Vikings Riding Wolves

by Firepower

Rollin’ Wit
Skjoönsgäärd Avenue Crips

This is another concept I created: How WN’s version of Vike-kidzz react to real life – similar to how Regular Brandons do.

One plays a carjacking GTA hipsta-thug, another fantasizes of Assassin’s Creed and all are Intergalactic Terrorist-Alien Killaz or SpecOPS Heroes!® …from the safety of their couch – like a Super Viking!

It’s play.  It is pretend gratification that fires the same synapses like a real kill – or the fix needed from the sensation of…

…an absent kill.  It is mediated:  Ummm…It’s where the word “media” comes from.

Today’s Brandons – and their dads – are symbolic warriors. Intermediaries. Fake.

It’s shouting the magic mantra of nigger-spickiking deflating righteous anger like fapping into toilet paper.   It’s not real and saps the drive as masturbation saps the will to Sarge.

The black loves to pretend they were “Egyptian Pharaohs” who Made Dem Muthafuckin’ Pyramids An Sheet.  That fantastic lie spread briefly until some wise-ass mocked the hell out of it.  Today’s Greeks neither resemble King Leonidas’ 300 Spartans, even though it is itself a movie based on a comic book.  Today’s Greek can’t even do 5 sit-ups or manage the Olympics in Athens without bankrupting their shaky olive-oil economy.

Beware attaching your serious group to sketchy fantasy-history susceptible to the mockery of truth.  It is fatal.  Notice today how Liberal Nazism scrambles to step on its dick to defend itself as social media increasingly catches its lies and tortures it with Truth.  Beating the One True Enemy over the head with truth is the position you want to be in.  We have Truth on our side – all we need do is but use it.  There’s no need to embellish the truth.  Only those who fear battle to the point of nonaction need props like horned-helmets and battle-axes.  VRW are the Avatar taking all the fake risk to fight in your place as your phony substitute.

Real Berserkers were nuts – like Dorners. Loughners and Adam Lanzas.  The rest of the unit just watched their back while they did their thing.  But first, you have to have that group to do it.  Having pals who find you temporarily useful for one purpose means you don’t have to commit suicide in grade school classrooms killing “enemies” several levels beneath you.  In reality, Vikings were not warriors who bravely fought other warriors on the Field of Honor, but rather fought among other Vikings for the right to plunder pacifist monks in monasteries and loot lightly armed villagers – much like today’s colored gangs who prey on White suburban SWPLs and their girls.

Wiking Diwision

Uncle Dolphie pretty much shat on former vikings even way back in 1940, using Denmark, Holland and Mighty Norway as doormats and spittoons.  Norway, a mountainous country easy to defend, fell after a wimpy 62 days, then spent the rest of the war following German orders – despite historical revisionism trumpeted by formerly invisible Norwegian “resistance.”  All that “Wiking” stuff was a way to get Lazy Norwegian Youth too chicken to fight for Norway to fight for Dolphie in Russia.  Know your history – or stfu when someone who does is talking.  Today’s Swede is even more faggotty and meek than the 1940 version.

Remember:  Those real-life Vikings wound up as today’s pasty Norwegians, Danes and Swedes who can’t wait to suck the dick of every muzz immigrant they demand be granted citizenship in their green land of Odin and Crumbled Valhalla.  Even then, they were a degenerated, dissolute crop of softies which spawned today’s even more socialist-hugging puffballs.  They’re so emasculated, even that 1940’s Norwegian Sissy would call them weaklings.

Look what lies get you.

Germans didn’t feature Vikings prominently in propaganda posters. They dressed their target audience in the image of their current uniforms, gave them an original,  current flag to wave – then marched them off to current martial music on a new crusade.  Fantasy gives you an illusion of time you do not have; realism is urgent.

Fantasy is the Death Siren’s Call of inaction and Whites are highly susceptible.  Take pride in what you do – not what you dream.  Create new symbolism free from the past’s restraints.

61 Responses to “Vikings Riding Wolves”

  1. This is why neyo-natzies are so enraging. Take the most powerful, dread inducing, spirit uplifting symbol Europe ever produced and drag it through mud and shit. Yea, recipe for success. At least the most ferocious *modern* prison gang has maintained some of its potency.

    Confederate flag? Out. Thanks for importing coloreds. Celtic Cross? Out. Squandered.
    Life Rune? Tinged with the past. NA was destroyed after the good doctor died. So the Big Four are dead.

    A symbol must be simple enough to scrawl on a wall, complex enough to catch the eye, and spooky enough to scare off posers. Any ideas?

    • ‘A symbol must be simple enough to scrawl on a wall, complex enough to catch the eye, and spooky enough to scare off posers. Any ideas?’

      Is the ‘two white pine trees’ logo being used by anyone these days? I recall Thomas Chittum mentioning it in his book ‘Civil War 2’.

    • Celtic cross is squandered already?

    • pliskin, i think the swastika is our symbol, the jews will always paint us with it. i’ll gladly be branded with the symbol of the sun bringer of all the noble life giving energy on earth, and capible of eliminating it at any second. sounds like the faustian white man to me. but im just a noob, you flew the galfire over leningrad! you know how to get in quiet..

      • If tanks bearing the holy hakenkreuz rip through this continet I’ll be the first to join in. Right now it just attracts the wrong White people (present company excluded).

      • yup the swastika tat is the symbol of the FBI agent

    • Yep – all those ss lightening bolts really speak the language of VICTORY when painted on meth heads in San Quentin.

  2. Fantasy is the Death Siren’s Call of inaction and Whites are highly susceptible. Take pride in what you do – not what you dream. Create new symbolism free from the past’s restraints.

    This really hits the nail on the head about something that bothers me very much. We have to pay attention to the fight, now. It’s a fight for money and influence, and using one to leverage the other, back and forth. Money buys influence; influence makes you able to set yourself up to get even more money, and even more money, even more influence, and so on. Like the Rothschilds did. The VRW’s only hope is for a total collapse of the Rothschild global financial order. They don’t face it head on to fight it.

    • We detect these trends from our proximity to modern communication hubs: Web logs. Posts provide a daily gauge of knowledge unique to our shared values. VRW and FFOL are but two of the main reasons I started Eradica, with the crux of its purpose being to explore these new concepts and take the next step in defining them. Then ultimately, to eradicate and repair them.

      • what is FFOL

        [ed note: Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism – check out the “Firepowerisms Glossary” on the homepage. There’s Ryuisms there as well. See also the link to the actual article in the Greatest Hits tab]

      • The FFOL is firepower’s creation. It’s a coalition of liberals, gays, minos and feminists all devoted to destroying the white man. The big idea is that they are united against whitey.

        I’ve been waiting for this article FP. Fantasy is quite possibly the greatest enemy we face. We’ve got to limit ourselves to what we can do. If we can’t do much, we need either more skill or we must reduce our expectation.

        And it’s not just Vikings that are doing the riding. The MRAs have their fantasy, the PUAs have a fantasy, the feminists have one. Fantasy is rife today. A consequence of TV, internet, video games.

      • I wrote this months ago. There’s more well-prepared hits in the draft warehouse on the way. With many writers involved, I let them stretch their wings. Your own article on VRW emanated from out of our longterm discussions on this subject and scooped me. I liked yours.

        Note, for instance: The reliance on fantasy – it is the safe way. It may serve the psyche of a 9-year-old imagining he’ll “beat up that mean, awful bully!” one day, but when it comes to existing in a nation for decades, it fails. Fantasy suits whites, teens and especially white teens. So much so, that today’s 30-year-old white male is mentally a teenager. This suits the purpose of FFOL Social Engineers; if I can think of it…they have.

        WW2 French Resistance’ big picture (macro) goal was to “defeat the Germans” but they had no means to do it. So, they limited themselves to what they could do (in the microcosm) and took action based on this necessarily reduced impact.

        Same with the American Revolution. First came the Boston Tea Party, The Shot Heard ‘Round the World – then the Continental Army slaughtering Redcoats on the field in organized formations.

  3. Perhaps gardening in the hopes of starving the Beast, and learning math in the hopes of a number crunching job is itself fantasy? Learning Chinese and/or Hebrew? On the other hand, what is a better thing to do?

    • My opinion on that is here:
      You Don’t “Starve The Beast” – The Beast Starves YOU

      Like you, I am a huge proponent of education and it is the most valuable component of humanity, except when it interferes with action i.e. Professors and that Ivory Tower Syndrome.

      The problem is not “us” as organizers and leaders. The problem is The Masses. I wrote about this in my blogging/’grecycling series: Never before in human history has so much communication been made freely available to the masses. Now, that itself compounds the problem. It’s as if Stalin learned a Mysterious Secret and switched from suppressing communication to
      ignoring his bratty teenagers and
      let them vent
      until spent

      The Murkan Regime has finally learned that it is best to let a tantrum cry itself out; it views Murkan citizens as babies throwing the occasional tantrum.

      Knowledge has itself been co-opted into a sub-circus of Bread & Circuses.

      Everyone knows what to do…they just don’t want to do it.

    • Well MW, FP has proven to me that the USG will starve us, not us starving it. They will tax, steal, and do whatever it takes to assure their own survival. Hipster Racist has convinced me that there is no collapse coming. We will be screwed but the elite will not be.

      Learning math is realistic. Languages are certainly realistic. But how to use them against non-whites? They need to become weapons.

      I am not hopeful on the job front. I see progressive credentialism everywhere, where now a PhD and a postdoc with experience are needed for high paying science jobs. Most jobs being created are resturant type service jobs and shit retail jobs.


      There is more. Alot more. But this medium is a system tool. I won’t be the one to break discipline, MW. There are whole worlds out there useful to WN. I can only write about the bottom 1/3rd of what there is. WNs need to learn to take initiative and find things for themselves. The “leaders” will not always be there to show the way.

      • Your last point shows you on the same page with me: I intended including the repeated warning of mine that we enlightened men of a generation inevitably pass away, leaving it to another.

        I wanted to add this replying to MW, but it needs a separate comment.

        The successors leave me with the ominous sense that they are less-equipped. Their successors – not equipped at all even in the least. This pleases the FFOL immensely, for they see it as clear as I.

        These regressive degenerations continue until nothing is left but animals grunting at our remnant e-words like Morlocks forced to storm The Bastille. That, displeases the FFOL – but they are also as good of procrastinators as “American Patriots.”

        Progressivism is

      • Ryu,

        FP has convinced you. Prove is a pretty strong word.

        Look, I’ve told you before; I know a LOT of volunteer food producers. If you mean literal starvation, we don’t necessarily have the magic bullets to feed everybody, but we have a fighting chance to feed ourselves. In my town, heck, in my county, if there were food shortages, people would kick into action to produce food like creazy. The only reason they don’t is the ready availability of cheap corn syrup.

        So if you mean literal starvation, we got that covered, more or less. Now if you mean economic starvation — the end of bread and circuses, that’s not such a bad thing either. The end of bread and circuses will make White Americans better people. Even if we still have cheap food but not cheap gasoline, say, and cheap entertainments, people will start substituting local socializing and local activities for the old going to ball games and going to restaurants and movies.

        So it’s my position that the worst thing that the USG can do is starve us. If they do, they lose control of the culture.

      • The worse thing that happens if they starve you is not they lose control of the culture, the worse thing is: You’re dead.

        The ethos of All Liberalism is to transform the culture into colored/mino culture – not preserve Thanksgiving and July 4th.

        Anticipating food shortages and preparing for them is not victory, but rather what 500 A.D. Romans felt before the dimness of the Dark Ages approached.

      • Hey, don’t bash the dark ages. Those were actually a great time to be European.

        I’m pretty sure that a lot of people like me will survive, even if I myself die.

        [ed note: it was a good time to be an elite – a warlord or chieftain. everybody else lived like Africans in huts with clay pots. even the warlords got out war-lorded by stronger tribes and had their ways destroyed, just like Indians killing each other here. that europe was akin to today’s Mexican cartel or African tribal dictator. nobody speaks Helvetii anymore]

      • I’ve been a survivalist for most of my life. Up until recently, I believed in the collapse.

        Now, thanks to FP and HR, I do not. They confirmed what I have been smelling in the air. The modern survivalist in fact repeats exactly what they said 30 years ago. The world didn’t end – they just inflated, taxed and outsourced. Do it slowly enough and “practically” no one will notice.

        “The Collapse” is a particular form of Viking Riding Wolves that the survivalists engage in. It’s this notion that the shit will hit the fan, the USG will collapse/disappear and we won’t have to lift a finger, other than feeding ourselves. In this life, there are no miracles. Things don’t happen like that.

        You are one of the most talented WNs alive, MW. I believe that in the future you will come to see this as well. I’d bet on it.

      • Ryu,

        Is your persuasion of a non-collapse a result of studying the numbers? Do you have a quantitative foundation for your view? Because I do — it’s a combination of the failure of capital and the reduction of EROEI on fossil fuel extraction. These are both quantifiable and it’s not hard to extrapolate from these quantities that what is happening now, cannot go on. See for one.

      • I long thought Murka was totally based on an oil economy.

        But, as China emerged, I recognized a crucial difference. They keep their people busy riding bikes and tired from pushing plows. Our elite will discover manual labor a handy ball and chain to impede “freedom-loving” types. Hell, they already know this. China’s taken over the world economy with peasants pounding rocks into concrete mix for Cement Factory moguls living like Emperors.

        Any scarce oil will be used to feed factories for “National Interest” and fill gas tanks of Manhattan limousines shuttling rich trophy wives to fully-fueled private jets for delightful weekend shopping sprees in London.

        The elite will use your blood to fuel freighters hauling champagne – or gasoline – if necessary.

      • You see, I think if they turn us into manual labor slaves it will spark White Resistance. I think all this easy living has been our Number One Problem.

      • So Firepower, you basically believe in collapse; you just think it won’t be to our advantage at all. That the elite will triumph and we’ll either die or be slaves.

      • I don’t think whites will be used much for manual labor, as there won’t be many whites around any more – just coloreds like illegal mexicans. The country will be 51% “minority” in 30 years.

        I do not believe successive generations of whites are getting better, but worse – from clear evidence.

        I do believe there is hope, because we know what to do, but just haven’t done it.
        If that is done, there is hope. If not…
        Rome – both of them – had no revolution to “restore” past glory. There was just collapse and dissolution.
        I believe in what History shows us man can achieve – or lose.

      • 49% Whitese is still over 100 million of us. that’s plenty for anything.

        The liberals projection of non-whites ruling the country depends on the continuation of the welfare state and the Corn Syrup Cornucopia well into 2040. I’ll be amazed if it makes it to 2020. But perhaps i will be amazed then.

        [ed note: i don’t know. half are liberals or don’t give a squirt. the half of those are too old/too young. half of those are irretrievably stupid. that gets us down to 12.5 mill.]

      • So is Kunstler also a variation of VRW? I’m guessing he is:

        I think you bash doomers too much. We are very concerned with practical matters. Doom didn’t make me passive, it made me active, and the things I have done as a result of doom-consciousness have been good for me and my family.

        [ed note: I no longer read TBP but should IIRC he trackbacks my stuff. I just find myself having more to say now, after extensive study, than others can teach me. Few enlighten me to new concepts. Most are like sequels to movies. I recommend Zero Hedge]

      • I bash many, but only those who deserve it and I sense have potential for awakening as my time is worth much to me.

        The central proclivity (and weakness) is one for the fundamental Murkan penchant for fantasy.
        I’ve listed these reasons in Why MRM Will Fail and why PUA Will Fail.
        (I’ve closed comments recently due to HUGE amounts of spam; to comment tell me and i’ll re-open)

        Fantasy is the Opiate of The Murkan Masses. Whites are overly prone to excessive indulging. The Hollywood Media Machine, Wrasslin’, PlayStation, Fantasy Football, Sports etc. all feed the need to avoid the scary sense of dread we feel creeping up in our guts. Even lazy coloreds don’t subscribe to most of that crap.

        Describing a “feel” is difficult, so I urge you to watch Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

        Any catastrophic descent of America won’t be the fun, shoot ’em up video game we bought all those guns for, but simply a future extension of what Detroit and LA look like today, but with no electricity, food or medicine.

      • So what should we do that isn’t fantasy?

        [you know what to do]

      • My conclusion is based upon human nature. I used to worship numbers and science…until I learned that scientists are the priest class of the feudal system. I can make the numbers do anything I wish. I too went through the peak oil phase; took an entire class on it.

        I trust my guys and my own experience. There is an inner voice that I obey. More than understanding numbers, I can feel them now.

        “The collapse” myth was a fantasy designed to play to my laziness. There is no revelation, no judgement day, no collapse. Judgement Day and Revalations is the Christian VRW. It’s the same as if I dreamed I could study so hard in one day that I get a 4 year degree in 24 hours. Or that in one workout, I could be fit forever. The US in 2033 will look like Mexico or South Africa in 2013.

        Life will go on, MW. It always does, no matter what happens.

      • excellent point mindweapon!

    • you make a really good point,
      there’s nothing to scare the savage indian
      like a settler with with a hoe…

  4. Some people can be moved from fantasizing to doing something, many can’t. Some people confuse fantasizing with doing something- protests with swastikas, or Confederate flags, or any kind of political activity for that matter. People who are willing and able to do something are probably not even in the game. For this reason implicitly white activity may be better, but implicitly white activity doesn’t help those who really need it.

    • The very best will have to provide an example, a system that can be replicated. Easy enough that the average WN can use it, but hard enough that the average USG shill can’t figure it out.

  5. Principles of Personal Defense—Jeff Cooper
    David’s Tool Kit: A Citizens’ Guide to Taking Out Big Brother’s Heavy Weapons—Ragnar Benson
    The Death Dealer’s Manual—Bradley J. Steiner
    Mantrapping—Ragnar Benson
    Zips, Pipes, and Pens: Arsenal of Improvised Weapons—J. David Truby

    These are all available online, and read together will provide a good foundation. Readers can branch out into any direction and specialize–further works are available online.

  6. Nobody, including us here, knows what to DO except blog and take care of things on a personal level.

    • If that were true, 1776 would never have happened.

      “The Tree of Liberty must be, from time to time, refreshed with both the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

      Even a lowly Taliban denigrated as a mere raghead knows there’s reason to act. But, they don’t have Fantasy Football and PlayStation.

  7. How any trees have WNs watered?

    [it is NOT how many trees you water, but how many others you make water the tree]

    • I ask this to make a point. IIRC, you emigrated from an oppressive state?

      If not, many do. That also means they abandoned their ancestral home because it got too difficult. My own ancestors did this. Today, there is nowhere else to go anymore.

      Once America falls, it will take with it the illusion of safety its military gave to all nations like Britain, Japan, Canada – the entire Western World.

      There will be no bloodless way out like emigration, only standing your ground, win or lose.

  8. Download away:

    And hit the Home page for even more…

    And FWIW, there is a study regarding the first attack on Grozny and what went down. Can’t seem to find it at the moment though…

  9. The shots are cheap and easy when you’re targeting poor, confused White folks hooked on nostalgia tv and VRWs.

    You need to come up with a vision or plan compelling enough to command their attention.

    So far, fail.

    [ed note: I refuse counsel from one who balks at contributing group financial knowledge from his self-professed area of expertise]

  10. The primary issue with US WNs, I think, is that they are in the main rough, unsophisticated, lower-class types striving for recognition and respect.

    They lack any kind of a sense of responsibility, or noblesse oblige, towards their fellow Whites. The sense of fellowship is lacking.

    These scumbags, useful as they are, certainly will not comprise the new elite, the new aristocracy, that we are in the process of building.

    Contrast this with the situation in Europe, where GD/CasaPound/GenerationIdentitaire regularly help their fellow Whites with food drives, security patrols, and medical supplies.

    The contrast, and results, could not be greater.

    • Just because you hate my words
      does not make them even one scintilla less true…

      Yes, I know the concept of Noblesse Oblige. By nature, there can be no noblesse in lower-classes: Noblesse Oblige is your rank’s duty. It is the charity of noblemen.

      In your words, the masses you describe are devoid of self-actualization and wantonly incapable of planning their tenuous future; these are the people you prescribe receive my vision. It will not be reduced to strained peas when it already exists in 500 robust posts.

      Simple people need simple plans. We know what the plan is; it is not complicated. You know what it is but you just want to talk about it some more. Anyone who knows history knows what works and any plain man can learn by reading books provided on a silver platter. Yet, they do not, even when given links.

      The Golden Dawn example is promising, but cannot compete with Uncle Sam’s Welfare Bonanza prize package. It would take a man of wealth organizing like-minded men of means to fund such a program dispensing food, medicine and security.

      Still, all you need is ask Uncle Sam: Handing out Red Cross packages does not win Hearts & Minds. It is hatred of a system and hatred of its oppression that achieve victory.

    • agreed, that is why dominating local industry and political structure or at least helping to direct local resources (to white people) in case of emergency will be the task of WN if SHTF. pointing out that fed shutting down farmers markets are doing so because they prefer to send the food you all (the farmers) grow to mexicans and libruls, etc.

    • Lagoony is right!
      Only some rich guy with inherited and created wealth
      with INSIDE INFO on how to create even more wealth
      could fund those trailertrash freebs like snotrags and lollipops.

      Now I wunda where we could fine such a guy?
      any ideas? hmmmmmm?

      I hear lbf may be available cuz “there goes the Laguna Beach neighborhood!”
      They just let in their first Pollack.

  11. LBF, LBJ, LGBT, gosh I mix them all up.

    Eradica’s moonbat speaks the truth tho.

  12. Erm, can you please remove my blog from this post? While engaging, I write for children and I don’t think their parents would enjoy them reading this content. Please and thank you.

    • Thanks. You’ve been polite, so I will give serious consideration to your request.

      It is my opinion they should read this, as much as they read about the London Riots, acid attacks – and the Drummer’s butchering and beheading by a Nigerian immig.

      The internet is full of porn and British Socialist sites that are more unfit for a child than even the deliberate scarcity of comment on your nation’s collapse into irretrievable darkness.

      • Oh, I don’t doubt that, and I’m not saying there isn’t truth to your post, but I don’t think the post where I mention the reasons I chose Norway for a fictional story about aliens based on ancient Norse civilizations is necessarily comparable to your post. I simply describe some aspects of Norse culture via what I’ve read from the sagas. 🙂

      • I’m curious: How do you view the real Vikings – and portray them to your young readers? They violently raided British coastal villages.

        Is it like this lol – Cuddly Vikes?

      • Definitely not. But there is a difference between Berserkers and Vikings. My main character ever kills a Berserker in self defense.

      • You need to read real history on this era if you want to educate and convey truth to young minds. Revisionist fiction can be harmful to impressionable young minds.

        If the central thesis needs to be a Berserker getting his comeuppance from a Noble Warrior, a totally realistic depiction of a Saxon or Angle defending a coastal town/monastery would work.

        There are even Viking burial grounds in both England and Ireland. Dublin has many:

      • Hiya again, Elli-boo!
        I just know you’re too busy to craft a response
        What with making-up Super-Neato Stories for Teh Kiddeez ’bout Cuddly, Misunderstood Viking Babies!

        So, how about an Adorable-Adolf® Dollie!
        We’ll split the profit in pure HUGGZ!
        Platonic, of course



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