Limbaugh SEES… Liberal Nazism!

by Firepower

This proves my early point that blogging is just a great hunting ground of plagiarism for The Important Writers™.

The bad news is these Great Pundits haven’t done shit in 30 years.  Does Murka really look like it’s gotten “better” since 1980 – or worse?

Firepower Hath Long Sayeth – America can go just one of three ways:

  1. It can get better
  2. It can stay the same
  3. It can get worse

Great…I can have validation.  Validated from all those idiots wishing they were the ones in the Panzers and angry that they’re not.  Of course, he never thought of this himself because he’s too busy reading somebody else’s work – like Krauthammer, Buchanan and Victor Davis Hanson.  Busy assessing whether “nazi” is too offensive to his base, too offensive to the crew of his private jet that fly him to Dominican vacation “hotspots.”  I bet they know all about his base…Don’t kid yourself: Rush would rather swap hooker war stories in person with “Diamond Bob” Menendez over $400 steaks at the Russian Tea Room in Manhattan than pay attention to your IRS persecution horror story.   I bet GL Pigggy kreams in his Khakis fantasizing about landing a waiter gig there.  Oh, the people he’d meat!

Way to go Limbaugh.  All those decades of Deep Revelations to an audience of millions culminating in…a landslide re-election for both King Barack Obama and that Clinton fella way back when.

The reason the Great Plagiarizing Pundits haven’t accomplished a damn thing is…

…they *ta-daaa!* are/were/shall forever be copycats whose entire lucrative careers are based on stealing from others.  Nothing good comes of that.  The people wonder why Rush has 25 Million listeners and it matters as much as…who won the 4th season of Survivor.  Will JWOWW have a baby…

I’ve already written original ideas about this in:

Roissy explains The Cathedral and espouses calling it The Hive.  Whatever.  Only pundits and professors quibble about nomenclature…while the entire country burns.

Hey! I’ll call it The Cathedral-Hive – I win!  STFU and call it what it’s traditionally called.  That’s why it’s called tradition.  Traditions work.  Do not call an already much-described entity some goofy new name lest you look like a Konspiracy Kook.  Call it plainly what it is: The Elite or the aristocracy.  Don’t reinvent the fucking wheel just to slap a new label on it as a novelty to wow new readership.  Those readers are already so god-damned stupid they don’t need more confusing new-fangled terminology.   America did not change course or heed any “warnings” as recent as last November 2012 when it deliberately, willingly and joyfully re-elected a Socialist President.

If Adam had waffled over what to name the animals we’d still be in The Garden of Eden dodging Mr. Godd’s Apple Trees.  Quibbling is talking.  Talk, is what Murkans do now instead of action; it’s safer.  It’s safer to talk about taking that Mayflower cruise to Plymouth rather than actually doing it.  It’s safer to write about Cowboys.  Safer to play Call of Duty: Black Ops than to kill real enemies.  The Taliban don’t game.

No doubt, the two biggest HACKS to ever recycle others works, GL Piggy and Matt Foney, will suck roissy’s cock and start blubbering about “The Cathedral! The Cafeeeeeedruuuul!”  Those two copycat turds make The Borg look like William Shakespeare.  I’m growing truly disappointed in roissy for supporting these recycling hacks; you can tell as much about a man as by the enemies he’s made as by those he blogrolls.

“Writers” who were once adherents of PUA, then lured to bloggery are especially – notoriously – eager to copycat just as they did from Mystery.  Copying was imprinted on them and that’s all they know. Savoy, can ya hear me?  Taliban don’t blog.

Murka is new.  Feudal Manhattan, Today’s Brandons, Liberal Nazism and the FFOL are NEW.  New is another word for original.  Rushie’s had Jonah Goldberg’s personally dedicated and autographed calfskin leather-bound 1st Edition copy of “Liberal Fascism” on his solid gold bookshelf since it was written.  The problem is neither greedy bastard had the brains to describe it as Liberal Nazism because their Manhattan media deals will fall through.  They will never call a spade a spade.

And again, nothing will change because they’re copying what somebody else repeated about what they recycled from somebody else.  But, it looks good on Twitter.


9 Responses to “Limbaugh SEES… Liberal Nazism!”

  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    National-Socialism vs. International Socialism. Nazi vs. Internazi. Fascist vs. Interfascist. Komprenu, kaj vi venkos. Cxu tria ebleco ekzistas? Kolorblindeca totalitarismo? Mi volas scii.

    [ed note: YOU are seeing The Light. You, are becoming aware]

  2. Oogenhand is one of the most original WNs alive. I don’t always agree, but so what?

    Congratulations, FP! You have been greacycled by a famous dude. I wonder if the disclaimer legal thing on the bottom will help?

    [ed note: official trackbacks and pings are fully referenced and completely fine with me. making a guy with five contiguous 40,000 mansions on Palm Bach oceanfront property is what, one day, will make me shut off the tap]

  3. I was going to write something profound here but I seem to have misplaced it. 🙂

    Anyway, if you want to be original, why use the tired old words Nazi and Nazism? Let’s have something new! |-D

    PS. Check here for a future April Sims.

    [ed note: today’s Liberal Nazism is different than german nazism, which was different from Italian fascism that was different than Spanish nazism which is different from the nazism WE likey]

  4. Why not call it fascism then. It hurts my brain when you call in Nazism! 😦

    • There can never be Nazis again. That is a German word.

      Foreign words are inapplicable to American concepts – especially political words. It would be like calling a new party “Tories.”
      “Nazi” holds too much weighted meaning by virtue of the damage/death it caused in filling American war cemeteries.

      There is also failure for a US political party naming itself the Taliban – or even Black Panthers. It’s just the way it is.

      You may hold the same beliefs as the original, but you’ll have to pick another name.

  5. GPP (Great Plagiarizing Pundits) sounds like a good new acronym to me. Tight writing. America can go one of three ways.

    Lately I have been saying things like ‘I am impressed’ and sometimes it can be taken as a compliment or as an insult depending on what I am referring to – as in I am impressed with the incompetence that is prevalent in our society – or how I am impressed that someone can actually add and subtract nowadays. So I would definitely say I am impressed that Rush has that many listens and gets paid that much money – to say the same impotent drivel he has been saying for how long?!

    Same thing with some of “ours” claiming a victory when some politician claims that multiculturalism is a ‘failure’. Like that is some sort of victory! Multiculturalism has been extremely successful if the goal is White genocide.

    [ed note: white genocide is indeed the goal as I’ve explained. “easy” victories (of pure fantasy) are trumpeted each millisecond now on Twitter. the reply I gave Maureen is a valuable synopsis]

  6. guys, Firepower’s posts on this excellent blog show he’s the most original thinker in the manosphere today!! LET HIM POST MORE!!!

    [ed note: thank you. it’s always a pleasure to take a comment without twisting the words around]


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