“The Work”: Various Forms of VRW

by Ryu

The pattern is everywhere. This is because it is more profitable to sell fantasy than reality.

For PUAs…”The One”.

For Survivalists…”The Collapse”

For Criminals….”The Big Score.”

For WNs…”Vikings Riding Wolves.”

For Christians…”Judgement Day/Revelations”

For the US Miliary….That one big op that ends terror.

For the MRM…Feminism just up and goes away.

What they have in common is that none of them exist. They are all fantasies that appeal to human laziness and his desire of something for nothing. In all cases, the one in a million miracle cure comes in, solving all problems.

I’m going to be a grinder. I have resolved to eliminate what I can of VRW from my own philosophy. From now on, there’s only the work, the grind. Getting one day better, squeezing out the tiny advantages, winning the expected return. Matching my strengths against the enemy’s weakness.

I see alot of pessimism out there. That comes from helplessness. The first step to curing that is to become excellent at something useful to WN. Doing things successfully builds confidence. No one is above the process. You have to walk before you can run. People are looking at the top of the mountain before they started the journey. No wonder they are afraid.


Put yourself on the line. Make it personal. This is a long term project with no miracle cures. You WILL pay every cent and every minute of time for your wins. Hope and luck are not strategies.

Find ways to motivate yourself. You already know what needs to be done. Everyone here does. It’s not done all at once, it’s not done without practice.

I tremendous confidence in properly motivated WNs. I’d put any of them against the average cop or soldier any day of the week. But you’ve got to put in the work! You need to set yourself on fire; wanting it is not enough, you have to need it. No more bitching about what you can’t do; focus on what you CAN do.


17 Comments to ““The Work”: Various Forms of VRW”

  1. But what should we actually do that is not some version of VRW?

    I hope I am not being tiresome here, but I still want to talk about your idea that “the Beast starves you.” I’d like to offer as counter-evidence this blog entry:


    The Beast is dependent upon us!

    It needs us to borrow and spend and live on credit, and make loan payments. if we don’t do that, their source of blood is cut off.

    Your theory is that the Beast can live without us. all they need is their brown laborers. But can they? Can they live without the economic engine (that’s breaking down as we speak).

    I think that what happens is that if the economic engine breaks down, they lose leverage. They will have to get closer and closer to us to get anything out of us. When we are a resilient local trading economy, it will be very hard to get any profits or taxes out of us, and that’s the Beast’s biggest nightmare.

    And all that’s got to happen to create a resilient localized economy is continued economic decline. The local farm supply stores are doing a BOOMING business. The local supermarket now has a very large canning supplies section. Lowes sells food dehydrators now. They didn’t have those 5 years ago, you had to buy them online. My town is setting up an Agricultural Committee (which I will be on).

    My Viking Riding Wolves Fantasy goes like this; relocalized economy. We can no longer afford the yellow school buses. A significant portion of the population becomes racist homeschooling families. The kids have to work very hard whether at farming or trading or helping their fathers do repairs or their mothers do homestead work. Because the kids work so hard, they appreciate learning, and they learn about why their civilization fell to its knees, and also get very goood at STEM and create tech companies on their farms and home workshops and form fierce militias with high tech weapons and 4GW, and a generation grows up that attacks the Beast and kills it (for at least a few generations until it comes back in some other form).

    • A few notes:
      I reopened comments on old posts in case you want a shot at the OP:

      Ryu will do his usual stellar duties of answering queries, after I add needed information.
      You aren’t being tiresome; yours is the welcome kind of discussion.

      Uncle Beast is dependent on us like a Manhattan steak aficionado is dependent on cattle; like Doomdigit is dependent on his McMutants.

      The wealthy are doing great. The bureaucrats, too: The engine is not breaking down for them – but for us – as surely you must see in your own post & link above:

      …most people are not feeling flush enough to resume their borrowing binge…surveys indicate that most people will never return to their old ways.

      People are poorer than they were, and are likely to remain so – even decline further.

      …All it’s done is pump up asset prices which merely makes rich speculators even richer.

      The average American is unable to borrow a car loan and drives a clunker. Rich Manhattan investor types make even larger profits and move into more opulent Manhattan penthouses. The Beast is not starving, it starves us.

      …Our dumpster divers, voluntary povertarians and hippie farmers are the blood soaked assassins of the bankster economy.

      Maybe in 50 years, but for now, the only ones shedding real blood are Muzz like Dzohkhar & Tamerlan. Whites fap to PlayStation, sports and Real Black Housewives of Atlanta.

      Garbage pickers, hippie farmers and povertrians are not the starvers – they are the starved – as their names describe.

      What this trend gets you, is Red China or Brazil: Oligarchs in penthouses, peasants in Favelas. Feudal Manhattanites will use your blood to fuel cargo ships bearing bling and gasoline to Tiffany’s.

    • ‘The Beast is dependent upon us!’

      Read ‘The Jew of Malta’ by Christopher Marlowe. It’s a run down of how the beast (the YKW) accumulates All money/power by pitting people against each other.

      In it’s purest form, the beast doesn’t have any interest in allowing anyone else to have any power/money. It’s like the proverbial ‘girl at the party’ who wants to be the centre of attention, and doesn’t allow anyone else to speak a word. Or the ‘domineering mother’ who doesn’t allow her husband or children to have any say at all, even in their own lives. This is the mentality that the beast typifies: the Tyrant. They (Jamie Dimon, Blankfein etc) might be going mad like you say, I’ll have to defer to your judgement on that one, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll give up their reigns of power just like that. Believing that they’ll just keel over and die is the realm of the Christain Fundamentalist, the New Ager, the Survivalist, who believes that they are ‘saved’ and all they have to do is turn up, and not make any effort, not take any risks. It leads to the believer abdicating responsibility for themselves, for their future. That’s the problem with the whole ‘Vikings Riding Wolves’ (or it’s other variations like Christian end times etc).

      People taking charge of their own lives and taking risks is fundamental for any progress. Even if it’s in a small way. Like the youtube video that you posted a few months ago by a young man who commented on Anti-White discrimination in the media. Even something like that requires a degree of risk awareness.

    • It’s not tiresome. But it’s a case of you convincing yourself. I have very little to do with it.

      All the United States Government needs from me is taxes. That is it. And if I do not pay, they send their muscle to collect. All will obey their orders. They don’t need me, they don’t care a whit. Really they don’t even need my taxes, they can just fudge the numbers and inflate more.

      The economy is irrelevent. Think of Greece, Egypt, India, China or Turkey. Their governments don’t care either. As long as DC and NYC can hire enough guards and can supply their own needs, that’s all they care about.

      The people can be placated by media promises and political trickery. It works in Africa, South America and it works here. The anger by itself is worthless. People need “food” for their mind more than their body. The bread and circuses are more important than the economy or the food supply.

      I’ll be by your blog soon.

  2. I have to be honest. I am having issues with fatigue. After working, I feel too tired to study. I would appreciate tips on how to motivate myself and overcome this.

  3. Garbage pickers, hippie farmers and povertrians are not the starvers – they are the starved – as their names describe.

    Oh, I beg to differ. They are living that way by choice and actually enjoying life, AND striking a blow against the debt economy. Not everyone wants to ride around in limousines and yachts.

    I have known those people, FP, and I don’t doubt that you have too. I went to school with them on the shoreline of Connecticut. My best friend in high school’s family was worth 100 million. His father had photos of himself with Bush 41, Rabin, and other politicians from the late 80’s/early 90’s on the mantle.

    So what I can say is that the rich are miserable and messed up. they overdose, they crash cars and boats and planes. Most importantly, they go crazy. Lloyd Blankfein? I guarantee you that guy is batshit fucking nuts. Same with Jamie Dimon and the rest of them. Out of their minds, all of them.

    you think they got things under control, you don’t know those people. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

    • I agree MW. What we have come to think of as wealth is often coupled with a poverty of spirit, a poverty of good human relationships which leads to a reliance on pharmaceutical medications, sexual excess and other distractions. I learned as a very young child that all that glitters isn’t gold. Who among us hasn’t want that “thing”. That thing we couldn’t live without? Then once we got it, it wasn’t so special anymore. Things don’t make us happy.

      Even experiences, like vacations and such, are no good without true companionship.

    • After a man has eaten shit his entire life, it doesn’t taste so bad anymore. One can get used to anything. Most of the middle class will end up poor soon, so they prepare by voluntary poverty.

  4. I sure don’t advocate giving up responsibility. Financial resilience and material/food resilience and penny pinching work both for collapse and non-collapse.

    you know the addictive rush people get from Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft? I get that from doing mathematics. I am not yet monetizing my knowledge of math, at least not directly, so at this point there’s not much difference between my study of stats and calc, and a WoW player. There could be intangible benefits such as clear thinking and helping my daughter learn math so she can monetize this knowledge and teach her own kids.

    Same with gardening. I’m out there fantasizing about doom as I take care of rows of potatoes and beans and squash hills . I’m VRW’ing out there like crazy. Of course, I do save money for the family on food, and we eat better, less poisoned, so I ohpe that counts as whatever the opposite of VRW is.

    • Gardening is good if you know how to make it work for you. Remember – without vegetation, there is no human life on Earth.

      If you’re going to spend time on it, do it to the best of your ability. Be better than 90% of those who do it.

  5. The correlation between VRW and Xtian “End Times/Revelation/Tribulation” and The Big Score etc, is very astute.

    It’s mythology – the human need to believe in Justice delivered down upon “the wicked” while elevating the good – usually that group promoting the mythology.

    One can imagine The Elite suffering pangs of guilt numbed by destructive drug-usage, but that fate also happens to folks in shacks. One cries itself to sleep in a cot, the other, a $50,000 mattress.

    The poor suffer alone, while aristocracy has power to make thousands suffer along with them. To praise the poor’s situation over the wealthy is the fable of Sour Grapes. One can take pride in ability to change his oil, but it’s better to be able to afford paying somebody else to do it, for you still retain the choice whether to change it yourself and display a work ethic.

  6. If I’m on an over-priced mattress crying myself to sleep will feel better??? I doubt it!

    $50k mattress people worry about every little ache and pain expecting life to be perfect. They are a pain in my keester.

    Sour grapes or not, since I was middle class and now I’m a povertarian (will never be “elite”) I choose to take great satisfaction in not needing all the things the capitalists say I need to be happy. It’s called being content with my lot in life.

    Will I always be a povertarian? Maybe not. It seems that there is this drive for excellence of some sort inside me and that, in theory might bring more money into my life in the future IF the regulators don’t come around and regulate businesses like mine out of existence so they can dominate.

    It WOULD be nice to BE the regulator/dominator for a change instead of waiting for it to happen to me but I don’t have the wherewithal to do it right now.

    • Nonsense! I know an area where you are one of the best in the country as you sit.

      Power and domination are a matter of choosing the ground to be your area of expertise and drawing the others to fight on your territory, where you are master.

      Learn from the academics. They choose an area, a very, very small one. Then they read everything on it. Boom! They are the best in the world. Many of the WNs who comment at MWIR are among the strongest in the world at it.

  7. If we had a thousand of Ryu, we could flush this overflowing toilet…

    • I have very definite weaknesses. If someone else is strong where I am weak, it’s covered. Teamwork is important. Often other WNs and I can look at the same scene and we focus on different things, even with the very same training.

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