The Real Scoop on Jobs

by Ryu

I want to be especially frank in this post, because there are so many lies and false information out there today. Nearly everyone was sold a line of BS on this topic.

New York City, DC, Boston and LA are not America; they are elite enclaves populated by an international group with their outer party/middle class servants. There are dogs and cats that ……live better lives than most Americans – Obama’s dog Bo has a sitter making 100K. That’s where you rank in the scheme of things.

Look around any small town. What do you see?

I see automechanics, cashiers, streetsweepers, waiters, cooks, a few doctors, a few dentists, a police department, a hotel with a desk person and many cleaners, a library, some restaurants, a school. Those are the jobs available in most of the country.

Most of the jobs that college students fantasize about do not exist in small town Murka. To become an engineer, scientist, journalist, or policy maker, you’ll have to move to one of the bigger cities. There you will compete against thousands of others just like you. Most will take what they can get, then if they are lucky will retire to their hometown where life is still affordable.

There is an easy formula for estimating hourly wage to yearly pay:

2K x (hourly rate) = Pay per year

If you make 10 bucks an hour, full time, you’ll make 20K per year – roughly speaking. Most statistics tell us the average Murkan makes 40K per year, making his hourly rate about $20/hour.

Not much, is it? Most jobs today pay around 10 bucks an hour – cashiers, cooks, dishwashers, nurses, and so on. When I talk to most adults, “good money” is from $15/hour on up. That’s real life, not commercials, not TV; that’s what people on the street say.

There is not a single profession I can think of where conditions are improving. Lawyers are being replaced by temps, doctors by nurses and physicians assistants, tradesmen by apprentices, scientists by interns and undergraduates. Mexicans take the jobs on the bottom, Chinese and Indians take the jobs on the top.

The current depression is permanent. There is no miracle cure, no morning in America coming. Further, there is “progressive credentialism” where even low paying jobs need more and more education and experience. I’ve seen security guard jobs that want years of experience, going to a $200 class, having a guard card, knowing CPR all to make $9/hour at a mall. This is typical today and will increase in the future.

Fantasy must die in WN, in all forms. I don’t see the glorious Vikings riding in on wolves to save the day. I see the long slide to third world status, old people eating dog food, starvation, loss of hope, women whoring themselves out, everyone working harder and harder to get less. THAT is the world of tomorrow – not glory but survival.

WN isn’t a matter of honor or ideals. It is a tool or a trick that will help make the future easier to live in. We don’t need to wonder what the future holds – for the price of an airline ticket, we can fly to South Africa today and experience life in Murka in 2030. A trip across the southern border would show the same thing.

One of the most enlightening things in the world is listening to people vent about their jobs. Below are sites for the TSA, automotive techs and pharmacy techs. In the future, I hope to research and report back on “the real scoop” about being a pig, FBI or CIA agent.

23 Comments to “The Real Scoop on Jobs”

  1. You mentioned lawyers being replaced by temps. I assume youre noting the idea that companies are going contract with legal operations now rather than full legal consulting? It’s hurting the non-Big Law and non-niche firms. It’s forcing smaller firms to band together into networks like “BLN” in Illinois where small lawyers place what looks like a legal OKCupid ad. I have more sympathy for other professions, but those suckers do leave school with 6 figures in debt slavery.

    One adjustment: that 2K x hourly wage number is if it is a 40/hr a week job. Most people I know re-entering the workforce are being given the 29 hours shaft so that they do not count as a full time worker. Obamacare.

    • I see a whole lot of lawyers lamenting too many lawyers being graduated, difficulty finding work, etc. Even Rooshie’s Return of Kings had an article on this recently. It’s what I hear on da streets.

      Yeah, alot of places seem to be getting rid of full time work. I hear that Walmart isn’t allowing non-management to get more than 30 hours/weak.

  2. These are recommendations:
    Do not call them Orcs – that imbues them with a scariness they have not earned. Even Orcs had courage and unity to fight an enemy. Sauroman didn’t give Orcs welfare, Affirmative Action, cuts in front of the line and ObamaPhone. Whites gave coloreds their every advantage. Coloreds earned nothing.

    “Gorillas” also gives them a large, strong image. Chimps – those things will tear your face off. I prefer monkeys or coloreds – which pisses them off. In propaganda, diminish your enemy to make him less fearsome. Only after you defeat him do you elevate his prowess to elevate your own.

    The US does this. During Iraq, we heard how they were a gaggle of “ragheads” surrendering in droves: Now, It’s teary-eyed vets with PTSD telling what badasses the muzz were.

    I feel as sorry for Lawyers who used their freedom to go to law school as I do Jordy McStumpster who complains about the VA giving him ill-fitting prostheses. When lawyers start attacking Liberal Nazism by defending Whites who’ve been fleeced by the Affirmative Action Machine – then I’ll cry.

  3. What is it with you and FP re “Vikings riding on Wolves” meme?

    Keep in mind the random variables. By definition: unpredictable.

    WN *is* a matter of honour and ideals. And glory and Tradition. And violence.

    For what other ideals would we fight?!

    You chaps seem to have a fixed vision of the future course of things, which makes you smug.

    I think reality will shock you.

    We should be striving to make the *big bet*.

    [ed note: I have a post explaining VRW that’s been ready for 3 months. too many good writers keep delaying it… get ready.]

    • Methinks reality

      You appear (by your own tales) to have enough scratch to avoid the harsh ugliness of Black Mold. Such a lifestyle is indeed, the worthy goal of White Men. But you cannot tell me the current conditions in America are “getting better” for us. I write of Liberal Nazism and their goal to eradicate us via State Power and *boom*…

      …Instant IRS revelation on how they TARGETED the TEA Party…

      If we die, we die with truth in our hearts. If we live – the same. I don’t need smoke blowing up my ass to inspire me or keep my spirits up with false bravado.

      Hope is NOT a strategy.
      All I need see is what certain streets look like today, compared to 10 years ago.

    • Viking Riding Wolves (VRW) is this fantasy of noble heros riding in on wolves to save the white race, and then we all ride off into the sunset.

      It’s total bull. This is not the age of heros. That term I don’t even accept because HeroCops and HeroSoldiers use it, backed up by their media machine. MY ideal is survival.

      I don’t make big bets unless I’ve got the advantage. You’ve got to know the game in and out, all the angles, all the rules, all the players. You’ve got to know what the other guy is going to do BEFORE he does it.

      It takes years and years of preparation to reach that level. I do my part while waiting for the body of WN to abandon NAJ and VRW faptasies.

    • “In our peace-time map problems, war games and field exercises, we ahve smple situations. There is no uncertainty, nothing goes wrong, units are always complete. Every company has its appropriate number of officers. Every battalion has its commander, its executive, its S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4. Long written orders are published and in an unbelievably short time, reach the individual to whom they are addressed, who promptly carries them out. Every man has his map and compass. He knows that the attack will be pushed forward in the exact direction of 179 1-2 degrees magnetic azimuth.

      In war it is quite otherwise. There is no situation our imagination can conjure up which even remotely approaches reality. In peace we have only grammar school tactics. But let us never forget that war is far more advanced than a high school. Therefore, if you would train for the realities of war, take your men into unknown terrain, at night, without maps and give them difficult situations. In doing so use all the imagination you have. Let the commanders themselves make their decisions. Teach your men that war brings such suprises and that often they will find themselves in apparently impossible situations.”

      Adolf Von Schell, Battle Leadership (The Marine Corps Association: Quantico 2007), 63.

  4. Ryu wrote:
    for the price of an airline ticket, we can fly to South Africa today and experience life in Murka in 2030

    THIS is a really good analogy, and a fitting observation to LBF’s commentary.

    I want to do a post on “wage arbitrage.” LIUFY: That concept explains how even US engineers will be betrayed by foreigners undercutting their wages.

    The ONLY safe Murkan jobs are those that cannot be outsourced. Construction workers. HeroCOPS. Teachas. Bartenders…busboys…lawnmowers

    • Nice wage arbitrage article. It’s SOP now. Even in the trades.

    • Wage arbitrage has been the elite’s best friend to keep the midlevel technical guys and manufacturing guys itching to unionize in line. The elites pushed globalization so they could move capital across borders while everyone’s ass was stuck in the home country.

      • This is the genius of The Elite.

        They do not need “workers” to make them rich or live in luxury.
        Note how Brazil leads the world in minting new Billionaires – while within eyesight, 60 story slums cling to Rio mountainsides.

        Here, Feudal Manhattan is actually richer today, after Detroit fell.

  5. The future Is unwritten.

  6. fuck you Ryu, depress the shit out of me….

    • Depression is one of the stages of dealing with reality. At some point, all WNs should become depressed – because the picture is not a bright one.

      I think it’s good. It is easier to bring a man out of depression, rather than teaching a man with his head in the clouds reality.

      I cannot tell you much about being Mr Big in the city. You’ll have to rely on other WNs for that. I can tell you about small town, real America…… and $13/hour. That is reality for most whites. Most whites in Murka will live their lives and top out at about $16/hour. And that is today, the year 2013. You can be sure that it will be LESS in the future.

      • I HAD planned on writing a post on the
        five stages of grief aka
        The Kübler-Ross model…
        but was oh so wibbilly Pat would see “heebish” names and either accuse me of 2nd Degree Imminent Secret Jewry or,
        see them as Germanic names…and go all VRW/Newsreel Natzi on meh.

        The model does indeed describe in total accuracy where we are at now.

        I always add a last step: ACTION. I’ve always wanted to piss people off to the point of them getting off their asses and ACCOMPLISHING a reasonable objective.

        Alas…I’ve come to my own “acceptance” stage in a new period
        in realizing most people today are so fucking stupid, it’s hopeless – and the Chimp-Retards born in 2033 will be even stupider.

        I may write on TKRM, but also encourage eachr Eradica writer to do likewise.

    • False hope is an illusion that keeps you docile and passive. In TDKR Bane feeds Gotham hope that they will survive his reign of terror. In a city of millions nobody takes action against a meager several hundred. It was the same on 911 when a few guys subdued several dozen passengers by giving them the erroneous hope that they’d live. It wasn’t until the people on board flight 93 heard about the other planes being crashed that they took action.

  7. The target is to equip those awakening from Brandonhood with facts – especially harsh truths.

    Murkans have been lied to – and lying to themselves – about how “special & amazing” they are since the 80’s.

    Look how that turned out.

  8. The North Carolina article irritates me. Not too long ago I saw a fat California farmer with his jowls in a knot over the same issue. Come to find out, he offered shitty pay with no possibility for advancement at all. So you can work in the blazing sun eating dust and drinking your sweat so your employer can shit in your wallet whenever he feels like it, or you can work for the same shit but in a nice climate controlled environment with a slight possibility for advancement. In the end it’s all just an excuse for monopolies and immigration.

  9. I hate to tell you guys, but we CAN win this- just after years and years of intense battle- we FORCE Congress to pass laws forcing all companies that outsource our work OUT. Then we pass laws that throw the goddamn job-taking immigrants OUT.

    It’s just that you’re going to have to work at it- then you’d have to get rid of the ‘foregone conclusion’, whiny attitudes

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