’s acolytes forged credentials for those without them. “this man, Sorge,” West wrote with disgust, “seemed abundantly supplied with blank credentials, to be filled up with the names of any persons he could find willing to enter the service of Marx & Co.” Engels spread his wealth around to fund the travel of delegates supporting Marx.

    West could see that he was pleading his case not to the International but to Marx’s cronies. Heartsick and cash-poor, he managed to travel from The Hague back to London. There, the former tinsmith and policeman was reduced to begging the U.S. embassy for the few pounds necessary for return passage to America, a situation that, the industrialist Engels cruelly gossiped to the boarding house landlord Sorge, “amused us greatly.”

    Daniel Flynn, A Conservative History of the American Left, 82-83.

    • West ought to have assassinated Sorge. Problem quickly solved. If stubborn – Marx, also.

      It isn’t just jews who conduct backroom deals. IIRC, KM wasn’t jewish. You could rid the entire country of them and it would revert back to what it was before: A country of white elites like Astors, Carnegies and Rockefellers.

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