Privacy Is Power

by Ryu

There is a minor trend occurring in the MRM and it needs to be cut off right now for WNs. That is people revealing their true identities online.

Being anonymous is like being a sniper. You’re hidden and disguised. You can see the enemy but he can’t see you. You can gather all this intel, you can choose your shots. The person who outs himself stands up, waves his hands and shouts “Hey! Here I am! My name is XYZ and I live at ZQB! Come and get me!”

And they will come. If not today, 20 years from now. Once the information is out, you can’t take it back, ever. This is something that can screw you ten years out. Someone might want to out himself now, but will he be the same in the future?

The precautions you take will protect your family and your friends. Let me tell you – the FIRST thing the enemy will do is go after your family. It is the number one weakness of most people. Never delude yourself about this. And if it is the police or the fedgov, your family WILL cooperate. The peer pressure that can be brought to bear on them is enormous.

Incredible betrayals are the norm. Ted Kaczynski‘s own brother turned him in. Snowden’s father begs for him to come back to the US, where he will be jailed. Even the Boston Bomber’s uncle did it to him initially, and both were Muslims.

Knock and talks, tap and raps. NEVER open the door. Everything the police say is a lie. Listen to what happened to this man, starting at 34:30.

How to spot undercovers and informants. 95% of drug bustees turn into informants. 47 minutes, 30 seconds in.

It must be understood that the USA is a police state – today, right now. Look around and train yourself to see the signs. WNs are the equivalent of anti-communists in the USSR or China. WNs must learn how to live in and operate in such an environment.

Don’t let people manipulate your ego or pride. It is not brave to blow your own cover. It’s downright stupid. Have the discipline to do things right. If you need to confess, confess to God, a tree or a rock and be done with it.


30 Responses to “Privacy Is Power”

  1. MRM’s are not as controversial as WN’s. They can better afford to out themselves.

    I think the day is coming when we’ll be able to be in the open locally, without local people even considering it controversal and therefore not “reporting” us to the police.

    • You often spoke of being a “google felon” and how that sanction itself caused harm even without Official Big State Prosecution. When that has tapered off, perhaps. Let that be your Canary In A Coalmine.

      As for murmurzz (no caps deserved…h/t JB)
      they AND puas are compelled to find the next gimmick propelling them over The Herd into the Big Murkan Cash Wetdream Extreem.

      They are Hollywood screenwriters hawking their next big deal.

      • Sure, I have dealt with the jackboot of soft power for a long time. It’s why I’m so obsessed with owning 7-11’s and finding underground economy businesses like Maureen’s dog training and dog walking.

        Frankly, I’d rather succeed in the underground economy than command a high salary in a cubicle. Those in the underground economy are much more free.

        I have long advocated NOT publicizing ourselves. If you happen to get publicized anyway, it’s no big deal. It’s not illegal to have the same views as the Founding Fathers of the country. 13 years ago, i was way way way out, I was public and getting feature articles in major newspapers. I’m still alive and have avoided any jail time.

        But you can be pro-white in a way that doesn’t make people think it’s illegal. It’s all how you present it.

    • The US is full of snitches. I would say we have more informants than East Germany. Certainly the security apparatus is larger. And as the depression deepens, $5000 per person will buy alot of information. The USG has unlimited cash.

      The day is coming because people are angry, but it’s far, far off. At least 20 years. There is always a tendancy to give too much away, too soon. We find others like us and want to tell all. No good. That’s the discipline that has to be followed.

      • The government is paying snitches 5000 dollars? Tghat will probably lead to false snitching, like in Afghanistan and Iraq.

        As for me, I don’t try to recruit people locally. My attitutde is let them suffer until they figures this shit out on their own.

      • In that drug video I posted, people growing their own pot are ratted on by the power company for $1000 when they draw too much power. Full time informants for the FBI get around 5K/month.

        There are so many things. Narc to the IRS about a tax cheat, you can get a cut of the action. Narc to the EPA. OSHA. See something, say something.

      • The pot growers need to get solar panels, deep cycle marine batteries and an inverter.

  2. Revilo Oliver talks about the White man having a bit of a hangup when it comes to believing in medieval honour and a fair fight, etc. (The Jewish Strategy.) He gives the example of Sinon tricking the Trojans into excepting the horse. Other examples from the Greeks are Sisyphus and Odysseus using guile, stealth and strategy to win. Do you want to win – or do you want to get eaten by a cyclops?

    • win… as if my life depended upon it.

      • Your life depends on it. And the scariest thing of all, it’s all totally under your control.

        If you want to win, you can. Just do the work. If you want to lose, make mistakes. One is easy, the other is hard. If every criminal in the US simply shut his mouth, convictions would drop dramatically.

  3. Ferdinand B. (aka codename:FEBA, Baby) became Matt Foney as a step in transforming into A Big Writer – like his idols, Tucker Carlson & Jonah Goldberg.

    Can’t get professional accolades & fame from Manhattan publishing companies unless you ditch the nom de plume and use the real name. Blogging as Gilded Cage.

    No one in their right mind follows one who dramatically wails about blognazis “defiling” his site – then promptly quits forever only to reemerge even faster screaming of a Brand New and Improved!™ pimple medicine incarnation.

    This is a premature attempt to grasp “leadership” simply by the grandiose fantasy that simply by “going public” imbues them with automatic qualification to lead. It is by ideology, honesty, consistency and integrity that one assumes leadership by the full consent of the lead.

  4. One guy knows who I am. I made some intemperate comments on his YouTube site under my real identity, then very similar ones on one of my blogs. He trashed me and left it at that. I won’t mention him again.

  5. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Very good points. But why then do White Nationalists hold rallies instead of using masks like their Antifa-opponents do? Staying legal? Learn languages.

  6. Seriously, how safe do you think your identity REALLY is over the internet? Do you honestly feel completely safe behind those flimsy passwords if someone important was determined to find out who you are? LOL!

  7. I don’t feel safe at all, RollingWriter. But I won’t do the enemy’s work for him. We can’t have perfect security, but we can have some.

    It’s better to have something than nothing. If I can cut the risk from 10% to 3%, I’ll take it. Nothing I can do will make it 0%.

  8. I encourage everyone to use Ixquick or Startpage as their search engines if they don’t already.

  9. Simon Sheppard just got out of jail – he was in for writing an article for Heritage and Destiny (title of article: Spree Killers) – he was turned in, i.e. ratted out by the friendly librarian whom he decided to be nice to.

  10. Excellent find. Interesting story. I’ll have more to say tommorow.

  11. Comment sections used to be anonymous but now require social network logins.

    The easiest way to crush free speech is to make the online world just like real life.

    No government jackboot needed as smart people will censor themselves out of fear.

    • Pretty soon Socialist Media accounts will be required for job applications.

    • Many sites use Disqus; that initially appeared problematic, but find I can post outrageous stuff – namely the truth – without being censored one bit.

      If we fear even something such as slight as “Facebook” what degree of slaves are we when it comes to BiGFed.

      If they’ve won – then they’ve won. Become slaves and grumble in the cotton fields.

      There’s a fine line between valor and discretion. If any want to see how it’s done, follow me.

      I am fed-up with automatic fear of a BiGGov Obamao. The more fear, the more power one infuses into the Evil Empire.

  12. My guess is that the elites don’t know half as much as we think they do.

    One of my fellow style bloggers, the guy behind the website Wasp 101, was recently ‘outed’ by the liberal douchebag (and OC native) who runs the Ivy Style website. The Wasp 101 writer, a guy I’ve been corresponding with for several years, turns out to be a Republican state rep from NC. Embarrassing, maybe, but it’ll soon pass.

    There are advantages to being an open dissident, not least of which would be the inspiring effect it could have on other dwellers-in-the-shadows. At some point we’re going to have to network and organise in broad daylight.

    Still, as I keep saying, there is a real need for *us* to gather/use intelligence on *them*. Turn the tables.

  13. Hmmmm. How come the WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and etc believe that the feds can cover the world in surveillance and yet can never explain how the terrorists get past them? Easy ones too, like the Underwear Bomber™ who had his own father call the FBI on him. Unless you think every one of these terror incidents, both real and fabricated frame-ups, are deliberate false flag operations to scare the sheep. I heard that the 9/11 high-jackers got visa renewal notices in the mail long after they were dead, cuz the supposedly eagle-eyed US security bureaucracy isn’t that good at it all: In reality it just rumbles along. People can walk across the Rio Grande or hike across the border from Washington to Maine w/o much trouble at all. The feds are’nt as slick as you think. If you aren’t on their radar, like say Adam Kokesh, then they probably won’t find you at all except by snitch or by accident.

  14. The security apparatus has cracks but we’re not just talking about them.

    Think bigger like audits, liens, and asset freezing. The IRS can do it all.

    Russia already locks up political dissidents on trumped up tax charges.

    The IRS is now being used a political weapon here as well. It’ll get worse.


    What I gather from the interview with Snowden is that the government is gathering more and more information on everyone so that if they do find you interesting they can research and discover what you did 5 or 10 years ago. They aren’t using the info to stop anyone from doing anything – they will use the information to prosecute or set you up after the fact.

    As far as remaining anonymous on the internet . . . you would probably need to disguise yourself, go down to the local internet cafe, pay cash, use gloves, etc. . . . maybe you would start sending usb memory cards to different people in the world where they would go down to their local internet cafe, in disguise, wearing gloves, and paying cash. I don’t think that it is the government you need to worry about though – it is local vigilante types that I would be more concerned about.

  16. 100% anonymity is a myth but the internet frontier and it’s wild west era is drawing to an end.

  17. For all the fear generated by the Snowden Affair, keep in mind that the System is still operated by flesh-and-blood human beings.

    These beings may be vulnerable and weak.

    They may have a spouse and children.

    They may live next door to you.

    They may be allies–like Snowden–or they may be targets for when the SHTF.


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