Red State: The Movie

by Ryu

I watched this movie once and it took me a long time to re-find it. I’d like to share it with the interested to save them the time.

It’s about a Waco-like scenario. As usual, the pigs follow orders like good whores.

The ending is excellent and it has an important lesson. In real life, Jesus will not come down to save you.


11 Comments to “Red State: The Movie”

  1. Was this post meant to demoralize WN or what? A little clarity please.

  2. Ha ha. Well, how do you feel?

    My objective was to help WNs find a movie that replicated the conditions of Waco. I’m sure at Waco they held a final prayer as well, before getting burned out by the pigs.

    I will say that any form of fantasy needs to be eliminated. As sad as it is, God will not come down from heaven, trumpets blowing, to save your group. EVERYTHING has to be done by the book, all the details covered. The enemy is killed one at a time, each time paying the full price, setup, execution, followup.

  3. I so want to see this movie.

    IMO, the USA is generations away from anything close to civil war or some armed resistance movement. First the public is barely paying attention, they are well conditioned to be satisfied with a turn over in the ruling political party, they haven’t begun any form of basic political resistance, and there’s no civil society for a resistance group to hide in.

    Anyone bunkering down waiting for the SWAT will just wind up dead. Right now the job is meta-political.

  4. All police jobs are political. Obey our orders and you get paid. It’s that simple. If one of those maggots have ever refused an order, I’d be shocked.

    • Sure it’s just a job to them. That’s why there’s no chance of any sort of armed resistance movement. If things really start to break down, you’ll see a fight between the state/county governments and new regional blocks operating under international legal frameworks. Corporate Free Trade Zones and the like.

      If our meta-political job was done, the people would first start traditional political organizing at the local/county level. This wouldn’t topple the regime but it would change the dynamics. If the feds made a move against the population (not just some fantasists reliving Waco) after some political victory, that might start a crack up.

      But it’s nowhere near that yet. A generation away.

      The “waiting for the Rapture” thing is my pet peeve.

      • I’m with you, HR. But everyone thinks revolution is right around the corner.

        I don’t know. I don’t see how one can organize anything today. If it’s anti-system, it will be infiltrated and monitored. Voting doesn’t matter. Feelings don’t even matter. I read these comments by cops about how they hate the fedgov but they just tow the line at work.

        No mercy. I’m with the worse is better crowd. I’m for amnesty, so 11 million whites go out of work. I’m pro negro crime because liberals need it. More pain and more suffering are needed. Alot more. We’ve got 20 years to play with.

        MW is writing on The Collapse. I don’t see purpose in arguing anymore. I was a survivalist for many years until FP woke me up. There is no collapse and the beast starves you, you don’t starve it. We will have to wait for MW to come around.

      • Tim McVeigh tried to start the ball of revolution rolling. As outrageous as Waco was, it was the wrong cause to fight for. Personally, they had the right to be left in liberty but I’m not dying – especially for somebody else’s god. If you’re going to open that can of crap, let your own Godd save you.

        There is great potential for armed resistance. Colored cities merely riot and stupidly destroy their own infrastructure… like Korean & arab groceries. The guns are in rural areas.

        It is as unwise to prematurely field Continental Army 2.0 as it is to sit in your house and await the SWATZIS. Rural areas are full of crucial infrastructure like rail & power lines…and one CCTV camera for the entire county.

      • Sounds like the safe bet.
        Rapturism is a peeve of mine also.

  5. The local authorities tried to prosecute some the feds who killed the Weavers at Ruby Ridge. Didn’t work though although Randy Weaver’s lawsuit did. but that’s northern Idaho twenty one years ago too.

  6. Remember, “The Celestine Prophecy?” Rivers be turning to blood and everything like that – it’s the end times, man!

  7. I surely do. Some though Y2K would fix things. That didn’t happen either.

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