How Are You Going to Win? The Secret…Revealed!!!

by Ryu

While local conditions vary, people who are able to win consistently do so by matching their strengths up against the other guy’s weaknesses. Two things are needed: One has to have strengths in the first place, and one has to perform recon to figure out the enemy’s weakness.

Are you prepared to learn the secret? Some people would kill to learn this trick. Special Operations use it. The NSA uses it. Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Tony Robbins too. It’s everywhere.

Reps. Repetition. Endless repetition of the basics. If you work very hard, you will be very good. That…is it. This is what will decide if…….. WNs get what they want or not.

The internet has made everything available free online. The how is not a problem today. Developing an ability that is better than the other 90% in any field takes 3 years minimum. Even learning to scout well takes practice. The only practical limits are one’s will and one’s curiosity.

The problem with news and jews is that it wastes time. WNs have got to be good at something other than noticing negro crimes. We’ve got to resist the urge to do the easy stuff when it’s only the hard stuff that counts.

WNs must surround themselves with excellence. Once a man has committed to training every day to become the best, the real struggle is a mental one – against laziness, inertia, countering the influence of TV and common desires. The mind is actually more important than the body.

25 Comments to “How Are You Going to Win? The Secret…Revealed!!!”

  1. how would you react in this situation ryu?

    • You know, whenever trouble comes, women always start screaming. Count on it, even in the military.

      I would just walk by. What is my interest? If I fight with that guy, we both go to jail. I’ve played the hero and would be put out of action. In jail I am useless.

      Naked black men are not relevent to my mission. If other people care, they can handle it. San Fransisco isn’t my city and isn’t my neighboorhood. I don’t know anyone there. That’s the policemen’s job. If they want me to handle criminals, pay me.

      It’s important to stay focused. Those aren’t my people, so I don’t care. They are irrelevent. More importantly, if a WN group was there, they should move on unless there’s a reason to act. The worst thing they could do it something impulsive that jeopardizes the mission.

      What would you do?

      • hmmm well your answer is the best choice, really it is not relevant for me to risk my life to save someone who’d later drop all their admiration for me once the niggers defense lawyers used my ” online racist rants” to determine that me cutting that niggers throat with a buck knife as “racially motivated”. however i think that if i saw a nigger like that attacking a woman with a child i would lose the ability to suppress my instinct and i would attack. but if it was a typical harlot i’d actually laugh and mock the woman for her being so “intolerant” of cultural diversity.

      • and that is only because niggers have accosted my mother in front of me when i was a child, so i really get upset when soliphistic gang banger scum get the muh dik going in front of kids.

      • I remember that story. It gives you motivation.

      • Listen to Ryu and pay heed.

        Will you White Knight for strangers – in san-fuckling-frisco?

        Would you jump in
        to save
        Nicole Simpson?

      • touche firepower, it is true that is something i still need to work on, suppressing the white knight drive. i usually don’t interfere in the buisness of a man and a woman fighting, and i fucking hate it when people do. but some women can still get me to do shit for them still, even though i fully understand that the batty eyelashes ploy is just a ruse. it is quite hard though

      • I announced to Spearhead idiots years ago their pedestalizing of coloreds is identical to the whiteknighting they so loathe for women. Ryu allied with me in stating the obvious to no avail.

        Both groups get singled out for “preferential treatment” but the Dadginas are too god-damned stupid to realize they pedestalize coloreds like they once pedestalized women. They are inculcated with sentimental feelings toward MLK the same as they were taught to be “The NICE Guy” and hold her head when she cwyyyys. That’s why, since I’ve left – they’re still in a world of shit. There is NO WAY a group of fat old SWPL dadz who willingly roll over for the Divorce court and take it up the ass frighten anybody.

        You’ll have to use your own brain to decide in a moment the proper circumstances whether to engage in combat to help another. That said, avoid the vast majority of these instances: Remember Ron Goldman.

        Let HEROCops!™, filled with action-seeking ex-MiliJordies™ making $60,404 a year off taxpayers assume all the risk. Because…

        I always believed if Goldman escaped, OJ’s defense would’ve been Goldman “called him a nigger” and Ron would’ve served more time than The Juice

        I mourn The Nicole Brown-Simpsonite Memorial Legions of Dead… like I mourn the passing of one of my farts.

      • I don’t have much hope for the MRAs. At least in their own arenas, there’s no one to really push the limits. Too bad GlobalMan disappeared.

        FP is right and there’s more. You’re a WN. That takes alot of time to develop. If you decide to start other training, you’ll be very rare indeed. It would take a long while to replace you.

        In jail, you can’t do anything. Genuises like McVeigh or Kaczynski waste away in there. They went completely inactive.

        With every action, there’s a risk of capture. We can minimize that by only doing exactly what we plan and having cutoffs for opportunities, but never going further. I never hesitate the say that when you attain the objective, stop. Don’t do more than you planned to do.

        There’s a HIGH risk of trouble when “saving” another white person. First risk is the guy you save ratting on you to the cops. Second the risk you can’t get out clean and you get taken in. Maybe the negro talks to the cops and fingers you.

        Especially for WNs who plan on being active, the answer always has to be no. In time, we may train and prepare certain WNs to be only recruiters. Until then, everyone has to go through the process and time to be checked out, no winging it or cowboying. The assesment can’t be made in 30 seconds. It is hard but that’s the discipline, that’s why so many fail and are caught. They can’t discipline themselves, so the cops do it for them.

      • Agreed.

        Most of my own neighbors could be boiled in a pot by Wild Negro Savages and I’d LMAO, for I’m sure they “voted Obama.” Anybody who had his election placards on the lawn was recorded. I’d wager most “whites” assaulted by coloreds are liberals who willingly associate with the colored.

        Plenty of times we feel “comfortable” in a group of whites and expect to be enveloped as blacks do their “bruthas”
        BUT get a rude awakening when, speaking our mind with our ostensible “freedom of speech,”
        we are instead surprised by a sneak attack from our worst enemy: Other whites.
        They are dangerous because they look like us and thus have infiltration potential. April Sims in HR’s post is the latest victim.

        There are ways to circumvent treachery and the colored inadvertently created a perfect loyalty test with The Drive By: Anyone willing to shoot up a house ain’t no cop.

        If one wants to be Mr. Vigilante – PLAN. Do NOT wait for it to come to YOU.

        ONLY act to save those verified as 100% allies.

  2. The good part for us is that the world is so debased that by now, mediocrity looks like greatness. So…greatness looks like a miraculous state of super-being.

    • unfortunately though, the nature of things means that success breeds clingers and imitators, and worst of all RESENTMENT. the untermensch, who lay about wasting time fapping, faceborging, “420 blazin”, drinkin’ and such get super resentful that they cannot just open a new
      task bar” to the ability to play guitar or do pull ups, or paint or shoot accurately. and the resentmentful ones then try to sabotage you

    • The secret of acquiring greatness is re-acquiring simplicity.

      The Paleo diet is not as valuable as “the paleo mindset.”

      Raiders come to your village seeking spoils.
      You simply kill as many as you can, rapidly, without theatrics.
      And put their head on a pole.

      No Saving Private Ryan speeches on the “rightness of it all!”

      The “tortured vet’s nightmares” is a Hollywood creation that ensnared many a Nam Junglefreak, later.
      Many WW2 vets I spoke to loved killing Japs and vets of both theaters mainly viewed their kills as a necessary evil simply explained by
      “it was war, it was him, or me.”

      The guy who Benghazied those rooftop mercs wishes he could’ve killed more. That’s the simple essence of the warrior.
      If Murkans bleat goopy-tears imagining Muzz terrorists get nothing but huge boners from wasting Jordies, they’ve seen to much fucking Spielberg.

      • Well put, and exactly my thinking about the whole affair. I imagine it will be cathartic for angry Whites and brainwashed minorities to finally start the killing.

      • We agree fully.

        The USA forgets – especially Leftists – that coloreds are instilled since birth, in school and in media, with a blood-hatred for whites.

        Their animalistic urges can’t be contained; that’s why the frequent Black Racist Hatecrimes against whites. The Left lives in dread that one day the mino mob goes too far abusing the herd of cattle whites, finally awakening them and igniting a bloodbath eradicating most Democrat Voters from American soil.

        At present, coloreds are free to commit the atrocities they please. Minos have an innate sense to detect HERBs & SWPLs faster than we. They mostly cull liberal whites; I’m at peace with that. The more liberals are raped, tortured and murdered means the less I have to type convincing these idiots of what I’ve long known.

  3. If you follow boxing, the plight of Tommy Morrison is particularly germane: “The mind is actually more important than the body. ”

    Re: Terrorizing Negro in SF subway – move on; if approached, there is a look that you can cultivate that sends a clear message to Lamont Sanford – DNFWM – even with an outlier situation like this, it works.

    This is a life mission, if distracted by trash, they win and we lose. Move on. TCB.

    • I like Morrison because he essentially build his entire game around one punch, his left hook. That was his weapon and it was so good, it took him to the top position. Unfortunately, he couldn’t handle fame.

  4. I study statistics and calculus whenever I have a free moment or free hour — in waiting rooms at auto repair, in my truck if I’m waiting for something, and for an hour or two most nights. Since May 10, I’m halfway through an Intro to Stats textbook. Taking Calc 2 this fall, then Mathematical (calculus based) statistics next spring. Someone told me I need multivariable Calculus (calc 3) to really do the highest levels of stats. May have to do that as a self study. But I certainly will. Budgeting about 5 to 10 hours a week for math study is definitely adding up, and I find that it gives me a cognitive enhancement.

    • The world looks differently after knowing and understanding Calculus, in large measure b/c everything is then c/w change over time. This is very different from how the ordinary putz sees things – everything judged by how it appears at that particular instant.

      Obviously this is very important to WN – all of our trends show that now is the time to prepare AND act, since extinction could very well occur (unless we change our trends) by the time our grandchildren are grandparents.

  5. I just want to let you guys know. It is hard to get perspective when we are in the thick of things–but we are the cutting edge. You can hold WNism in the palm of your hand…really you can hold it between your fingers. But it is going to blow up very fast in the next 5 years. So keep training, but we WILL need to organize IRL soon.

    We are the future of independent thought. I’m not saying this to brag, but just to give you an idea of how deep these ideas can penetrate. I grew up in West Hollywood, in a liberal household. I am here because I continually questioned my own beliefs until it brought me here. THIS is were it leads if you keep asking questions. I GUARANTEE this will bubble up in the so-called liberal areas of the country. Like it or not, they are the more creative ones, the ones open to new things. Think of all those intelligent young guys in single liberal mom households. RIPE for the fucking picking. We need to strike at the heart of liberalism. Dont play to Alabama–yet. They will be the footmen of the future. But how to win? CONVERT the young rich city whites who have been raised liberal. Racism is elite. Racism is cool. Racism is the true counterculture. Racism is the future.

    • Exact same sentiments here Doug. Grew up in the Great Big Liberal Northeast with a modest white-guilt mindset. Things changed over time – I would say my awakening started in middle school with the transition to high school. Certain things never sat right with me, especially the pedestalization of women, although I never expressed it outright. The mental mask I wore started to really come off after high school when I got to college. It’s been a linear expanding of knowledge ever since, and I don’t want to say I’ve plateau’d in my understanding of things, but I’m absolutely seeing the world now for what it really is. I would say it’s a complete 180* reversal of the mindset I had growing up. With regards to the pedestalization of blacks, that smacked me full on in the face when I had to work a blue collar job after college. Interacting with dem city folks gave me a whole new perspective – and I realized that most (read: 99%) of white liberals have never truly seen the nitty gritty. Esconced in the white hipster areas of the city or in the white suburbs, these kids certainly could afford opinions and beliefs that would get them otherwise mugged, beaten up, or taken advantage of if they had lived in a truly bad (heh) part of the city.

  6. Reps, practice makes perfect, this is all true. Individual improvement is job #1, for individuals.

    But we need a group strategy. If anything this is what I’ve harped on since the beginning. The group strategy has to be based on real world groups, not online, and it has to be sub rosa to some degree (A3P never went anywhere and never will) and much like the leftist critique of leftist activism in “Your Politics Are Boring as Fuck” it has to be practical and relevant to real life.

  7. @Hipster Do you feel A3P failed because it was too public or????

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