White Minority Eradication: 2043

by Firepower

LIUFY: Vanessa Beecroft

Everything I’ve told you on Eradica is true.  It will come to pass.  But, that is not your only problem. The important awakening is always – always – the awakening that comes next….

The next truth is: This future will get worse.  There’s no need to lie or exaggerate with paintings of VRW or call Obama names and ask for his birth certificate.  The truth is damning enough.  Many of you will cry future tears of…

anguish recalling my words from your once-glorious past.

White deaths outnumber white births for the first time in all of history: In 2043, whites will be the 49% minority.

This “natural decrease” is a sign of the white population decline soon to arrive.  Nonwhite population increased to 116 million, or 37 percent of the U.S. The fastest percentage growth is among multiracial Americans, followed by Hispanics.”

In 2043, those of you now at age 10, will be adults who’ve known only Barack Hussein Obama and the FFOL*.  You at 20 by then will have Brandons of your own – stupider, even more useless Brandons than today’s.  You’ll likely even have Britnees who bang coloreds and bring pickaninnies home to live under your roof.  If in your 40’s by 2043, you’ll likely be a balding fatbody with bitchtits too oppressed and ground down by the united totalitarian forces of Liberal Nazism to fight anybody (and anything) but your black female supervisor.

In 2043, you strapping, know-it-all 25-year-olds will be 55 – totally worn-out and worthless. You 40-somethings will be in your 70’s and hurried toward early death to exchange your depleting. BiGGov old-age Social Security retirement benefits. Uncle Beast urgently demands you surrender them to pay DHS benefits to pregnant minos pumping out their 10th DemocraBaby.

LUVS vets. Won’t fuck them

Rural clodhoppers’ population is even falling.  Dead sons – dead Jordies killed in Muzzville – tend to reduce numbers. Dead meat don’t fuck.  Add to that, HB9’s don’t fuck unfuckable meatbags.  McStumpies and Baconfaces don’t get laid – even by PC Manhattan Hebrew-HB8s…Especially by PC Manhattan Hebrew-HBsMutilated Meat Don’t Breed.  However, the FFFOL will order adequate numbers of you to still farm the land, ensuring  your labor keeps District One sated, even if it takes a squad of multi-colored Affirmative Action-government-job DHS Troopers to garrison on your acreage.

Guns, and the right to bear them, have probable odds of being relegated as anachronistic then decreed as obsolete as dueling and dueling pistols.  With future Jeneration|Justin!® indoctrinated thusly from Kindergarten to Kouch by FAT Feminist Soccermom teachers… it is most likely.

The Propaganda Media will still make money even after dropping NASCAR, Hockey and History Channel by promoting Black Rapstar Bitches Of Beverly Hills and Amerexican Idol – it will reflect this changed, mutated people.  Songs will be in Spanish. Press #2 for Inglais.  No more fifes tweeting sappily on programs about 1776. You’ll hear Spanish trumpets blaring to rap beats.  The Propaganda Media gladly forfeits advertising SWPL  toddler leashes and shrinking hoses and substitutes taco makers because that’s where the money will be at from this New Murkan Citizenry.  They will still live in Fortress Manhattan, resplendent in luxury, safe from all their poison.

English: Barack Obama, President of the United...

Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer!

Mino on white hate crimes will increase.  You, will be older and less able to defend yourself.  There’ll be less of your kind to defend you. You will live in shittier streets and times. The youth that should protect and replace you will be yet more diminished, stupid and apathetic.  More minos+less whites=better odds to kill and get away with it – because the Mino Master Machine is now the government, the Po-Leece, the “investigative” media.  Killing a white will be like killing an Indian in 1820 Texas.  If you’re mino, you’ll get a medal for your growing hobby.

But, take heart.  While everyone you know has to take a big bite of a Shit Sandwich, some prosper! Despite this gloom, there is growth for whites:  There are mansion shortages in the richest communities.  Each Fortress Manhattan, Castle Cape Cod and Hawaiian Pleasure Dome needs hayseed farmers in the wilderness.  They can make billion$ shorting stock options telecommuting to their Manhattan Hedge Fund, but somebody has to grow and bake their bread.  These mansions …are for the owners of the Bakery Conglomerate.

All this, while the Murkan Budget collapses.  Thank G-Ziss we have $100 Million to spend and send The Leader on an African Family Vacation/Homecoming celebrating His Coloredness as the sanctified, First Multi-Racial-African-Diversity-American to Lead us as The President of The United States of America.  The Black Christ travels to meet God, The Father – Mandela. The fascist liberal aristocracy rules with impunity.  It will grow more imperious.

One People
ONE Nation
One Leada!

Obama is more white than me. Imagine in 2043 what a real nigger like Al Sharpton will do in the White House – after the First Female-Mexican-LGBT-African-American President paves the way with greater destruction you’ve never imagined.  With whites as a minority in 2043, there will be less arms to stop the decay even at the current rate. You (and your kids) will be fighting 51% pure coloreds with the ubiquitous 22% SWPL Liberal whites.  You will be 27%.

It all can be stopped – even prevented.  You don’t need to be told “what” to do.  You already know.  What you need is awakening.  But…if you prefer to sleep, there’s nothing a warning siren can do.

*confused by acronyms? fucking read the glossary on the homepage

43 Responses to “White Minority Eradication: 2043”

  1. The last two articles suggest to me one thing: start getting married and pro-creating 🙂

  2. Secede from society. Or return to the Fatherland.

    [ed note: there is no conceptual “fatherland” – you’re actually living in it]

  3. Blogging is easy. Put your money where your mouth is.

    [ed note: ahhhhhhh…i’ve been awaiting this tactic an inordinate and long overdue time – and planning for it]

    • Maureen is one of us. She knows that the internet and everything electronic is recorded. She would not call out WNs to confess online. Alot needs to be left unsaid.

      GL Piggy used to do that to me. He would dare me to go waste some niggers or something. Then, of course, Pigg would go and turn me in. No thanks, Piggy.

    • boom, this shit is not going to last past 2020. come on, by 2043 the environment will have degraded to the point of depopulation and extinction if we continue on this path. fp is a masochist sometimes

      [ed note: your EnviroSpeak reveals your basic Lib-indoctrination in GovSchool. You’ve Got A Golden Ticket to describe this vision on Eradica]

      • I used to believe that. I used to be a big Maltusian.

        The environment can take ALOT of degradation. Woooooo. Think of Eastern Europe and acid rain and nuclear radiation. Dumping thousands of barrels of toxic waste into the ocean. Think of Africa’s environment. Think of China bro!

        No way. People can live in almost anything. If Africa, of all places, can have 2 billion people, there’s no hope of that killing off the masses.

        Try this video, CB, if you can. Man in incredibly resiliant when he wants to be.

      • eh yeah SOME might live on, but no massive superstate can function with droughts and dustbowl erosion, and cancerous food sources. niggers in africa are literally living off our midwestern corn and bread, that is why they are not all killing each other for whats left of the colonial agriculture. the game has broke down many times before, 15th century europe? russia chiefly? read about the time of troubles in russia before michael romanov showed up, no state, not food, plague, non-white invasion. sure SOME people lived on, they were mostly lucky and prepared. look at the russian revolution, spurred on by michael shiff, jew american banker, millions died cause the system broke down and commisars redistributed the scant food stuffs. look at the industrialization of india in the late 19th centuries, food centralization led to millions of deaths,



        mutha fuckin’ el nino! circulations of cool moist air killing millions

      • sure FP ill share some shit about the global biosphere and how industrialization changed our relation to it, and the only people with a workable plan to save the earth from becoming a mega citied, slag filled THX nightmare, are the depopulationist elites. im gonna be out innawoods for this week, ill write it up on sunday for ye… been a while since i did anything but talk shit.

      • Firepower: Would you just move here already so I can look after you? Its a white American haven. You’ll think you’ve gone back in time. I know a couple good places for a 78 year old to live. You’ll come over for picnics and you *will* play badminton and get out on a boat 🙂

        [ed note: mmkay, first I’ll have to return 1,390 lbs of WW2 newsreel footage to Pat & cam’s beer can collection. Other than that, I travel light, for all I own is a black Speedo]

      • LOLOL Let me know when you’re coming 🙂

        ps: My grandfather used to bathe in the lake in his speedo. No one will mind 🙂

    • Ready for a Big Surprise?

      What if I told you I was in a wheelchair, that I were a McStumpy – a remnant from Uncle Beast’s campaigns?
      Would that matter?

      What if I’m actually a 78-year-old veteran, would you want me to lead the charge up Bunker Hill 2.0? Does that matter? If so…you are foolish. What matters is the truth of my words.

      I have told you: Murka is like any thing. It can go one of three ways.

    • 1. It gets better
      2. It stays the same
      3. It gets worse
    • Nothing stays the same. That leaves the question: Does the current trend signal Murka getting better?
      If so, you are an Obama voter or Member of The FFOL, for Murka is getting better – for minos. Volunteer for Hilary 2016.

      We’ve discussed 2043.
      What does Murka 2053 look like then, after more coloreds elect more darker and darker Presidents and Congresses? 2063? Screw that – what does 2033 look like, or 2023.

      I anticipated the maneuver and your parry. What I did NOT expect was it would be a girl having the balls to ask. I expect you wouldn’t have demanded Himmler join you guarding the ovens, nor look to Dolfie riding the 1st Pzkfw IV into Poland.

  • I wasn’t asking for info. I just get frustrated with our slow process.

    [ednote: i also am angry about the slowness. i will think more of this and comment later; i encourage others to explore the reasons.]

  • Hey! Am I banned? 😦

    I’m just frustrated! Sorry!

    [ed note: of course not. dialog is what we want. btw, i’ve never banned anybody]

  • No, no. America will be an Emirate, if not the Caliphate in 2020. All whites will be converted to Islam. Whites will have large families. As white women are first picks, the elite will be whiter and whiter each generation. Or all whites will be under Noahide Law, and as Hasidic Gentiles will be largely illerate, but very fertile.

    • Brazil does not get whiter – it gets browner – even as it grows richer.
      The mexican horde will never convert to Islam from Roman Catholicism. Do you see any mosques in Columbia?

      Minus the PC white simpering, beaners will eradicate so many muzz it will finally have the real impact it takes to make muzz listen: Full graveyards fuller still with mourning, ululating muzzmommz. Muzz know this as well as I, which is why they target SWPLs instead. There was no Dzohkhar N’ Tamerlan at an LA Cinco de Mayo fiesta…

      Spanish heritage is one of the few victors in eradicating the shit out of an occupying muzz culture and exterminating it so thoroughly they ran back to Africa: Moors. Both sides know this. The muzz fear resurrecting an El Cid 2.0.

      Finally: The Elite are most certainly not your friend; they are Your One True Enemy no matter how white they are – or become.

  • Sheesh FP. If you’re that pessimistic why don’t you just go on a OIALT bender and then go hang yourself? Those of us with eyes can see what’s coming and will survive this, (NB: The tribe, who’ve survived invasion, defeat, enslavement, exile, forced diaspora, pogroms, holocausts, overt legal discrimination, and other hostility and marginalization for 4000 years!). Propaganda should encourage awareness and preparation rather than make one suicidal.

    • FP is just presenting the facts. I would even say, a merciful account of the facts. Things will be much worse than he has said. Though it may not seem like it, FP has done this for your own good.

      Look around you. Right now – do it.

      Do you see the reality of what FP described? Can you see that future coming? It is almost impossible to see if you look at surfaces. There is a human tendancy to lie to ourselves. WNs feel this too, because we tend to be idealists.

      Fear and suicidal thoughts are a good starting point. Because the enemy is very strong and he rules this country. And to beat him, you will have to be very, very good.

      [ed note: first: I value your comradeship and alliance. Second: VRW-ites presume the FFOL is stupid, weak and will simply surrender all that VAST American treasure it worked so hard to grasp. Obama’s recalcitrant arrogance in the IRS and NSA putsches shows they will never yield until totally eradicated – and even then, they’ll plead mercy. Then, if allowed ONE surviving seed, they will again return to avenge]

      • “Fear and suicidal thoughts are a good starting point.”

        There’s a reason the ZOG media eg Oprah constantly hawks the importance of “positive thinking”.

        [ed note: YOU… are wise and have potential]

      • Babying people doesn’t work. You just get weaker men out. We call this Vikings Riding Wolves. No one is going to ride in and save us.

        It’s like the Marines. You’re a worm, until you graduate, then you’re a Marine. In WN, you’re nothing until you’ve got some kind of ability. Whatever it takes to get people off their asses and prepping.

      • ” In WN, you’re nothing until you’ve got some kind of ability. Whatever it takes to get people off their asses and prepping.”

        What’s your core WN syllabus?

      • Here is the core syllabus. Learn about jews, blacks, immigrants, feminism, PU and the MRM. Great. 90% of WNs are not past all of that. So you’ve got the why.

        Now you need to be able to do something. My emphasis reflects me. My interests are interrogations and interviews, the police, rules of evidence, intelligence/recon/surveillance, tradecraft. There are many areas that can be useful to WN. Use your creativity and find them. This is where differences develop between WNs.

        There are things everyone should do. Everyone should do some hand to hand, basic marksmanship, just be as good as the average Jordie or pig, which is not hard. Their training is all online for free, no magic ninja secrets. There are no secrets period.

      • Do you share baaltanit’s antipathy towards art, music and religion?

      • Art, music and religion. So you know about Baal.

        Whatever works. If you can find a way to make any of them improve WN, I’ll shake your hand. i don’t see the utility of them for the most part. Art and music can inspire emotion, religion done properly can help us.

        I just find science more useful for now. If it makes you better, do it. If not, dump it.

    • I don’t know WTF OIALT means; do better.

      Jews once looked like Arabs. Now, they’ve had that fucked out of them during their travels and marriages to Shiksa Goddesses. They only control Western societies and nations. Equally powerful arab oil states, Red China, asian economic powers like Indonesia and India thrived by keeping them out and will never admit them. Without the West to serve as host to their parasite, they will weaken.

      Awareness is the message and Eradica is awareness. If you get suicidal reading here, you’re doing it wrong. The temporary antidote is to writhe naked on a wolf-skin rug wearing your helmet-horns, curse Firepower three times then read my Soylent Series.

      Then, read up on El Cid and the Moors if you want to see how Euros permanently eradicate a colored muzz culutre.

  • Where do you see the rest of the Anglo-World going? (Omit the UK because it’s an even bigger diversity shithole than Murka.)

    • Backyard Brony wrote: There’s a reason the ZOG media eg Oprah constantly hawks the importance of “positive thinking”.

      Indeed…positive thinking is easier to the trained lazy than positive action.
      The Elite prefers
      Happy Thoughts
      Over Angry

      Regarding visions of The West: If Liberalism and coloreds aren’t eradicated, it will be a combination of Brazil and S. Africa.

      All the armed Whites in the world will NOT triumph over FFOL dogma and practices provided they continue preferring the Elite’s Bread & Circuses, VRW and faptacular fantasies of Liberalism simply disappearing.

      Germany is voluntarily taking in thousands of Syrian “refugees.” Sweden spreads its cheeks for any muzz negro wanting instant citizenship and FREE welfare. Is that what victory looks like? No.

      Nordic “fatherlands” like Norway and Sweden are more liberal than San Francisco and have zero military might to protect themselves from invasion if Murka falls and leaves them vulnerable. They won’t have the GDP to staff both a military and police.

      In short, The Rest of The West will eventually resemble what it does today and did 20 years ago: England and Murka.

  • I do think your masochistic at times and see every trend as never-ending. In 1910, some Europeans saw a coming war that may last weeks, but nothing like the next 35 years of history they endured. Did Russia see the next 35 years in 1910? Did Russians see the next 25 years in 1980?

    The sickening thing is the glee in white libs eyes and the clapping of the fact of some whites when this is announced or reported on the news. Self hatred. They’ve been brainwashed in school to hate everything white. There is an unspoken, even amongst people who can see, problem of one sided liberal history. I just read in a book about how an early settler of the west 1840s or so, had grown up in the Midwest on patrols on the communities farms in his small town. They had to patrol the f*cking farms from Indians mostly and other times desperate men. Twelve year olds with muzzleloaders because the threat of death was a daily happening on the farm. No history professor ever discusses that, and that was just 160 years ago when we supposedly had settled the Midwest. People have no concept of danger, threats or fear.

    Your Five Finger Fist concept is brilliant and an easy discussion point with normies. I was at a gun show a couple weeks ago. If trends continue in a straight line, the Chinese let America go just enough to sh!t then knock us over and use us for our natural resources and farmland. We’ll become their vassal. I don’t think trends continue though. First a dollar crisis, then a political crisis, then a social crisis and it’s reset time.

    • A doctor describing pancreatic cancer is neither masochistic – or even sadistic.
      You are unaccustomed to hearing anything but VRW and JAN, so naturally chafe at the discomfort. This is Eradica’s founding reason. Unlike the plethora of faggot blogs claiming lame Hollywood Matrixian Red-pillism, it is actually only at Eradica where you find revelation.

      That is merely what that fancy Matrix rephrasing is: A ‘grecycling of the word revelation – a new concept once hidden, now revealed.

      Russia…did not have coloreds. Russia stomped its minos. Ukrainians and Georgians were 2nd class citizens for labor. Murka, unnaturally elevates its coloreds to the foremost official powers in the nation. Russia did not have the black or the illegal wetback. Mexico, does not have the black sneaking over its border.

      Trends in nations do not end until a nation falls; that is the end of that particular trend until it is displaced by a new nation with new values – a Zeitgeist or Weltgeist. This is what we see in Murka today. A tree grows until it stops, then dies. Just like a man. Just like a nation.

      Do you see the sickening glee in white libs eyes abating? No. Instead you see it grow daily. What does that trend indicate to you. It is discomforting, yet we know what to do.

      I’m encouraged you use the Principles of FFF to explain and even convert new adherents. This is what I made it for: A message easy to understand by both the missionary and the convert.

      I’ve written my views on China: After our consumer spending is depleted, they sell to themselves like America did in its Golden 1950’s Age. China then needs only our resources. Yet, they know armed conquering of soil is impossible with all those White Folks with guns.

      They will await the FFFOL’s Liberal Nazism to eradicate Whites by the population shift explained in this original Post and replace Whites with the ascendant FFOL Superman: The Multi-Colored Man. Those whites they can’t genocide by fucking the white out of them, they’ll increasingly try to disarm the dwindling numbers of NRA farmers.

      The Neo-Colored Superior Man… will not be so in reality. The Elite know this as a lie but use it to an end: A docile cola brown population free from dangerous, traditional White admiration of Spirit of ’76 armed Revolutionary Ideals.

      They will harvest China’s new California tomatoes and Kansas’ wheat so long as the welfare checks keep coming.
      China already, last week, bought lock, stock and barrel the world’s largest pork producer: The USA’s Smithfield Foods.

      Next on their shopping list comes Tyson Foods, ConAgra and General Mills.

  • Clarification: Once In A Life Time = OIALT

    [ed note:
    it does work magic
    for muzz]

  • Opt out. Completely. Buy nothing new. Cancel cable Talmudvision. Only dine at small, locally-owned businesses whose ownership you can attest is satisfactory. No movies. Buy as much locally produced food as possible. (see farmerspal(dot)com for local suppliers of non-GMO/chemical infested meat and produce) If something breaks, buy a part and fix it or have someone local do it. Don’t feed the system. Don’t do business with folks who hate you for your color or those who employ them. Identify the lairs of potential enemies and stay away from them. Important: avoid areas where you might be surrounded by forces whom are likely to harm you. Be aware. Keep your thumb near the safety. In short, every dollar spent eventually makes its way to the heeb, so spend carefully and frugally. Stay away from greatWALofchinaMART. Do not give them money. If ten-million people did the above this charade would grind to a halt. There would begin a great wailing and gnashing of capped teeth and a horrendous honking of hooked noses. Economic participation is the grease that slathers the wheels of this evil nonsense. Don’t participate. Every dollar not spent is a dollar denied the greedy jew. It will cause them pain. It will force their hand. It will bring things to a boil. We have numerical superiority. Stay calm. Analyze the local situation as it deteriorates. Be smart. Be effective when pushed to react.

    • Many of your suggestions are good – ones that affect direct spending.
      Still, buying a used dvd on ebay or a garage sale does not contribute to TOTE: The One True Enemy. That money’s already in their pocket. It actually takes money from TOTE when you turn around and sell it to another viewer who may have spent full retail price.

      Buying local food is a good suggestion. I do this.

      You also need to read this. It explains why:

    • And support people who share a hatred of your common enemy, which are the liberal nazis (Jews, White Libs and Migs).

      There is no such thing as a WN Jew, religious or non-religious. A Mexican cucaracha who fights for your cause, is 100x more valuable as an ally than a co-racialist who happens to be a Jew. Anyone who comes from a country with a sense of nationalism know what it stands for. A Jew will never understand, because he never belonged to any country to begin with.

      • Any MINO who fights for our cause is welcomed.
        This is proven only after demonstrated loyalty tests.
        Each MINO has their weakness and potential liability for betrayal.

        Ideology is more likely to promote loyalty than race; look at the FFL. Look at the white filth on their side.

        Only when MINO allies appear suspect are they to be eradicated.

      • “Our” first lesson to the MINO is the personal benefit of severing a degenerate “racist” relationship AND NOT putting any more belief, thought or action into futile attempts at recreating white man in the “black” man’s image.

      • JS…

        Consistently hating is a tough task especially for the liberal who has been brainwashed into the idea of “loving” everything.

        Consistently hating for a WN is nearly impossible because he refuses to evolve to white Supremacist and therefore “consistency” towards anything remains elusive.

        The white Supremacist hates evil. This is a consistent principle that only requires consistent faith in the principle. One is not required to live in a constant state of hate as “proof” of allegiance to his fellow white man. He must leave some room to love his fellow whites and love those things worthy of love.

        Certainly, a white Supremacist can kill evil in the name of love.

        But the greatest obstacle facing the high IQ “white” male is the internal debate as to whether he even has a right to exist at all. All the evidence points towards white annihilation. It is the high IQ “white” male that can “see” this annihilation to its finality… All he needs do is reject white Supremacy and stay snuggled securely in his state of “white” anti-white Supremacy.

        “Hating the enemy” when one is a self-annihilator is just smokescreen to facilitate the process. Yes, white man has enemies who desire his collective annihilation, but they really only have a finger on the figurative trigger. Because the enemy is a self-annihilator, his only goal is to have YOU join him and not resist him as a “genocider.”

        ALL LIBERATIONISTS are enemies to the white Supremacist… But this fact neither forbids the white male from conversion to white Supremacy nor does it coerce same said white male into radical liberation/self-annihilation…

        The high IQ “white” male BELIEVES there is a third way of being. There is not.

  • REPRODUCE, REPRODUCE, REPRODUCE!!! It is the most important thing for white couples to do. We will not survive unless our population grows.

    • Aha, but this reproduction solution does not have the same BIGov Benefits for whites as coloreds.

      The plan of the LN is: The more pickaninnies/spickaninnies coloreds pump out means the more FREE Welfare Money they get. But, whites are already over-burdened with the high taxes to pay for this colored mob; the more kids whites pump out means less money for Xbox, iPhones, Chihuahuas – and kids.

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