Indians: America’s First Nationalists

by Firepower

Cavalry vs. Savages: The Switch

Long ago, the Cavalry and Indians switched places. There’s a new sheriff in town, pardner – and it’s indoctrinating the conquered.

The Western Indians fought Americans for around a century.  They had inferior technology and were loosely organized compared to the US Government.  Armed against a similarly armed Confederacy with close parity caused Uncle Sam far more casualties, so he learned instead to switch and fight Indians armed with just bows & arrows.

Indians were light on STEM. While artillery engineers toiled in Connecticut, Chief Sleeping Eagle prayed to the mythical thunder spirit. Pioneers and settlers encroaching on Indian lands were butchered in the most savage, Hillside Strangler-John Wayne Gacy ways imaginable to…

…send clear messages to future trespassers.  They fought an effective terrorist war against civilians and avoided the troops, but the troops also knew where the Indians’ civilian population lived and hit back.  The settlers were the integral part of the US Government’s strategy to conquer new lands.  It’s cheaper to use the free market tools of settler’s skins than to spend tax money on troops.

The Sioux Nation. The Cherokee Nation: Indians were America’s first nationalists.

Uncle Beast learned it was best to attack domestic enemies’ way of life, means of feeding their bellies and their homes and families.  You see this today in Waco, Ruby Ridge and the IRS tyranny of targeting anti-tax groups and Patriots.  Patriot is a dirty word to Liberal Nazism – like “tribe” once was to fat, mutton-chopped WASP rulers in the White House.

Today it is all mixed-up and confusing to the old White Traditionalist – how Liberals are now the real emergent, united fasces of Nazism,  It’s not a mutton-chopped, arrogant WASP in Washington, DC advancing his people and their agenda: Today, it is the black and all colored who are the New Government – the New Pioneers moving into formerly hostile White Territory to settle and claim the land for The New Brown SuperMan.  White neighborhoods are now the tribal lands to be seized in a Post-MLK, Post-Obama New Murka.

While Indians fought, whites meekly move away like Pima and Pottawatomie Indians into forested hinterlands, leaving the choice land to the settlers.  In the Old West,  settlers also (infrequently) butchered Indians out of necessity. Today, the Settlers’ Media actively hides their crimes so today’s colored settlers follow the ways of human behavior. Some Indians scalped women and burned husbands alive, but it is today’s colored pioneers and raiding bands who commit the Channon Christian – Gavin Newsome atrocities that are censored by The Propaganda Media.

Fierce people like Comanche, Sioux and Apaches were targeted for eradication by the US Government.  Pioneers and settlers were given protection and rights; once a clearing and settlement was established – on to the next until the final finish.  The final solution.  Today’s targets are chubby Hutarees and the TEA Party who get the Jackboot.  The proof is the FBI/DHS/ATF SWATZIS light them up and not the Mexican Mafia.

Surviving Indian tribes were herded into reservations and indoctrinated into The US Government Way by “friendly” schoolmarms. Little braves were taught nursery rhymes instead of hunting and national pride.  They were taught: Guns are bad!  and summarily disarmed.  Those that fought back were targeted, imprisoned or killed.  Today’s Reservation is still that Schoolhouse but The Great Spirit is MLK, the Wolfmother, Rosa Parks.  The Great White Father is no more, it is now the Barack Obama archetype with moral authority, imbued with godlike gravitas fit for future coins and statues at town hall.

SWATZI Cavalry Subduing White Brave! Rescues Defenseless Manhattan Settlers!

Today’s cavalry is not white men on horseback, but (mainly) white men mixed with minos in MRAPs obeying not an old White general, but a lezzy feminist in charge of the DHS: That’s the quintessential example of the new, emerging face of Liberal Nazism; Janet Napolitano would be completely perfect if she were part colored.  It is the Colored Liberal Master Machine writ as what it truly is: The”Mino” Liberal Master Machine.  The new standard of completeness and perfection is the brown lesbian female. Various combinations of ingredients vary along the scale in measuring the validity of this ideal Neo-American.

It shall be – and actually is today – Government of the colored, for the colored – by the colored.  Toss in the feminists and fags, too.  They hate White Males just as much.  Witness the IRS Gang hauled before Congress.  There’s not one white among them – so far.  When the token emerges, he’ll be the ideological equal of Chris Matthews, Jerry Brown or Joe Biden. This incredible switch is what confuses Yesterday’s Newsreel Nazi and Lonewolf Mountainman.  They can’t comprehend the twistedness because it literally defies credibility. So did breaking the Sound Barrier and “cordless phones.” The slave, is now Master.  Their version of Fascism got to the finish line ahead of your Adolf’s.

The proof of the switch is that Murka will become Majority “Minority” in twenty years and The Establishment is happy about that.  The sheer contradictory lunacy of the term “Majority Minority” is another proof of the New Order.  It is usage of The Big Lie as an effective tool for our Fascist Media Propaganda.

Native Americans fell into the fatal mythicism of “believing” a Great White Buffalo or messiah would save them.  It was merely Indians riding Wolves.

The fascist federalism of US BiGGov does not need to learn anew how to combat its domestic enemies. It learned long ago from the Confederacy and by fighting Indians.

Whites are driven off their land the same way they drove Indians off theirs.  By Government decree of Manifest Destiny 2.0 using State force to eradicate enemies, protect pioneers and ultimately – settlers.  The US Cavalry is ready to strike, again.


70 Responses to “Indians: America’s First Nationalists”

  1. That’s why I get perturbed when supposed WNs tell me, “Get out of California! Why are you still in California?” I don’t like the fact that Southern Californians just ceded this place over to Mexicans. This is some of the most beautiful land in the world! We definitely have the best weather. Why should the Mexicans have it?

    • The Mexicans did have it once, but lost it because they were decadent and cavalier. Read the history of John C. Frémont, Sacramento and its fort. It’s more than Sutter’s Mill, it’s Sutter’s Fort.

    • I agree. There is a large segment of the WN movement that wants to voluntarily put itself on a (white)reservation. They dont want to fight, they just want to be left alone. Not gonna cut it. There is no where left to run to anymore.

    • I hate to state the obvious but…..enough dead Mexicans would convince others that it’s a bad place to be. Just saying.

      [ed note: i am always disappointed that no ex-mil band together for honor, like Texas Rangers of old. not even to pull an Oliver Stone’s Savages gig for mere profit. the James-Younger Gang were ex-military]

    • Amen!!! The imperial drive should be heading south. There is some beautiful “mexican” land in Southern California.

  2. It’s mine! *I* want it! (stomps foot)

    [ed note: EVERYBODY wants it – and always will. that’s why the methods I described succeeded]

  3. You’re showing how according to history the following approaches do not work:

    – Praying and hoping alone
    – fighting the setylers like the Comanches did
    – fleeing
    – defying the USG like at Waco

    This leaves either fighting the elite Bervik-style (too soon to tell if it works) or converting the elite (what the alt-right is doing). There is the Mindweapons way as well.

    • There is no “new” way to defeat tyranny.

      There has only ever been one way.

      • I don’t know historic examples of tyranny getting defeated that do not involve the support of a foreign power or a new/more extreme tyranny replacing the old.

      • freedom is over. your choices are submit to the colored tyranny or fight for the white tyranny.

      • Yeah, that’s where the survivalists get it wrong. WN is about race, not government system. Freedom isnt coming back. There are now too many people on Earth for that. Probably the only free places on Earth now are the bottom of the ocean, Antartica and far northern Canada.

  4. Willingness to fight for the land has been lost because whites have lost their connection to the land. I own 5 acres and a beautiful home. I farm and am about to start raising livestock. I have a pond.

    This is my land. I know the composition of the soil, what wild animals drink from my pond, where the game trails are. I mow with a scythe and a manual reel mower. This land is part of me, and I am part of it. I will fight and die for it.

    Do white people living in apartments and working in offices understand this? Do they feel that connection to the ground they tread? No. Thus they are willing to give it up and move away when the minorities invade.

    We need to rediscover our connection to this land and find something to fight for.

    • You are correct.

      The values you hold are also the reason why mainly it is rural people who join the military, while Feudal Manhattanites do not, even in defese of their (formerly) beloved World Trade Center buildings.

      • Agreed. Your point about who joins the military is one I have made on my own blog.

        When the govt tries to use our military against us….do you think the farm boys who joined up will truly fire upon their brethren? I don’t think so.

        -Former Marine

      • Sadly, I believe there are few good like you.

        Most ex-military will do The Waco
        and pull a Ruby Ridge.

        Ex-military filled those ranks
        and now
        comprise the DHS and Janet Napolitano’s MRAP Brigades.

      • The farm boys who joined the Marines or cops to “get some” will certainly shoot other farm boys. Not only do they completely accept all govt propaganga, they are paid to pull triggers when ordered. They will not refuse orders and stand in the welfare line so that others can enjoy their “rights.”

        Everyone’s got a jelly spot. Get a Jordie from some Murkan nowhere, run him around, do some pushups, convince him that he is “elite.” Give him a gun and a uniform, some pride. You’ve just built loyalty for life. These are people who would be pumping gas or turning wrenches if they weren’t soldiers. From a nobody to someone with power over all civilians.

        Excellent work, FP. WNs are in fact like Sittin Bull or Geromino, pleading with the other injuns to wake up. They didn’t, and are now a conquered people. Certainly whites will not be allowed casinos in 100 years, if there is anything left.

      • It is troubling, as I was raised to respect soldiers and their sacrifices. I feel so about WW2 vets and Korea and Vietnam vets because they were drafted. They were working class peasants denied the Al Gore/George W. Bush cushy privilege of Fascist Patricians.

        Today’s Jordie volunteered to serve a line of Evil Masters. They fight for Israel and Saudi Arabia. If somebody is so dim they volunteer to ship out 10,000 miles away to defend foreigners – yet 10 miles away lies an open border bursting with criminal mexicans…well, they’re apparently ineducable.

        The Jordies who served while getting Pat Tillmanned made it possible for the Master of the next crop of Jordies to get Fort Hooded, who in turn boast of their service to enable The King who Benghazied them.

        There is plenty of talk by ex-military on how they will “defend the Constitution” yet until I see proof of deeds, I do not believe.

      • I disagree. The guys I went through basic with and fought beside would never fire on US citizens, just as I would not. How many of you have served, just out of curiosity?

        Read my blog. I agree with the WN sentiment. But I think you are mistaken about the marines. the other branches may sell out. I have faith in my boys.

  5. Excellent framing; we aren’t the first people the FedGov has replaced and depopulated. As for connection to the land and the like – first, the townships and other urban areas had the civil society institutions, which functioned as a kind of proxy for “blood and soil.”

    Another reason why “hot lead and cold steel” won’t work. There can’t be an IRA without a civil society for it to hide in; when that happens, FedGov has counter-insurgency; i.e., kill the civilians. Drone bombing weddings has a certain MindWar flavor to it, a particularly cruel form of demoralization.

    Breivik style terrorism against elite soft targets could happen, but I don’t subscribe to the Breivik fantasy; he was Gladio, deep state. That wasn’t a revolutionary fighting the globalists, that was the military faction of the super-state disciplining a civilian faction of the super-state for forgetting their place. Norway’s Labor youth were the pinnacle of soft power, and hard power beats soft power.

    Farm boys firing upon their brethren? Sure they will, just tell them the targets turned muzzie and helped blow up WTC7. Farm boys are good with their guns but gullible as shit.

    • What makes Marines different from army, or Spec Ops, or air force at the end of the day? Don’t allow your training to cloud your view.

      You’ve been trained to have pride in being a marine. That training lasts a lifetime in most. They mass-produce such sentiment, like so many cogs and gears. Give me total control of men’s diet, reading, sleep schedule and training and I can do similarly. This is done in schools to schoolchildren, and in churchs to parishners. The media does this too, in a fashion.

      Marines are given orders. They perform them. That’s the job. Whether I use a sniper rifle, a boat or an airplane, the jobs is the same in structure.

      I no longer have the need to lie to myself about my motives. I am selfish and I seek power. As soldier’s job, whether he serves Obama, the IRS, DHS, the local PD, or Don Corleone, is to push a button on the target. Right and wrong, good and evil do not enter into it. There is only power, those who have it and those who want it. Whites are losing power, WNs seek to reverse this.

      • I give. You all are way smarter than me and know way more about the marines. I bow to your wisdom. I’m just a dumbass electrician and instrument tech scraping by on 30 bucks an hour and taking care of my land.

        I’m sorry for bringing my dumbass views to this prestigious blog.

        [ed note: nobody used words like “dumbass” on you or insulted your intelligence – and certainly not I, and I manage Eradica. You are asked to produce results or proof exceeding mere repeated claims of words – just as a Marine, you were asked to accomplish an objective with deeds, not merely say how good you’d do it. The Murka I see today is filled with ex-military and Murka looks like shit. Money talks, and you-know-what…walks. We will remain in tyranny if all we do is wave flags, fap to VRW and create LoneWolf Veteran Avatars]

      • I trained with fellow southern boys in the Marines. We all hated niggers and talked about it every day. We hated having niggers assigned to our units.

        The army is full of niggers. They will take anyone. They are currently campaigning to have the right to allow more people into their ranks who score below 16 on the ASVAB. That stat may be incorrect, I’m not in a position to look up the exact stat right now. But Google it. Army wants the right to swell their ranks with retards. I can only provide my anecdotal evidence, which means nothing. So I will not being up my prior service from now on. My score was 96 in the ASVAB. The end.

        I found this blog through RYU commenting on my own blog and thought you guys seemed cool.

      • We are cool. We’re The Coolest Blog on the ‘Net. No one else presents ideas like us.
        You will learn things here and find new ways to think you never thought existed.

        The problem is: The Army accepts and trains coloreds, fags, feminists and now – retards.
        THAT IS the system you inadvertently served. And now, Uncle Beast – BiGGov – IRS’d the very people you hoped to defend. Rural folks, TEA Party people against taxes – they’re all white.

      • ha, you won’t or can’t defend your position soldier?? what a wimp 🙂 bzzzrnt! outtahere!

      • Ahhhh, come on.

        You are offended because I was not awed by you’re being a marine. I understand that.

        One of biggest hurtles for Murka is the current military worship. Hippie resistance in 70s brought Nam to an end. Today, we are STILL in Iraq and Afghanistan, 12+ years later – with no end in sight. People will have to learn to hate the military, who make America safe for colored and for the USG to Benghazi us.

        As long as Americans continue their adoration, we will continue and expand our wars: Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Mali, Sudan, South Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yeman, Oman. Those are just the ones we know about.

        All whites who are proud of being in the military have been suckered. “Elite” and “affirmative action” do not go together. Not in schools, universities and not in militaries.

        I am sorry that you are offended. You should not be proud to be a marine when the marines are full of retards, coloreds, feminists, faggots and other vermin.

      • Despite extending our hands, Doc still sulked away because we didn’t suck his dick for Being a Marine.

        So stupid, he can’t tell the differentiate between discussion and insult, I will now go Full Insult to show him the diff of Firepowerian Fury:

        No, I don’t admire your service. Anybody who risks getting their balls shot off or becoming an unfuckable meatbag crispy critter for Obama’s “Arab Spring” or yes, even St. Bush’s WMD, is a god damned fucking idiot. The kind of idiot Big Gov loves behind a trigger guarding… an Obama-ite ambassador’s smoke-filled corpse. Then, the type who die to retrieve said corpse. Then…those who volunteer to stay behind on a rooftop guarding a pile of ashes in a 4th world a-rab toilet.

        I’ve seen your blog. No chief, I’m not posting on there. I have no desire to feign rapt attention at your home movies and photo albums – you sitting around picnic campfires with your service brahs weepy-weeping about “yer sacruh-fahss!”

        Ten Men who served for years in WW2 talked less about it than One Jordy with 9 air-conditioned months in Muzzland. You all want constant stroking and attention like the now standard Murkan Keed showing off his 24th place T-Ball trophies and “participant” ribbon collection.

        YOU served a Government that forces “diversity” and enforces Affirmative Action to promote those niggers you rave against on YerBlog. And… you don’t even have the balls to explain yourself.

      • Easy, Firepower. I didn’t sulk off. I’ve been working on my central ac unit and cutting grass the last few days. I just got back from vacation and my yard is a mess. Plus I don’t use electrical or motorized equipment for yard work.

        I never considered anything that you, in particular, had said thus far to be rude, by the way.

        I do have a full time job and a lot of property to take care of. I don’t live online. Im not running away. Not my style.

        Y’all have a good day, I’m at work. Gotta go.

      • Then it’s cool; I don’t want you to sulk off or chicken out.

        I also want people to note the difference between my simple disagreement and hostility. If you want to see true hatred, read my works on GL Piggy…

    • I’ve written some articles on this scenario.

      The potential economic damage inflicted on America’s infrastructure is unbearable to greedy FFFOL Elites. America’s unique structure of a heavily armed populace truly frightens them, with the consequences even more shocking.

      There were more guns sold in Obama’s December Sandy Hook Gungrab Putsch alone than could outfit the entire Indian – and RED Chinese People’s Liberation Army. If I have a vision of just such a future, The Elite’s Harvard/Yale social scientists do also – with additional deliberate plans for Totalitarian Rule.
      They fear even one more McVeigh; 100,000 scare them so much they will do anything to avoid it, which is why they LEAP at the chance to gungrab at every slightest excuse.
      They are intensely afraid of:
      Port facilities being McVeighed
      Rail line sabotage
      Scarce gasoline refinery vulnerabilities
      Freeway interchanges
      Internet/telecom cutting
      Having to fund a military to guard all this – plus protect vulnerable low-level bureaucrats.

      There is no way to protect every civil servant with plush, round-the-clock SS guards. People know where they live. It is impossible to guard every street, which is why CCTV surveillance is growing. That, is worthless in most terrain.
      If a “revolutionary spirit” takes hold, the destruction will be unprecedented. What emerges from the rubble will not be America any more.

      • This is the argument that HAC makes for the viability of a Nortwest Republic. There are so many ‘soft’ targets that would have a high ROI, that it might be possible to bring the GOV to its financial knees. Even temporary outages of vital services, if added together, could cost the economy 100s of billions in very short order. The odds of being caught would be low, but it’s not as ‘sexy’ as dreaming about being Rambo. Heck, even old fogeys with walkers could take active part in that type of rebellion. if there were ever real terrorists, of any variety, in the US, we wouldn’t have a working infrastructure within 6 months.

  6. Farm boys firing upon their brethren? Sure they will, just tell them the targets turned muzzie and helped blow up WTC7

    They won’t even have to say they’re muzzie. The military boys will be told that the targets are racists. And the farm boys will go “hoo-ah!” That failing, colored units will be deployed. The sniper who killed Randy Weaver’s wife and baby was Asian.

    I have served in the military and I know the mentality of a HOO-AH nineteen year old, and his indoctrination into rank-worship. Coming out of Basic, a slack-jawled E-4 is a god, much less a Sergeant, not to even mention an officer. And USG has lots of affirmative action officers. Ride the Yellow Line past the Pentagon and you’ll see.

    All that said, I do not discount a Colonels revolt as a kind of parallel deep state possibility.

  7. Farm boys firing upon their brethren? Sure they will, just tell them the targets turned muzzie and helped blow up WTC7

    They won’t even have to say they’re muzzie. The military boys will be told that the targets are racists. And the farm boys will go “hoo-ah!” That failing, colored units will be deployed. The sniper who killed Randy Weaver’s wife and baby was Asian.

    I have served in the military and I know the mentality of a HOO-AH nineteen year old, and his indoctrination into rank-worship. Coming out of Basic, a slack-jawled E-4 is a god, much less a Sergeant, not to even mention an officer. And USG has lots of affirmative action officers. Ride the Yellow Line past the Pentagon and you’ll see.

    All that said, I do not discount a Colonels revolt as a kind of parallel deep state possibility.

    • PA, both YOU and ryu and firepower and Jen are being too hard on Doc Ill, Marine Corp training is TOUGH at The Island. Add to that building Mosques and latrines for The Talibann Kidz while Papa Muhammad is out “working” and passing out lollypops and posing for pictures for MSNBC can shake a guy when faced with Ryu Firepower!

      Doc ILL, I stand with you lil’ marine!!

      • No, I’m quite respectful to Doc. But I’m pointing out that teenage boys don’t think like wisened older men. USMC is the whitest and the best service but they are still teenage boys who went through indoctrination and they worship rank.

        I know the hooah! mentality. I used to have it. But hey, maybe there are country boys with solid values. If anyone, it would be the Marines.

      • FORMER marine. I was medically discharged. And your sarcasm is not lost on me. If you want to talk shit, show your face. I do. I even do YouTube videos. I’m willing to put aside all of the hostility I have received here as a misunderstanding. If you fellows are willing to do so as well. White men should respect each other, not behave like children. Hatchet buried, assuming we can treat each other like adults moving forth.

  8. To give Doc’s point a fair hearing… all of my officers were white men. It was easy to blindly obey them. Would affirmative action officers inspire white grunts’ loyalty? Not when push came to shove, I think. Would white officers obey dyke generals if push came to shove?

    • You just made the point I wad attempting to make about the marines being a little different than other branches. I’m not saying they are perfect, but they aren’t filled with niggers and lesbians nearly ad much ad the army.

      Ryu, I didn’t expect anyone to be awed by my being a former marine. I only brought it up to say I have anecdotal evidence to support the other fellow who said that it’s rural white boys who often enlist. If you read my comment, I thought I made that clear.

      I like the message you guys are presenting here, but I would like to make one minor suggestion. You may find more support if you are not outright hostile to a fellow intelligent, white and militant male who is ready, willing and capable of bringing the fight to our colored oppressors.

      I’m not some random dumbass who just stumbled in here and started running my mouth. I have not disagreed with any of your views. I have been blogging for a while and preach survivalism and white pride on my own website.

      And “jenibear’….shut the fuck up and make me a sandwich, bitch. If I want to hear from you I’ll ask Ryu or Firepower to pull their dicks out of your mouth.

      Check out the latest post on my blog. Something you guys might want to write about, as well. Keep it up. Just don’t be assholes needlessly

      • You’re OK by me: That matters, as I’m the Admin of Eradica.

        I feel pity for today’s soldiers – as the way I feel for whites who build Habitat Fo’ Humanity Creebs, then get gang-raped by coloreds on the way back home to the burbs. They want to do “good” but serve a false idea.

        I value the traditional values of military service, while condemning the mentality of obeying the commands of one man’s Executive Orders absent the Constitutional requirement of a formal Declaration of War by Congress. There is a name for that.

        Many Indians betrayed their “race,” becoming scouts for the US Cavalry to hunt down fellow Indians. Inter-tribal disputes proved stronger than race: We can see it even in this thread. I envision much the same with Janet Napolitano’s DHS MRAPs stuffed with all those Billions O’ Bullets. I base that on Waco, Ruby Ridge and the existence of John Kerry, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher and Joe Biden.

        The Liberal Nazism of the FFFOL isn’t prone to such fragmentation for they have a unique binder. They have but ONE enemy to hate: White Men.

        Until “our” side realizes a similar unifying effect of hating just The One True Enemy (the FFFOL) we will be slinging the rah-rah flag and WTC vids at each other to the delight of Hilary Clinton.

      • ooooo! talk DRRTY TO ME you washed-up ex-military Jordi!

        Go go Syria now, and Iran next. Save Our Murkan Constee-tooshin!

  9. Truism: Most people will do what their paycheck tells them too.

  10. @PA

    All that said, I do not discount a Colonels revolt as a kind of parallel deep state possibility.

    Ah, I remember it well. Back in 2002, a young man, “don’t stop believing” in our AWESOME US Marine Corp and our AWESOME US Military. Those guys can fuck my sister anyday. Way more alpha than me.

    Any day these HEROES – really I mean that – any day these HERO bad-assed Marines are gonna come to our rescue. They will stage some coup against the ZOG and we’ll all live happily ever after, because the US MARINES are so fucking bad-assed. Look how they fucked up the ragheads in Afghanistan, you know, camel-jockeys. Heroic.

    I hear Lady Gaga is doing a “pride tour” with Marines now. You go, girl!

    • People like you make me wonder if I should even bother working to save the white race. Why don’t you save the scorn and vitriol for the real enemy, instead of wasting it on your brothers?

  11. I hope all of you put as much energy into nationalism as you do into insulting each other.

    • Eradica is not an echo chamber….yet. Perhaps a year from now it will stagnate. I used to think Firepower was an asshole – maybe he still is. But it is good to be an asshole today. Necessary even. Conflict Creates Change.

      I’m not hostile Doc. I like you. I have read all of your posts multiple times.

      WN is alot like a gang. Any mostly male organization is. New people always end up being jumped in. It’s true here, the Crips, the Latin Kings, the FBI, and the Marines. All that differs is the meaning of “jump in”.

      • When the top of the hierarchy hates you, it’s finished. I’ve stated I have no problems; you’ve said so also. If Hipster wants to tangle, that’s his biz and Doc needs to find his nuts to join in. There is no automatic Eradican pat on the back for taking 10 years hunting Osama in Afghanistan…while he’s in Pakistan.

        I want HR to create a post where he and Doc discuss the value of military service and/or WTC Phenomena-mena-mena…
        And keep derailments limited.

      • I never attempted to defend my service. If you read my posts, I never said it was something to be proud of. I did imply that having been in, I did know a few things about it. That’s all. I believe I wad taken entirely out of context and don’t really understand the source of aggression. Such is life.

        I don’t see any reason to continue arguing with HR. As I said, I think he and several others misconstrued my comments. I said I didn’t think that many individuals I trained with would fire on citizens, particularly the redneck racists, of which there were many. I don’t defend the armed forces as a whole, simply imply that there are good individuals there, like almost anywhere else.

        HR is fighting a strawman.

        [ed note: I see what you mean, and also don’t understand HR’s WTC argument.]

  12. People like you make me wonder if I should even bother working to save the white race.

    Don’t bother. If you are the potential father of my nieces and nephews, we’d rather be DEAD.

    Go fuck your US MARINE CORP buddies. Go save your jew “Israel.” Go fight your “counter-jihad” and have sex with Asian ladies.

    The US MARINE CORP is a 100% TRAITOR institution, working for the foreign state of Israel, not the USA.

    Traitors. Every last one of you.

    I’ll switch to slave morality if that’s what it takes to remember what you assholes did.

    Semper Fi Semper Fags

    • Welcome to eradica HR,! christ it is great to FINALLY get a fellow Eradican join me in Spreading The WORD that the WTC was really truly all about Bush using it to coverup OKC –and pave the way for keeping the Future IRS and Benghazi Scandals utterly under wraps.

      Our gobbminn TRULY is a well-oiled conspiracy MACHINE!!
      Bless you

    • I agree with the Hip One. Marines, like the rest of the armed forces are unwitting dupes for our sworn enemies. And I say this as a former service member myself.

  13. Well, have the Marines actually done anything? James Amos, the USMC commandant, made some noise about DADT being repealed, but quickly reversed his stance. What would he have to lose if he up and resigned over the repeal? I bet you he’d still be able to get some cushy, overpaid consulting job in the Pentagon. Instead he turns tail and does what Obama tells him to. Hell, the riskiest thing Petraeus ever did was cheat on his wife.

    [ed note: most of what I see now, is the Military SexRape Hearings: Fat bureaucrats who’ve never been shot at wear 5 lbs. of junk on their chest, join close-cropped butch hairdo Lesbian Generalitas to encourage Yung Whaaahte Murkan Farmbois to bleed for a country that “integrates” girl soldierettes into The Military that court martials them for grabbing the tits they just ordered in as progressive justice.]

  14. Yes, let’s not forget, as far as I can remember there was not a one – not a single high ranking US military officer in any branch of the service that so much as risked his paycheck to make any sort of public statement on anything. Let’s also recall that the 9/11 Commissioner said that they decided to not prosecute “Pentagon officials” because they wanted to “protect the institution.”

    The entire command of the US Office of Naval Intelligence was killed in the Pentagon attack, and not a single officer, in any branch, did anything but chant “Hail Bush” just like their counterparts in Baath when Saddam Hussein staged his coup.

    I think I found their weakness – they want to be on TV, getting their hero’s welcome. All that personal sacrifice, and for what?

    Vietnam was long before I was born, but I remember hearing all the stories about the mean nasty hippies spitting on returning soldiers, calling them “babykillers.” I have no idea if that is true or not, I doubt it, considering how Americans are.

    But I can understand why the story persisted. It’s their ultimate fear. I’m a patriot though.

    Good job, boys, you did us proud!

    • It is their weakness. They need to be the heros, the good guys. They need it like air. They cannot stand to be the bad guy over long periods of time. WNs must strive to make them the bad guys.

      In fact, why do soldiers (white soldiers) kill themselves? Could be due to their being the bad guys in Iraq. They cannot stand the lie. You don’t win hearts and minds by handing out Pez to kids whose parents just got droned.

      [ed note: you and I faced the same White Knighting on The QueerHead. Jordies/MRAs are too indoctrinated to see they exchange one reflexive, knee-jerk reaction pedestalizing Murka – the same way they do Megan Foxes. I had hoped you’d write on this…Doc is free to post his mind, but I’m not kissing his ass to]

      • Yeah well I gave up worshipping Our Brave Troops a while ago. There was some dude back in 2002, with an above temperature IQ so he knew that 911 was, you know, an “inside job.” He wanted to be an Alex Jones type character, started a website, wrote a book, but he got his claim to fame by writing personal letters to deployed troops explaining 911 and all. They all but wanted to charge the guy for treason, ironically. They put him on TV twice in the typical sort of ritual denunciation, once for essentially calling military guys “suckers” for risking life and limb for a shitty paycheck and a cot in the back of the rat infested VA when your legs get blown off. All the smarter guys bailed the second their time was up, turned merc for the big money, and enjoyed those $1 blowjobs from 14 year old Iraqi girls.

        What do I know? I’m not a big bad assed Marine. Sounds like fun honestly. Just don’t try to bedazzle me with all that “honor and patriotism” bullshit. I did my best, every single active and retired serviceman I came across, for 10 years, I personally told them what was up, in the most straightforward and respectful way I could. I slowly came to the horrifying revelation that even if I did convince them – they didn’t give a shit. Dead Americans? Who gives a shit? Browns invading the country? Who gives a shit? Nice white girl getting raped by the diversity? Who gives a shit? Gimme my paycheck and salute my fag flag. Heroes, man, heroes.

        Protecting America from terrorism? Pfft. $1 blowjobs sound nice though. Sign me up!

    • The “nam babykiller spittin'” has been proven a myth and/or blatant lie. Some chick wrote a book on it – heavily researched. Not one instance of that ever happened. She was on CSPAN. GIFY.

      Many “vets” claiming such nonsense were actually proven to never have served and were actually valor-thieves who stayed home, smoked herb and fucked groupies at Woodstock.

  15. ‘The fascist federalism of US BiGGov does not need to learn anew how to combat its domestic enemies. It learned long ago from the Confederacy and by fighting Indians.’

    That’s true: the elites are bound to their desire to ‘rule’ over people in a tyrannical fashion. They are so unwilling to give any liberty to anyone, even if it means that they would benefit from it. They hate people having freedom, and they hate things that they don’t understand, they hate things that they can’t control; that’s why they hate white men so much: because we’re the total anti-thesis of them. We create and innovate and are generally freedom loving people (though sometimes we retreat from it).

    It’s a bizarre situation that the Liberal NAZIs persecute the people who would make their own lives so much more pleasurable IF they only stopped hating us.

    • Fascist Elite Patricians do not view (as bizarre) their hatred of Whites. Our US – FEPs view themselves as inheriting the “divine right of kings” as the natural extension of your own country’s Feudal Medieval lords and earlier Roman slave-owning Aristocracy.

      England’s current elites feel the same – as do nouveau riche Chinese: All current elites are ideologically identical to ancient rulers. The world will shortly come full-circle from slavery to slavery with only the intermission of American/Western liberty as interruption. Britain’s own episode of liberty was quite short, so it is easy to describe the period from 1870 – 1970.

      Murkan aristocratic elites indeed hate White Men for those very reasons you list. The ultimate reason is they are armed, in addition to your reasons. They are rural and live outside the control of CCTV Police State Manhattan archetypes. Whites now have fading (and twisted) memories of “liberty” yet it is still the Murkan Jordie who fills the ranks of Crumbling Rome as cannon fodder. Coloreds – and mainly the black – have no such notions of “1776 Revolutionary Independence” and are happy to transfer their tribe/slave mentality to dependency on the modern Welfare State. Sadly, Englishmen neither had their own 1776; the meek acceptance of the rapid browning of London is the result you see today.

      If Liberal Nazis disarm America the end of the Modern Era comes. The rulership of hereditary elites returns so the world again becomes Ancient Egypt with its Pharaoh-Gods fighting Hittites fighting Babylonians, Assyrians and Persians. Kingdoms return. Most people shall live like urban cattle animals… again.

  16. ‘Fascist Elite Patricians do not view (as bizarre) their hatred of Whites.’

    Oh sure, ‘they’ don’t view it as bizarre, because they are currently anti-thetical to life itself; but the fact is that (as Adam Smith pointed out in Wealth of Nations) free-men are more productive and more creative than slaves, and can create a better world to live in (farming, hospitals, manufacturing, Just law etc) means that the elites ‘would’ be better off if they allowed everyone to have more freedom than they want to. It’s like they’re the mythological Nordic Ymir () the tyrant, or Greek Cronus who ate whatever he produced – thus denying the future.

    As for an English revolution: we were invaded in 1066 by a thuggish White Gangster and his merchant cronies, and a carbon copy again during the Glorious Revolution of 1688. I’ve no idea if a revolution will come, it might be the climate of the island that breeds a certain mentality – a preference for stability rather than rebellion, as there’s been no armed since the Roman era, 2000 years. Even the first Anglo-Saxons were invited over here by the war-shy indigenous Celts.

    [ed note: yes, i recall the Saxons were brought in like mexes/pakis. They were to aid Britons as mercenaries. Saxons then took over and drove their host Britons into Wales. Today, we have invading mexes, but you brits have a similar paki/nigi/muzz you’ve now invited to settle and breed. If they’re not eradicated, it will be Wales for you – again – but this time, with brown grandchildren. You, like us, are the new “natives” to be exterminated by a new Colored Establishment.]

  17. The simple truth of the matter is that, if we are attacked by our own government using heavy weapons, it will be at the hands of young men and women in our own military who are our own sons and daughters. Distasteful as it may seem, our own children and young adults will be the wielders of the heavy weapons causing our destruction. This brief conclusion is intended as an impassioned plea that our young men and women not follow orders mindlessly, and that when and if they are given order to attack fellow Americans, they give serious, thoughtful consideration to both the background and consequences of such actions.

    Ragnar Benson, David’s Tool Kit: A Citizen’s Guide to Taking out Big Brother’s Heavy Weapons (Loompanics Unlimited: Port Townsend 1996), 197.

    Most will follow orders, some won’t. The important thing is to develop your tool kit.

  18. My hostility and insults were just throwing it back, since my bad attitude is preventing Our Heroes from even wanting to save the White race. Trust me, I understand the feeling exactly; I can relate. The only reason I am pro-White is because I’m White, it’s just pure self-interest on my part. I honestly don’t have a high opinion on the lot of us.

    The entire US Marine Corp and the entire US Navy were dishonored by their participation in the cover up of the Pentagon attack, which killed the command of the Office of Naval Intelligence, their own people, guys that wore the same uniform. They continue in this coverup, to the present day, and actively work to protect the guilty and prevent justice from being served. I quoted one of the 9/11 Commissioners stating that they only reason they did not prosecute “Pentagon officials” – possibly, the highest levels of the US Navy and the US Army – was because they wanted to “protect the institution.” Isn’t that an interesting turn of phrase? The US military is supposed to protect the nation, but it’s the other way around, the nation must protect the military from justice. Are we through the looking glass yet?

    • When I said “fighting to defend”, referring to the white race and you in particular, I was not talking about my military service. I was talking about my blogging and making videos in the attempt to stem the tide of communism and nigger love. I was talking about my anti-nigger activism and ect. As I said, some things were taken out of context. Once again, axe buried. Shall we move on and focus on the real enemy?

  19. This is some fine clarity, Firepower. I hope you mentor in RL.


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