The Modern Survival Retreat: A New & Vital Approach

by Ryu

In one phrase: Identify your one true enemy.

I love this book. It is almost as if Firepower wrote a survivalist book. The emphasis is on reality.

Previously, the authors wrote a book in 1983 and described nuclear war and the USSR. This book is written in 1998 as an update. It seems that Waco and Ruby Ridge changed Ragnar’s mind as to who the true enemy was.

Our true enemies as WNs are…… the local police and the FBI. There are many other USG organizations but they are the main threat. The idea is that you learn the MO of the true enemy, rather than some mysterious “government.”

It’s nice and short at 59 pages. Cost me about an hour to read.,%20Ragnar%20-%20The%20Modern%20Survival%20Retreat-A%20New%20and%20Vital%20Approach.pdf

Ragnar also emphasizes disguise and concealment over taking the enemy on directly. The USG just has too much juice to attack straightaway. He watched as no one came to the rescue of Randy Weaver, nor the people at Waco. Especially, none of the Oathkeepers. Most Murkans have enough trouble keeping a roof over their heads – they don’t have much left for strangers. That problem is going to get worse in the future as the permanent depression deepens.

He does at the end engage in faptasy. He imagines that the USG will just magically decide to change its ways. The Beast starves you, you don’t starve it. As we know in 2013, the USG will do whatever it takes to sustain its own survival and expansion. As long as the lights stay on in district 1, that’s all they care about. With most
people struggling to get by, there’s no one with the free time to stop them.

I highly recommend this ebook as an extension of what you learn at Eradica. We’ve got to become realistic about our capabilities – how much time each of us can devote each day, for how many years, how much we can spend, our time frame, everything.


7 Responses to “The Modern Survival Retreat: A New & Vital Approach”

  1. I’m gonna hafta read that!

  2. Ragnar always had good stuff. He wrote a good book on traps/snares for animals both small…and larger.

    Loompanix was a great source of information, but they’re OOB – fearful Liberals sued them out of existence like the KKK. Online sources are available to the astute searcher.

    Gun shows have tons of books for a quick, anonymous cash purchase. See those, and visit other similar venues.

  3. In defense of the Oathkeepers organization, they weren’t around until 2009 while the Weaver and Waco incidents took place in the early 90s.

    They came out very strong when homeless Kelly Thomas was brutally murdered in Fullerton CA.

  4. “It is almost as if Firepower wrote a survivalist book.”

    Does this mean it’s written in crayon?

    [ed note: certainly NOT. i would never give a faggot like you pleasure by writing with implements indicative of your target buggery group]

  5. I read this the other day when Doomdigit posted a link. Another piece of the puzzle. Thanks eradica.

  6. ‘going to get worse in the future as the permanent depression deepens.’ this is about the first thing people need to wake up from, thinking there is or will be a ‘recovery’


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