Your Government Will Enjoy Murdering You

by doomdigit

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Americans (and others) do not understand that force must be met with equal or greater force.  If you are not prepared to back your beliefs with force you cannot expect to live.  Many victims falsely assume predators have the same motive, and that somehow appeasement will work.  As someone who has experienced both (bullied and bully) I can tell you that appeasement does not work.  Appeasement may delay, but it is not a solution.

There can be no doubt as to why the death roll of the West Cork I.R.A. dropped so amazingly. It was solely because British terror was met by effective I.R.A. Counter-terror. We were as hard, cold and ruthless as our enemy had been since hostilities began. The British were met with their own weapons. They had gone down in the mire to destroy us and our nation, and down after them we had to go to stop them. The step was not an easy one, for one’s mind was darkened and one’s outlook made bleak by the decisions which had to be taken.

Tom Barry, Guerilla Days in Ireland (Dublin: Anvil Books 1981), 112.

With this in mind, understand that in any society there are always people who will……. do whatever The Elite wants without question:

I am not a man who sits back and ponders the effects of war on the human psyche. I am a man of action, a man who functions, and during war I never spent time gazing into the distance, pondering the meaning of it all. I have seen men made and unmade on the field of battle, and I understand its power. I just never saw much sense in bemoaning my fate or blaming someone else for the pain I feel from the shrapnel in my legs. I was a soldier. I had a job to do.

During my seven and a half years in Vietnam, I did not concern myself with politics. We were aware of the sentiments at home, and we saw firsthand how the protests and general unrest boosted the enemy. But in a very literal sense, this was not of our world. The way I saw it, this was the only good war at the time, and by damn I was going to be there to fight it. I understood the power of war, and as such I understood that a soldier can never, ever, be complacent in searches across the combat area. Just when you think you have the entire world by the ass… bam bam, you are dead. In that world, the world of the SOG men, there is no room for politics. So I did not question why we were in this war. Instead, I channeled my energy toward trying to win it.

Billy Waugh with Tim Keown, Hunting the Jackal: A Special Forces and CIA Ground Soldier’s Fifty-Year Career Hunting America’s Enemies (New York: William Morrow 2004), 47.

The kind of people who do whatever The Elite wants will in many cases enjoy it:

When you’re in a profession where your job is to kill people, you start getting creative about doing it.

You think about getting the most firepower you possibly can into battle. And you start trying to think of new and inventive ways to eliminate your enemy.

We had so many targets out in Viet Ram [Ramadi] we started asking ourselves, what weapons have we not used to kill them?

No pistol kill yet? You have to get at least one.

We’d use different weapons for the experience, to learn the weapon’s capabilities in combat. But at times it was a game—when you’re in a firefight every day, you start looking for a little variety. No matter what, there were plenty of insurgents, and plenty of firefights.

Chris Kyle with Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History (New York: Harper 2012), 271-272.

The following passage has stuck in my mind for quite some time and I hope everyone remembers it well.  As you read it, keep in mind that everyone involved was purged and that our current President previously joked about murdering American citizens with drones and using the IRS to harass opponents… then he did both of these things and much more that we may never know about.

Stalin was always fascinated by the conduct of his enemies at the supreme moment, enjoying their humiliation and destruction: “A man may be physically brave but a political coward,” he said. Weeks later, at a dinner to celebrate the founding of the Cheka, Pauker, Stalin’s comedian, acted the death and pleadings of Zinoviev. To the raucous guffaws of the Vozhd [boss] and Yezhov, plump, corseted and shiny-pated Pauker was dragged back into the room by two friends playing the role of guards. There he performed Zinoviev’s cries of “For God’s sake call Stalin” but improvised another ingredient. Pauker, a Jew himself, specialised in telling Stalin Jewish jokes in the appropriate accent with much rolling of “R”s and cringing. Now he combined the two, depicting Zinoviev raising his hands to the Heavens and weeping. “Hear oh Israel the Lord is our God, the Lord is one.” Stalin laughed so much that Pauker repeated it. Stalin was almost sick with merriment and waved at Pauker to stop.

Simon Sebag Montefiore, Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar (New York: Vintage Books 2004), 198-199.

How are you going to face your supreme moment?  Are you going to bequeath to your executioners and their masters a joke they will enjoy for years to come?

I highly recommend the following works which are all available online:

Principles of Personal Defense—Jeff Cooper
David’s Tool Kit: A Citizens’ Guide to Taking Out Big Brother’s Heavy Weapons—Ragnar Benson
The Death Dealer’s Manual—Bradley J. Steiner
Mantrapping—Ragnar Benson
Zips, Pipes, and Pens: Arsenal of Improvised Weapons—J. David Truby

If you live like a McMutant you will die like one.

6 Comments to “Your Government Will Enjoy Murdering You”

  1. I’m met with an ever-growing, ominous suspicion, the overwhelming majority of Americans now willfully ignore the dangers of violent tyranny because they were indoctrinated so by Government School.

    There was no other crafty strategy to disarm and neuter History’s greatest armed population than lull them to sleep and clip their hair like Samson. Odysseus poking out the Cyclops’ eye.

    Now, you have brownhides – ostensible “Americans” screaming for higher taxes – the very antithesis of the hereditary, Revolutionary Spirit of ’76.

    To live in Murka today is to realize how dictators rise. It is never against the will of the people, but with their consent.

    • “I’m met with an ever-growing, ominous suspicion, the overwhelming majority of Americans now willfully ignore the dangers of violent tyranny because they were indoctrinated so by Government School. ”

      Yes, I think that’s a big part. Children are taught about a Constitution, and then speech codes… So there’s this document that says we have free speech, but every day they are taught that they don’t… Surely this affects them.

      It all stems from misunderstanding the rank and file white Democrats. It is mistakenly assumed that they are reasonable persons–they are, in fact, unpersons unworthy of unliving. You do not debate zombies, and you certainly don’t let them teach your children. They are relentless reprobates.

  2. Excellent. Jordies love killing. They just lie to themselves about it. If they can be worshipped as heros afterward, so much the better.

    I want to teach WNs not to “need” to be the hero. We will never be favorably covered by the media. Cops and soldiers need to be the good guy. There is power and there is the weak. That is all.

    I will take you one step further, FP. Freedom is over. That fight was lost. From now on we should just expect more of the same, more USG violations, more “anger”, nothing done.

    The line in the sand is never crossed because its always redrawn. That is good though; it allows the intelligent to be patient and choose their spots.

  3. stalin often trolled his dinner parties, waiting to start his speech extra long watching for the first person to stop clapping, so after a few disappearances the pre speech fan fare went on exceedingly and almost humorously long.

  4. You’re killing it. I think that it was Seneca who said that in order to be free you have to be a slave to philosophy.

  5. “I’m met with an ever-growing, ominous suspicion, the overwhelming majority of Americans now willfully ignore the dangers of violent tyranny because they were indoctrinated so by Government School.”

    I assumed everyone knew this already. Don’t you watch youtube? 🙂

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