Minority RULE: Mino Master Machine

by Firepower

IRS Commandant Steven Miller

The Fascist Elite Aristocracy now ruling you got that way by decreeing itself a Protected Class, then making rule by MINOs reality.  Medieval feudal lords were similarly granted special privileges over their subjects. They didn’t relinquish their magisterial power from peasants yelling at them and writing tart letters to the editor.

I know…I know: Many of you wanted to be the fascists in those great uniforms but somebody else beat you to it.  I want a magic lamp with three wishes.

It is fashionable to quote Orwell’s 1984 to describe our predicament, but it is incomplete; 1984 only truly functions with crystalline clarity when paired with……. his true masterpiece, Animal Farm.

It is the Animal Farm dictum of,

All Animals Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others

I command you to read Animal Farm.  At a mere 112 pages, its immediate value for you far exceeds the time taken to read it; if you don’t, then god damn you, for I will give you no pity.  You have been warned.  I put easy links in this article for your growth, not to have you sit on your ass like an 18-year-old tweeting, taking the easy way.


Steven Miller was head of the IRS when The Persecution began at the command of his Master.  Look up Miller’s background – LIUFY*

Miller was replaced by Douglas H. Shulman.  He is a Harvard Elite graduate.  He worked for FINRA – maybe roissy knows him.  These IRS Commissars share one curious little teeny itsy-bitsy thing with Lois Lerner, the Fascist Whip-Mistress Dungeon Queen – as does current IRS Party Directorate Daniel Werfel. What is it? Guess: They’re all Irish

He is also former US Department of Civil Rights Attorney who administered The Lord’s Stimulus Program Ministry. I assume he defended the rights of admitting African-Mexican-American single moms with nine babies into Harvard Law (with full taxpayer-paid tuition) over White Automatic Racists having 4.0 GPAs.

Tell all your friends, better yet, show them the pictures in this article.  Nothing hurts more than facts because they are irrefutable.

Left to Right: George, Shulman, Lerner & Wolin

The total IRS Party Directorate was policed by IRS Inspector General Russel George.  He reported to Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Neal S. Wolin, a Yale Man who – if he had a son – would look exactly like George Zimmerman.

Comprende? As an Ivy League Elite lawyer, Wolin literally tried to step far left out of the picture with his co-conspirators.  Most ironic. A mestizo dong the mexican hat dance on C-SPAN.

Everybone mentioned worked for the Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geitner, who obeyed the every decree of his Lord Barack Obama.  He was succeeded by Jacob Lew – a graduate of Harvard and former bagman for Bill Clinton’s degenerate Yale Man Presidency.  Geitner & Lew also share many unique, special traits full of magical wonderments.

George, Shulman, Lerner &.Wolin: Sounds like an established Manhattan/DC law firm Dream Team…

The similarities of the True New Order – The Neo-Murka – are truly astounding.  Liberal Nazism, right before your eyes.

Every TEA Party/Patriot victim of the IRS Secret State Police testifying before Congress… is pure White.

*see glossary on homepage…

28 Responses to “Minority RULE: Mino Master Machine”

  1. Fascinating!

  2. And all those goyim tea partiers revere israel because jews in israel get to do all the things that jews in murka prevent the tea partiers from doing here

  3. Court Jews 2.0 . . . ugly!!

  4. Sure, I’ll watch Animal Farm. The cost is 71 minutes. It’s even a cartoon, so it’s easier to understand. It really drives the point home.

    • First impressions matter most: Cartoons take the edge off the Dark Sting of reading Orwell, so I prefer reading it first, then watching that cartoon – which is quite excellent.

      You read, save the Cartoons First! ethos for your army of Brandons. The “tweets” about Orwell – for those still yet Justins…

  5. My dear brethren: This is not JAN.
    This is to show you the New Machine that is growing.

    It’s the revelation that it is not the Jews who’ll be baked again, but this time it will be they who eradicate you in the symbolic death camp with the soft Nazism of black miscegenation and border beaners applauded by the Propaganda Media. Then, when they’ve increased all minos and reduced numbers of Gun-Whites Weeping Over 1776 and thet-thar Nashnull Anfem – it will be you and your children’s extermination by the New Colored Ubermensch.

    Murka is already fully controlled by the Mino Master Machine.
    There is no returning Murka to a place looking like Idaho.
    Does Obama’s administration and BiGGov look like that? Nor, do they look or act like Rural Jordies. Obama’s Fascism is the arrogant acts of the IRS coupled with the impunity of power abetted by a complicit Goebbels-like Propaganda apparatus. This is to show you that there is increasingly only one way to eradicate Liberalism.

    The next colored President will be worse – especially if mex.

  6. Your Feudal Murka idea is quite excellent. Most of America is not actually in the year 2013. When you really look around, it’s the 1980s or 70s. Only District 1 is fully in the year 2013.

    Science will not save Murka. Take away cell phones, computers and new car designs at it is almost 1950 in most of the country. A few pieces of technology move forward but everything else moves back.

    • You need to look at it in another way.

      The European parts of America are really in year 2038 or so.

      It’s the multikulti regions of America that are stuck in the past.

      Multiculturalism has failed. The signs are all around us.

      Stop mourning the past. Start planning for the future.

      Forward to the past.

  7. Really, “protected class” says it all doesn’t it?

  8. This is starting to sound like the melodramatic voice-over to some cheesy ’70s horror flick. 😉

    As I’ve said before, don’t forget the random variable(s), or, as I call them, White Swan events (WSEs).

    They could turn this whole mess on its head.

    • “Could?”
      It won’t advance the veracity of my points, but I could say you sound like a cheesy 50’s Disney flick with your belief of magic saviors & miraculous events in Nevernever Land.

      Don’t even presume a hint of anger in my tone; there is none.

      By your own accounts, you live in the upper echelon of white society and enjoy its benefits. From this position, Mexicans to you (and your entire class) are just a non-threatening, comical rabble doing your yardwork.

      I understand classes below me – and those above – you never have. I hold great skepticism for your WSE because instead of Partisans, the reality is: Whites won’t even call the cops on a colored family whose dog barks at the string of crackheads shuffling in at 4 am. Whites current “stance” on activism is to meekly move away.

      I want you to explain your vision of the merits of this WSE and how they save America; submit an article. If it is inspirational it will be of immense value. But if it be mere VRW or NN…

      Fuck it: That’s exactly what it is. It’s why VRW Blogs are as popular as…killing space alien terrorists on XBox…

      As for me, there is only one way to extract America from the brown goo of Murka and I’ve written extensively on it.

    • ‘As I’ve said before, don’t forget the random variable(s), or, as I call them, White Swan events (WSEs). They could turn this whole mess on its head.’

      George Orwell believed that the Proles would ‘rise up’ and over-throw the rulers. He believed that when he wrote the book 1984, and that was back in the mid 1940s. No ‘uprising’ nor any ‘prole rebellion’ has ever happened in the seventies years since. Do you want to know why? Because DISEASED beliefs like the one that infects you, emasculates you, it disempowers you, it discourages you from taking charge of your life, from confronting problems head-on. The diseased belief provides you with a comforting thought that you can hide behind: It causes you to believe that ‘a miracle’ will come and save you. Exactly like an eschatalogical-Christian believes that “Christ will return imminently and save ME from Satan and destruction!” It, salvation (from Liberal NAZIs, satan or whoever) doesn’t happen like that. God helps those who help themselves.

  9. It’s the all white areas of America that are truly in the past. I’ve seen the infrastructure, the job situation, the cars, the food, the mindset. Areas like West Virginia, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Maine are all in the 1970s expect for cell phones, car bodies and wifi. Those areas do not get the federal $$$ that District 1 and the mino-dominated cities get.

    I can’t justify basing calculations for the future on getting lucky and hitting a 1/10000000000 shot. A white swam event is me walking into a casino, putting $100 on red 12 in Roulette, and hitting my 1:32 shot multiple times in a row. It just doesn’t happen.

    What can you do, today? That’s WN. The rest is VRW.

  10. Powerful photo of the representatives of the five fingers. Are Jews a finger or more like the wrist that flexes the hand? I have a post coming of ‘why’ they want to destroy it all.

    • Some background:
      FFFOL presents and appeals better than “six-fngered fist” or seven-fingered fist as I tried explaining to dumb old pat hannaggan. FFOL is tentatively better than FFFOL as English is a language of economy.

      Now that it’s described, it’s easy to detect the other, lurking phalanges.

      Of course the Jews – and Gentile Elite – are the wrist on which it all pivots; I always expected intelligent thinkers such as yourself to realize and expand upon this. You might even add, the Propaganda Media is the palm made by the united fingers that slaps the face of America. Run with it.

  11. Let me ask you a question, genius…..WHY are Boehner, and McConnell leading the way to the path of destruction? They are NOT Jews,. so it seems CRAZY for you to blame Jewish people for the work of white men like McConnell and Boehner….

    • What do Boehner, and McConnell have to do with the subject examples listed in the article – the jews running the IRS who obeyed orders from The Colored President – to persecute white TEA Party members.

      A cadre of jews unanimously controlling the IRS under command from coloreds Obama, Jarrett and Holder to persecute White TEA Party groups defines MINO Racism under The Machine.

      To your impertinent, rude way of asking the question, I expect you to accept my reply as an answer, dickbreath: As a brainwashed, reactionary PC jew sympathizer, you attempt distraction from the start by trying to make “Boehner & McConnell” the bait.

      Bad try…

  12. This makes me want to run like hell and get out of here

  13. Murkan-BIG Parasitic government grows, so MINOs can get office jobs, with Jews under the Helm, as usual.

    It then hires wite to take up the mercenary police force to catch NRAwite.

    ObongoMed is a recent addition, with more paper shuffling of IRS forms. Of course, we know who will be doing that!

    • Good comment, JS. You sound almost like FP.

      • I’m going out of range with this:

        This fat slob who was the Mayor of Canada’s most multicult city, Torombo, gets eradicated by cancer.

        He will not be missed by the French Separatists in Quebec, who have recently cut back on MINO welcome. Meanwhile, English Speaking Canada like all Anglo bitches, sinks into 3rd world status.

      • Probably because it is. ie it’s one of his many sockpuppets.


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