The Good Old Mino Network: Liberal Elite Rule 5.17.13

by Firepower

Today’s Ideal Man

The perfect example, really:

There’s no need to dig up secret Illuminati Plots; the truth suffices.  Today’s Marie Antoinette eats actual cake while telling proles to “eat cake” as more cake arrives from the IRS, served by The Leader.  Somewhere, Caligula is cumming in his toga.

Our African-American President appoints, as Imperial Czar of the IRS, one Danny “irish” Werfel as ruler.  He, of Werfel, Feingold, Goldblatt & Goldberg, son of famous Manhattan finance firm to Goldman Sachs.  I kid.  Werfel replaces “Belgian” Schulman, who hired Lois “Scotish” Lerner to persecute patriot and TEA Party groups.  Which, she did with muy goy-sto.  All this after orders from Democrat Party Senators in the Irish Caucus:  Schumer, Levin and Franken.

Another Nice Lady who persecuted the White Groups is Sarah Hall-Hyphenated-Ingram.  Her little old feminist self was recently decreed Ruler of…  New IRS ObamaCare.

3% of Murkan population are Struggling-Hebrew-Americans, and they represent what percentage of the “dis-empowered” US Imperial Senate?  I forgot.  You, tell me…

Funny, the MSM Propaganda Machine Huffpo wrote a year ago how the Noble IRS Battles Heroically against The TEA Party!  Thank crapping christ we Murkans have that decent, law-abiding IRS to protect our rights from the excesses of the TEA Party.  The…Taxed Enough ALREADY Party…What a coincidence the IRS would persecute a group with that title!  The TEA Party is composed of Whites.  The IRS and Liberal Nazism is Un-American.  (There’s a term I will revive.)

Simple facts suffice.  You are now ruled by minos, females and coloreds.  Here’s your key: Anybody who can hyphenate-their name or ethnicity – holds State Power over you.

Kathleen Sebelius.  Adorable Janet (Reno) Napolitano.  Hillary Clinton.  Valerie Jarrett. Sir Eric The Black Holder.

Not at all like that Good Old Boy Network.  The naive 70’s pronouncement that,

If ONLY women and minorities ran it – instead of EvilWhiteMen!© – all would be sweet peace-huggs & luv!

…is ridiculous now that the face of its real Fascism is exposed.

This is The Good Old Mino Network.  This is the New Regime.  Your real NWO: An alliance of diverse political action groups bundled together in one fasces to form an ax handle to weild the ax blade of State Power to chop your head off.

Here’s the difference: Google won’t be “forced” by LN regime to censor criticisms of Liberal Nazism – it will do so voluntarily for “the Good of The Volk People” because the fatcats in the google corner office voted for Obama.

Nascent (look it up) criminal Clinton fascists who Wacoed Whites are now immersed in State Power and use the IRS to inflict Liberal Nazism on White Groups.  Tell me:  How do you think 2033’s Liberal Nazi will act – in a post-Hillary Presidential Rule?

Today’s ideal Nazi Superman is the brown person of multiracial birth and PC multiracial ideology.  The targets of obliteration, eradication and genocide are White.

The Propaganda Media and Liberal Nazis want you enslaved, then after your taxpaying usefulness is expended – dead.

28 Comments to “The Good Old Mino Network: Liberal Elite Rule 5.17.13”

  1. Cultural-Marxists. Not Nazis.

    [ed note: i mean it mate: it’s been 5 yours since you posted this crap. better up your game and start posting non-crap or this is fucking gone]

  2. As a certain person wrote in antiquity to another group of people who were in the same situation as we: “My people! Children are their tyrants (oppressors), and women rule over them….”

    I assume this will pass the, “NO BIBLE THUMPERS ALLOWED!” censors here, as certain other blogs don’t like it when I bring up, even in a subtle way, the idea of “God”.

    “You are now ruled by minos, females and coloreds…” Just desserts for every people who turn their back on the ONE.

    “The lawless shall be turned into hell…and all the nations who forget God”.

    • You can discuss God here with the caveat it does not derail the thread. I have other “Goddie N’ Dalrock” posts you can search for – top – and I will reply.

      I want to know why God’s expiration date on “blessings” is so short regarding freeing the slaves and saving Europe (twice)from tyranny.
      America defeats nazism, Japan, Godless Communism, repeatedly defends His Israel and give trillions to starving nigs in Africa and THIS is how he repays/treats us.

      Just imagine if Murka were a country like Communist RED China that murdered millions of Christians and enslaved millions more other peoples, why that Grand Old Deliverer (of Justice) would zap Murka with Thunderbolts of economic dominance, peace and prosperity…

      • Your method of expression sometimes escapes me, however, just a short point to your response….The israhell phony nation in the middle east has nothing to do with the True Israelites. That satanic bunch over there and here have nothing to do with the name Israel. They, like the deceivers they are just took the name as a middle finger to God, so to speak.

        Regarding your paragraph starting with, “I want to know why God’s expiration date…” The freeing of the slaves and Europe was man’s agenda not God’s. It was the same as the crusades that everybody criticizes “christians” for – missions to make the world safe for sodomy and jezebelism (feminism), AKA democracy. “Murka” has been blessed in spite of those things, not because of them.

        I may have more to say on this in my next post at my place.

        [ed note: I finished my statement on Godd here: Dalrock: Apostate Faggot –

      • I don’t read posts on Godd.

        You assert that Today’s Israelites are Satanic – yet why does god not punish them more than the USA

        The USA as a place you say has its

        “Just desserts for every people who turn their back on the ONE.”

        “The lawless shall be turned into hell…and all the nations who forget God”.

        RED China deserves less punishment than Mrka or Satanic Israel?
        Does not compute.

      • Enjoy your blindness….

      • You are the embodiment of why Xtianity is the problem – with its Narcissism of Small Differences causing the split within White groups.

        It is YOU who storms off like a child – when someone with a different view merely even criticizes your Holy Dogma.
        It is you who walk away, abandon, and are doctrinaire:

        Enjoy God’s Black Cock wriggling around up inside your soon-to-be half-black granddaughters.

      • Nice to see your revealing your jewboy IQ. Shit for mouth is their speciality.

        [ed note: coming from you – an avowed, religious Man O’ Goddie
        ‘Tis most enlightening seeing this demonstration of christianity
        Defending Jesus, the highest IQ Jewboy of ’em all

    • well on the subject of DESERT religions, i think the muzz get to the point quicker, “those who disgrace allah, will suffer his wrath”

      is that london in 5 years?

      • I dont know, but this is London today:

        British soldier beheaded in broad daylight, in the middle of the street by two nigger muslims…

      • Haha – LMSAO.

        THAT is PRECISELY what that Nigel fought for in his sissified “service n sacrifice” mate.
        Fuck him sideways for his stupidity in enabling and supporting a Liberal Socialist occupation.

        It shows the Muzz have balls and courage, while the Jordies/Nigels have
        No heads.

      • *the victim was targeted because of his pro-military “Help for Heroes” charity shirt*

        Ooh! The poor widdle pweshuss cutesy-wutesy boopie-bunkum-snuggle-bunny snookums! Such awfoo twagedy!
        Guess Brits will have to make
        even more PC

      • you hear what the nig-muzz said? “get rid of your leaders , they won’t protect you. do you think david cameron will be hurt? no it will be the average man. bring in the army so we can all live in peace” muzz want to throw down NOW, but the liberals want to keep pretending its 2006, LOL eloi and morlocks.

  3. Armed DHS Guards Protect IRS From Tea Party Protesters

    DHS police for a old white people rally…
    NO police at a Illegal Immigrant Rally
    with thousands of gangsters

  4. The press making a lot of noise about the IRS. Also about other stuff like abuse of AP and Fox News journalists. Does the FFFOL have an internal struggle?

    • The FFFOL is susceptible to disagreement – and disarray – like any other doctrine. Not all Christians are Catholic.

      FFFOL cohesiveness is based on hatred of one poster boy – Whites, as mainly, the Males. Their enemy is simple to comprehend and put a face on, so as long as he exists, they have their reason to march.

      The FFFOL is more upset the IRS was so stupid to get caught; typical behavior in giant paper bureaucracy. Capitalizing on their temporary disarray is a vanishing means to combat them.

      For the media is only upset that their IRS compromised their Associated Press (AP) reporters with their minority Affirmative Action clerks and their Jewish directorates. All, under the Imperial Command of their colored Leader.

  5. If our elites use Other’s plebes to check us, then we can use Other’s elites to check ours. The question is, who is the Free World to our USSR?

    [ed note: define your question more. until then:
    the US budget spends vast more sums on its own domestic coloreds/plebes than foreign ones
    The BRICs are today’s version of the “free” world.
    As such, that’s an Elite’s Free World. the current upheaval IS how the elite operate when partying with each other

  6. Julius and Ethel: “may they burn in hell,” or “they foresaw a power-mad Murka”?

    Things are complicated when you reject official historic narratives. For example, did Jimmy Carter foresee THIS and in his kindhearted naive way got set up to be An Incompetent President while trying to prevent it, before going Full Retard leftie as an ex-pres? I do wear a sweater at home in the winter because I am frugal.

    But that point of view makes Carter the last American president before Reagan twisted the knife in 1986.

    • Q: Julius and Ethel?:
      A: May they burn in hell.
      Nobody gives away the ultimate weapon to an enemy nation voicing its hatred at yours and enslaving Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary et al.

      Sen. Joe McCarthy was right. The simpering newsreel whimpers of “have you no shame, sir?” was pure propaganda. Generations of Murkans were Government School De-Educated to believe Joe wrong, and the Communists RIGHT because they came across more sympathetic on screen. When classified documents were released in the 90’s proving Jewish/Communist infiltration – the PC Media totally shut the fuck up.

      Carter couldn’t have planned such a nefarious conspiracy because stuff like that – the IRS/Benghazi actions – always get revealed in governing by people who can’t keep the streets paved. What DOES have real effect, is the collective stupidity of The People.

  7. Well, 50s America was either on course to become what it is now due to macrotrends, in which case MacArthur, McCarthy, and Wallace never had chance — or it was never inevitable.

    • Is this some sort of reverse language, like the girls on the train used to do to keep the boys at bay?

      [we have a winnah: time, for you to go]

  8. Personally, I don’t think it was inevitable. Wallace didn’t have to step aside at the schoolyard door.

    [Von Stauffenberg coulda tried another briefcase. Both were failures. That said, neither can help us now]

  9. Wallace CAN help us in that we draw a lesson from his failure. He was in the enemy’s frame, secretly agreeing that (as his stepping aside and deathbed apology suggest) that defending segregation was a sin. He could have instead acted as a champion of his peoples right to exist and a folk hero who stood in the way of white babies getting shot in the face.

    [ed note: perhaps Wallace can help, perhaps not – because he is Moot. Nobody knows wtf he was. Moar Folx know who William Wallace wuzcuz he wuz in a movie. It was the stereotypical Western “deathbed confession” to make peace with a “loving Godd” – who set the pestilence of the coloreds upon us. Whut Luv…]

  10. You have alot of critics! I like your work though. No, it doesn’t take a genius to uncover the elite today; they hide in plain site.

  11. Firepower cry’s about Ferdinand banning him. Then deletes comments, effectively banning the two bloggers who extended him an olive branch when he was banned.

    You’re a disappointment Firepower. Both intellectually and morally.

    [ed note: submit to Ryu, your appeals for my decision]

    • You’re right!
      I should’ve used The Aussie Way:

      At Foid’s, instead of my presentations of logic and rational argument free from curses and Fuck YOUs…
      I should’ve proven online he IS a “cum-chugging little girl fagggot Jew Yank with his head up his ass.”

      All this time, he banned me for calmly proving arguments that he simply disagreed with (like our noo pal Brandon)
      WHEN I SHOULDA just “got to the e-point”
      And called him a fat bald dicklicking HERB oozing a trail of spunk out his ass.

  12. ‘Google won’t be “forced” by LN regime to censor criticisms of Liberal Nazism – it will do so voluntarily’

    They’re already underway in China []

    And with their ‘google street map’ system and other data collection techniques, they’ve shown the ‘hip young things’ (businesses and people) are just as corruptable as the established families in the Liberal NAZI elite. William Pitt the Younger was just the same for the British Empire. He’s the one that introduced income tax to England (as a temporary measure they said..).

    Minos, Jews, women, the hip youngsters, can all be a part of the Liberal NAZI machine.

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