How the FFOL Works: James Gandolfini

by Ryu

So another Hollywood bigshot liberal died. Front page news! Forget the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the NSA, the US arming Syria while disarming Murkans. This is really important! A TV star died.

Bah. Apparently, Gandolf’s death is even more important than the Jordies who died today and yesterday. Thus, Hollywood trumps the military. I believe the media, which is now the most important weapon of the FFOL, will do anything to direct attention away from the fact that the US is now a police state. TV doesn’t describe reality today, it creates reality. It has gone from describing news to…… making the news.

There are things to admire, but what I see isn’t going to be the same as what others see. Gandolf had tremendous genetic gifts. He had a great skeleton. With such a structure and the proper training, he could have been very strong. All strongmen really have the same body. It takes a hard, dense skeleton to support heavy weight. Without that, someone can never get truly strong or gain a great deal of muscle.

Strange thing of me to say, isn’t it? But you can’t treat all human bodies the same. The US miliary and cops do this. Their physical training tries to turn every recruit into a 140 lb marathon runner. The biggest and strongest cops work in SWAT and the SHU (special housing unit, for the most violent offenders.) The biggest soldiers used to carry machine guns. The great foolishness appears when the military loads down these 140 lb guys with 100 lbs of kit, which causes ankle, knee, hip and back injuries. Some people are Geo Metros, some cars run the quarter mile. You have to specialize.

I see something different when Murkans claim to admire Tony Soprano. He was a gangster, a killer, an arsonist, an adulterer, and a con man. One saving grace for Murkans is that they love violent criminals – it’s been true since the wild west. Murkans used to be very anti-authoritarian. If that could be harnessed for something other than entertainment, we’d have something. For many, that rebelliousness goes away right around college. The few rebels left become PUAs, WNs, or expats.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. For the most part, we know how the FFOL works, we know their mentality. But for now, WNs cannot organize in large numbers. The good thing is that this yields the opportunity for every WN to spend his time developing his own strengths and weaknesses. Your weaknesses will not matter as long as you always place the battlefield where you are superior. We don’t want everyone to be the same. The more varieties, the more probable that one variety will work well. Then the rest of us can greacycle that system, and we win until they adapt.


16 Comments to “How the FFOL Works: James Gandolfini”

  1. The leftist FFOL Propaganda Media will now use every excuse necessary – or inflated – to deflect scrutiny of Obama’s Constitutional crimes from settling into deep, instilled anger at his fascist agenda.

    With now, 3 generations of BiGGovSchool Brandon|Morons sitting on the jury
    BIG Media will triumph.

  2. I believe the MSM is the most powerful leg of the FFOL. It makes everything else possible.

    I don’t put alot of stock in the idea that people are watching less TV or buying fewers newspapers. The idea would seem to need another 30 years to see through, and so the past generations die off.

    We can shrink the problems of WN alot. Shrink it down to the 6 largest media companies, the national electrical infrastructure, and the oil infrastructure. It’s not as hopeless as it appears. Without AC or heating at various times, much of the US would be uninhabitable by much of the current population.

    The lazy way, is just to wait for the boomers to die off. They started drawing on SS in 2010 at age 65. So by 2035, most should be dead. I believe it takes a certain degree of intelligence to lie to oneself so badly as liberalism makes one do. It’s easier to con an intellectual than a man on the street.

    The white population falls by 10% per decade. Now at 60% in Murka, in 2035 about 35%. That’s the white population of California right now, roughly. CA is the biggest WN state by far in the US.

    • “I believe it takes a certain degree of intelligence to lie to oneself so badly as liberalism makes one do.”

      Refusing to see what’s in front of your eyes is a huge investment of mental resources.

      Recently brain scans showed that an area of the brain with a role in resolving contradictory points of view was larger in liberals. Of course this was trumpeted as proof of the depth and nuance of leftism but I can think of another interpretation.

    • Less Murkans are buying newspapers, but they’re probably getting a daily dose of HuffPo or Glenn Beck online. Old mediums are dying. The populace distrusts the enemy media but won’t act upon sentiment yet.

  3. Off topic but why do the comment settings now require you to use gravatar/twitter/facebook etc?

    This stifles discussion and is an inconvenience to set up. Other wordpress blogs aren’t like that so…..

  4. I’ve seen that too. I hope you”re not Pat. I doubt it’s anything we did, WordPress changes things all the time.

    • nope – NOT Patt. weird name…

      • The kangaroo who thought social kenny was “smart” cuz he used coherent sentences?

        I’m not THAT person.

      • I wanted to take the time and solidify my position complimenting Ryu for his writing and you, for your name and avatar…and offer the tender eulogy that Gandolfini was a rich, fat liberal fuck growing fatter by the second.

        His Last Meal was a midnight snackolfini of 4 shots of rum, a double order of fist-sized deep-fried prawns and four helpings of Pate de Fois Grois – washed down by two beers. I’m surprised his heart didn’t cough up a thumb-sized plug of cholesterol in 2003…

  5. Liberalism is a religion: A humanist religion possessing the same elements of faith that accept unbelievable things. Liberalism has commandments with lists of sins it decrees intolerable – and proscribed punishments for these sins.

    As in any religion, it also has a list of enemies led by an “Evil” that must be combated and destroyed.

  6. Revilo Oliver saw Liberalism as secularized Christianity, if you think about it the Tribe that created christianity is the same that created the Frankfurt School/cultural marxism/Media control.

  7. hahaha God is a dictator! That’s a good one!

    I don’t know who this James person is but it won’t keep me from commenting!

    Even if Murkans are reading less newpapers and watching less TV, the liberal religion has permeated our culture. Everyone keeps preaching it to each other and letting the dissidents know when they get out of line.

    Yesterday someone bought up seances. I said I would never participate in one. He went on an on about how every culture has something to offer…blah blah blah and I said that’s fine, I would just never get involved in one. He got SO upset! It’s not like I said I was going to stop anyone from doing it, just that *I* wouldn’t. But I guess we all have to be the same now and never say we prefer to avoid something the majority of people think is ok. I’m discriminating, that’s all.

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