The Year 2020

by Ryu

It isn’t so far away. I thought we could talk a bit about the certainties coming our way.

1) The fedgov will be bigger…

2) There will be more minos, no matter where in Murka you live…

3) Feminism will be worse….

4) More surveillance cameras, more police brutality, less civil rights…

5) District 1 (NYC/Boston/DC) will get richer as the rest of Murka gets poorer…

6) Children will be ……more brainwashed even more than today by teachers even more multicultural and PC than ours now…

7) The job situation will be worse, and nearly everyone will be making less than they do today…

8) Each of us reading this will be 7 years older, 7 years smarter, 7 years more tired.

Not a rosy picture, huh? I don’t think there’s any negotiation or arguing about these few points.

There will indeed be victories for us. Hucksters put the reward first and hide the work required. At this level at least, we’d like to put the effort first, then show the pot of gold.

Hope, by itself, is not a strategy. Hope with work and preparation is something. Hope plus nothing yields nothing and takes you nowhere.

Those of us old enough know – you can never go home and you can never go back. While I have emphasized the bad here, there is good. Today WN is small; with a few exceptions, everyone knows and likes one another. That is something. If there are things that you think need to be done, it would be better to begin them now rather than later, when things will almost certainly be more complicated.

8 Responses to “The Year 2020”

  1. Methinks it’s time for Anglo Unchained. People need to stop reading the news unless they make a profit or are engaging in psyops. What has reading the news ever actually done? Think about it. At this point in our lives we pretty much know what we believe. We could be wrong of course, but that does not mean we should spend our time reading news fabricated by known enemies. We already know what they think, there is nothing new to learn. We already know how every issue is going to be reported.

    If the news is merely entertainment or a way to kill time, there are better ways to be entertained and kill time. I really want to see people use this site as a forum to establish business contacts and seek advice. NAJ and TDO are important, we need it, but not at the price we are paying.

    • Yes, that is exactly what Eradica should become. I do not read alot of news stories today – I read the headlines and I already know the story.

      At this point, dreams of revenge are just dreams.

  2. yes we will be at least 7 years ahead of the majority of the white middle class, we already have a worldview that is not going to lead to annihilation. so now we need to figure out how to as individuals, become in a position of prestige in either the local community (more probable) or in the “white community” (somewhat problematic, but 7 years is a long time)

  3. The beauty of The Argument – is direct definition in its numbered points: It is impossible to disagree with any single prediction, unless one is a knave or fool.

    Infuriatingly, our Murkan BigSister GovSchools churn out more greater fucking morons each semester.

    We TRULY are a Fascist Monarchy of revolving Aristocracy moving on the true Axis of Evil: The Harvard-Yale Axis of Elites. A fascist monarchy is what will install a Feudal America.

    If the RepubloCrats do not solve this latest tyranny of IRS Nazism, it is time for the Tree of Liberty to be refreshed with the blood of tyrants. Every IRS Nazi was a Jew, colored or Feminist; EVERY target was a White Group of Patriots.

    • To fight, one needs a base of supplies and training. That takes years to build. Since I do not believe in luck, it also requires planning. WN today is about 4 years from being able to do anything, and that’s with a complete reversal of thinking.

  4. 7 years = 2555 days. I try my best to do 1 meaningful thing a day. I keep a journal to keep track of what I do on a day to day basis but because I know that Aunty Jezebel likes to intrude into individuals private property I tend to not make any confessions that could be incriminating.

  5. Most importantly, local outreach efforts must be executed to appeal to and attract local populations.

    But, there must be targeting of local operatives, be they IRS, cops, or National Guard.

    Political assassinations, galore. Families included. Bloodbath. A+

    There will be apportunities to convert local politicos. If not, they die.

    This is gonna happen on a local level nation-wide.


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