The World’s Most Perfect Girl: Bella Thorne

by Firepower

Yep. Her Parents KNOW

Oh, to be a Disney Girl, just one rung lower than The Disney Girl:  The girl next door growing up as wholesome as Xtina Aguilerra, Vanessa HudgensSelena Gomez, Miley Cyrus…Britney Spears.

Hey, if my ‘rents let me pose as a toddler bikini model, I’d have issues too – even though I was hellagroovy-perkier than Miss Bella.

Disney was once a place filled with the innocent joy of trying a peek up Tinkerbelle’s diaphanous cartoon miniskirt.  Today’s Disney Channel is as chaste as The Seraglio:  A cavalcade of divas-of-the-year club prancing around in slutwear.  On their off days, they strip down still more.  Their parents approve totally; they like the checks.  Like medieval peasant parents with fair damsels… who liked the Lord’s gift of that cart-full of pigs and quinces.  What’s NOT to like?  Disney and the parents approve – the girls approve.

I lay down The Great Firepower Game Challenge Contest #1 to Roosh: Lay off the Favela Girl whose economy leaves them impressed by your watch that would pay their rent for 4 years: Your Timex.  Quit with the Slavic warpigs with arms bigger than yours and even, swarthier mustaches.  Game this – and post pix.

Evidence of Perfection:

  • Redhead
  • Toyt – loik a Toiga
  • Big nose
  • Bubblebutt
  • Wears skanky outfits
  • Gawky
  • Attention Queen
  • Legal in my county

Fatal Flaws:

  • Totally knows she’s “hot”
  • Wears skanky outfits
  • Redhead
  • Disney Syndrome: wholesome now…
  • Carnival Cruise Wreck, later

You Got Legs Right Up To Your Neck… Yer Makin’ Me a...

tee hee

22 Comments to “The World’s Most Perfect Girl: Bella Thorne”

  1. What a waste of good genetics. Redheads do not do well in Hollyweird. I remember Nicole Kidman dating Lenny Kravitz. Lindsey Lohan goes from wholesome to trash.

    There is a WN book out there called KD Rebel. David Lane talks about WN and feminism. A woman like Bell needs to be kidnapped and reconditioned. The book is short at 80 pages or 90 minutes long. I highly recommend it.

    I don’t like PUA. I like it less and less with time. Feminism cheapens women. PUA cheapens men. Sex as the whole purpose for life is very ugly.

    • i don’t know about polygamy, sounds disfunctional in a “aryan” society of equal fighter men. with duels and werguild systems, “wives” would constantly be changing hands and children would be a willy nilly. i think that practice is for desert people and niggers. plus one wife would be more than enough for me, could you imagine trying to manage 5 different relationships involving children at once (without beatings)?

  2. This was one of my daughter’s idols. CeeCee of Shake it up Chicago. We got rid of our cable. Disney has this very clever way of keeping kids hooked on their channel. They always have the end of a show and the start of a show back to back. Sucks them into watching endlessly. Plus I deemed it too mature for her. Now we only watch pbs, she plays on, and we rent movies. Maybe Bella will be one that can make it through okay. Some of them do: Hillary Duff, for example.

    [ed note: I’m undecided whether all disney is crap. much of what they “do” is innocuous entertainment for kids and uphold traditional values of integrity…while in shortshorts. PBS is often a PC dictator of MultiCulti with Dora Los Explora Pied Piping kids into being pro-illegal Obama-Dem voters by 18.]

    • I think Dora is Nickelodian, but point taken. Some of them are more about social skills, but others are learning building blocks: Curious George (math and science) and Super Why (letters). Wild Kratts teaches them about different animals. A good one for social skills is Arthur because all the characters are different animals. Clifford deals with a lot of kid issues too and often the lessons are taught through the dog characters.

  3. “A woman like Bell needs to be kidnapped and reconditioned.” Bingo – although she is far from being a woman.

  4. I would prefer polygamy over what we have now. It would prevent a whole lot of bitter old cat ladies cropping up.

    • how so? its not as if there still would not be jealously and undesired ones. also this system would produce a large amount of young men who would be kept out by the older men, unstable system. their would probably be young men in the woods looking to kill the old men for stealing “their girl”, etc.

      • Whites are intelligent. We would know what to do. Obviously that’s something you don’t do, go running around with 3 women while your men have none. It’s a recipe for disaster. That’s greed and invitation for a fight.

        The problem with so many areas today is that people get too damn greedy. They push a good thing too far.

      • WN are intelligent, i’d accept a system like that if was run for “the fourteen words”, but that is a bad societal custom to start, cause down the road you’ll have idiots abusing the system, who will die under the blades of jealous young men. of all the older white men i know, fathers, uncles, bosses, profs, etc. only about 4 or five of ALL the ones i’ve met, would i accept living in a society like that in, the “play boy” attitude would make me kill them real quick, and admit that the old men would definately horde the young ladies. lane used the lion/lioness harem as an example, which is terrible since the young lions all get ostrasized, since the “boss” gets all the pussy, so they go out in the plains and fight each other and kill and get strong, and then come back and kill him and ALL THE CHILDREN, not a good system.

      • You see the cub’s spirit in attacking, head-on, a killer 10x his size. He stands his ground.

        The oft-used “Lion Example” is only applicable as a basic analogy to human groups. Humans willingly form alliances between leaders and youth. You see that today with young Murkan Jordies allied – and protecting – Barack Obama and his Establishment. Bush’s, also.

      • The problem of older men hoarding the women is solved by euthanasia. More problematic is the fact that it invites patrilinearity, that is, identity going along the father, which leads to the race-mixing I was banned for at MWIR.

  5. That’s cool. I enjoy watching animals. They are much purer than humans. A man has to lie to himself about it. His mind actually inhibits him. The human part of us is our greatest weakness probably 90% of the time. Very rarely do we actually need thought and rationality.

    The female goes in heat when the male kills the cubs. Wow.

    It’s nice to see reality for even one minute. That is the truth of our existence. I feel cleaner after watching it, like I know what to do.

  6. A system like that would make every man stronger. They would work their butts off to get a woman…and that would make the whole society stronger.

    • Yeah, women like polygyny, hypergamous surprise, surprise…

      • thats because sex is their vehicle to power, single pair couples are a advantage for societies based around the “lord and his men”, you cannot have all the pussy and have an army, you need to share. monogamy is favoring the men obviously. this is why david lane and some of the other WN 1.0 guys are crypto-feminists, who idolize the white pussy, and they support these outrageous claims like how women are more important to the survival of a race? bah what nonsense, why then do the densovian women in india spread their legs for the aryan warrior back in the bronze age? why do men in ancient times (like lions) kill or drive off all the men? i like the original 14 words not the feminist version.

      • pussy is reproductive resource, it is like farmland…something to be fought over

      • Oogenhand have you ever considered that women have been conditioned to be hypergamous just as they have been conditioned to be anti-racists?

    • it would also lead to mass infanticide when the “old man” was deposed, and it would bring about inter fraternal warfare much quicker than other systems. also niggers are matriarchal

  7. See the chain she’s wearing in the bikini picture? That’s a subtle indicator; given a chance to check I’ve never been wrong. So imagine you are her, you’re getting dressed looking in the mirror and you put something like that on. What do you think crosses her mind?

    [ed note: she wants to start blogging?]

  8. how is that skeleton girl perfect in any way? she would break in half when fucked. go get buried in shit, please.

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